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Interview with Sunbed Athlete

Angus Clydesdale asks: Congratulations on a great sweep at Loch Ness. Superb. You are part of the inspiration. Clearly that's not a question. Can I leave now?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks! I dinny see myself as an inspriation tho know where your coming from as there is guys I look at and would love to replicate what they have achieved.
ChrisHB asks: What's the story behind the avatar?

Sunbed Athlete says: As in profile picture? Well she is fit as we know.Like her as an athlete and like most folk on here we use a picture of someone/something else than ourselves.
santababy asks: lol@Karen. You won at last, hurrah! xx Now i know what you eat the night before a marathon but what is your favourite dinner ever? What is your dream race?

Sunbed Athlete says: My favourite dinner would have to be that dinner you cooked me the night before the marathon even tho the sweetcorn cost me about 5 mins lol....No seriously it would have to my 28+12th birthday meal last year in Rome with Mrs Sunbed(Kate) on the rooftop terrace of our hotel looking out onto the city.Dream race would be a marathon where I sneak under the magical 2.30 as I won't give up until I achieve that x
Andy 1 shoe Money asks: Congrats my old mate & about bloody time you won this! My question is....Like a good bottle of wine,you have matured with age & the times you are running now are amazing,what do you put this down to? is it a increase in miles or down to quality speed sessions? :)

Sunbed Athlete says: Some people say that once a day is twice as affective as twice a day but it's whatever suits the individual.I started the two a day runs two years ago and tho the first few races were slower times than usual at first I then hit PB after PB.Sessions incorporated into the two a day are essential also.I do my morning runs easy and after work runs steady or tempo and feel great for them.I put this down to trying to be successful in everything I do and hope my two sons can look up to me in a good way.I see guys that are better than me and try and target them in races.Sometimes it works and sometimes it goes t#*s up
paul the builder asks: Many congrats SBA, well pleased for you. My question's about the pace you train - your typical everyday training pace is a pretty tasty 6:30m/m or so (or only 60-70s/mile slower than HM pace), and has been for a few years. Is that an easy, comfortable pace? Do you find it difficult running much slower than that? Do you think other folk should give this a try?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks PTB and firstly it was nice to evenyually see you at Stranraer this year.
I do find it hard or strange to run at a slower pace as the person who I trained with a few years back was always at a decent pace and I think it's just become second nature to me.I do take my runs in the morning to work easier than before now.I leave work and run 8 miles and try everytime to do it in and around the 51-52 mins and if feeling better I push on just like my long runs.I leave the house knowing I'm going to run 20 miles and if I reach 10 in 64/65 I then try and do the second 10 in the same time frame.I don't like having or using the words "missed oppurtunity" so take everything there and then.
It's up to each individual to try out new things as it's very,very easy to become stale so having a new idea or route can help towards being better I feel.The saying of "if it's not broken don't fix it" but that doesn't mean you can't alter a few things to make it better!
MazH asks: Do you buy your shoes in different colours? or mix n match pairs?

Sunbed Athlete says: Min and match.Bought last years model and this years model and thought I would try it out at a lowkey race and I won that forementioned race so now I see it as a kind of lucky charm.Know someone that works for Adidas and he said there wasn't any difference in the style so it would do any harm to my running.Same shoe just a different colour.Red colour this year so may change to green/red or blue/red combo ;)
baz p asks: yes, about time to :) well done kerry. A true inspiration to us all.

im gonna ask loads of questions so your answering questions for ages :)

2011 has been an amazing year for you, whats your secret?
What prompted you to change to odd coloured shoes, and why green and blue since your a sheep?
What 1 training session do you swear by?
Whats your favourite running club (answer carefully)?

and finallly.........

whats your favourite cheese :)

keep at it mate, i believe you can go faster. catch up soon

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks mate.It's a pleasure knowing you!! Start with the shoes.Bought last years colour and this years at the same time and thought about what Mo Farah had with the one black/white spikes for xc and thought I would do the same.Ran in them at a lowkey 5k and won and been used since.Kind of superstition.As for the colours well I blame Adidas but glad the new colour for this season is red so maybe a red/blue or green/red combo next time you see me.Session I swear by is the pyramid session.1 x 300,600,900,1200,1600,1200,900,600,300 metres all at full effort with 100 metres jog recovery.Lung bursting and on your knees at the end session knowing you've worked hard.Get through sessions like that and the rest do feel easier.Another is 5 x 1 mile reps with 30 seconds jog recovery.Cheese has to be Edam esp toasted with loads of pepper!!
Favourite club is my next club whichever one wants me ;)
KOG asks: Congratulations - how do you structure your training to get so quick?

