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Interview with Derby Tup

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on the MoTM award. My question is if time and money were no object what route or race would be the one for you.

Derby Tup says: Hi pedrocalls, flippantly I’d have to say Bradford Parkrun. It’s nearer to where we live now than Skipton but I’ve not got round to doing it. Really somewhere in New Zealand. I’ve never been and it’s the country I’d really love to go
Angus Clydesdale asks: Excellent, congratulations! :)
This time next week you’ll have been on the wagon for half a year. What helped you to make the choice?

Derby Tup says: Well over eight months Angus and the start was a very unpleasant antibiotic-resistant water infection
milemonster asks: Would you prefer to run on a cold dry day or a warm wet warm day?

Derby Tup says: Hey monster, cold and dry for me please! I’m rubbish at running in warm weather
westmoors asks: Well done on MOTM. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Derby Tup says: Hi Westmoors - I had a bit of an obsession with Robert Mueller the former FBI special counsell who I thought might eventually bring President Trump to rights. I’d love to meet him
_andy asks: Congrats DT! Much deserved. Origins: what got you into running and especially hills & mountains?

Derby Tup says: Hey _andy I started hill walking in the Peak in the 80’s with my twin brother, with my then girlfriend and with various colleagues. Walking progressed to mountain biking (I had a rigid Kons c 1995 or 96) and then got into a bit of off-road running. I didn’t get into a club or racing until 2004 when I moved from Derbyshire to Yorkshire though
RichHL asks: Congratulations! Very well deserved. If MOTM got to pick a new Fetch emoji, which would you pick? porkpie is already taken.

Derby Tup says: :-) Maybe a mountain range like the iPhone one
Ocelot Spleens asks: Well deserved, now I know what a Tup is, but why did you decide on that name?

Derby Tup says: Hi Wriggling - I thought someone might ask. I was born in Derby and the Derby Tup is a both a Derbyshire folk dance but also the name of a real ale pub in Chesterfield we used to go to
Serendippily asks: Congratulations :-) what’s the most recent piece of music you own and what format is it

Derby Tup says: Another great question and to be honest I’ve no idea. The last CDs I particularly remember buying where the Villagers (can’t remember the title - Becoming a jackal maybe?) and John Hopkins / Kid Creosote’s Diamond mine. There was a Joni Mitchell tribute CD given away with Mojo recently and that is fantastic (and was free because Sam my step-son bought me the magazine when I was in hospital)
swittle asks: If you wanted to stretch your musical horizons even further, where would you look?

Derby Tup says: In a word: Africa
colindglen asks: Hi DT. Where do you get your jokes from for the Joke of the Day thread?

Derby Tup says: My jokes come from a friend (well ex-boss) quite often via Watsapp or they’re stolen from t’interweb
Pothunter asks: Congrats! What is your favourite bird, and what is top of your “would like to see list”?

Derby Tup says: Hi Pothunter - swift is my favourite. They’re barely here with us for three months (May - July) and are the epitome of a flying machine. I answered this weeks ago and they’re arriving now plus it’s still my answer ;-)
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