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Interview with Roobarb

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on winning MoTM. My question is, if time and money were no issue is there any race or route anywhere you'd love to go and run?

Roobarb says: Thank you :) Well, my favourite marathon so far is Loch Ness. I'd love to one day go back yet again and do it justice! I've done it 8 times already and guess I will probably just give up at 10 ;) There are so many others I would love to do though; New York, Malta, Berlin and Amsterdam for example. I'm aiming for Amsterdam next year so maybe I'll just tick one international one off each year :)
oldbiddynandi asks: If you pay me shitloads, I'll keep quiet. Is this ok ???? :) xxx

Roobarb says: Well, I'm not sure that paying you shitloads would help really bearing in mind that you've already mentioned hearing me trumping in my tent at Spitfire and also my dream about the talking arsehole............. I think we should just call it quits eh? *mwah*
Bintmcskint asks: Wonderful news! Congratulations on MoTM, Roobarb :-) You are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

Roobarb says: Thank you :) One type of food? Are you serious? Have you seen my expanding waistline? I really don't have a favourite food as such - I like most foods and will eat as much of them as I can get away with ;) A book I have enjoyed a lot is 'On the Beach' by Nevil Shute so that may be one I would take with me. Although I would get bored reading one book time and time again. The fetchie I would take with me would be oldbiddynandy. There just wouldn't be a dull moment as we seem to spend most of our time laughing :) As long as I can take her husband and her animals too as she would miss them and they would miss her. And she has a few dogs. I like dogs ;)
Girlie asks: Many congrats on winning MOTM- Can't believe your name isn't already on the hall of fame:-) What is your favourite movie and why?

Roobarb says: Thank you :) Believe it or not, my favourite movie has, for a few years been Dirty Dancing. It's one of those films you can put on the box on a Saturday afternoon and just while away the time. I also enjoyed Roadhouse (another Swayze one) and Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Roadhouse was quite violent and I love a bit of blood and gore :) Seven was just disturbing and had me on the edge of my seat.
Helegant asks: Congratulations on winning MOTM - about time too, and you've had a lot of ups and downs in the last few years. What helps you most when you really need to focus?

Roobarb says: Thank you :)

Ooooh that's a real toughie!

I try not to be angry now about the hell the Bastard Landlords put me through although I would still love for their business to go right down the pan! You may or may not know that I called my cancer 'Ted' after the CEO of that company and it gave me great pleasure to kick it's arse! It was definitely the right name.

At the moment, my running is not doing so well due to a back injury (non-running related and not from swinging on chandeliers!) and I sometimes wonder why I bother. But when I get out with the club or with friends, I have a really good time and I know that one day I will start to do better.

When I really have to dig deep to focus on anything running related, I think of the ladies in our support group that we have lost to cancer. Every one we lose is so hard for us to bear.

And of course the medals and the possibility of a pint of Guinness at the end of a race help me to focus ;)
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats Ruby thanks for the Worta......what's been your greatest achievement

Roobarb says: Well, knocking the feck out of 'Ted' would be a good one although I really should give the medical profession acknowledgement for that. Apart from that, I abseiled once to raise money for charity at work and also thought I could help my fear of heights. It didn't. I think I may be worse than ever before and I embarrassed myself on the day by crying in front of lots of people :)
minardi asks: Many congratulations Roobs, if you could master one skill, what would it be?

Roobarb says: Running! I'm crap at it at the moment! That's due to a back injury so I'm hoping I can change that a bit!
Mr. White asks: Nice one Roobs :) What would you say is the single best bit of advice you've ever had running-wise? Or in general; whatever :)

Roobarb says: The one piece of advice that sticks in my head is to cut your toenails on the Tuesday or Wednesday before a Sunday marathon. That way, if you overdo it and it's painful, by Sunday it will be all better :) I always pass that on :)

Any other advice about life in general, I ignore! ;)
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats Roobarb. What's the best thing about Fetch? (The website or the man - your voice!) Well done again. :-) G

