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Interview with GimmeMedals

WA asks: Hello! Congratulations and well deserved. You bounced right back after the disappointment at Hull- how did you do it?

GimmeMedals says: Thank you, WA. To be honest I don't know. I have blocks of time when I seem to be incredibly positive about running and I'm full of self-belief and ambition and that was one of them. I was so dispappointed to not have completed the full distance at Hull after all the training I'd done, that I couldn't leave it like that. I love getting medals (no!!!!) but I do need to feel as though I've earned them. I was so happy to find another marathon to do 3 weeks later - it was perfect timing and I knew I could do it. I'm also lucky because Mr GM and Alice the Camel were so encouraging and so many people in Fetchland were supportive - that helped no end, giving me a boost.
MeLAR asks: Congratulation :-) What is your all time favourite race?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Melar. My favourite race has to be the Beverley 10k. I love that the contrast between running through historic Beverley, then out into the countryside (uphill!) then it all goes downhill for a couple of miles before back through the town. I've done it twice and really enjoyed it both times. I didn't do it this year but it is on my list for next year again.
Happy Cat asks: Hello - a very worthy MoM :) What is your favourite piece of running kit and why?? Also, red, white or rose?!

GimmeMedals says: Hiya Catherine and thank you. I'll answer the last question first as it's easier! I don't usually drink wine but I recently enjoyed a few glasses of some pink stuff so Rose it is. I think it was White Zinfandel or something like that. I usually drink vodka. Favourite piece of running kit is probably my Garmin. I get a bit obsessive about data and it makes catching Gore-illas easier than having to plot where I've run. But I also really like my buff - so many uses.
Mushroom asks: Congratulations on the MOTM!. If I was to ask you one question, what would glean the most insightful answer?

GimmeMedals says: Oh my life what a question!!! I think if you asked me to honestly describe my personality and give examples as proof, then you would know more about me than even I do. So please don't ask me that lol.
Jon_T asks: Congratulations on MOTM. What is the best piece of advice you have been given for either running or life in general?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks. My gran always had wise words - things like "Keep a piece of string in your purse and it will never be empty" (I really believed that for a few years - duh!) and "If you've nothing nice to say then say nothing". My dad (known locally as The Wise Man of *insert our village name*) has always said "Neither a lender nor a borrower be" but I haven't stuck to that one. I think the best advice is "Treat others as you want them to treat you". That's a pretty good way to live life with less hassle than many seem to experience.
richmac asks: Well done on MOTM, if you could for a moment forge3t about the medals you already have and tell what's the medal you would most like to bag?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Rich. Having scoured the Fetch gallery on many occasions, I have usually tried to do the races when I've lusted certain medals eg Thunder Run and Race the Train. VLM is one I'd like, just because it is the only marathon most of the people I know have heard of. There's a few that I've love but I know are beyond me - like the ultras and triathlons. But I did like the Disney medals so maybe one day I'll race there.
Torry Quine asks: How many medals do you have and which is your favourite?

GimmeMedals says: I've got 25 medals so far and my favourites (can I have more than one?) are Race the Train because of it's shape; Thunder Run because it is so huge and a lovely reminder of a fab Fetchie weekend and my Brussels 20k medal from 2006 - I did the race with no training, wearing pumps, jeans and no sports bra (I didn't intend to run it - it just sort of happened). The medal reminds me of just what can be achieved if you have the right frame of mind.
DrPhleecingD asks: Can we worship at your feet please, and exactly how many pairs of trainers is it you have ordered off the web whilst under the influence?

GimmeMedals says: You are funny fleecy. I'd forgotten about that vodka induced moment! To my knowledge there has only been one pair of running shoes bought whilst under the influence (though I have no recollection of this at all) but I also have just about every piece of kit a runner could need (except a decent rain proof jacket) and some of those purchases were made late at night after I'd had a vodka or eight. This is why I only drink about 4 times a year - it's far too expensive to do too often. Mr GM once ordered a bottle of Port when he got home from the pub. It cost him £80 and he couldn't remember buying it. The internet is a dangerous place!