Sunbed Athlete says: I run at times on depending on how I'm feeling.Long runs could be started off as easy but maybe after two miles I feel good then I will push it on.I do browse other peoples training and take hints/tips from them and then try their ideas/sessions out and if enjoy it keep them for other ideas for sessions.
Jock Itch asks: Very deserving winner indeed mate. As a fellow oldie myself ;) how far do you think your marathon time can come down by ? Do you think a sub 2.30 is doable ?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks mate.Would love to have a sub 2.30 marathon PB and wont give up until I manage it tho the hardest part will be to do it twice as then it's not seen as an one off or a fluke.Last attempt saw me on target for a 2.28 until the wheels fell off so will incorporate a few changes to training and race day to hopefully achieve it.Just going to do two a year until the body decides enough is enough.
Cammy.Wilson asks: Will Killie finish first in Ayrshire XC Relays on Saturday???

Sunbed Athlete says: Yeh of course mate.Believe!!!! Leg 1 runner will bring your team home in a healthy position,you will continue to extend that with a stormer and your civil partner with hold off one of Ayrshire's finest and that will leave a battle for the title but the old guard in leg four will have the run of his career to take the title home to glorious Killie !!!!
Siouxsie asks: Finally! Well Done! Considering your success and times for marathon distance, are you tempted to now do ultras? If yes, what race do you fancy having a crack at, and if no, why not?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks S. Someone else asked me about an ultra on Facebook and I just laughed at the remark but not in a bad way.I'm not ruling out anything but at the moment it will just be roads for me.I do like to try and stay clean whilst running lol.I would probally do my nearest one which is the River Ayr Way as I know a few people on the ultra scene and being localish it wouldn't be too much hassle on race day ie overnight,far travelled.
Nywanda asks: Well done! What running goals remain on your bucketlist? Specific distance, event, time or other race related aspirations, like coaching, setting up a new event? Congrats again.

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks N. Running goals will always be to do my very best and try and go one better than last time if possible.A sub 2.30 marathon,another sub 70 half and keep my 5k and 10k times down too would do nicely.
Never ever thought about setting up an event.My town has a local half and getting police permission is hard for that one alone.I sometimes find it hard to listen to myself so I know I wouldn't make a good coach as my frustration levels aren't very high so patience isn't something I've been gifted with.However if someone ask me a question I'm glad to answer it.
BigChiefRunningBore asks: Is it true I only get one question? as I was going to ask "Is it true Scotland really exists and wasn't just invented by Mel Gibson?". Well deserved MOTM btw

Sunbed Athlete says: Yeh it does really exist and wasn't invented by Mr Gibson tho two Scotsmen did invent copper wire when fighting over a penny.Think their names were Bazp and Stoosh ;)
Mrs Sunbed asks: no question just to say WELL DONE about time

Sunbed Athlete says: Cheers wolfie.By that you mean goody I can help you spend the voucher lol x
richmac asks: Well done on MOTM. Whats the longest you've beeb injured & how did you cope mentally?

Sunbed Athlete says: Richmac, Longest I was injured was this time last year.I took a daft notion of trying to run everyday last year and come end of june the body just had enough and I got a knee injury.Stop/start from there to end of November but mainly that was due to me being impatient.Would visit the Sports clinic and get knee strengthing exercises and feel fine,cycle to and fro work then try a run.Get 100 yards and collapse.Someone saw me cycling and said I was cycling bow legged and not natural.So ditched the bike(only used it 15mins to/fro work) but enough was enough.Ran 4 races during period of injury and ran my 4 slowest ever times which didn't help me mentally either.Since end of November last year(touch wood)(scratches head) been ok.When injured I spoke to Scottish Commonwealth marathon runner Martin Williams(clubmate too when he runs in Scotland) and he gave me some very simple but very,very usefull information and since then again (scrathes head) been good so I owe him a HUGE favour.
As for the mental part I did think it was over completely.Couldn't walk properly at times and found very very hard to cope.If you've heard the saying "bear with a sore head" well I was that.Crabbit,moody were me on a good day.But got through it as in the past I have been in some very dark and strange places so knew there was always something or someone there to help you through it and I had that support from team Sunbed.
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Finally an Elite Athlete wins MOM shocker ;-) Well done at last !! SA my question is simple - Good runners Born or Made

Sunbed Athlete says: MADE !!!! ps Thanks for the "Elite" mention but I'm far from that status.I just see myself as lucky that no-one turns up and if they do then they've had a bad day if I beat them.Thers's always someone better around the corner!
Yorkshire Lass asks: Congratulations on MOTM - Where in the world would you like to run?

