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Interview with geordiegirl

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on the MoTM win, my question is , if time and money was no object what race or route would you love to run?

geordiegirl says: Thank you to my nomination and the votes I can’t quite believe I’ve made member of the month quite an honour so thank you all.

Now what run would I love to do if money was no object or restrictions on training....

There are a few crazy ideas I doubt I’ll ever manage. The race I heard of many fetch moons ago which really made me think of like to try for ultra distances is The West Highland Way, that may be an option if I got the training in and made the ballot.

Further afield I don’t know why but Marathon Des Sables keeps popping in my head, as does Mont Blanc but both way out of my ability.

Close to home but a tad pricey is Race The Wall and a new Race to the Castle.

But what I think I’d love to do but is more down to bravery though as much as cash and time is to take myself off somewhere and just run, I have read A Little Run Around the World and The Pants of Perspective, to do something like these ladies would be phenomenal. Maybe I need to stop reading scary books of stalkers and murderers and it might be less frightening 😂

I would also quite like to do The Great Wall, there is The Big 5 Marathon. And I still need to do Marathon de Medoc. So may races so little time.

Thank you for letting me say some of these out loud.
GimmeMedals asks: Well done, GG. What are your plans for 2020 - both running and for taking good care of yourself? You are always so busy.....

geordiegirl says: Thanks GM heart, well 2020 is a big one to celebrate both mine and my husbands 50th we are off to Australia for 6 weeks yes 6 whole weeks off work travelling Oz. This will curtail entering too many ‘races’ but I am hoping to do Jedburgh 3 Peaks in October.

Otherwise I want to focus on training not just running and having a plan to improve not just bimble along.

So watch this space if I’m slacking feel free to give me a kick up the bum! x
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 asks: Congratulations If you were to be given a golden ticket to any sporting event what would you watch ?

geordiegirl says: Thank you :) great question.... I would love to be at the Olympics for athletics and would have definitely loved to have been there for 2012. A close second would be the Moto GP in Mugello for Rossi's home circuit and of course Phillip Island just because it is Oz.
DocM asks: Congratulations. If you were going for a long run which FICTIONAL character would you like as a running buddy?

geordiegirl says: Ohhh good question I’ll be back with an answer...
Helegant asks: Congratulations on your MOTM win. If you had one wish, and were not a Miss World contestant, what would you most like to change in this world?

geordiegirl says: Thank you so much :)

A deep answer for a great question. I wish we lived in a world where people respected and accepted each other, with compassion care and just to enjoying living and sharing our beautiful planet and supporting each other.

To end the cruelty to animals, to stop trophy hunting and killing things because we are scared and /or don’t understand them.

Not much to ask really.
Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) asks: Congratulations GG. What has been your favourite running event and why?

geordiegirl says: Thank you lovely xx Where to start, I have had some amazing runs and for different reasons. So not one favourite but my

favourites to date.

Paras10 - I just love it. A challenging course but with the best camaraderie and support anywhere. Often running alongside injured vets who show so much passion and determination its hard not to be inspired.

Bovington HM - a place special in my heart as I used to work for Vickers Defence making tanks, I supported trials in Bovi and it was organised by Whitestar Runners who are just amazing - the love station is the best. Shame the events are so far away from geordieland.

Kielder Dark Skies - to run in the dark through the forest and alongside the reservoir is just amazing. Its food for the soul.

Bacchus Marathon - my first marathon and ran with a very good fetchie friend (earlybird) which made it very special and memorable. It didn't scare me off marathons so its all good.
westmoors asks: Congrats GG. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

geordiegirl says: Thank you I am still blown away by this :)

And yet another cracking question. One of my all time favourite things to do is scuba dive, particularly if there is a chance of seeing sharks. So I would have to say Jacques Cousteau, to talk to him about his exploration of the underwater world would be amazing, to hear about what he saw, talk about the things he has made possible for us mere mortals. I am eternally grateful to his work which has allowed me to experience a tiny bit of paradise.
oldbiddynandi asks: Brilliant. Would you consider another Ultra??

geordiegirl says: Thank you x Most definitely I think I have a bug for the bigger distances (although I need to work on training better). I have a few on my wish list but looking for one autumn next year as we have a big holiday next March so I’ll be out of action for a few weeks.

Question is which one 🤔 x
Surrey Phil asks: Congratulations, geordiegirl! Do you get as much satisfaction in encouraging other Fetchies to reach their mileage targets as you do yourself when you have had such a good running year like this one?

geordiegirl says: Hi SurreyPhil and thank you so much. I get a lot of pleasure helping other achieve their goals. I run a lot with my mum (Geordiemum) this means I run slower than I am able too but seeing her complete a run and more so a tough race means more to me than me taking a few minutes off my time.

I did a lapped run a few weeks ago and ran a lap with my mum, one on my own, the third with a fellow club runner which got her to a distance PB and did my last solo. Yes I could have been faster but seeing these ladies do what they did is my medal moment.

Cheering my 500(ish) group on in fetchland is always good to do. I have a good year this year, its been rare and sharing some tips, encouragement along the way is important to us all. I have had the odd bad years as well and the group has kept me going - something I will always be grateful for so thank you for being part of that journey. I love the fetch community so much.
WA asks: Congratulations! Other than running, what's your favourite way to spend spare time?

geordiegirl says: My favourite things to do (other than running) is wide and vast, probably why I never have 5 minutes to just chill out. We have a boat on the River Ouse in Cambridgeshire, so weekends are often spent floating on the river. We have a gorgeous Lakeland Terrier so walks with her are always on the cards we especially enjoy a meander through the woods near our home. The other big chunk of spare time is spent with friends and family. We have just had the garden renovated, installed a pizza oven so I suspect 2020 will involve a lot of pizza parties.

I don't get the chance to do it often, but I absolutely love scuba diving, exploring the world under our oceans. I am so much looking forward to diving in Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef.
runningmumof3boys asks: Congratulations xx if you could sail you boat anywhere in the UK where would you chose ??

geordiegirl says: Thanks xx You know what we love it where it is esp moving it to St Ives. Ely was lovely but there is so much more to do on a weekend in St Jves... I guess we must love it to drive around 4-4.5 (+ some weeks) to get to the boat. Have to say we do hope to get to St Neots for longer next year but with only long weekends due to Oz it might be 2021 before we manage it.

That said I would love to take it to the Caledonia Canal or Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.
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