It is a nice surprise, though, when you get a parcel you are not expecting - a bit like Christmas :-)
Hourglass asks: Huge Congrats GM :-) ...I want to ask so many questions, but I'll stick to the one :-) - Builders Tea in a mug or Afternoon Tea in a fine china cup? :-) XXX

GimmeMedals says: Thank HG x I love tea in a china mug. Earl Grey preferably. Though I have a rather huge mug that holds a pint of tea at school as I so rarely get as far as the staffroom once the day gets underway. I like to dunk biscuits - does that make me common?
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats Gimmemedals if you could pick one goal and one goal only what would it be :-)

GimmeMedals says: Hi HOD and thanks. I've always wanted to go and see the Orangutans in their natural habitat in Borneo before they become extinct. I hope I get the chance one day.
Ocelot Spleens asks: Favourite Medal?

GimmeMedals says: That's a very short question WS lol! Short answer - Thunder Run; Race the Train and Brussels 20k in 2006. Please don't make me choose between them.
Lyra OK asks: Congratulations! If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be?

GimmeMedals says: Ooooh this is a tough one. I did think about someone like Paula Radcliffe so I could experience what it is like to run really fast; or JK Rowling so I can live a day of luxury with no expense spared; or someone who gets to look at Daniel Craig all day, just so I can look at him all day. But I think I'd really like to be one of our pupils for a day - just so I can find out if being a pupil at our school is as fab as I think it must be - and if not, what we need to change.
minardi asks: Many congratulations Gimme; well deserved. Tell me why I couldn't have had a great head teacher like you when I was at school? I hope you get a medal for MOTM :-)

GimmeMedals says: Lol - thanks Minardi. I just think that times have changed. My primary school head used to smoke in the playground and send my sister to the shop to buy his cigarettes. Education is about so much more than just the academic side - I hope we guide our youngsters so they can be vibrant and purposeful adults who show care and consideration for others. I'm lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much and get so much reward from.
RichHL asks: Congratulations! Who is the Dick Dastardly to your Muttley?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Rich. "Drat, and double drat!" "Curses, foiled again!" "Muttley, do something!" Sounds a bit like Mr GM, my long suffering husband!
Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) asks: Congratulations GimmeMedals and very well deserved :) I see that Wriggling Snake and Torry Quine have asked my question so I need to think on my feet now "How many pairs of running shoes have you purchased"

GimmeMedals says: Thanks WW. Far too many I guess. I currently have 2 pairs of road shoes and 1 pair of trail shoes that I wear usually. I also have 3 pairs of road shoes that I bought last year which give me blisters so have become dog walking and gardening shoes. There's the pair of trail shoes that I relied on as school shoes when it was snowy to stop me falling over in the playground during the snowball fights and there's another pair of trail shoes that are a bit small so i use theose for off road dog walking. Then there's the 2 pairs of road shoes still in their boxes that I bought when they were in the half price sale to replace the ones I currently wear when they are past their best. And the pair of Union Jack shoes that I got as a treat for racing in - but I've missed the last 5 races I'd entered so they are still in their box. Not that many after all ;-)
Winniefree asks: Hoorah!! Well done GM. Given your propensity for VERY early starts, what are your top tips for a good night's sleep?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Winniefree x I tend to sleep best when I'm on holiday and don't have workbrain bothering me at 3am. I avoid diet coke because the caffeine kicks in at about 3am. I sleep best when Mr GM is on night shift at work (dont tell him I said that) and I can have the bed to myself. Read instead of watching TV or computing to wind down after a long soak in the bath. If all else fails, I have a swig of Benylin - guarantees a good night's sleep every time :-)
Ted asks: Damn you Wriggling Snake and Torry Quine *shakes fist* Can I just say congratulations and then sit back and read the responses?

GimmeMedals says: Lol Thanks Ted.
Tiggia asks: Hello and well done :) How do you display your medals at home? Or are they stashed in a drawer?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Tiggia. I have my medals hanging on a medal rack in the hall so all our visitors can admire them ;-) Mr GM got me the medal rack from America. I like it a lot.
geordiegirl asks: Well done on MOTM GM, what is the ultimate medal you are aiming for?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks GG. This has been really difficult to answer because I think I've achieved what I'd previously hoped to. I've got medals for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances. I can't see me ever going ultra but never say never! So maybe that's the ultimate medal.....now you've got me thinking.......*2 days later* I've just heard about the Dodentocht 100k and the medal is a corker! I think that's on my list for 2013 now :-)
Pootle asks: Medals, or puppys?

