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Interview with Doctor K

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations Doctor K. My question is, if time and money were no object what route or race would you love to do?

Doctor K says: Many thanks pedroscalls. I'd do the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. It looks like a bit of a bonkers race in a bonkers city -but one of my favourite places in the world. Better still it's a 12K a distance I've never run before in a race so instant PB !
Night-owl asks: Congrats to you and much deserved. What's the best advice given to you by another fetchie

Doctor K says: Thanks Night Owl. I think it would be eating flapjack as a fuel. There seems to be a lot of flapjack lovers on Fetch so I thought I would embrace it.
westmoors asks: Congratulations. Who would you most like to meet and why?

Doctor K says: Many thanks westmoors and good question. Right now I'd choose Barack Obama -just a real cool guy and a chance to talk some politics. I always thought he carried himself well as President and always looked impressive.
Diogenes asks: Congratulations Dr K. A question about Bolton Wanderers. What was your opinion of Dougie Freedman's time in charge?

Doctor K says: Thanks for the congratulations. It was a bit dour if I'm honest like Dougie himself. There was a decent period when we missed the play offs by a goal and he signed Jutkiewicz on loan as a striker who was superb for us but he seemed keen on signing players he knew -we had half the Crystal Palace team in our side I think on loan and none of them that great. Dean Moxey survives from that era. The season after it went pear shaped and as we slipped down the league Dougie and Lennie Lawrence huddled round a laptop looking for an answer when all the fans were thinking was "for god's sake put a sub on."

Overall - average with the caveat that the club was financially strapped.
Ness asks: Congratulations on MOTM. What is the best piece of advice you have been given for either running or life in general?

Doctor K says: Many thanks Ness. Listen to your body and try to enjoy every moment if you can. Generally, don't put things off -do them while you can. I decided to see a lot of the world. When I was a cop I could have had a 6 bedroomed house and driven a big BMW but what's the point -I travelled instead.
Autumnleaves asks: Many congratulations on MOTM - if you could pick anyone at all to do a chatty run with, who would you pick?

Doctor K says: Thank you AL.I'd pick saxophonist David Sanborn - who is my favourite sax player, if only I could play the alto like him so I could ask him about his musical career and all the musicians he has accompanied or have played with him. (Brilliant gig if he ever returns to the RNCM). If Sanborn didn't run then it would have to be Bill Clinton -charismatic guy and he would be full of interesting stories.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Congrats Doctor K. Out of medical health, politics and running, which has caused most pain, which most pleasure and why? Well done again and very best wishes, :-) G

Doctor K says: Cheers HG. That's a tough one. I suppose my recent medical history has caused me most pain mentally probably more than physically so far. However I put things in perspective, stay positive and think of all those who didn't make it to my age. Most pain and pleasure running -pleasure at all the races I've managed to do -getting under 50 minutes, pain when you can't run through injury and pain just over a couple of years ago at Lytham in the Windmill 10K when I tore my calf after 2k carried on, still did a decent time and it was bloody well sore afterwards and cost me 6 weeks off.

Politics has given me a lot of pleasure. No one could have been more proud than me to be a Labour candidate in my own ward, to be stood at the count with my red tie and red rosette so chuffed that 1022 people voted for me (that would have won in some wards!). Increased our share by 3.5% with JC as leader too ! Didn't care about second place it was a great experience. I saw a Tory comment on my facebook page that he didn't vote for me but I seemed very sincere on the doorstep. I'll take that.
Joopsy asks: Really, really chuffed for you mate. You've just been confirmed as leader of the Labour Party (not the worst idea I've heard), what is your first course of action to attack the Tories?

Also, who is the best Fetchie that you have met?

Doctor K says: Many thanks Joopsy. I suppose it depends whether I was Prime Minister. If I was I'd introduce a tax on internet sales -to get something out of the likes of Amazon and reduce small business rates. I'd also make sure by any means possible that all these charlatans who have employees they pass off as self employed that they paid employer national insurance contributions. They're ripping us off. The Tories talk about this stuff, I'd do it.

In opposition I would ask short, sharp questions at PMQs -have my party campaign relentlessly and I would be joining them every week speaking to real people not the stage managed crap you see everywhere. I suppose I would go on the NHS all the time as I'm getting to know it very well.