Sunbed Athlete says: Singapore my birthplace.Not had the chance to go back there but one day I hope to.May even do the marathon there which is in December but if going back I would like to go for my birthday which is September.
STOOSH asks: Well done Kerry...my question is..what is the main inspiration that keeps you pushing for more pb's in your later years;-)??

Sunbed Athlete says: Cheers Stuart. My main inspiration is I want my two boys to look up to me and see that I'm a not too bad a runner as in work and education life I don't have anything to offer them.Just going to keep pushing the body as long as it will handle it as I have set goals and targets and if I don't reach them then I get upset and it strives me to try even harder.I won't give up without trying.
Yano asks: Congratulations on MOTM! Which other runners/athletes inspire you and why?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Yano. Guys like Lance Armstrong for what he has achieved in life after what he had to endure.Probally be slated for this but David Beckham for the way he handles life and family.Runners like the most common household names like Mo Farah,Haile and Paula Radcliffe but older guys will know of António Coelho Pinto.A early running person who I admired.Also someone else who is still on the running scene is Moroccan Jaouad Gharib.I will never ever be as good as those forementioned but won't stop me trying to race them on my long Sunday runs(mentally that is.Things that go through my tiny little mind whilst out pounding the streets)
Boab asks: Grecian 2000 or Just for men? Seriously big man, V40 champ over all road distances this year and seemingly getting better with age, does Mrs SB say the same? ;-)

Sunbed Athlete says: Cheers fellow MOTM winner!! Got to say Just for men as it's easier to apply just like a fake bake ;) Unfortuately Mrs Sunbed doesn't think so as she says I'm the biggest kid in the house after my two boys who are aged 16 and 11.
Hyperboy asks: Well done Kerry its about bloody time they made you motm.If i want to get half as good as you where do i start and why??I get such inspiration from you mate keep it up!!

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Hypes but now my main aim is the first person to win it twice ;)
If you want to be good stop hanging around with Stoosh,bazp as they are just a bad influence on you lol.I cut out all alcohol when starting out and it helped but in saying that I wasn't drink much but did feel it helped.Set yourself up a training programme that you think you can manage and try and add bits on to it each week.Set yourself a goal and go for it.Sometimes it's not all about 100 miles a week it's about pushing the envelope to the next level like I said to someone else's question.Your with a club that has a good bunch of guys so start targeting one of them during training/racing.As for the inspiration many thanks.I dinny see myself as that.I'm just another runner like everyone else.
briandarroch asks: Well done Kerry. My question, will Aberdeen get relegated this year?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks BD. I don't think so but they will be having a squeaky bum time right until the final game of the season as the improvement of the new management team is yet to come through.
Roadrunner Bark asks: Well-Done Pal, Do you feel that you are running the form of your life at the mo? And are at your peak/Best? I like many many runners on here believe that you will just keep getting better by the years! And So... I wish you All the very best M8 for plenty more success!!! Cheers, Rossco.

Sunbed Athlete says: Cheers Rossco! With starting later in life than others I don't know if I have hit my peak or my best but I suppose in a few years time I could have the answer for that.I at the moment will just continue to plod along with what I do and see where it takes me.If I get better then more of the same would be lovely but if I don't then I can say it's been a very enjoyable ride.
IanS asks: Well done - thoroughly deserved and not before time! You've had some cracking races at different distances over the last year or two - which one are you most pleased with?

Sunbed Athlete says: IanS, Thanks Ian.Looking back to Glasgow half in 2009 as that was the first time,and only time to date that I dipped under the 70mins so always look at that one.This year on my V40 title wins I PB'd on 3 out of the 4 races so again can look at them for next year to see where I can go better and hopefully if anymore title wins are around the corner then hopefully they'll come with a PB too.
LBM asks: Congrats Sunbed! Well deserved! My question has been covered already really. What element of your training do you put your success down to?