GimmeMedals says: Oh! I really don't think I can choose - what a cunning question! They both have special qualities and together add a richness to my life! On second thoughts, I'll go with medals, because they always remain as medals whereas puppies grow into dogs. Big dogs in our case. Medals have never tried to destoy the garden fence and escape into the creche next door to play with the children; medals have never needed cleaning up after; medals don't have expensive health checks; medals don't eat your ham salad sandwich when you're not looking.......
McGoohan asks: Well done and well deserved. If cost was no object, where would you most like to run/race?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks McGoohan. This question took a lot of thinking about. As I'm restricted by school holidays there are lots of races that I'd like to do but they will have to wait until I retire! One place I would like to run though, if cost was no object, is Cape Town as the Two Oceans is described as the World's most beautiful marathon - that's got to be worth a visit! (Though I think I'd go for the half rather than the full marathon).
JaneyM asks: Well done GM!!! How many medals have you got? :)

GimmeMedals says: Thank you. I've got 25 medals so far - 3 marathons; 12 half marathons; 7 10ks; a Santa Run, Thunder Run and Race the Train. My medal rack is nearly full - just space left on the marathon prong :-0
FML asks: Just want to say well done again and a BIG thank you for waiting and the hug at the end of the East Hull 20 after I finished last. Hope you are back running soon and meet up again, just name the race?

GimmeMedals says: I felt rotten overtaking you when you were clearly suffering, FML. I had to check you were ok. I'll be looking for some localish races for next year- preferably ones with medals for all finishers!
Sunbed Athlete asks: If there was one school teacher that you could back to and say you were wrong,look at me now who would it be and what subject did they teach? Well done!!!!!

GimmeMedals says: Thanks SA. What a good question! It would of course have to be the hockey loving PE teacher from secondary school who turned me right off sport of any kind and never had any time for me. I can't imagine her believing I've made anything of my life or that I've done 3 marathons! Thinking back, I was lucky enough to have some pretty good teachers who, despite my debilitating shyness, thought that I'd probably do ok in the end. I don't think any of them would have expected me to end up at the level I have achieved in my chosen career though (even my family were surprised) :-)
Alice the Camel asks: Congratulations - very much deserved :) You've turned out alright. Will you forgive me for all the horrid tricks I played on you as a child?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Alice - for everything. You know how much I adored you (still do) and I forgive you everything. Mainly because you made the other one eat margarine, by telling her it was ice cream. That made up for so much :) You did really want a brush and comb set, didn't you?
Bru-Bru asks: Congrats on a well deserved MoTM: what maras do you have lined up for 2013?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Bru-Bru. I entered the ballot for the London marathon (again) and (finally) got a place. That will do me for 2013 I think! I've given up on autumn marathons as I struggle with the long runs in warm weather.
Girlie asks: Congratulations. If your house was on fire and all pets/family are safe what 3 items would you save from the inferno?

GimmeMedals says: My handbag because I keep my iPad and iPhone, purse and filofax in there along with a million other things that I can't function on a day to day basis without. I think the next thing would be medalmedal The 3rd thing would be our old dog Digby - confession time - we still have his ashes in a box in the house because we've never decided where to bury him. I know that's a bit weird. We don't have him on the mantlepiece or anything like that.......Everything else is just material stuff and can be replaced. Good question - you've helped create my Fire Safety Plan - thanks Girlie :-)
Pompey Paul asks: Nice one GM :-) You are now the 700 thread superstar. So, will you be running Hell Runner with us next year?

GimmeMedals says: Lol PP - how can I take the title of superstar amongst so many crackers who are 700ers? Unless HR changes so it happens when I'm on holiday then I don't see how. Logistically I can't get from home to there on a Friday evening, much as I'd love to. It looks like such a good fun way to spend a Saturday morning and the company couldn't be better :)
Yorkshire Lass asks: congratulations GM, what 3 things would you take with you on a desert island?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks - what a good question! How big is the desert island? Big enough to run around? Where is it? Will it be hot or cool? The answers will of course alter my list. If it's too hot then running would be out of the question so I'd take my Kindle, a fire starter kit and a swiss army knife. I think this gives you the idea that I'm a practical person at heart.......
mikep asks: Congratulations; Will you return to Hull?

