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Interview with kwala

Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! asks: No question just wanted to say a massive well done to one of the loveliest ladies I know x

kwala says: Thanks Kaz, and right back atcha Missus!! :-)
pedroscalls asks: Congratulations Kwala.

My question is, what inspired you to start running the Fetchpoints?

kwala says: Thanks pedroscalls :-) Fetchpoint is a fantastic way to be part of a great event like the London and other marathons, without having to go to the trouble of actually running 26.2 miles!! Although don't be fooled into thinking it's the easy option ;-) I’d been to a few London Fetchpoints before, as organised by the likes of Max71, Stumpy and John66 who started it all off. The first one I “ran” was 3 years ago and was actually by accident as the original organiser sadly had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances. Then it kind of naturally followed that I did it again last year and this year. (I should point out that other Fetchpoints are available – at a marathon near you!!). And all credit to SallyKate and Becca7 for this year’s and previous Brighton Fetchpoints too.
Iron_Mum asks: Whoo hoo! What a worthy winner :-) I'd like to know what's your absolute favourite moment of the whole epic day that is Fetchpointing at VMLM?

kwala says: Thanks Iron_Mum. It’s hard to pick just one thing on such an amazing day with so much going on – seeing the elite athletes, and the awesome wheelchair and IPC athletes, watching out for the first Fetchie, the first Fetch shirt, drinking gin at 9 o’clock in the morning (well I’ve been up 5 hours by then, it’s lunchtime!!), meeting all the lovely Fetchpointers (now with the added bonus of adding them to my stickerbook!), seeing the look on the runners’ faces when you handover that jelly baby or whatever and knowing that you just might have made all the difference to their race. But…I have to say that very high on the list is that moment when we tick off the last of our runners from the list, and know that our work is done and we can head off to the pub!!
.B. asks: Congratulations and thank you for Fetchpoint! What is your favourite thing about being a fetchie?

kwala says: Thanks .B. This is an easy one, it is simply that the Fetch community is so inclusive – demonstrated by the fact that some-one who hadn’t run for over 3 years can win MoTM. I hadn’t run or, if I’m honest, done much of anything for the last 3 years, and when I did run before that it was never much to write home about. But all I have had in that time is masses of support, sympathy, advice as and when needed and I’ve made some great friendships.

Just gotta love Fetch heart
Girlie asks: Well done on MOTM. Did you feel obliged to put other shopping in with the trolley full of Jelly babies just to confuse the checkout lady?

kwala says: Haha, thanks Girlie. Jelly babies, jaffa cakes and gin – quite the trolley load!! And never so much as a raised eyebrow from the checkout lady – obviously there are stranger trolleys than mine out there!!
minardi asks: Congratulations lovely lady, a well deserved motm :-) Will we ever see you the other side of the fence?

kwala says: Thanks min :-) I’m guessing by the other side of the fence you don’t mean tying balloons to the lamp-post in the middle of the street!! I have always wanted to run the London marathon, a dream that was shattered with the arrival of the dodgy knee 3 years ago. But as you might know I’m just taking my first tentative steps back into running, who knows how far it will take me, never say never!!
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Yeahhhhhhhhhhh well Kwala loving it loving it loving it. You is the Queen of Fetchpoint in it. question is ...IS the only way Essex ?

kwala says: Awight HOD! Of course it is, it’s reem innit. Anyway gotta go – off to get vajazzled before heading off to Sugar Hut - bet you’re well jel!!
Curly45 asks: Woohoo! Well done. Who gives the best sweaty hugs? And any plans to get the over side of the barrier?

kwala says: Cheers Curly :-) all sweaty hugs are welcome – but only from Fetchies on race days, not just randoms wherever I happen to be!! As for me on the other side of the barrier, I would love to get there one day, but don’t hold your breath!!
Zehnderboy asks: Yay, well done Kwala very well deserved - my question, how many jelly babies fit in your Fetchpoint suitcase?

kwala says: Thanks ZB. The suitcase is the Fetchpoint equivalent of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. Whatever you need is in there and it is bottomless!!
Corrah asks: Many congratulations. My question is what is your favourite indulgence post run, workout, fetchpoint?

kwala says: Thanks Corrah. As I’m just back to running, my post run indulgence is an icepack on my knee – not much of an indulgence but a good excuse not to move for a while!!

Post workout – nearly always a latte, unless I cycle to the gym, which obviously makes carrying a coffee a bit hazardous.