Sunbed Athlete says: LBM, probally since going on to am/pm runs and once the body got used to them then introduce the sessions again.At first I was just doing runs to build the stamina and having slower race times which I knew would happen then as I said introduce the sessions and the good times follow.
M62 Santa asks: Sould men wear compression socks

Sunbed Athlete says: I don't see why not.If they help with calf and achilles niggles ect then go for it.I wear compression tights from Skins after races and hard sessions and I don't know if it's phycological or not but it does help with the recovery.
Elayne asks: Well done, and well deserved, so nice to see you get this after a really good year :-) So questions 1) What do you think were the main things that have got you to where you are now (running wise ;-)), 2) What keeps you motivated? 3) What's next? :-)

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks E, Probally going to twice a day running Mon-Fri and just once on Sat/Sun and having about 70-90 miles a week on average can help towards it but I do have to say that guts and determination play a part too.You are not going to get anywhere just riding along.It's all about pushing the envelope to the next level.Things that keep me motivated are looking at other guys results and wishing I could be as good as them and if I run good and stay good then it's less demons inside my head to fight against.What's next? Well I hope for my first International call-up at next month's Vets International XC on home soil as the last twice I've been asked I was injured and the time before that I couldn't afford to travel to the event.If one nation doesn't want me then I can always apply for another as I have triple nationality.
Tizer asks: Well done mate. Why do you have such a poptastic taste in music and are you going to the Stepps concert ?

Sunbed Athlete says: Of course mate wouldn't miss it for the world.Just like when Take That reformed.Canny wait for Aqua or Big Fun to reform :)
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats K. Very much deserved. My question is did you always race and train to a high standard e.g. school, local AC as a Jnr and just kept it ng, or did you come to serious running later? And what made you push to the level you are at? Does it ever seem a chore? would you keep training at this intensity if you weren't winning? Honest, that's all one Q! Congratulations again. Always a pleasure to see you at races and thanks for all your support and encouragement to us lesser runners! ::-)G

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks HG and likewise when I see you at races....I never see myself as a better runner than anyone else.We are all winners as we made it off the couch and out the door! I did some running at school and would win one race one week and then another laddie would win the week after and we both pushed eachother week in,week out at school.He went to the Paras and I followed football and usual young lads thing of pub and clubs tho inbetween that I did train with the local football team but was never good enough as a player but enjoyed the training.Serious runner later in life from when I was about 37/38 after a couple of years getting used to races.My first half was 90.11 and my first 10k was 36.05.I remember running a 8 mile race before the kids were born and I ran 48 mins so always had some sort of ability but never ever pushed it to the limits like now.Somedays it does feel like a chore but after a good few years of the "D" word I now use it as a focus and it helps me immensely as does the family support and the friendly faces you get to see for a few seconds at a race either before,during or after.
I don't know the answer to last one but what I can say is I will keep on going until the body says otherwise.I do enjoy the camaradrie of the race day so you will be stuck with me for a long time yet mate.
Just like to thank you for the kind words you gave me a while back!!!
The Terminator asks: Congratulations. Which training session do you look forward to the most and why? Intervals, tempo....

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks TT......I like pyramids.Favourite session is 1 x 300,600,900,1200,1600,1200,900,600,300 metres all at full effort with 100 metres jog recovery.Lung bursting and on your knees at the end session knowing you've worked hard.
Ted asks: Congratulations dude, you know that I am struggling to think of a suitable question to ask you. Do you mind if I just piggy back along and read your answers to the other questions?

Sunbed Athlete says: Of course Ted and thanks for the congrats !!!
iaincr asks: would you recommend cambuslang harriers running club to non elite runners, i.e. runners who are keen but never going to be sub 6.30 mile average pace in any distance!

Sunbed Athlete says: iaincr I wouldn't NOT recommend RHC to anyone.There is always room to accomodate every type of runner at a club I fell and if there isn't then they are not worth joining!!
Dave A asks: Congratulations mate, very wel deserved following your success of late. How fast do you think you can go over 5/0k, 10 mile, half and full marathon?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks DaveA. Can now say I follow a proper gentleman after you winning the previous month's title.Do you think you'll be the first to win it twice ;)
Possibly take my 10 mile,Half and full marathon times down but the shorter faster stuff is lung bursting so would'nt count on them as I'm not getting any younger but you never know.If I keep my training going then everything or anything is possible
Bruc£ asks: Well done Sunbed. Race numbers; a) pin them on before or after you've put the vest on?, b) have you got a lucky set of safety pins?

Sunbed Athlete says: Bruc£ funny you should mention that as I have OCD in a BIG way so if I run well I use the same pins for the next time and I put my number on my vest before I put the vest on.Pins are 4 small or 4 large.Never have them mixed !!
Argie asks: Well done Sunbed, two questions - is that Kelly Sotherton and if so why? and did you actually manage to drink all that Gatorade?

