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Interview with KinkyS

PowerJen asks: Congratulations. Really well deserved. So, is a sub 3 on the cards for Kinky?

KinkyS says: Thanks Jen :-) I'm pretty certain there'll be a sub 3 attempt at some point in the next couple of years - I'm sure I'm physically capable of it if all goes to plan on a given day, but the marathon is a fickle and unforgiving mistress and we may not always get on as well as we did this year!
KatieB asks: Will you ever reveal why you changed from a Katie to a Kinky? Do you think your Yoga practise is integral to your amazing running strength and grace?

KinkyS says: Ah, that was back in the days when it was all fields around here and so we all lived in the cupboard. Anyone else remember that thread? Let's just say it's all about the pain. And the ice. Say no more ;-)

I think yoga is the only thing that lets me get out of bed in the morning, never mind running anywhere. I've never had a body that wasn't balanced and flexible because I was a dancer before I was a runner and yogini, so I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to be any other way. I can feel it when I miss a couple of days, that's for sure.
tonydaglish asks: how did you manage to get 3.05 for london,what sort of training did you do for that time and have you been to wimpole parkrun yet.thats an amazing time by the way

KinkyS says: Lots and lots of very slow miles, plus lots of offroad hilly miles that make a mere flat road marathon seem simple in comparison. Lose a bit of weight. And a heavy dose of self-belief that running marathons is what I do. I don't have the same speed over 5k, 10k and HM as other people with that sort of mara time, so I have to have the mental strength to know I can do it. Wimpole is one of the best parkruns around, as long as you aren't scared of big horny cows...
phal asks: Stab or burn? Snails or ducks? Beer or cake? Helvellyn or Coniston Old Man? Lakeland Trails or London Marathon? Xxx

KinkyS says: Stab blisters. Burn when you don't use enough suncream for 100k. Ducks always win *quack*. Guinness cake :-) Helvellyn, because it was my first ever mountain at the tender age of 3. Lakeland Trails, because it's all flanker's fault heart
ChrisHB asks: What penalty do you impose on KatieB for asking the forbidden question?

KinkyS says: KatieB is probably the only person sweet enough to get away with even asking :-)
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats Lady Kinks - Whats your favourite run in Cambridge (not race ;-) )

KinkyS says: Thank you Sir HoD :-) Along the river towpath towards Waterbeach early in the morning in late Spring when the ducklings are still tiny and the barn owl hasn't gone to bed yet.
Nelly asks: Congratulations, and very well deserved with PBs at HM, Marathon and 100k already this year champagne Out of all the races you've done in the past, do you have a favourite and why?

KinkyS says: Argh, the impossible question! There are so many to choose from, but a shortlist would probably include the London marathon because I love the atmosphere, Hawkshead trail race because it was my first offroad event (and the bar tab was just as memorable!), Wimpole parkrun for the sheep and the sausage rolls, any of the Might Contain Nuts Welsh Ultra series for the terrain/scenery, and the Lakeland 50 because it's an event that fights back when I attack it. As soon as I submit this I'll think of a dozen more I wish I'd mentioned! Like Windermere marathon. How could I forget the best road marathon in the country?!
Dave A asks: Cake or beer?

KinkyS says: I assume you're asking which one I'd have first :-p
RichHL asks: Congratulations, young Kinky! How do you manage to run so many miles and not get horribly, horribly broken?

KinkyS says: I run verrrrrrrrrrry verrrrrrrry slowly most of the time. Sub 10mm counts as a fast training run for me! And I spend an hour most days working on strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and all that other stuff that the scientists would say is anecdotal but seems to work for me at least. Not having a sitting down job helps too, because I'm used to moving about all the time, so running doesn't come as too much of a horrible shock.
Carpathius asks: Well done, and well deserved MOTM award. How do you fit training in with general life?

KinkyS says: I'm lucky enough to live a 10 minute walk from work so although I work full-time, as long as I get up early and dash home in my lunch hour most days I can fit in most of the boring chores before the end of the working day, which leaves the evening free for running, eating and sleeping. Even so, I rarely get my dinner before 9:30pm and the house is in a perpetual state of chaos! Of course, having a partner who runs helps, there's never any problem with the amount of time I devote to training because most of it is shared time :-)
Bru-Bru asks: Congrats on your Fetch fame. What is your favourite run in your local area (not necessarily a race, but route)?