Best fetchie -hard to pick one individual -they're all great.
BigChiefRunningBore asks: Dear Doctor I have a strange feeling between the legs when I wake up every morning, should I be worried?

Doctor K says: Could be chafing -get some longer running shorts. Otherwise contact V'Rap for advice I'd be a quack Doctor. Do that and you won't be worried.
Valyrian Plastic asks: You're in a room with Teresa May, Paul Nuttall and Donald Trump - all bound and gagged - and have been handed a gun with one bullet.

Who do you shoot? ("Yourself" is not an acceptable answer.)

Doctor K says: Well I'm not prone to knocking people off without a fair trial and proper evidence (if at all) but I'll answer to comply with the spirit of the question. Trump on the basis that he's the most dangerous. As they used to call some laws a "statutory preventative measure." Nuttall would be good for a laugh and May of course is too strong and stable to be shot. You couldn't give Nuttall the gun as he would have shot himself in the foot immediately.
Actually I think Trump would be hugely frustrated in jail so that would be the best solution -all chant "Lock him up lock him up."
Tuppence asks: What is your favourite meal, and why do you like it so much ?

Doctor K says: My favourite would be steak and chips preferably with a nice red wine sauce in the evening after a tough race. (I've had spectacular steak and chips in Ruth's Chris steak house in San Francisco and Toronto -cost a fortune but fabulous). A close second is Chicken in a tarragon cream sauce with rosemary potatoes. Both cooked by myself.
Followed by Bread and Butter pudding and custard cooked to Gary Rhodes' recipe. Good tastes and something that can be done at home easily which is why I love them
Neilio asks: Well done Doctor. Red sauce or brown?

Doctor K says: Thank you. Brown, definitely and preferably HP. I have been known to put grain mustard on sausages though sometimes. I played the sausage sandwich game to myself last weekend on Sunday but never usually have red in so only one choice !
Corrah asks: Many congrats on the MOTM :) I'm going to ask my usual question, so what's your favourite post race tipple and snack? :)

Doctor K says: Many thanks. Post race - a milk drink such as For goodness shakes if they are on offer anywhere, and a cereal bar. If a reasonable distance away might have some ham and mustard sandwiches with me as my lunch if I'm not going to be home till mid afternoon. If a short distance -bacon barm and a cup of tea at home. Best post race snack provided -Great Eccleston Scouts 4 miler cup of tea, bacon barm and a medal all for 6 quid !
Bintmcskint asks: Congratulations :-) You are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

Doctor K says: Many thanks ! I'd take Mrs Doc after registering her as a fetchie. The one person I know I can totally rely on. Food flapjack -all round goodness which doesn't need cooking (75 years supply). Book "Life" by Keith Richards. Plenty of laughs with the book and a good story. How has he lived so long?
.B. asks: Congratulations! Music seems important to you so I wonder which tracks would be your desert island choices and why? People are normally asked for 8, but that might take you ages, so which 3 would definitely be in there?

Doctor K says: Thank you B. Music is my friend for life as it is for many. Here goes straight off the top of my head.
1. Jackson Browne -Farther On
2. K D Lang -Hallelujah
3. David Sanborn -You don't know me.
and the rest..
4. Bonnie Raitt - I can't make you love me (from the Live "Road tested" album
5. Eagles -The Last Resort
6. George Michael -First Time Ever I saw your face
7. Santana - Europa
8. Bryan Adams -Only the Strong Survive
154 Rob asks: Imagine a Saturday where you can do a parkrun then go to a gig that night...which parkrun and who's playing the gig?

Doctor K says: Bolton Parkrun then a Jackson Browne gig. That would be a perfect day.
Sunbed Athlete asks: Congratulations Doc! If you were a real doctor and could administrate euthanasia who'd be your number 1 person and why?

Doctor K says: Thanks SA. I think it would be illegal -there seems to be a theme developing that I'm eager to get shut of people ! Whoever is number one in ISIS would be selected. Anyone who can commit those sort of atrocities...
decorum asks: If you had to choose a Conservative MP (historic or current) to lead the Labour Party, who would you choose and why?

Doctor K says: Interesting question which got me thinking. Let's go for the late Alan Clark. He would be a hoot and wouldn't last long as leader. He'd be a bit right wing for us except his stance on animal welfare which was admirable. His diaries were a good read too !
Sharkie asks: Is your allegiance and loyalty to the Labour Party originally a family thing or did you arrive at it later? Also I had always assumed that members of the police force were more likely to vote Conservative - are you unusual or is that an erroneous assumption?

