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Interview with CC2 Speedy Goth

Mushroom asks: Congratulations on MOTM! How does lime green and flourescent orange running kit sit alongside the 'raison-d'etre' of the average goth - have you resigned yourself to it or do you have a supply of purple velvet vests..!? :-)

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Thank you. As an aging Goth I have learned that it is no longer possible to dress in velvet or PVC at all times. My running wardrobe is extremely colourful. I even have some pink. Yes, that's right, PINK.
Curly45 asks: Ooo I nominated you - didnt realise you had already won! Congrats. What are your main motivations for training? Do you have a time in mind you'd like to get too or is it just to see how fast you can get? Or something completely different?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I just want to be faster. I'm never satisfied and always think I could have/should have/can go faster. I don't need motivation for training though, I just love running and hate not running.
The Terminator asks: Congrats. The drinks are on me. What is your tipple of choice pre race, during race and post race?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Pre-race it has to be coffee, black, one sugar. During a race, well, that depends on the length of the race. Nothing for 10k or less, water for HM or longer. Maybe Lucozade if it's on offer. And afterwards? Diet Coke. Sorry, not very rock and roll!
rf_fozzy asks: When are you going to come and see sense and come and do a "proper" off-road (fell) race with me?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: When I lose my marbles? I can't run on fells. I can only manage XC because the spikes anchor me to the floor. Besides, what's wrong with roads? I LIKE roads.
Bazoaxe asks: The queen of even (even negative split) pacing. What makes you such a good judge of pace ?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: My Garmin and a pace band.
thuginasuit asks: Have you ever run a race in full Goth gear, if not why not?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: It isn't actually possible to run in a corset, massive platforms or 5 inch stilettos. I've tried running for a bus but that's as far as it goes! I have done a few races in halloween outfits though.
Dave A asks: Congratulations, very well deserved following years of time, effort and dedication to the sport :-) What are you absolute dream target times?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: If you'd asked me that a few years ago I'd have told you sub 40 10k, sub 90 half and sub 3.15 full. Now that I've broken through all of those I really have no idea. The sky is the limit! (Although actually age might beat me first)
Night-owl asks: Congratulations Why did you start running in the first place?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I entered the Great North on a charity place just for a 'challenge'. I'd done a Race for Life but didn't take it too seriously, but once I'd entered the GNR I joined a club as I was scared to run on my own after dark, and the rest, as they say, is history.
B Rubble asks: Congratations - well deserved MOTM. Once you have got your sub 3 (which will no doubt be in the next marathon) what will be the next target? Even quicker marathon, shorter races, ultra?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I suspect that as long as I feel I can get faster over the marathon I'll stick with it, but I reserve the right to change my mind.
minardi asks: Many congratulations. Best money-saving tip ever?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Just one? Yikes. Don't have a social life?
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congratulations Speedy girl you certainly get men's heart racing serious question....Leather or Lycra ?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Well that can't be true as I've been single for 13 years. Leather or lycra? Well, I don't have much leather, it's rather beyond my budget, but I don't think it would be very comfortable for running in anyway.
RedWineRunner asks: Congratulations! As a fellow goth, every year I suffer from an affliction known as a 'sun tan' when training under the day star. Do you have any tips on how to avoid this, other than becoming nocturnal?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Oooh, a fellow Goth! Yay! I am a big fan of factor 50, but I don't really tan much anyway. I lived on a sub-tropical island for 5 months and still looked pasty compared to the others when we left.
Bintmcskint asks: Congratulations on MOTM! Really well deserved :-)
You are clearly having a very good year and just keep getting faster. What changes have you made to your training? More speedwork? More miles? Or is it all in the mind?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I haven't really changed anything. Just consistent consistency I suppose. (I stole that phrase from someone on the RW forums - copyright to him!)
Chrisity asks: Congratulations, probably the finest award a Redhill runner has ever won ;-)

What is your favourite cross country course?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: *whispers* I don't run for Redhill anymore, well, not first claim anyway.

