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Interview with D2

SarahWoo asks: Congratulations, lovely lady!
If you didn't have Fetch to entertain you whilst convalescing, who/what would you turn to instead?

D2 says: Thanks! I would probably waste hours looking online at antiques that I cant afford!
DrPhleecingD asks: congratulations, D2! I know that lots of lovely fetchies are doing some runs for you while you're recovering: where would you most like someone to run for you?

D2 says: Thanks! My ambition was to run the Inca Trail in Peru it would be great if someone could do that for me please.
.B. asks: Congratulations D2! You live surrounded by nature, is there one special place that you love to go when you want to think or just feel peaceful?

D2 says: Thanks! I love every corner of my farm and there are a number of special places depending on the type of thinking; happy or sad. I have made a stone bench where my dad's ashes are at the top of the Back Field, there are lovely views and its a pleasure to sit there and chat things over with him. :)
jennywren asks: Well deserved D2! I'd like to know about your horse riding (hope that's ok) Did you compete and in what disciplines? Do you ride now?

D2 says: Thanks! I used to compete at as many of the local shows as possible and liked to enter everything. I'm certainly not a skilled rider but had an exceptional 15.2 working hunter type called Barney there is a photo of him in the gallery. I've not ridden for a while :)
Fenland Flier asks: Congrats D2, so pleased for you. Get well soon. I've not long been a Fetchie but enjoyed your blogs.
Did you once run competitively and what is your favourite race experience?

D2 says: thanks! I love racing, it scares me and I'm usually at the back, I hope to do it again. My most favourite race ever was a local 5 mile that does not take place any more, it was the first race that I ran all the way! There is a local New Years Eve midnight run that's fun too and I suppose Bolsover 10K is another favourite.... hang on ..... I love them all :)
Autumnleaves asks: Many congratulations D2 - I'd like to ask what your favourite time of year is and why?

D2 says: Thanks! That's easy; spring! Discovering flower buds hidden in the undergrowth, catkins, that lovely light bright green of new leaves on the trees but most of all 'my' swallows returning.... cant wait!
Wicked D asks: Congratulations D2, with Fetchies donating their runs to you, do you feel your getting the view from many different locations ? are there any described run areas that youve never thought of before but now find yourself running there virtually as it where?

D2 says: Thanks! I'm certainly seeing very different scenery. Its busy on the farm all year round so I rarely get away and haven't really ever run anywhere else..... I'm almost envious of those who have flat running country and I would be less keen to run in a town on my own, its what you get used to though isn't it? I think I'm very lucky to be able to run in quiet countryside.
TeeBee asks: Many congrats D2. I am so impressed at how hard you work at everything you do. Can I ask what motivates you?

D2 says: thanks. I've had to think about that one! I suppose I choose to do things I like doing so they don't require much motivation! However, when I was in salaried work I always managed to find something enjoyable in even the most mundane everyday task.... so maybe its a need to not waste a moment of this precious life.
Gromit asks: Congratulations D2 !! Will you be taking yourself off on holiday when your legs sorted out , you deserve one !! :-)

D2 says: Thanks! No need, my life is one long holiday and anyway nowhere could be as nice as here!
Diogenes asks: Congratulations D2, should we get a dog ad, if so, what sort?

D2 says: Thanks! Instinctively I would say yes, all my dogs have enhanced my life beyond any life style amendments needed. As to what sort .... it needs to fit in with your family but most of all I think you need to fall in love, that way you can forgive anything, bit like children really. :)
Hanneke asks: Oh yes :) Now a burning question: have you always lived on your lovely farm? And if not, how long have you lived there?

D2 says: thanks! I have lived here since 1973 when we bought it at an auction. I loved it as a drove up the road to view even before I had seen it! There is a picture in the gallery of the auction catalogue. :)
Carpathius asks: Excellent MOTM D2 :)
What is your favourite run and why?

D2 says: Thanks! I have so many favourite runs its hard to choose but I think because of the associated memories either my birthday run round a local reservoir or from home across the hills onto the moorland to the north where I have been so many times with family and various dogs. Both of those around eight miles round trip.
Ness asks: Congratulations, D2. A question about your wedding venue business. What is the wackiest request you've had from a prospective bride or groom? Did you meet their request?

PS Hope you're more mobile soon.

D2 says: Thanks! So many wacky requests, how long have you got? Because we offer a completely bespoke service I suppose and what is wacky to one couple is unique and personal to another! One I refused was to have a bucking bronco mainly because I'm a snob and thought it was tacky.... sorry to anyone who disagrees but I don't think its a good idea for my wedding venue. We have had the bride and groom accompanied down the aisle by stormtroopers, we have had the bride arriving by cable car accompanied through the farm with a full samba band, one that my entertainment manager especially liked was the belly dancer; she didn't go down so well with the female guests I noticed. This coming August one bride will be escorted up the aisle by a south African dance troop wearing mainly feathers around their ankles... We have had maypole dancing and ostrich for the wedding breakfast, one groom had restored an Austin A7 and had it in the ceremony barn as his 'best man'.......
Lemon10 asks: Congrats on being MOTM! A very important issue on Fetch, what is your favourite type of cake and why?