Sunbed Athlete says: Yeh the one and only Miss Sotherton and soon to be the new Mrs Sunbed ;) Managed to drink some of it and handed a few cases to my club and to my local race.It was nearly out of date but didn't stop me from drinking it or others.With the gym bottles I received I too handed them out.Was drinking 3 bottles of the stuff and running really well so defo worth an investment.
minutehunter asks: My congratulations Sir Sunbed truly deserve it. When you hang up your running shoes (hopefully not for another 30 years at least) would you prefer to have a sub 2:30:00 marathon or a sub 4 minute mile?

Sunbed Athlete says: Well thank you very much Mr milehunter!!!!! Never attemted a mile race but wouldn't not attempt one in the future so probally got to say a sub 2.30 marathon just now.30 years!!! I will only be 48 then ;)
LouLou asks: Excellent!! MOTM at last.

You've not only had a clean sweep of Scottish Athletics V40 titles this year but also continue to offer advice and support to other runners. Your training appears "old school" in some ways - you run lots of miles and don't seem to get caught up in specific sesisons like tempos/ intervals or anything too fancy - do you feel going back to basics is the way forward?

2nd question: Haggis supper or fish supper?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Lou. I've only been on the running scene for about 10 years and the last 7 maybe competitive.My training comes from what I was shown when starting out and what I pick up from other runners whilst doing warm-ups or cool downs with them after races and looking at other folks training on here.
I run to how I feel.I've had a coach at loal club for maybe the 2 years I ran there but towards the end I couldn't get to the club so was training myself and have been ever since.I did this year have a conversation with a coach about setting up a plan but he never got back to me.I could may well do with a little more structure in my training but what do I change? If it's not broken,dinny fix it you could say!!! Haggis !!!!!
milemonster asks: What and how much core strength do you do per week?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks MM. As for core strength it is very little if ny at all. I may stretch now and again but when I run to work it's a quick change and in the job and when running home it's straight into the shower and chill.I may do the very,very odd pull up on pipework at work but with a skinny frame I an only manage about 5 and I'm then bushed.Sit ups hurt my back too.
Enthusiastic! asks: Mahoosive congratulations to you. What's your sweetest victory thus far?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks E.
I've had a few race victories and race wins within races ie age group wins but the two that stand out have to be the British Masters Athletics Federation wins down at Sutton Park Birmingham when my current club won the V35 x 4 man team and I picked up 2nd fastest time of the day(5th overall on the day) and then the next year won the V40 x 6 man team and this time picked up 3rd fastest of the day outright(shared third with someone else).Doing the clean sweep this season of all Scottish Athletics V40 titles 5k,10k,half,full marathon is certainly up there too as I don't know if it's been done before and I know it will be hard to achieve again next year with other guys reaching 40 yrs of age but I will try my best.
JamesW asks: One of my greatest running related disapointments was finding out it wasn't you in your advatar. What has been your biggest running related disapointment?

Sunbed Athlete says: Sorry foiled.Suppose my biggest disapoinment was the two Lochaber marathons I've ran when I was in the lead or shared the lead right to 24/25 miles only to be out pipped in the latter stages when there was nothing I could do about it.First time I momentarily switched off and before I knew it,I was 15-20 metres adrift and came in second 20 seconds down and second year took stomach cramps when the other guy was stopping and starting every half mile from 2 miles to go and everytime he stopped there was nothing I could do due to the cramps.Was warm that day too but that was for everybody.The cramps was just what buggered the chance of victory up.
runningmumof3boys asks: Well done on motm :) so... You live in Scotland I can see so tell me have you ever had a deep fried mars bar ??

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks RMOTB....never have had one and when training I run past three chip shops,Chinese and Indian take-aways but never use them unless it's a very much on off.One of the chippies sell buckfast fritters yuk !!!!
P.E... asks: Well done mate! Come on then, how did you get so bloody fast!!!!???