GimmeMedals says: Hi Mike. Almost certainly, especially since the bridge toll has been halved this year! It is most likely to be to do parkrun on Christmas Day but I did enjoy the East Hull 20 so, now I'm training for a spring marathon, I've entered again.
Keefley asks: Many congratulations GM :) Looking back, was there a clear trigger that turned you into a runner?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Keefley. In the beginning, back in 2000, I was recently divorced and not sleeping well so I decided to get up when I woke up and go for a run as I had nothing better to do. It started at 5 minutes at 5am and built up over time until I could run 12 miles. It helped with stress and weight loss. Then I had a bad race and fell out with running. I had a brief resurgance 2005-06. When I started again in 2009 it was because my job had changed and I was only eating, sleeping and working with no time for me. I remembered that running helped in many ways and started with run a lamp post, walk a lamp post. It has been perfect for helping clear my head on days when the job has got challenging. The thing that has kept me running this time is Fetch. Even when I have a break, I don't actually totally stop thinking about running because of this site and the fab people on it :-)
Zeb asks: Congratulations. What is your favourite run, and who would you most like to run it with?

GimmeMedals says: My favourite place is somewhere that I've not actually run yet but intend to! I love Win Hill in the Peak District and have walked up there many times. The view at the top is breathtaking on a glorious day. I intended to run it this year but that hasnt happened. I'd most like to run it with my husband. I would love him to take up running so we could share the pleasure but that's very unlikely to happen!
JK *chameleon* asks: medal Congratumalations, a very well deserved MOTM (and finally, one that I have met!) Many thanks for the happy Spring Marathon thread! Now then, you know me and my love of the icons, and yours is one of the most useful. But what other icon would you like, and which one should it replace?

GimmeMedals says: Many thanks Jamie and keep up the great work on the duck thread :-) I really got a lot from the Spring marathon thread so thanks to everyone who joined it. I'd like to see icons for *fireworks* - so versatile and I really like them. I'd get rid of slowdownyoumovetoofast. I don't mind the icon but it's such a long and hard to remember code that I never use it.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats - what first started you running and what gives you the most pleasure doing it now? Just answering medal medal, medals to both is not permitted! Congrats again! :-)G

GimmeMedals says: Lol :-)G - you know me too well. I started running to lose weight and soon discovered that running in the early morning daylight on a sunny clear blue sky day when the birds are singing but everyone else is still in bed can't be beaten. Great for clearing my head and sorting out all the stuff that fills up my brain. It makes me feel good for the day
swittle asks: What skills can be transferred from head teachering to running?

GimmeMedals says: At first I thought what a difficult question this was to answer, Swittle (trust you!). But then I realised that it's more about me as a person. 1) Take people at face value; don't judge them or expect everyone to be the same; celebrate differences. 2) Don't get caught up in the minutiae of everything - remember to keep looking at The Big Picture - where do you want to end up and what journey will you take to get there? 3) If you've got some useful knowledge then share it - you will be handsomely rewarded by the return of many bits of useful tips and ideas from others. 4) Keep positive - if it goes bad one day, it will go better another day. 5) Be prepared for any eventuality - flexibility is crucial and being prepared to change your plans at a moments notice is sometimes necessary and not necessarily a bad thing 6) Learn from the things that go wrong 7) End the day with cake and a mug of tea. See - anyone can be a headteacher :-)
ogee asks: So, Messingham! Has it changed much in the last 35yrs???