Roobarb says: Thank you :) Pull up a chair as this could be a long reply. I have made so many friends through this site across the whole country and some have even moved abroad and we're still in touch. The camaraderie at races is brilliant. One year at Loch Ness there were hundreds of us (well a few anyway) and we had a fantastic 'team' photo taken. There are quite a few fetchies that I have stayed friends with over the years and we visit each other and stay with each other when races are in our areas which is so cool. We might not see each other often but they are good friends nonetheless. One in particular, lyndylou, doesn't run any longer but we are still good friends; I stay with her and her husband when I visit Brighton for races or just to get together :) Of course oldbiddynandy is just a complete nutter. I got to know her when she was having her cancer treatment and then of course I got the bastard disease a couple of years later; we understand each other, what we went through and how our minds work. Legless is another friend I have made through this site; he was the first real visitor after my cancer surgery and accompanied me on my first walk outside the house with my dog :) There are countless others, santababy, debstir - I could go on forever but I'll stop here. If I haven't mentioned anyone it's because I would be here all night.......... Then the support through the site for other matters has been amazing. My fight with the bastard landlords comes to mind first. I was really quite ill with all the stress I was under but I received really good support from everyone who read my blogs. And the support I got when I was diagnosed with cancer was second to none. At a point when I didn't know if I would survive the disease, I knew I could offload here. I was really helped through it. And as for the man himself - well, he is responsible for all of this. How cool is that?
Ness asks: Congrats, Roobarb. Where is your favourite place for a training run and why do you like that location?

Roobarb says: I like running in Epping Forest. I have run there many times with Legless and found it amazing that I can give him a distance and he has a route to cover that! I find it very peaceful although Legless may not say the same as I tend to swear lots; I think the record was probably a few minutes into the run. One of the routes goes past a church where my dad was a choir boy which I find nice.

One of the best memories I have of running there is one evening when we were out with another of our friends. It was just after sunset in the Summer so it was starting to get dark but we had a fantastic run as we came out of the forest and ran across Chingford Golf Club grounds. It was so quiet and all you could hear was us. Mind you, that was in the days when I could keep up with a couple of guys!
Alice the Camel asks: Many congratulations! Favourite way to relax?

Roobarb says: I love to spend time with my friends and my family. They're very important to me. I don't see enough of my grandchildren who live in Durham but I'm going to put that right very soon. No, I won't be kidnapping them but moving northwards :)
runningmumof3boys asks: Congratulations Roobarb xxx what and when was your first ever running race ?

Roobarb says: My first ever race was Silverstone Half in 2004 (if I remember rightly). I was totally stupid and went out too fast thinking I was brilliant. I limped home, literally. Being so daft meant that I pulled all the muscles in my left leg (it seemed like it anyway) and meant I had to miss FLM that year :( I learned my lesson that day!
Night-owl asks: Congratulations Roobarb. Who is your all time favourite hammer? (ok you can pick more than one if you like if you can't decide on just one)

Roobarb says: Clyde Best :) I thought he was a brilliant player and remember watching him play at West Ham. I also liked Trevor Brooking although he was a guest speaker at a dinner I went to one night and he was so boring! Then of course, there was Bobby Moore. What can I say about him that hasn't been said already? I saw him play too :) I sound like a real old fart! ;)
RFJ asks: Wow, well done, well its a few years now since we met at Hackney for a half, you have been through some tough times since then, but have battled couragously through and have been an inspiration to many, thanks. OK a question... what has been the most positive running experience for you that has kept you going and how has that helped you? Take care and massive well done again xx

Roobarb says: I remember that half and the picnic everyone had afterwards. That was a really special goody bag! Forgive me if this sounds weird...... One year I did Lochaber marathon on the anniversary of the day my dad died. I was quite emotional about it but I wanted to do something positive on that day. I had a bit of a hard time at around 19 miles if I recall when, out of nowhere, I could smell his aftershave. There was nobody else near me where it could have come from. It stayed with me for around half a mile or so if I remember properly. As a result, I managed to get my head down and got a PB! Only by about a minute and a few seconds but it was a pb nevertheless :) I remember the feeling that my dad was around me that day and I suppose that spurs me on at times. I took up running initially to raise money for the hospice that cared for him and I like to think that he would be proud of me today :) Of course, I wish he could have beaten his cancer and been here with me to celebrate beating mine.........
mrs shanksi asks: Congrats Roobarb, I can't think of a question, just wanted to say this is well deserved and can't believe it's nearly 7 years since we met at Loch Ness marathon x