Post Fetchpoint – a few bevvies with some Fetchies always goes down a treat :-)
ecoverbee asks: do you ever lose running motivation and how do you get it back?

kwala says: Well, I kind of lost motivation for 3 years due to my dodgy knee, and the belief that I should stop running. I’ve started back at the beginners group at my old running club and from week to week I find I’m veering between bouncy enthusiasm and total “what’s the point”-ness. When the latter hits I find dropping into the forums or writing a blog and the subsequent feedback are great to get me back in the right frame of mind.
RuthB2 asks: what's been your favourite moment of fetchpointing in all the fantastic ones you've supported, and what has been your personal favourite ever running moment?

kwala says: Hello Ruth :-) It’s so difficult to pick a particular moment for Fetchpoint. Could well be CanaryYellow jumping the fence and proposing to KoughKandi a few years back though, very special moment that :-) I don’t have too many running moments, and no marathons or big races to talk about, and I’ve spent more time on the bench than on my feet. But I do still remember the first time I ran 3miles with no walk breaks (about 7 years ago!!) – this was such a big achievement for me and I remember how I felt that it was the beginning of something bigger for me (obviously it wasn’t given my tendency to get injured every 5 minutes, but it felt great at the time!!)
Nellers asks: Well done on MOTM. Richly deserved. What one thing have you learned from your extensive Fetchpointing experience that would help someone if they were to be running future Fetchpoints? And on a scale of 1 to 10 how annoyed do you get with little oiks nicking your balloons?;-)

kwala says: Cheers Nellers :-) Main lesson learned - there is no such thing as too many balloons or jelly babies or gin!!
Actually, this year my rage at the balloon thieves faded to insignificance once the boy with the shopping trolley turned up – yes, I kid you not, an actual shopping trolley - and stood “innocently” by our supplies waiting for his moment to swoop!! Sent him off with a flea in his ear and nothing in his trolley. Still makes me cross thinking about it now - grrrrrrr!!!!
Carpathius asks: Congratulations! Awesome seeing you at Brighton just as I was flagging :) Down to the serious questions now; cake - what sort is the best?

kwala says: Thanks Carp! Glad to be of service :-) Cake, cake, cake, cake – I love cake – isn’t that a prerequisite of being a Fetchie?! But my favourite - any cake that ever been anywhere near chocolate would be out of the running for me. I’m rather partial to carrot cake or coffee and walnut cake, but I think cheesecake (pretty much any kind other than chocolate!) has to be my favourite.
Lemmy asks: Well done K, great seeing you out and about... Question: What's the best running club in the UK that rhymes with Wagging Them Matey Gate Numbers?

kwala says: Thanks Lemmy – hmmm struggling with that one - not Havering Joggers then!!! I’m going to go with Dagenham 88 runners – is that right, what do I win?
Canute asks: Congratulations. When you are running, what experience gives you the greatest buzz?

kwala says: Thanks Canute :-) As previously mentioned, I’m just making a slow and steady start back to running, so I’m getting the greatest buzz just from the fact that I can run at all :-)
monsenb1 asks: congrats, well deserved..any particular race or route that you are most desperate to run and that you have never run before?

kwala says: Thanks monsenb1 I would really love to do the London marathon one day, it would be great to be on the other side of the fence for once, but whether my dodgy knee allows that dream to become a reality – only time will tell. And it would be really great to actually make it to the start line of RideLondon 100 one year (and the finish line as well, obv.!)
oceanspirit asks: YAAAAY! Congratulations Kwala! How did you become so awesome??

kwala says: Thanks OS – my first irl Fetchie!! Remember when I stopped you mid-run on Southend seafront because I saw your Fetch beanie!! What a bizarre thing to do – I’d never have done something as weird as talking to a random stranger just because they’re wearing a particular logo. It must be the Fetch effect! As for being awesome, can’t explain it really - must just be a koala thing :-)
Night-owl asks: Congratulations well deserved As super as you are What would be you secret superpower?

kwala says: Cheers N-O. ooh, good question. I think it would have to be telepathy – I am such a bad judge of character (or perhaps just naive), and have been caught out more than once – a way to tell what someone is really thinking would come in very handy. Or the ability to walk in really high shoes without wobbling or pain would come a close second!
SherryB asks: Congratulations. What's the most unusual request you've had for Fetchpoint.

kwala says: Thanks SherryB – has to be a toss up between a whiskey shot (Cardiosaurus) and a pint of skimmed milk(Wazelle, I think). No actually the milk wins!!
Joe Hawk asks: Congrats :-)

kwala says: Cheers Joe
Lalli asks: Congratulation lovely lady! So...if you could only run or cycle, which would you do...and why? x

kwala says: Thanks Lalli. I’m going to have to go with cycling. I know I’m giving running another go, but seriously with my history of injury, I don’t expect it to last too long. Cycling is much easier on my poor old body once I get used to the saddle-soreness – and as I can travel that much faster I get to see a lot more of the lovely Essex countryside.
Mrs Winkle asks: Woot! Well done m'dear! Now, serious question here - best gin?

kwala says: Cheers m’dear. Hmm – gin - tbh I’m not really a connoisseur, but after our little gin journey I must say the East London Liquor Co Batch 2 definitely is up there in the “must sample again soon” category!
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