Sunbed Athlete says: P..E.. Thanks !! I trained with a former Scottish Champion and have much credit to him even tho we dinny keep in touch much these days but it was him who took me to the next level.He would introduce me to those "on your knees at end of session" workouts and when out on long runs he would discuss his training.I always believe we have a competitive streak in us and it just needs a wee bit prompting to let us know its there and to use it to full capacity.I may be faster than the guy behind me but I'm always trying 110% to be as good as the guy infront of me.
Anna Bomb asks: Congratulations :-) If you could only do one more race what would it be?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Anna, possibly the Marathon De Sables as thats the ultimate race of strength and endurance not to forget mental attitude!
RuthB2 asks: About time, referee! Congratulations! What are your top three pre-race songs to get you in that speedy racing mode?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Ruth.Been a while since we shared some music.
My Top 3 would be Rank#1 with Airwave,Barbers strings for Adagio(dance version) and Take That's Greatest Day in that order.
daviec asks: Congrats mate :) What's after the inevitable sub 2.30? What do you think you could do differently to your current training to move on another level yet?

Sunbed Athlete says: Cheers mate.Why stop at 2.30?If it happens it's then going down the time scale as much as I can possibly take it.
I need to look at the final 3/4 miles of the marathon and see what positives I can take from it and try and alter or rectify the damage that hampers me there.Probally the nutrition ie gels to take me through that final section.
Training wise I am going to have to do more faster/longer stuff ie 2 miles warm-up then 10 miles on/off fast/steady then 2 miles cool down and possible more hill work to increase the endurance/stamina.One point that has risen is that I was asked to to a dummy run of race day.Bus to somewhere,stand about for 10/15 mins then attempt the run back home.Something I never thought about before.
oldbiddynandi asks: well done. Do you have any massage therapy as part of your training ? :)

Sunbed Athlete says: OB, usually Mrs Sunbed does that honour but if she isn't available one has to do himself.Usually in the bath with essential oils and after 5/10 mins soak I massage my legs the best I can manage.Normally with the same affect.Sometimes go to local beautician and get as close to a sports massage as I can.Most often it's a hot stones massage.Hits the spot !!
Labwalker asks: No big question, just wanted to say congratulations

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Labwalker :)
katypie asks: Well done and hard earned! What have you found the hardest (race) and why. He do you know what's the right training plan for you? With hadd and p&d and all things in between it gets very confusing!

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Katypie. Probally my first marathon as with most of us we just don't know what to expect with it.Training goes ok but once you start then you notice it's entirely different in many ways.Also Lochaber this year when a mixture of heat/stomach cramps made it a very hard slog.I would have it that way than sit down and have a DNF against my name.Quitting isn't one thing I want to be associated with.
Training plans I go with what I feel and have looked at other people's training and took some pointers from them and introduced the sessions to my plan that way.Never been into hadd or p&d.Just train to how the body feels and how I feel physically and mentally.
Mr Alf Tupper asks: is that kelly sutherland in your profile pic? lol welldone big man -stevie T mon e GGH

Sunbed Athlete says: GGC who are you? Yeh Miss Sotherton indeedy!!
JulesR asks: Congratulations Kerry and very well deserved too. Question - what did you feel about the arrival on the Scottish racing scene of the elite Eritreans to Shettleston Harriers 5 years' ago and do you feel any differently now?

Sunbed Athlete says: Ah Jules I did wonder if someone would ask me about the arrival of the athletes from Eriteria.
5 years has flown past and I won't be scared to actually say this as I was a bit miffed at them at first as the rumour then and I think it's now an aim for them or for those close to them is that they are here for a Scottish vest at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and that was where the miffed part came from.Simple reason is that if I had a kid travelling around the country week in,week out competing at the highest level and within a shout of a National vest then these guys come along and take a place then that's where I would find it very hard.I'm not in any way racist,I just think it's better to see home grown talent getting the chance after all the years of hard graft rather than someone who maybe better but non Scottish get that chance.I don't know if it's a Athletics thing to get as many gold,silver or bronze medals but surely our boys should decide that.Back then those guys were streets ahead of everybody as they were profesionals back home but since coming to Scotland via political asylum either they have brought on the guys who were the best in the country or with having to train in different climates,finding a job,college or just slacking a bit the best guys are now on a par with them and lately they have been beating them.I won't ever be close to them and over the past 5 years have spoken to them and now they can speak some good english they are actually genuine guys and are here to look after their families back home and are actually making a go at living and working in the country rather than being an illegal immigrant and sponging off the goverment.They have bolstered Shettleson's squad but if ANY club in the country had the chance of these guys turning their club into one of the best in the country they would snap them up in an INSTANCE!!!!!
Jigs asks: Congratulations on this latest achievement, much deserved too. I was going to ask as a fellow maturing athlete, How do you manage to keep injuries at bay? but having since looked at your injuries tab on your profile, I realise it hasn't been all plain sailing for you, so I won't. I'll ask how you manage to keep yourself motivated through these injury troughs as I'm struggling with interest in running while I can't actually run.