GimmeMedals says: Hi ogee! Lol I didn't know it 35 years ago. But there have been quite a few *incomers* in the past 20 years due to in-building (not to be confused with in-breeding) so all of the spaces within the village are now full of houses. There's about 4,000 people populating the place. The old junior school is now up for sale - the mobile classrooms have been demolished - and the infant school is now the primary school and more than twice the size that it was (very nice it is too). It still feels like a village and has resisted the urge to merge into the next villages so is still surrounded by countryside. It still has 3 pubs in full working order; church and chapel; chip shop, chinese restaurant/takeaway and another chinese takeaway and a pizza place; doctors surgery, library and a cafe along with a Co-op, Spar and Messingham Convenience Store; furniture shop, flower shop and gift shop. It is certainly alive and kicking still!
Chicken Licken asks: Congratulations gmm! So well deserved. :-) what gets you more excited. The pb or the medal?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks CL and what a good question - really made me think about my priorities. Much as I heart my medal medal, I have to be honest and say getting a PB, even by a second or two gives me a real buzz. Missing a PB by a second is so frustrating and leaves me going through the *if only* secenarios in my head. When I get a PB I chatter on about it non stop to anyone who is close by whether they are interested or not :-) Medals do come a very close 2nd though - I much prefer to do races where there is a medal at the end of it.
northernslowcoach asks: Very pleased that you won gimmemedal :)
Now pretend we don't know each other from the FFF thread, what would be your most perfect meal, with who and where?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks nsc :-) On our honeymoon, Mr GM and I shared a sumptious seafood platter which has never been beaten with lobster, green lipped mussels, langoustines, scallops, crab, quails eggs halibut, shrimps. We also had a meal at the top of the CN tower in Toronto on Valentine's Day which ended with a mouth watering lemon mousse. So my meal would be seafood platter, followed by lemon mousse, to be shared with Mr GM heart. The place would be the Ice Palace in Sweden as we both want to visit there one day. Now if we could see the Northern Lights at the same time, that would be just perfect.
MAG asks: Congratulations GimmeMedals.My question, what is your favourite bridge and do you own it on Conquercise? ;-p

GimmeMedals says: Cool question MAG :-) I really like bridges and there are some amazing ones out there. I like Tower Bridge in London, Ashness Bridge in the Lake District and the Millenium Bridge in Newcastle. Further afield, I like the Rainbow Bridge in Canada/USA but my favourite has to be the Humber Bridge. I live close to it and it was the longest single span bridge in the world for a few yearswhich I was always pretty impressed by. I have run over it quite a few times but don't own it at the moment. No - you do, you scamp!
Amanda68 asks: Well done . Have you thought of having a competition at school to design your perfect medal?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Amanda. No I hadn't, but I have now ;-)
Clueless asks: Congratulations on MOTM. I wonder what you do about races which don't offer medals at the finish? Do you hope it will be a coaster you can drill a hole into and turn into a medal? Or just not enter?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Clueless. I always check what the rewards is first - a medal and I'm in. If it's a tshirt I give serious consideration to how far I have to travel from home to decide if I should enter, unless it's a race that I really want to do. I've got about 20 race tshirts so I guess it doesn't really stop me. I've had a few different things such as a mug, coaster, kitbag - I like those prizes too :-)
Hels205 asks: Congrats on the MOTM, I hop you get a medal for it. How long have you been a fan of Muttley? I have my own muttley at home guarding my own medal stash.

GimmeMedals says: I used to love Whacky Races as a child (about 4,000 years ago) and always felt that Muttley got a hard time - he would have been better looked after by Penelope I think and then maybe wouldn't have been so misunderstood. I want a Muttley......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qkSe4YM7EY
MissChappo asks: Totes well deserved. You rock. Do you find having dogs ever cramps your style? How? Should I get a dog? Do you run with yours, how much safer does it make you feel on your own in the dark or very early?xxx

GimmeMedals says: You are too kind MissChappo. Our dogs are both beauties, but rather large - weighing in at 45kg each. They are friendly and playful but that puts off some people (because of their size - they are long rather than tall). It is quite difficult to be relaxed when Jess decides to sit on my knee. Harvey is very cool and plays football all the time - he's an expert dribbler, can pass well and gets into a good position to receive the ball. Our last dog, Digby, used to be an embarrassment if Geoff took him fishing - whenever anyone caught a fish, Digby would come from behind, put his front paws round the fisherman's waist and hump him. It was a bit awkward with strangers.....it didn't go down very well as he was a 12 stone Bullmastiff - but he was very gentle. We get a lot of pleasure, affection and laughs from our dogs so I'd definitiely recommend getting one if you have the time to be there for them, though we sometimes think it would be lovely if ours were a bit smaller! I don't run with ours as they are a bit erratic and stop suddenly or decide to cut in front or swap sides. In fairness I haven't really trained them for running. If I didn't already feel safe running in the dark, i would definitely take them with me.
BaronessBL asks: Well done for MotM medal - now, there's a race near me which gives exactly the same medal to those who finish the marathon distance and those who only do 6 miles, and they are a bit cheap and tinny to be honest. I personally think that's a bit of a raw deal for the marathoners. Have you ever been presented with a medal that's something of a disappointment?