KinkyS says: I've already mentioned the river Cam to Hod'd question, but the other route I love is a set of permissive paths through farmland managed for wildlife just to the north of my house where the city ends and the country starts. It's almost entirely tarmac-free through fields and small coppices and always full of things to see - my average pace is often 11 or 12 minute miles out there because I have to keep stopping to look at the creatures who cross my path :-)
BaronessBL asks: Congratulations. You were the first Fetchie I was brave enough to speak to at a race without knowing them (Brandon Half Marathon 4 or5 years ago). Who was the first Fetchie you spoke to at a race without knowing who they were?

KinkyS says: In 2006 I was living in India, but still managed to get myself invited to the Great South Run in Portsmouth which was held just after I got home. I'm pretty sure Hendo was the first Fetchie I spoke to in real life, but Max, Gobi, RachE, HoD, Blister, and probably a few others were part of that day too... And then there were the Fetchies I knew before I knew Fetch, via that other website. I think KatieB was my first 'we met on the internet' encounter :-)
Hendo asks: Well done and all that. What question do you wish you'd been asked, and what would your answer be?

KinkyS says: I wish someone would ask me if I'd like lots of money to move to the Lake District with all my friends and run in lovely places so I could say yes please!
clare1976 asks: Congratulations :-) What's the target after Lakeland 50? Sub-3 marathon? Lakeland 100? England / GB Ultra selection? Sub-40 10k? All of the above or other? x

KinkyS says: A sub 3 marathon is on the list of course, as is, bizarrely, a sub 1:30 half! Sub 40 10km feels like the hardest of the standard time targets for me because it's really not my distance, even less than the HM is. It's definitely my weakest link. (*edit* I answered this question on Friday night, and on Sunday I managed 40:05. Just goes to show what I know eh?!) I might manage England selection for the 100km if I am very lucky, my time from this year was faster than this year's Anglo-Celtic plate qualifying time, but I was still 13 minutes off GB standard for the worlds. 15 seconds a mile doesn't sound like such a lot, but to do it for more than 8 hours is a different matter entirely! I'm not so sure about the UTLD 100 - I'd love to do it, but I'm not sure I'm tough enough, and after 3 traumatic failures, I don't know whether it's better to revisit and try to bury the ghosts, or just to write it off as a race too far...heart versus head, and it's honours even in the internal argument so far.
minardi asks: At the fetch get-together the night before FLM (that's how far I'm going back!), you matched mr min red wine for red wine and he was amazed to discover you were in the race the next day - how did you not have a hangover? or did you?

KinkyS says: I usually have a glass or 3 of wine on a weekend, and after all, they do say that you shouldn't do anything different for race day... The relaxing effects of the wine more than outweigh any possible negative effects for me, I'm pretty sure I've had wine before every marathon PB I've ever run :-) I'm lucky that I don't tend to get hangovers!
IanS asks: Congratulations, well deserved :-) If travel time & cost were no object, which race(s) that you haven't done already would you like to do?

KinkyS says: I'd love to do the Brathay 10 in 10 for a start. And any of the big US ultras - Hardrock, Western States, Badwater etc. Transvulcania in the Canaries. All the World Marathon Majors. Himalaya 100 mile stage race. Inca Trail marathon. Comrades.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats and well deserved with some stonking performances and PBs recently. I was inspired by the view of you at Abingdon 2009 sporting a rather stunning Lara Croft-esque action girl pony tail. Who or what inspires you, either in a race, in your training or life in general, if you like? Congrats again :-) G

KinkyS says: I'm mostly inspired by people I know who do amazing things. All the 10 in 10ers. Hellen with her England vest. Flanker at Hardmoors 110. My Dad running multiple marathons a year in his 70s. CC speedy goth getting a sub 3 marathon. There are so many incredible people around. In a race, I'm inspired by nature (birds, sheep, mountains, the weather, I can take strength from almost anything!), loud music and overtaking men, especially the big strong-looking ones who reckon they're well 'ard ;-)
Ben Midgeley asks: Hi, well done on your member of the month. My question is if you have done overseas races, how would you rate them, ive been debating wheter to do one recently. Thanks

KinkyS says: The only one I have done is the Berlin marathon 2007, where a group of Fetchies hired an apartment for the weekend. I had a terrible race performance-wise but it was a brilliant weekend - the post-race party was fantastic :-)
Tuffers251 asks: How do you deal with things if you get injured?

