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Interview with Sushi.

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations Sushi, MoTM & Illuminati member in the same week. My question is if money and time was no object what race or route would you love to do?

Sushi. says: Thank you Pedro. Great question that really made me think. There are so many routes I'd love to do, many of them along coast lines but 2 that I think I'd choose first.
The Amalfi Coast is stunning and I'd love to run along the length of it.
I really enjoyed doing the virtual Welsh Coastal Path Challenge earlier this year and would love to do that for real.
Ideally I'd be fully supported so I didn't have to lug all my kit with me every day.
I have a friend with a camper van who has said she'd be happy to accompany me if either are ever possible.
So who knows, watch this space....
westmoors asks: Congratulations Sushi. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Sushi. says: Several people sprang to mind. From the musicians that have provided the soundtrack to my life, to people that have inspired and challenged me to be a better person. So many things I could ask each of them.
Whilst I was thinking about which one I would chose I realised that if I really could go back an meet anyone then it would be my 13 year old self. Why?

To tell her to be happy, true and kind to herself, to follow her heart and her dreams, to believe in herself because she is worth it. To reassure her that even when things seem too difficult she will come through and be ok. To stop and take the time to enjoy the little moments as they are important too.

Mostly though, to tell her that in a world where you can be anything, be kind.
Diogenes asks: Congratulations, Sushi. What is your favourite food?

Sushi. says: Thank you Dio.

I will eat pretty much anything so long as it doesn't contain gluten.
I love cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients especially curries and though I enjoy baking I don't have much of a sweet tooth.

I have 3 food rules.
In reverse order these are....

3.There's no such thing as too much Veg.
2.There's no such thing as too much Ice Cream.
1. There's no such thing as too much Cheese.

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life I would choose cheese over everything else.
.B. asks: Congratulations Sushi! You’ve been on running websites for years. How did you get into running and do you remember the first time you met up with a stranger off the internet?

Sushi. says: Thank you B. You and me both!

I started running in 2006, with the sole purpose of doing the London marathon. I knew nothing and naively thought you just entered and got a place!

Back then it still a paper entry and places weren’t confirmed till around the end of the year.

By the time my rejection came through I’d already chosen my ‘backup’ marathon so my first marathon was Blackpool ‘07 which was also the first place I met an internet stranger.
It was Wrexham Rob, way back in 2007 at the Blackpool Marathon. There’d been a thread on RW for the event and a few of us met up beforehand in the Winter Gardens.

Rob was the first person I spoke to. I’d just presumed that he lived fairly nearby in Wrexham. Turned out he lived 1/2 a mile away and is a huge Wrexham FC supporter. We’ve been running buddies since and have often dragged each other out for a run when a mojo has gone missing.

I had thought running was something I’d only do till I’d completed a marathon. By then it was too late, I was hooked
monsenb1 asks: Sushi, congratulations and well deserved! What's your favourite race distance and why? And what's the next 10 mile race that we will be running together? :)

Sushi. says: Thank you Monsenb1.

I don’t really like 5miles or less. My pace isn’t much quicker over 5k than it is over 26.2m, though I have never specifically trained for a short event.

I would say that 10miles and Marathons are my 2 favourite distances. 10 miles seems to the distance where I can hold my ‘slightly quicker’ pace and it gives me a reasonable time. Marathons because I really am better at distance than speed.
Our next 10miler together will be Stockport 2021. (I think this interview may just be out in time for that to be the next one) Though you have got me thinking about trying some fell running so maybe you should introduce me to that too.
bigleggy asks: Congratulations , about time !!! Sooooo many questions.........most of them about flapjacks :-) However, what I would like to ask is this. You work long hours and yet seem to get plenty of training done (as in a lot !). What gets you up and out when at times you must just feel like having a rest ?
Oh and can I have some flapjacks please :-D

Sushi. says: Thanks ‘leggy.
Motivation tends to vary. It may be down to me having a little bit of a competitive streak so if I’m involved in one of the virtual games or close to getting a badge that will get me out of the door.
If I have an event I’m targeting then that’s a great motivator. I hate the thought of finishing and wondering how much better it would have gone if I hadn’t missed out sessions.

I do find that if I don’t have some sort of goal then it’s much easier to say ‘sod it’ and bin a session off.

As to your second question…… of course you can, after all, you are officially the No1 fan.
Snail asks: Congrats Sushi. Of the Fetch badges that you have earned - which of them were you most pleased to achieve?

Sushi. says: Cheers Snail. Running wise I think the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ badge for completing the Castles Challenge has to be up there. I never imagined I’d finish in 40 days.
Site wise I think ‘Prepare Your Speech’ will take some beating.

