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Interview with MazH

Angus Clydesdale asks: Aaaaaarrrrggh!! BRILLIANT!!!
So pleased you’ve finally been recognised for the wonderful human you are. Question: why Montrose FC (don’t get me wrong, great choice) but why? :)

MazH says: Awwwww thanks! When my relationship broke down in 2008, I needed somewhere to live and Aberdeen/Stonehaven were so expensive. Montrose was affordable for rents, (as was Brechin. dodged a bullet there!)

Kids in the town got a free season ticket with a full paying adult, and the rest is history!

Rewarded eventually with the 2017/18 League 2 Championship, and then Championship play offs the next season, but the years prior to that it were definitely not a Glory Hunt.

The thing I love best is that Nana comes along with Erin n I and she loves The Mo, and that is priceless!
westmoors asks: Congratulations on MOTM. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

MazH says: Hello and thank you....

Past: I'd love to see my Dad again, and maybe take him along to The Mo (see answer above.)

Also, I'd quite like to meet my future husband, if he's out there somewhere could he make himself known!
pedroscalls asks: Woohoo, well deserved win and finally a winner I've met. My question is, if money and time were no object what race or route would you love to do?

MazH says: Cheers mister! I would love to do the New York Marathon. The big city races scare me (financially and logistically!) but since you say money and time were no object, then NYC on a big ass budget would be great.

I went to New York for my 40th, but it was on a wee budget, although I did run in Central Park, which was kinda special.
Autumnleaves asks: Excellent. So glad you have finally won this! My question is - have you a favourite run and if so where?

MazH says: Any run among friends is a good run.
And to run with you one day would be amazing AL! Let's make that happen!

In terms of places, I love my home parkruns in Aberdeen. One trail and climbs, one beach prom fast n flat.

I'm very lucky I have so many nice places locally, and so much variety.
Lip Gloss asks: Congratulations gorgeous lady . My question is what was it that made you take up running?

MazH says: Thanks! I'm chuffed!

Like so many of us, yourself included, I did the odd race for life, 2004 and 2008 I think.

I always trained a bit, but never carried on after the fact....

My friend Rachel suggested we join JogScotland in Stonehaven in late 2008, and that's when I learned how to run and incidentally when I joined Fetch.

The rest is all a matter of public record now!
HappyG(rrr) asks: Yay! The lovely Maz. Winner! Hmm, a question - which do you enjoy more, achieving your own running goals or helping others to achieve theirs. You're a star star :-) G x

MazH says: Twinkle twinkle!

Selfishly I'm kinda enjoying this year where I am busting some longstanding PB's, so my own goals are taking my focus right now.

I have a 1 mile, 3k, 5k, 10 mile, Half and Marathon PB this year. I'd like a 10k PB to complete the set before the end of 2019!

I guess I do give a bit back still with Jogscotland and parkrun stuff, so won't feel too bad about it.

Some of my best times have been those when I've chummed someone to a personal milestone, their first parkrun/10k/Half marathon/Marathon even. Running Edinburgh with my Marathon sisters was very emotional, not just the run itself but the months of training and counsel on the lead up.

I know when I thought my PB's were dead n buried, helping others was my own personal reason to turn up and run. So thank you to them!

If after this year I slow down again, I hope the habit of "just doing the running" will remain.
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 asks: Congratulations Maz - If you were to be offered tickets to any sporting event what would you choose to watch ?

MazH says: I'm a bit rubbish at the rules for everything except football, and I struggle to feign interest in anything that I don't have a favourite team or person competing....

Triathlons make good telly, but in reality are hard to watch on the ground. As are marathons.

Maybe I could go to see the Knicks play basketball when I have my "mythical money no object New York Marathon trip"!?

Tough question Caz!!!
Mrs Sunbed asks: Well done. What is your favourite distance to run?

MazH says: Hello! Long time no see! - My fave distance to run in training is 4-5 miles, which is about as much as I can do in an hour at training pace. That's also the pretty standard distance of my jogscotland group runs, which are my bread n butter.

4 miles is also the length of Aberdeen beach from end to end and back again.

Race-wise, I don't have a favourite, I hate them all! Racing is painful!
Captain S asks: Congratulations and well deserved. If you could run anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

MazH says: Barbados - by virtue of the fact that running there would involve being there, and well, that would be nice!!

Or, as previous question, New York again, but with more time and money to enjoy it.
Pothunter asks: Congratulations! Who are your sporting and non-sporting heroes?

MazH says: oooooh, good question!

Sporting Heroes? I remember watching Liz McColgan and even Paula Radcliffe way before I ever imagined I'd be a runner. They are pretty inspirational female role models if hero is too strong a word. The Lisbon Lions way back in time, and of course the 2017-2018 Montrose FC League 2 Championship Winning Squad!!

Non Sporting Heroes. I think Donald Dewar set the ball rolling in a political way that changed things for Scotland so much (not all for good some might say, but I think overall very positively). Nana (my mum) is my ultimate Hero tho, and I probably don't tell her this enough. And last but not least, Rick Astley, for being awesome when I was wee, and then very kindly making it once more when I was in my forties!!
halfpint asks: Huge congratulations! About ruddy time. So, what do you consider the best qualities of an ideal wing man?

MazH says: Wing (wo)man:

Should be willing to vet any potential interested parties with a single questioning eyebrow.

Should have fabulous boobs (I’ll provide the great legs. What a combo!!)
Sense of humour a must.
Should be able to drink equal to me.

The ability to sing power ballads is essential

Ideally should have her front door no less than 50 feet from the only club in town. (This is negotiable.)
The Duckinator asks: Old El Paso or M&S fajita mix?

MazH says: At the time of going to press, I can't answer that. However, they are probably made in the same factory!
Scorge asks: congrats maz. you're on fire just now - which PB are you wanting next?

MazH says: to complete the set, I need a 10k, which I plan to tackle in Inverness in October.

5 mile race I did well in last year, is not happening this year sadly, so that will have to be shelved. It's a funny distance anyway!
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