KinkyS says: I get very very grumpy, and then I throw myself wholeheartedly into anything that might help, I can get as obsessive about icing, massage, exercises/physio as I can about running . I had a bad Achilles a couple of years ago that meant I could only run once a week, so I spent 6 months getting up at stupid o'clock every morning to swim, something that I am truly terrible at (think granny-style breaststroke), and spent a couple of hours on a stationery bike once or twice a week just to maintain fitness. It worked too, I came back fitter and stronger than pre-injury :-)
Fat Dave asks: Well done; proper amazing stuff. How did you get to be so bleddy fast?

KinkyS says: Eat less, run more :-p
JuliaD asks: Congratulations! Have you ever thought about running an ultra at high altitude...or in fact have you done that already? Also, what Chris asked!

KinkyS says: I've spent time at altitude in Peru, and done a bit of trekking and running there, but never an ultra. It's something I'd love to try though!
Night-owl asks: Congratulations Kinky looking at your training mileage here on Fetch yearly totals remarkably consistent. Whats your secret?

KinkyS says: I train really *really* slowly, and do lots of stretching, core work, yoga etc. I'm a big fan of regular sports massage too. And I wear compression gear to aid recovery - it may be snake oil flavoured placebo, but if I believe it helps then maybe it does :-)
NortonFlyer asks: You are clearly in fantastic shape and some great race performances and training efforts - well done! My one question, what is the tat round your navel?

KinkyS says: It's two dolphins, one black and one just outlined with blue shading. I got them many years ago when I was a student in Sheffield, just because I like animals. I've got a couple of cats and a lizard too, and am saving up for ducks, an owl and a bat. I love my tramp stamps ;-)
Lykewake42 asks: What's your next ultra? And the whiskers...........

KinkyS says: As I type this it's the Lakeland 50, tomorrow at 11:30am. I always have August as a month off racing, so by the time you read this it will be my annual trip to Stratford upon Avon in September for the JW ultra, 30 miles of canal towpath and one of the friendliest events around :-)
Siouxsie asks: Very well done. Well deserved. You seem to train slow often at nearly or over 10mm, but then can race so fast - why do you think that works so well for you? And when are you coming to Scotland to race our trail ultras? !

KinkyS says: I'm honestly not sure why it works! I know training slowly keeps me injury free which lets me do more miles and builds a good aerobic endurance base, but I still don't quite understand how I can then run 3mm faster on race days, or how my body knows what pace I can sustain for any given distance. Often when I'm training I question if I really will be able to up the pace on race day, but I just have to trust my body because it seems to know better than I do :-) I'd love to come to Scotland but it's a very long way away. When we fulfill our dream of moving north...
JJ Flash asks: Quack?
What's your favourite road kill? Where did you see it?

KinkyS says: Nothing beats the road out of Kings Lynn early on a Saturday morning in the middle of September for road kill. It's hard to mourn too much for grey squirrels but don't you dare hit a duck *quack*
RuthB2 asks: Congratulations! Do you remember your first ever run? What was it like?

KinkyS says: My first ever run was a race! A friend of mine had entered an all ladies college team into a local relay event called Chariots of Fire, but the night before one of them became ill and couldn't run. My friend knew I did aerobics and owned a pair of trainers, and we were such a small college that there weren't many other ladies to choose from, so she said she didn't care how long it took me and I could walk if I had to, as long as I made it around the 1.7 mile leg somehow. I turned up 12 hours later in my cotton t-shirt, leggings and cheap imitation fashion trainers from the market, loved every step, didn't walk at all and I wasn't even the slowest in the team. From that moment on I was hooked and entered my first 10km 6 weeks later :-)
Flatlander asks: It's been pleasing to see you improving so much over the last few years. To what do you attribute that - better training, experience, lifestyle, mental fortitude, cross training................?

KinkyS says: A combination of losing a bit of weight, learning a lot about my body's capabilities and limitations due to a couple of unlucky injuries (accidents rather than overuse), getting myself a life partner who believes in me and understands what I do, and most importantly a hefty dose of self-belief. By approaching events of all kinds with confidence rather than fear you can achieve so much more than you think you can. I'm still getting used to the impact of the 'I can do it' mindset :-)
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