GimmeMedals says: The most disappointing race was a 10k that I was half way round when someone told me there wasn't a medal but we got a tshirt :-0 I was adamant that we were getting medals - it said so in the race info (I checked after the race too - I don't tend to get things like that wrong). She was right - a cotton tshirt and no medal despite what the race info said. I felt a bit cheated. There has only been 1 disappointing medal and that was a little plastic job that I got after struggling round a half marathon. All of the others have been fabuliscious (I'm easily pleased) :-)
Meglet asks: Many congratulations to a fabulous Fetchie :-)
Given the choice, would you rather run 40km in four chunks over 24 hours, like Thunder Run, or 42km in one go in a marathon?

GimmeMedals says: Thank you Meglet. Instantly I thought of splitting it up but that is because Thunder Run was such a great experience. Meeting unknown Fetchies at a motorway service station, all camping together along with even more Fetchies, melting picnic tables with disposable BBQs, looking at fabulous sunsets, talking about owls and having such a giggle; all that topped off with an interesting race route that we tackled in daylight and darkness. How could that be beaten? As long as the split race was filled with such good company, I'd go for the social race rather than the long slog of the marathon.
socks up to asks: What's your favourite post race treat? Food or otherwise ;-)

GimmeMedals says: Usually towards the end of half marathons or marathons, I get a bit fixated with 3 things - a cup of tea, a pint of lager shandy and an ice-cream. After the Coventry half and Robin Hood half I was able to get all 3 near the finish line. Perfect :-) I really enjoy a long soak in a hot bubble bath too.
Night-owl asks: Congrats on winning MOTM Besides MEDALS have you any other running ambitions?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks x I'm chuffed to bits to have a place at London VLM at last after years of trying to get in. That is a long held ambition. Other than that I want to get a sub 60 10k and to be a Mongolian Wild Ass - how cool would that be :-)
runningmumof3boys asks: Just want to congratulate you on your well deserved win. And ask what's your goals for 2013 ?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks RMo3B, that's very kind of you. Goals for 2013 - to improve my marathon time (I'd like to get nearer to 5 hours) and I'm still trying to crack the sub 60 10k. Hopefully I'll stay focused long enough to put in the consistent training needed to finally achieve that. That would make me happy :)
Minnie Mad asks: Congratulations and big well dones. Will you be doing the TR24 next year? If not when will I be bumping into you again?

GimmeMedals says: Hi MM :-)I don't think I'll be at TR24 next year. It depends on Mr GM's holidays and we think it's likely to be then. If that's the case, we'll be in Russia that weekend! It would be lovely to see you again. Maybe we should organise a TR24 2011 reunion.....Meanwhile I'll stalk your race portfolio ;-)
Bintmcskint asks: Congratulations You! I would like to ask the reverse of Swittle's question. What skills can you transfer from running to head teachering?

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Bint. Hmmmmmm. Wear the right shoes and a good bra :-) Change doesn't happen overnight - it takes a long time to get to where you want to be so be patient; keep at it have faith in The Plan. When race day (or the big event at school) comes along, enjoy it and know that you've done your best, even if other people don't appreciate what you have put into it. Be proud of what you achieve. Everyone is an expert despite many of them not really having a clue about what is involved so don't rise to their bait.
Labwalker asks: Congratulations No question, just want to add how I love your support of others. x

GimmeMedals says: Thanks Labwalker. I get so much support from people, especially on Fetch; it's what it's all about isn't it? I really like that everyone is so supportive, and how fast/slow doesn't matter. We're all in it together and we help each other through those times when we need a boost or a bit of encouragement or a bit of a talking to alongside of the congratulations and genuine pleasure when it's all going well (running or life in general)! Long may it continue :-)
Runnerduck asks: Class! wheni saw your Fetchie name was gimmemedals i had to laugh. Its a 'running' joke at our club that when i do any races and they do not present a medal i buy myself one! its true. I feel most cheated if i do not get one after all my efforts (often in pain). what do you feel?

GimmeMedals says: Lol. If it's a 10k or less, I have come to terms with the reality that most races don't give medals so I can cope with that, just. I won't do a marathon if it doesn't have a medal at the end. I did one race where I was expecting a medal and didn't get one as they'd decided to give tshirts instead and had forgotten to update the race literature. I was upset and still have not forgiven the race organisers.
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