I'm not sure I have a favourite XC course. I enjoyed the National at Herrington Park, but only because it was muddy and silly. Last year's East Mids at Trent Meadows was fun too, with the thick fog and the knee deep marshes. Least favourite is easy - Stafford Common.
abdou asks: Well done CC2! You were pretty quick as soon as you started training (or so your log suggests) - were you a sporty kid and did you always like running?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Nooooo, I was the fat girl who got picked last for everything until the end of secondary school when I turned out to be OK at tennis as I had a lot of power behind my shots. I started going to the gym about 10 years ago to get me out of the house as I didn't like my housemate's boyfriend and he was always there. I lost 3 stone and only started running as a challenge to raise money for charity. My first 5k was about 29 minutes.
Mr. K. asks: Brilliant about MOTM CC2, about time :-) What are your three best training tips?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: 1. Do speedy stuff with a group
2. Get enough sleep
LouLou asks: You've started racing on the track this season - do you ever have the notion to take a season out of road racing and see how fast you can get at the shorter distances? P.S Your the friendliest goth I've met.

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I didn't run an autumn marathon this year so that I could concentrate on the shorter stuff, but to be honest I'm really not very good at it. My UK ranking for the marathon is soooooo much higher. The track stuff is good training and a bit of fun in summer, but I'm never going to be a track runner.

Most Goths are friendly, that's how I ended up being one :)
CogNoscensme AHA asks: Congratulations! Where do you get your shades?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Assuming you mean the running ones, they're Sunwise from Sweatshop. I have to get the 'petite' ones because I have a tiny head. My other sunglasses came from the Goth festival in Leipzig and they have metal studs along the arms. They're too big but I don't care.
Fat Dave asks: Hello - and congratulations!

What concessions does your gothness have to make to your speediness... and vice versa?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Well, running kit tends to be incongruous with the 'look', but there's far more to being a goth than dressing in black. As for the speediness, none I can think of. Maybe I'd be faster with no hair, but that is a concession to vanity rather than gothiness.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Congrats CC2, super speedy goth girl. Have you managed to avoid injuries over the years and if so, do you have any top tips for injury prevention? Congrats again. :-)G

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I've been fairly lucky I think. I've had ITB in the past, and a few bouts of anterior tibialis tendonitis. The injury that put me out for longest wasn't a running injury! I do weights and yogalates every week to help keep the niggles at bay.
154 Rob asks: Glad you got the MOTM! Now, what IF you couldn't run ever again, what would you do instead?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: If I could never run again? Does not compute. Error 404.
sLickster asks: Well done on becoming MOTM#76 What's your running shoe of choice? Do you wear the same from 5k up to the marathon or do you have a favourite for each distance? xXx

CC2 Speedy Goth says: For racing I like the Adidas Tempo and I wear that for mile to marathon. For training I favour the Brooks Ravenna. I do have a LOT of shoes though.
Sunbed Athlete asks: Goth? Dominatrix? Are they the same? Well done on your MOTM :)

CC2 Speedy Goth says: No. Most Goths are non-violent. There is certainly cross-over in the style of dress, but that's pretty much where it ends.
Sushi. asks: Well Done CC2- maybe you should change your name to Very Speedy Goth!!
What do you prefer road races or cross country?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: The road. The longer the race the better I am at it it seems. I do love XC though. Most of the time. Well, once it's over.
clare1976 asks: Congratulations :-) What's your favourite race you have run so far and why?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: Strangely perhaps, I really enjoyed the Solstice 10k. It wasn't a PB but it was a comeback race after a break and I ran faster than I thought I would. I loved it because I was running with a group and it felt like a proper race, like when you watch the elites on TV. Also because I was the only woman in the group, so when I took my turn at the front it must have looked like I had an army of male escorts. :)
davelord asks: Now you have the go faster gear where will you be running your first sub 3 ?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: London 2014. Sub 3 or bust!
Lauchy asks: What is your favourite cheese?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: On the basis that I have a dairy intolerance and can't eat cheese, I'm going to have to say Steps. They were well cheesy.
Ninky Nonk asks: Who's going to win Strictly? Congrats on MoM by the way?

CC2 Speedy Goth says: I have never watched Strictly in my entire life, nor do I ever intend to.
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