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Interview with EdJ

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on winning MoTM, my question is, if time and money were no object what route or race would you really loved to do?

EdJ says: Thanks pedroscalls. Without having done a lot of research, I'd have to say the Moab 240 - which I stumbled on a month or so ago. When I was young, free and single I spent a couple of great holidays exploring southern Utah in the USA, and I love the scenery, the climate and the 'vibe'. Doing a 240 mile race there would be amazing (and expensive, and, I suspect, quite hard!)
GimmeMedals asks: Congratulations on a very well deserved win - your inclusive approach to the Fetch band is true Fetchieness. As if you are not already busy enough, you now have questions to answer ๐Ÿ˜† What is your favourite piece of music to run to?

EdJ says: Thanks GimmeSax (to use your Fetch band name!) I don't actually listen to any music when I run - which is odd because I like to have something on when I'm driving, working, cooking etc. Possibly because all my music is on an ancient iPod classic, rather than my phone. I've never really felt the need, and can find enough going on in my head to keep myself entertained. There is quite often a tune going round in there - which could be absolutely anything from Bach to the banal.
westmoors asks: Conratulations. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

EdJ says: Thank you. It's perhaps a bit maudlin, but I'd quite like to meet my dad again. He died very suddenly 15 years ago, and I feel sorry about all that he's missed out on. I'd like to fill him in on how his grand daughters have turned out, of which he would be immensely proud. He'd love being an ultramarathon crew too.
SusiesueH asks: Many congratulations Ed! Very well deserved. What got you running in the first place and what motivates you to keep going?

EdJ says: Thanks - and I love the new Fetch name! It's partly back to my dad again. He died of a heart attack aged 61 - despite not appearing particularly unhealthy (although he never quite succeeded in giving up smoking, and would quite happily have a block of cheese and Mars bar for lunch). I did lots of sport and walking when I was younger - but with a job in London, and then a young family, kind of got out of the habit. Dad dying was a bit of a wake up call that although I was very slim in my late 30s, I might not actually be that fit - and had no wish to suffer the same fate (my paternal grandfather also died of a heart attack in his mid-60s, and there's diabetes on my mother's side). At the time I was working by Green Park in London, and there were showers in the office - so it seemed an ideal opportunity to buy some trainers and get running. As well as not dying, I was initially motivated by getting faster. Once that plateaued, I've enjoyed challenging myself by trying to go longer. I also really enjoy expanding my Conquercise empire, and like just getting out into the fresh air.
Raggedy runner asks: Congratulations and I loved the video of the Fetch orchestra that you posted. If you could only choose one leisure activity, what would it be? Running or music?

EdJ says: Thank you. That's an easy one - it may be the wrong thing to say on a running website, but definitely music!
Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) asks: Congratulations. I really enjoyed the Fetch orchestra :-) What is your favourite musical instrument and why? (Either to play or listen too)

EdJ says: Thanks - and I'm glad you enjoyed our virtual performance. To play - the piano, as it's the one I'm best at, and is really versatile. To listen to - I'll go a bit niche and say the oboe d'amore.
BarefootEm asks: Congratulations! All all counts ๐Ÿ˜Š you are obviously hugely musically talented, I'm in awe, is there an instrument you've always wanted to play, and why?

EdJ says: Thank you Em - and I hope we're going to get you on ukulele and iShep on bass for the next recording. I've always fancied playing the guitar (rock and blues) - partly because I like the sound, and also because I think it just looks cool. But despite a few attempts I've never got on with it - and my left hand just doesn't want to get in the position it needs to be in.
Pothunter asks: Congratulations Ed, and thanks again for all the hours you invested in the band! Who are your sporting and non-sporting heroes?

EdJ says: Thank you - and you're welcome. Earliest sporting hero was probably Daley Thompson, and then later in the 80s Rory Underwood. Beyond that is probably a wider list of sports men and women that I admire and respect but don't worship in the heroic sense! And outside of sport I think it's a similar case of various people that I respect and have learned from, but no absolute heroes.
Ness asks: Congratulations on MOTM. What is the best piece of advice you have been given for either running or life in general?

EdJ says: Thanks Ness. For running I have taken a lot of very helpful advice for ultramarathons from the various blogs and articles that Binks has written - with perhaps the most useful for me being not to extrapolate (i.e. if you're feeling rubbish 25 miles into a 100 mile race, don't assume you're going to be feeling three times as rubbish after 75 miles). The other lesson I think I have largely distilled for myself is to take a step back now and again and regain some perspective on why you are running.

Outside of running, I'm not sure where the advice came from, but I often use (or probably misuse) the maxim "this too shall pass" - to reassure myself that no matter how rubbish the forthcoming meeting/presentation/project is going to be, in the next hour/day/week I will still have a job, and a home and a family, and all the other important stuff.
Angus Clydesdale asks: Congratulations Ed. Where in the world is your favourite place to be?

EdJ says: Thanks - and I hope you've been practising your new euphonium! My favourite place to be is probably sitting behind a piano accompanying a really good singer, or in an orchestra pit five minutes before curtain-up. But as this is a running site... I also love running round the RSPB nature reserve near home, or on the beach in Sea Palling in Norfolk.
Rosehip asks: Congrats Ed, very well deserved :) What mad adventure have you got planned next ?

EdJ says: Thanks Fetchie neighbour. Nothing actually booked yet, but a couple I'm looking at for next year. I'm quite tempted by the Hardmoors 200 - although it needs a crew with vehicle support and has quite a tough cut-off - and I now see is not actually happening in 2021. I'm also tempted by the Warrior's Way (260 miles - no crew allowed, and fairly minimal support). Will have to see how training goes for the remainder of the year.
IT GRANNY ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธ asks: Well deserved for your fetchband efforts! Now let's be honest... was there a time (times) when you regretted offering to set up, arrange, record, and edit the band? Was it like a marathon, when you swear "never again" at mile 21, but a few weeks later, find yourself signing up again?

EdJ says: Thanks ITG - and looking forward to you joining us on violin for the next one. For me that 'never again' feeling usually kicks in after about five miles! But for the Fetch band I can honestly say that it never happened. I felt a bit guilty at times that it was dragging on - but I knew it was going to be quite a slog, and would be worth it in the end.
Alice the Camel asks: Congratulations and another thank you! Do you have a favourite composer/genre of music? And as itโ€™s a running site, is there a running event youโ€™d love to do?

EdJ says: Another thank YOU, and another you're welcome!! Your first question is impossible to answer. To play, if you were to rummage on the piano you'd find Bach, Barber, Brahms, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Grainger, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, two volumes of the Real Book and various musical theatre bits and pieces. To sing, probably a preference for the 'bookends' of renaissance and the more contemporary (Taverner and Tavener) - but plenty of favourites in between.

I've already answered the 'money no object' and 'plans for next year' questions, so for a bit of variety an event I'd love to do would be a mountain marathon. Combining the mileage of an ultra with the navigational fun of orienteering in some inspiring scenery.
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