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Jigs. Last year as I mentioned on another question was very,very tough going.Going to see Sports clinic and getting exercises for me to ruin when cycling as it wasn't until someone saw me and said my frame was wrong,seat too high,handle bars low and cycling bowed legged.Ditched the bike and within a fortnight was back out running and doing a 80 mile week.
Mentally it is very hard as all you think about(well I do) is your next run as it helps me through the working day.That way I can motivate myself to a session or a tempo/easy run home.When on a rest day,although good for the body my mind can switch off very easily and if I don't see my trainers then I don't think about running until the next morning.I was missing races and that was hard too as it gives you a focus during training like most people aim for and that didn't go well with the mental thoughts.The demons were in overdrive but thankfully once running I overcame them.
Night-owl asks: Congratulations Sunbed. I don't kow if you can sing but if you could sing with any performer/group who woulf that be and why?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Night Owl.I can sing like everyone else does and in our own mind it's top class but truth be told I'm nearly X Factor material ie well below class lol.As for performers well it has to be Kelly Jones from Stereophonics or Nicole Scherzinger.Back in my youth it would have been Wendy James or Marti Pellow :)
Rod the plod asks: Congrats! When did you realise you had the talent to run times like a sub 2.30 mara and a sub 70 HM? Or is it all down to hard work?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks RTP...Just basically "hard work" and effort on training runs and on races.Try and see if you can go that wee bit further each time.Sometimes it works and others it whacks you in the face.Lochaber this year was a disaster for trying too hard but with Stirling and Loch Ness it pays off and when it does it's big.
For years my PB was around the 72mins for half and not with the want of trying I just couldn't get under it and then started the double runs,better sessions again and bang a sub 70 appears.So hard work,rest days every ten and all out sessions def help.
Duffo asks: i thought at first i was looking at a photo of Kelly Sotherton

Sunbed Athlete says: Duffo yeh quite deceiving the avatar but did get you thinking so some good out of it ;)
sbs585 asks: I'd love to hear a bit about your journey from starting running in 2002 to running 32 mins for 10k 3 years later. How fast were you when you started out and how did you progress? Did you get some sudden improvements from certain changes in training approach or mentality?

Sunbed Athlete says: Hi sbs, My first ever 10k was 36.05 and my half was 90:11.I remember a 8 mile race and ran it in 48mins way before I took up running properly.I progressed with going from 2/3 days a week to 4/5 and then gradually when competiting I gradually uptd the game.Mentally it does help immensely.The sudden improvements were taking mins off my half PB going from 1.30 to 1.25 then to 1.19 in the space of a month until you reach a point where it's seconds then a sudden stand still off nothing which it then comes harder but you just need to dig into your mental strength then and see what you can get out of your body.Training wise I was up to 6 days a week and when going into races I would take maybe 2 rest days leading up and feeling fresher but nowadays its one rest day leading to a race or an easy run just to keep the legs ticking over.For a while my PB for a half sat still for nearly 2 years and the same with my 10k but after starting the double runs I soon hit the jackpot and hopefully that will continue.
marble asks: When you coached me briefly last year you suggested i run doubles! Within 2 weeks i had shin splints. Would you advise that again to runners like me again?

Sunbed Athlete says: I would advice running doubles to most people if they want to improve their running abilities but emphasis that doing cautiously first and dinny breach right into it as thats where problems occur.Shin splints isn't caused by doing doubles.They happen because of a few reasons ie Improper footwear, including worn-out shoes and also can be attributed to overloading the muscles of the lower extremities or biomechanical irregularities. Muscle imbalance, including weakened core muscles lead to more lower-extremity injuries; also the inflexibility and tightness of the gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantar muscles can contribute to the pain in the shin area.Once I suppose your over that then the doubles will come natural to anyone.That's my view but like everyone else on here we are amateurs and always learning!!!
Lethargic asks: Do you think all this fame will change you? Which reality TV programme would suit you best?

Sunbed Athlete says: Cheers Nuthugger. Dinny think the fame will change one bit as I still have to clean my kit and have it prepared for the next race.Probally Loose Women would suit me better than any reality tv programme but if I was to choose one I would go for TOWIE ;)
acprc asks: Congrats......Real or fake Christmas Tree?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks!! Fake tree and if I had my way it would be a wee pop up one in the corner but it's Mrs Sunbed that deals with and I leave the room/house whilst she takes an eternity to get it right.
Hendy asks: Well done!! Totally deserved!

