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Interview with Silvershadow

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on the MoTM win. My question is, if time and money were no object what race or route would you love to do?

Silvershadow says: Thank you Pedroscalls. I’m not feeling the love for races at the moment so I think I’d go for route rather than race. I’m enjoying following HellsBells and her coast to coast holiday updates at the moment and another friend who is currently doing the Camino trail in Spain. I really, really want to go to Bhutan so if money were no object I think I’d like to do a trek there perhaps the Druk Path.
Diogenes asks: Congratulations Silvershadow, well-deserved. What is you most enjoyable running experience, both as a runner and as a supporter/organiser?

Silvershadow says: Thank you Diogenes. Most enjoyable running experience? There have been lots. I love our local club organised races with lots of clubmates, Fetchies and friends from other clubs. Silverstone 10k is a particular favourite as it has become a bit of a family outing with Nightjar and our grown up children.

I loved the New York Marathon. Running at the very back (7 hour pace) I ran with a group of UK ladies who had won their places by creating and wearing ornately decorated bras . There was a party atmosphere and the spectators loved them. Coming into the Bronx there was a group of menacing looking youths crowded at the bridge. As I ran through them they broke into a rap including my name and my Yellow Bedford Harriers shirt and how great I was to do this. Finally coming up to Central Park and feeling sorry for myself a little girl was sitting on the steps outside her house with a flask of hot chocolate. I was really grateful and she went into hysterics at my Mary Poppins accent.

As a supported/organiser I have enjoyed marshalling at VLM. As a club we take a group of marshalls down to guide runners from Blackheath and Greenwich up to the start. Being a friendly face. Answering newbie questions “are there toilets at the start?” “How do I attach my chip” “ I didn’t manage to get to Exel, where can I pick up my number?” :o . As I haven’t been well I’ve had to hand over the organisation of the group to another club mate but I’ll go back again to help. After the start it's onto Fetchpoint obviously.
westmoors asks: Congratulations Silvershadow. If you could meet anybody, past or present, who would it be and why?

Silvershadow says: Inspired by McG’s researches I have been back through my family tree. On my paternal grandfather’s line I’d like to meet my Great Great Great Grandmother Hepzibah. What a fabulous name that is! She was born in 1799 and widowed at 53. In an age where women didn’t own property and despite having plenty of sons, she owned and ran the farm and butchers shop until she died in her 80’s. She must have been one strong woman. My paternal grandmother’s mother was a straw plaiter, piecework from home, married to labourer so lower working class. The story I have from my Grandma is that she was a supporter of the suffergettes which is why Grandma and subsequently I were given the forename Sylvia. Apparently when she heard that women had been given the vote she marched into the local pub for the very first time and ordered a drink at the bar. I’d like to sit down with both these women and compare the world for women today with theirs.
DocM asks: Congratulations. Where is your favourite British seaside location for a dip in the sea?

Silvershadow says: I love the sea. Bedford is about as far away from the sea as you can get in the UK. When we were young I would always insist, regardless of the weather, on swimming every single day of our holiday. We often went to Falmouth in Cornwall and I remember Mum shivering under an umbrella on a deserted beach keeping an eye on me in the water. I haven’t been back for some years so I don’t know if its still as I remember it.

Three years ago we went to Guernsey for Nightjar to run the marathon. There were some gorgeous beaches there and I enjoyed several lovely swims.
Lakes asks: Congratulations SS. What are your views on black pudding?

Silvershadow says: Yeugh! *gags*
Nightjar asks: Congratulations. What's the next big holiday (and when?)

Silvershadow says: See answer to Pedroscalls or cycling in Vietnam or touring New Zealand. Swimming in Croatia will have to be next year because they are all booked up for this summer. Next holiday is in June and I’m still trying to find something that suits us both. An adventure that doesn't tire me out.
fetcheveryone asks: If you could make everyone in the world change one thing to improve sustainability, what would it be?

Silvershadow says: I think that’s hard because we are all different and have different circumstances and priorities. I think that I’d like everyone to be more aware and stop and think. Prioritise the amount of plastic in their shopping choices not just quality or price. Perhaps just wake up in the morning and think “what one thing can I do today that will make a difference”.
KatieB asks: This is very well deserved. Where do you see swimming taking you?

Silvershadow says: I don’t really have any goals for my swimming apart from to keep enjoying it. I am enjoying the improvement from training but I also enjoy the heads up breaststroke, herons and kingfishers of wild swimming. I think I will just say that I want it to take me along for the ride and just see where it goes. Taking opportunities where they arise.
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