Roobarb says: Is it really? Time flies! We need a reunion! Preferably with beer/wine ;) x
Duchess asks: I got to know you most through your battle with "Ted"... if there was one sentence you wanted the wider world to know to prevent others going through the same, what would it be?

Roobarb says: 'Know your body!'. Really. This goes for men and women; if there is anything that has changed, get it checked out and don't take no for an answer if you think there is something really wrong. My cancer was a female one but too many times women are told that there is nothing wrong as they're too young, or it's their age. I was so lucky that my GP saw that something wasn't right and referred me straight away.
Corrah asks: Many congratulations πŸ˜€ If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

Roobarb says: How do you know I don't have one already? ;) I would love to be able to read people's minds! Sometimes things aren't said that should be or things are said in the wrong way. To be able to know what someone was really thinking would be ace. Mind you, half the time I wouldn't want anyone to read my mind ;)
BaronessBL asks: Congratulations Roobarb long overdue.... Now, my question is....was there a teacher who particularly inspired you at school and if so who and how...when you look back and forgetfully wonder, forty years on as it were :-)

Roobarb says: Gaudeamus igitur and all that eh? I don't know if I've even spelled that right! Seems weird 'meeting' someone on here that went to the same school as I. I think the teacher that sticks in my head most was Miss Atkinson; she taught us French and she was a right bitch at times. Hope nobody on here know her lol! But remember how Satch had a thing about trousers? Miss A started wearing them in defiance and got herself suspended. She went up in our estimation at that time and after that we liked her :) Of course, Floss was the bane of our lives - couldn't stand the woman. Nor the deputy head at the time, Miss I.
Carpathius asks: Fantabulous winner :) Well done Roobs :) What is your favourite race distance and why?

Roobarb says: I really enjoy the challenge of the marathon distance. At the time I am racing (a term I use very loosely indeed!), I sometimes wonder what the hell I am doing. But at the end, it's a great feeling. I also enjoy the half marathon distance and should really do some more of those. It feels so short compared to a marathon!
richmac asks: Congrats, your avatar, is it really you?

Roobarb says: Yes it's me. I had the photo of my arms and legs taken as I lay in a bath. They were then superimposed (is that the right word?) onto a glass and I had business cards made while I was in one of my pubs. It was the brainwave of an ex of mine :)
Sushi. asks: What's your favourite post race refuelling treat?

Stoked you've finally won this. About time!!! Very well deserved xxxx

Roobarb says: Thank you :) I love a pint of Guinness if I can get one. Legless got me on to that after one of our long runs we had a few years back. We ended up back at my old pub and it went down a treat! Apart from that, I tend to eat whatever I fancy on the day. A few years back after Edinburgh marathon it was a burger and chips from McDonalds :) I am also fond of prosecco after a race as I like to celebrate the fact that I actually managed to finish!
forest plodder asks: Really thrilled you've won. What is your favourite animal?

Roobarb says: That's hard! I love dogs. I also love cats. I've always had both around me although no dogs in the last four years since I lost my greyhound; I am just not at home enough and it wouldn't be fair. So I make do with other owners' dogs ;) My neighbour has a rescued French Bull Terrier which I love and she comes in regularly to see me :) I also love going to oldbiddynandi's as they have a couple(!) of dogs that I can fuss. I stop regularly on my runs to make a fuss of dogs and really miss having one of my own around.

But I am a fan of most animals. Baby elephants and baby pandas make me laugh. Lots.
Mushroom asks: Congratulations!

Custard - warm or cold..?

Roobarb says: Bleurgh! Can't stand the stuff. If the questions was 'Wine - red or white?' I would have answered red :) Des that help?
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