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Interview with Hills of Death (HOD)

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on a well deserved MoTM win. My question is if money and time were no object what route or race would you want to do? 

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Pedro top question sooooo many I guess having done enough marathons I'd love to qualify for Boston Marathon one day.

But I guess it would be Grand Union Canal Race or Western States 100 would be a great achievement I know people who have done it.
Valyrian Plastic asks: Well done, HOD. Why so serious?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Ha Ha VP yes WHY ? Do want to know how I got these scars ....well. Those that know me no I ain't serious about many things and I am the JOKER ho ho ho ho
westmoors asks: Congratulations on MotM. Who would you most like to meet and why?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate excellent question well Fetchies I've met most lol (see stickerbook)

But in the world I'd love to meet Kirsty Gallagher in a swim suit on a desert island I've no idea why ;-)
Funky Monkey asks: Do you like toast?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Toast ....a little piece of toast ? Yes mate love it preferably with loads of peanut butter mmmm
-x-x- asks: Congratulations, mate. Well deserved in my opinion. Who is the best Spurs player ever?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks maaaate. Well the clues in the name the HOD Glenn Hoddle great player ever to grace the field at White Hart Lane had everything and walked around like he owned the place and he did. Check out his many quality goals especially the one v Wolves.
DocM asks: Congrats on MOTM. You and your comments make me laugh, who makes you laugh not (necessarily on Fetch )?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks Doc I'm glad you noticed ;-).

On Fetch loads of people make me laugh Greg's training, BRCB, Jock, Foxy, Max, Johnny Blaze list is endless some funny people here. In the real world I love Billy Connolly, Micky Flanagan (I'm seeing him next month), Lee Mack, Monty Python and Peter Kay (sometimes). Not into this new age rubbish like Mighty Boosh.
richmac asks: Congratulation on MOTM, Shimano, Compag, or something else ?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate Shimano without a doubt Di2 if you can I've Dura Ace on my TT but SRAM rival on the roadie. Campag is for the old skool ;-). You know what they say running can get fucked.
Girlie asks: Well done on MOTM. My question is: If your property was burning (family and pets have all been rescued)which 3 material items would you save and why?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Lol thanks G, My medal collection (VLM, IM), pictures of my son in a book, and Gobi's bike. All self explainatory x
Ted asks: Dude! *fist bumps* How many parkruns have you cycled to (and from) from home?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: High five sweatie man ! Well different ones Cambridge, Wimpole, Bedford, Grovelands (when I lived down south) err that's it done Wimpole and Beds a few times. Your weird !
Captain S asks: Congratulations on the MOTM award. With relation to your Fetch name, what is the hardest hilliest race you have ever done and would you do another one?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate. It's funny I was originally HOD from the mighty Glenn Hoddle then Gobi mentioned Hills of Death. I don't mind hilly races now and then Snowdon, Connemara but the hardest I've done was a fell race in Mortimer Forest HILL race took me 2 hours to do 10 miles. Would I do another of course 😄
HappyG(rrr) asks: Yay, HoD, a proper original Fetchie! ;-) Congrats and enjoy your vouchers. Errr, all going well, what would be your long term health and fitness goals? :-) G

Hills of Death (HOD) says: G mate high praise indeed. Well fitness after dropping from 13 stone in 2016 to 11 stone 4 by this summer I'm aiming to go under 11 eventually less choc more fruit and veg. But maintaining and don't let it rise. Fitness after marathon and 5k PB this year is to take these lower next year and smash my 10k, Half which have been there for a while. Keep on trucking
RichHL asks: How the f**k did this happen? ;-)

Congratulations! How long will it be before Dude starts taking down his Old Man? He must be able to swim better than you already.

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate high praise indeed xxxx won't be long we ran up and a race track outside his new school tired me out quick. I have the endurance he's got the speed.
jangles asks: Socks or no socks?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Socks I tried no socks in Tri not good lol
simbil asks: Do the greatest of Ironmen wear snot or vomit green calf guards?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate mine are a kind of pastel green
Ocelot Spleens asks: I would have saig Gary Mabbutt. We both have a 5k PB of 21.01. How on earth are we going to beat that now? Well deserved MoTM.

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks WS long live the Mabs. I only got it April I'm desperate to get under it I guess we could meet and draft each other it's getting tough I bet you do it before me 😉
The Terminator asks: Well done HoD. Tell me the story of your love for the super Spurs

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Cheers TT, where do I start me and my dad used to clash he's Arsenal took me to 1979 cup final I wasn't sure which way to go all my mates were Spurs. So went down to Southampton v Spurs 0-0 I was hooked 😂. Basically the atmosphere was awesome the terraces been to many good games since I've got a ticket for Champions League v Real Madrid in Nov
Serendippily asks: Congratulations. Did all that nipple blood ever wash out of your tshirt?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks lovely yes happens so often I'm sponsored by vanish
runningmumof3boys asks: Congratulations and its about time- my question is did you only move to St Idiots to be closer to me ? ;-) ..... im one of your best mates so i get more than 1 question..... youre great at race predictions so what will my ironman finish be?? and one about you as this interview is about you after all ;-) whats your A race for 2018 (and is this more aero? or THIS?) well done buddy xxx

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Lol of course I only moved to be close to you ! and the cheaper housing and plus no one knew my chequered past have you noticed how the area has digressed since 2011. My Prediction for you is as follows Swim 1.24 Bike 6.26 Marathon 4.42 T1 10.02 T2 11.17 so I guessing 12.53 ;-). Either way you will beat my Austria time because I know how hard you've trained and I'll be so proud of ya. My A race is boring its going to be sub 3.30 at London/Boston UK/Salzburg again. Peace and love x
RFJ asks: Congrats, well deserved. Cant remember if you have any tattoos...? If you could design the perfect running tattoo for you what would it be and why?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate haven't seen you since we past each other 21 times running in the wrong direction PMSL. I think I would have one running to heaven with God saying well done my son. As running 'sometimes' feels heavenily but unlike you I don't think I'm going to get there ;-)
GlennR asks: Congratulations mate. Your choice: Arsenal get relegated or you qualify for Kona?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Thanks mate tough tough question but Arsenal relegated and qualify for Kona on my own lol
Stiggers asks: Along the lines of RMO3B....1) Marathon or RonMan? 2) Huntingdon or Wimpole? 3) Hoddle or Gazza?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Ha ha you little tinker 1) Marathon the Ironman killed me 2) Huntingdon just closer 3) Hoddle easy questions next
Angus Clydesdale asks: Cool, congratulations. What was your favourite race and why?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Cheers AC I think my favourite race (apart from VLM ;-) ) was the Disney Marathon really surreal experience started at 0500 and dark got lighter and sunnier. A man singing the love boat at halfway, Toy soliders shooting at you mile 23 for walking and going through loads of countries at the end. Great experience.
RunningRonnie asks: Why the scary picture? Why would you want to scare us? Why?

Hills of Death (HOD) says: Because they all flooooooooat down here.
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