D2 says: Thanks! Mmmmm cake...... No one favourite but I like chocolate and lemon cakes especially with thick cream.. no point having a treat without it being a real one. I'm not so keen on fruit in cakes though I do like a good carrot cake.
westmoors asks: Congratulations D2. While you sit on the injury bench, what do you miss most about running?

D2 says: Thanks! I miss the movement, being out in the air somewhere really quiet, being out of breath, the sound of my feet hitting the ground, the anticipation, feeling pleased with myself, the feeling of used legs, the jeopardy of unexpected pits stops, being able to eat 'anything'.....
Helegant asks: Congratulations D2. How does your leg feel after all these virtual miles?

D2 says: Thanks! Virtually tired but muscular!
milemonster asks: What does the D2 stand For? Have you ever thought of changing your fetch name and if so to what and Why?

D2 says: My first name begins with D but when I first joined just D was already taken so I added a 2 as I was the second D. I sometimes change on May 4th to R2D2..... I'll let you work out why. :)
northernslowcoach asks: congratulations lovely :)
what is your favourite season to run in (and you will be running again soon)?

D2 says: Thanks! I think spring because the air is so lovely! Cant wait!!
Argie asks: Congratulations... I like the dog. Walking Dead or Game of Thrones?

D2 says: Thanks! Walking Dead, definitely.
GimmeMedals asks: Banneker asked my question but I want to say congratulations; you are a very deserving MOTM. I hope you are back on your feet by the time this is published :-)

D2 says: Thanks! I'm sure I will be :)
Lalli asks: Many congrats, D2. My question is when did you start running and why?

D2 says: Thanks! I started in 2002 to help my dog loose weight and as for racing I was fed up of holding the bags for my family at races...one day I just thought.... hang on... I could do that!
Alice the Camel asks: Many congratulations :-) Assuming you have time to relax now and again with a book and/or TV, what's your favourite genre? Chick lit? (I doubt it somehow!) Crime? Classics? Non- fiction? What's the best book you've ever read?

D2 says: Thanks! I like fantasy fiction such as Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and real adventure like Thor Heyerdahl's books. The best book I have ever read is the real life adventure From Southern Cross to Polestar by Aime Tschiffely
Corrah asks: Many congratulations and well deserved. My question is, if you had a superpower, what would it be? :)

D2 says: Thanks! I would like the power to stay healthy and help others to do the same!!
BaronessBL asks: Congratulations - all the questions I wanted to ask have been asked..so another one about your business - what inspired you to set up a wedding business (or buy the business if it was already there)?

D2 says: Thanks! I started the business unintentionally! My daughter wanted to get married at home and I obtained a temporary licence to hold ceremonies for her but that put me on a council list........ people kept enquiring and I hated the job I was doing ... and the rest is history :)
ChrisHB asks: All these runs people are doing for you.... you will be repaying them as soon as you can, won't you?

D2 says: Absolutely!
Jinksy asks: Congratulations D2! If you had to recommend a running accessory what would it be and why?

D2 says: Thanks! Definitely a dog because they will always want to go out whatever the weather and will be all the motivation you need to do your miles. :)
geordiegirl asks: Like me you are a doggy person, do you take your dog running with you?

D2 says: I love to take my dogs with me, in fact there is no way I could get trainers out with out a dog insisting on coming too. If I'm somewhere quiet I like to loop a long lead through my bottle belt for hands free running. A dog is such great company. :)
Sharkie asks: A worthy winner whether you like it or not, D. I'm very impressed by your knowledge of and interest in athletics. Blocks and starts? Get in you! Have you always been interested in sprints and the other stuff - or has it come about through following (and doing) distance running? And do you think your grandchildren will continue the family tradition?

D2 says: Thanks! I've loved athletics since senior school when I persuaded our sports teacher to let girls do cross country for the first time in our school's history! I was quite good at high jump and I think it certainly encourages an interest when you are good at something. I'm an avid watcher and supporter of all athletics, I remember getting my kids up in the middle of the night to watch one olymics on tele and we went together to Greece a few years ago!! When I first ran in a race as an adult it was the most exciting thing following in the footsteps of my idols! I hope grandchildren will follow in the family footsteps; all of their parents run and some swim and bike too so they probably don't have much option, there has already been park-running and buggy running! I think this is my longest answer and clearly says something about my interests. :)
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