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Hendy!!!!
HBNS asks: Kerry, you've made a tremendous breakthrough over the last 18 months, and are now running the best you ever have (IMO), and long may it continue. What do you put it down to, high mileage, quality sessions, or a mix of both?

Also, I would be interested in what you eat and drink in a typical day where you do 2 runs per day?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks HBNS my fellow club room mate when away on club duties :)
Probally down to a mixture of both with getting the right balance after working away at things and seeing what suits you with your daily life/family and work commitments too.
Trained with a demon and as I said on a previous question I owe a lot to him.
A typical day of training on a weekday is 6am run to work,coffee then work to 09:30.Breakfast of cereal and coffee then work away to lunch around 12-12:30pm which is sandwich,choc biscuit/yogurt and fruit.That's me to finishing time of 16:30 then I run home either 30mins or anything up to 8 miles.Dinner around 6pm which can be fish n chips(oven cooked),past with salad cream and a filling of tuna/bacon/cooked meat or chicken.Have the odd pizza/burger if I see that I have done a good session and treat this as a treat.Can have my overload of sweets/chocolate/biscuits just like everybody else but when in full training mode I just leave it to a Saturday night if race that day and the same for a Sunday if raced that day too.
Drink after my run home is Lucozade recovery powder about 500ml with 2 scoops.Rest of the time it maybe water or tea outwith the coffee I have 3 times in the morning up to lunch time.
ian9657 asks: Congratulations Kerry, totally deserved.

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Ian !!!
connelld asks: Well Done Kerry. Do you think you could get a commonwealth time in a marathon with the right training? Also do you look like your picture or are you more feminine? :-)

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Connell. It would be every kids dream to represent your country at any sport but to get the proper times is the hard part and even then you still aren't certain of selection.It would take a massive PB of 14 minutes to gain that qualifying time so I would have to say no as I'm climbing the years not reducing them.Re the picture.Yeh I do look like that but only indoors when no-one else is in just like every other bloke that dresses up in tight fitting gear or is that just me ;0)
Foxy asks: Will the worlds greatest team retain their Premiership status ?

Sunbed Athlete says: Is the Pope a Catholic and does a bear s#*t in the woods???????? OF COURSE :0)
awatson2 asks: well done , how many tatoos do you have, and what is the one on your back, will you get any more.

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks awatson2. I have three at present and currently deciding whether to get something on my chest but not sure of what.The one on my left inside arm is XVI to represent the amount of times I was down to the last five in this MOTM competition before finally being lucky lol.No it's to represent my birthday number.On my right arm I have my no.1 football team club badge and the one on my shoulders is "Stand Free".I got the shoulder tattoo done after coming back from watching Aberdeen in an UEFA League match at the Allianz Arena in Munich where I endured two very nasty life experiances on the way home from the match which resulted in ten weeks off work so decided to have those words as a reminder of how it'll never happen again to me and to those who try and attack and prey on the weak that I will not be beaten again.Stand Free=stand up for yourself or in Leyman terms " Go and take a F#*k to yourself"
BS asks: Congrats, do you always put the same foot forward first?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks BS.I tend to lead off with my right foot when walking but when I race I put my left foot forward.
Magbag asks: Congratualtions and about time too.

What is your fav post race food ?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks Magbag. If travelling alone after a race I usually like a fish,pizza or black pudding supper.If being driven to/fro a race it's usually something easy to make on our return as it's usually 5/6pm sometimes when arriving back from a race.
Gokeith asks: Well done.What has given you most pleasure,representing SCOTLAND at the Commonwealth games for shooting or your success as an athlete?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks gokeith.At this moment it has to be the success of being a decent runner.I am nowhere near "athlete" status and never will.The experiance of the shooting will be with me for a lifetime but sadly it was an one off.Fortunately the running hobby is my main aim and although not too shabby at the hobby I enjoy it very much.
posty john asks: Well done. can i ask how do you manage to log 300- 400 miles a month?

Sunbed Athlete says: Thanks postyjohn.
6am I get anything of up to 4.5 miles to work and anything of up to 11 after sometimes 5 times in that week.A steady 11-13 miles on the Saturday and add a 2-2.30 mins run on the Sunday and you can log the miles from there.All depends on my racing schedule too but easy enough once you get passed the tiredness of twice a day.Been at it for over 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy it.
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