Though as I still have ‘Gold Plated Badge’ to come that may end up being the one I’ll be most pleased to see as it’s been the one I’ve wanted to give up on most.
phal asks: Congrats Sushi! Yay! :-) So climbing...... what's your favourite thing about it? :-) xx

Sushi. says: Thanks Phal.

What I love about climbing is that it is a complete body and mind work out all in one. You really need to engage your brain as well as your core!

I enjoy the teamwork side with ropes but also the solo aspect of bouldering. It’s a very social and friendly sport (especially when us climbing fetchies get together) I really think everyone needs a climbing wall in their life.
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 asks: Congratulations Sushi If you were offered a golden ticket to any sporting event what would you choose to watch

Sushi. says: Thanks CAZ. Easy answer this one - The Olympics.

Where else would I be able to enjoy world class competition in so many different sports.

Certain events would be a given (and I’d want them scheduled so I didn’t miss out any) swimming, athletics, climbing and gymnastics along with a few others.

I’d also want to see some of the less known sports that are appearing for the first time. I had no idea that BMX freestyle would be so good.

Oh and as it’s a ‘golden ticket’ I’d want it to include the opportunity to meet competitors of my choice too.
1step2far asks: Congratulations! So many questions... but which do you prefer... running or climbing? Also what's your favourite running memory?

Sushi. says: Thank you 1S2F. Oh I’m not sure that’s a fair question! I love both!

Running- I was ok at it as a youngster and didn’t object if it was cross country at school but never went for a run for 20yrs after I left in 1986. In 2006 a couple of women at the gym I was using did a marathon and it made me think I’d like to do that distance once. I didn’t think for a moment that 15 yrs later I’d still be running, more than ever before and training for 2 marathons whilst thinking about what I’d target after that.

I was introduced to indoor climbing 5 years ago by a good friend. Though scared of heights and not very good I quickly realised that I enjoyed it and bought my own shoes, harness etc. I progressed slowly till this year when being lighter, stronger and fitter has seen my confidence in staying on increase (bouldering) meaning I’ve improved quite a lot recently. Climbing on the ropes never bothered me as much as I trust my belayer but better strength and stamina mean I’m making improvements there too.

Both have similar elements about them in different ways.

I guess if I was told I had to chose one and give the other up I pick running. Minimal equipment and the best way to get those benefits that help my mental health as well as my physical.

Favourite running memory - coming in to finish my 1st marathon and hearing my son (age 6 at the time) shout out - That’s my Mummy and she’s run 26.2 miles.
jennywren asks: Congratulations! (about bloody time ;-) ) Can you remember which thread of RW we first met on?

Sushi. says: Yes!

Firstly on the ‘counting down’ thread on RW, then we both found our way to the Land of Fetch. Our first real life meeting was at the Freckleton 1/2 (‘08?) and then Edinburgh ’09.
Many more times since and many more to come!!!
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats Sushi I knew if I kept voting for you finally you get it 😜, what is left to achieve goal wise for you

Sushi. says: Thank you HOD! The biggest goal I still have to achieve is my hope to achieve a London Good for Age time.

It feels like it should be possible if everything comes together on the day as well as in training. Hopefully if you ask me the same question next summer I’ll be giving a different answer. (Fingers crossed)
Mushroom asks: Congrats! Which athlete / sportsperson would you choose to run alongside for an hour or so, and what would you ask them?

Sushi. says: Michael Johnson, I could listen to him all day and it really wouldn’t matter what he was saying! I had my C25K on his voice when I did it last year and there just wasn’t enough of him talking.

I guess if I was to ask him a question it would be…..
Why am I still so slow when you were my C25K virtual coach.
Night-owl asks: Congratulations Sushi How do you manage night work and running (I know you've recently gone back)

Sushi. says: Thanks NightOwl.

I find it really tough to fit in a run on days/nights that I’m working. I’m out of the house for at least 14 hrs so by the time I’ve fitted in eat and sleep it usually means the most I manage is 5k.

If I do decide I’m going to run before a day shift I set a run and a non-run alarm. If I don’t sleep I bin the run off. In between nights I only run if I happen to wake up in time. Again I prioritise my sleep.

As my shifts are long, full time is 3 a week meaning I have 4 days where running isn’t a problem. I then try to run on one shift day but if it doesn’t happen it’s not the end of the world. If I’m following a plan I may do 2 runs on a day off or just drop a short run.
I always fit one in on the day I start and finish nights.

I do find I can only run before a shift or it stops me sleeping properly. Also, that if I force myself to run when I need sleep more then it ends up being ‘junk miles’.
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