Doctor K says: Being in the Labour party was nothing to do with any family connection. My Mother was probably a Liberal and my Dad a Tory -certainly at the end of his life. I do recall he once got asked to stand as a Liberal candidate in a local election -probably in the 60s/early 70s but declined. My mother didn't seem to like my Labour supporting tendencies in the late 70s judging by the discussion we had !

I was a Union rep at 16 before I became a Police officer when I was just short of 21 so that may have had something to do with it too.

In the Police there are Labour supporters -more so in the lower ranks. I know a few who wouldn't support Labour even now after they've been given a screw job for 7 years. Most Tory voters did it out of self interest, they always thought they would pay more tax or have their pension commutation payments heavily taxed under Labour -it never happened. I did end up lobbying a Labour Govt under Brown during a pay dispute -addressing all the Greater Manchester MPs including Cabinet Ministers was my finest hour in the Police Federation. We used officers who had been injured to maximum effect. Brown wouldn't budge in the end -it was all over £250 but we got it back the year after as my MP advised we would. Tony Benn marched with us and signed my baseball cap.
bigleggy asks: When you come to power , what are the first 3 laws you're going to pass ?

Doctor K says: 1. No local authority will ever charge for Parkruns.
2. Letter boxes to be at least 3 feet from the ground (delivering election material when they are almost on the floor is backbreaking). Postie might approve too.
3. Full disabled access on public transport will be mandatory (thinking railways in the north here). It will be a criminal offence not do provide assistance.
Hendo asks: What is the one question you wish you'd been asked, but haven't, and what would your answer be?

Doctor K says: Hi Hendo -nice to see Portsmouth going up the league -like us ! If you chose one place to holiday in the UK where would it be? Answer: Northumberland . I hadn't been there until 2009 and it is absolutely stunning.
Jono. asks: Well done Doc on MoTM - doubling up on sharkie's question really - did politics have an effect on y

Doctor K says: Cheers Jono. Jono's question should have ended "your police career" or did politics ever cause conflict in your police career?

Not really Jono I think it benefited my career and others. There was once a Chief Supt who seeing me in possession of Tony Benn's diaries said "what's that crap there. " So I said I've read a number of political diaries and books and this is my favourite. When I was in charge of a shift and indeed training of officers in Manchester City centre it was in a time of recession and high interest rates. I schooled my officers how to police with sensitivity and compassion as well as enforcing the Law. Many people ended up on the street because they lost their houses and the deserved respect like anyone else.

In training I switched them onto homelessness, mental health and policing the gay community properly all these things were simply neglected. I raised the issue of young people with mental health problems being in police cells -that's not been solved 25 years later. They set up a homelessness unit to help people sleeping rough and an officer ended up being awarded an OBE. Again the problem is back on the streets.

An appreciation of these things helped me later as a Police Federation representative. No officer would be discriminated against by another on my watch, you must show strong (and stable) leadership !
McGoohan asks: Hendo's asked the question I wanted to ask, so let's turn it around a bit. ;-) What question would you not want to be asked? And what would your answer be?

Doctor K says: Thanks, a difficult one but really there is no question I wouldn't answer. Although I'm open about my current position I don't suppose I would welcome questions about it all going pear shaped like do you think about death etc? The answer would be "I have in the pat but don't think about it much now, I prefer to be positive. We're all going to die sometime but I'd like a bit longer thanks ! "
Jon M asks: Who's your favourite spice girl and why?

Doctor K says: None of them really but if I had to choose it would be Melanie Chisholm who is probably the only one to carve out a reasonably long lasting musical career out of it. Not great but steady.
Ocelot Spleens asks: I have £5 to my name and the shirt on my back, seeing as Bolton are on the up, should I put either on Bolton winning the European Champions League this century? To help you out a little, as the answer to my first question is probably no, I too ask a music question, what tunes, 4,5,6 would you want on Desert Island Discs?

Doctor K says: Thanks for the question WS. At the moment I'd have to say no but I'd put it on us getting to the Premiership in the next century! I've given numbers 4-6 on the previous question but if I could take 3 albums then they would be 1. Jackson Browne -Late for the Sky; 2. Billy Joel (Live) 2000 years The Millenium Concert. 3. Rumours -Fleetwood Mac.
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