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Interview with Elsie Too

GregP asks: Congratulations. What is your opinion on the relative merits of the 'old' Look Delata system, much loved but now sadly discontinued, and the 'new' Keo - unloved and omnipresent? (the answer 'this is a question about bicycles, please boil your head and bother me no more' is acceptable if disappointing)

Elsie Too says: Delata and Keo sound to me like types of coffee so my opinion is that as long as they have a nice rich flavour I'd like mine white with sugar and a large slice of cake please.
RichHL asks: Congratulations! Do you have a good recipe for Greppers' head? There's probably not much good eating there with those gristly ears and small brain.

Elsie Too says: When in doubt slow cook with lots of wine, herbs and garlic.
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) asks: Congratulations & Well Done Elsie, very much deserved :-) How difficult is it to run/race pushing B? what sort of training do you have to do to build up your stamina? Ok, I know it's 2 questions....... ;-)

Elsie Too says: When I last did any decent running, or any running at all for that matter, I found that pushing B added 1 minute per mile to my none buggy running times on flat ground. Against the wind or uphill it's a real slog so even more time added on. And that was all about a year ago so he's that much heavier now.

I didn't really do any training to build up the stamina other than running with the buggy. I tried to get out 2 or 3 times a week, once without a buggy when I tried to do speed work or hill sessions and then the rest of the time was with the buggy and not really training, just running or parkrun. It seemed to work very well for a while and got me a 10k PB but then the wheels started to fall off - me not the buggy - and I've been plagued with injuries for the last 6 months. I don't know if they were caused by running with the buggy but it'll be a while until I'm back able to do that because it would be like going straight into resistance training from an injury and not a very sensible idea.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Hi Elsie, many congrats. Can I ask a Fetch question? What is your favourite thing about Fetcheveryone.com? Congrats again! :-)G

Elsie Too says: The people. I've made some great friends through this site and they have been a huge support to me especially recently when I've really needed it. There are so many lovely people on here that you are bound to find someone in a similar position to yourself and so many of them are so thoughtful, caring and offer so many words and hugs of support, both in the real and virtual worlds.
richmac asks: Many congratulations, simple question starwars or startrek or neither?

Elsie Too says: Thanks, Starwars every time.
Enthusiastic! asks: Many congratulations to you :) Sweet or savoury?!

Elsie Too says: Thanks, Sweet.
Argie asks: What are your opinions on Lifestyle Triathletes?

Elsie Too says: Much the same as my opinions on Lifestyle Tiddlywinkers
Yorkshire Lass asks: congratulations! what is your favourite chocolate - dark, milk or white?

Elsie Too says: Thanks, nearly always dark but if I'm in need of a large quantity milk will sometimes win but when quality is called for its always dark (but not too high a percentage!). I'm not really picky although this answer makes it sound like I am!
GimmeMedals asks: Congratulations and very deserving. What is your favourite cake and how much is too much?

Elsie Too says: Thank you. That's an easy one coffee and walnut with lots of butter cream. Too much is a level that I have never managed to reach but that I try to attain most Saturdays after parkrun.
Jon_T asks: Congratulations, How will this accolade change your life?

Elsie Too says: Thank you. My life has changed so much in the past few years, starting a family and then this year losing a couple of members of the family that I'm afraid this won't change it all that much. It has been great over the last few weeks having the distration of trying to think of answers to some of the questions though. And of course I can go on a shopping spree now ;-)
RuthB2 asks: what is the toughest thing about injury and what's the single thing that has helped you mentally the most? well done on winning!

Elsie Too says: Thank you. Toughest thing about injury is that usually when I'm not injured I find that running is the thing that helps me mentally through the tough bits of life. The thing that is helping me mentally during injury has to be my wonderful friends and being able to dump my brain into my blog on here.
Purps asks: Congratulations. Do you have a big burning running ambition?

Elsie Too says: My aim when I'm running is always to do better than I did last time. I was lucky before Bodie came along in that I hadn't been running all that long so I was constantly getting PB's. Then I had Bodie and concentrated on post baby PB's and actually managed a 1 mile and a 10k real PB last summer so things were getting back on track. When I get this injury sorted out I'll start off again thinking always about post injury PB's gradually getting faster and then eventually hopefully I'll start getting real PB's again.

I feel like one day I should do a marathon but the longer distances don't really suit me and I certainly don't have the time to train for one right now and wouldn't want to spend that much time training when my family time means so much to me. One day I would like to do another half marathon and beat the time I did in the great north run - I'd probably aim for sub 2 hours as I think I finished in 2 hours 9mins at GNR.
Claireruns asks: Congratulations :) How do you stay motivated?

Elsie Too says: I don't find motivation a problem because I only run because I enjoy it. I don't train so hard (or hard at all!) that is becomes a chore, it's just something that I love doing. In the past I was unable to run due to various achilies problems and stuff when I was younger so I guess I just love the fact that I can run and get out and do it. This year has been a pain in that injury is stopping me again but also family has taken priority this year but now my family situation has changed I may be able to actually put some more time and effort into getting fixed and getting out doing what I love again.
KatieB asks: How do you manage to be such a lovely friend? And the actual non-rhetorical question is, if you could run with another celeb, who would it be?

Elsie Too says: Another celeb - I've been thinking about this for days and having trouble thinking of one - I'm not really into celebrity and not really bothered about meeting most of them but yesterday I was at the Olympic Canoe Slalom competition watching 4 amazing men have the paddle of their lives and you know what, if I'm alowed to be gready I'd love to go out for a run with them (as long as it was slow) or even go for a paddle with them (but on flatter water than yesterday) and chat about how they got to where they are and how it felt to be in the competetion and do so amazingly well in front of such a massive crowd.

So my answer is Etienne Stott, Tim Baillie, David Florence and Richard Hounslow.

If I have to pick one it would have to be Etienne partly because he's a Bedford boy and parly because of the way he jumped for joy on the podium and made me cry.

Regarding being a good friend - it's easy when the person you are being a friend to is also so good at it. A lot of it is about give and take and I feel like I've taken a lot in the last year and hope that I'll be able to give back when ever you need it.
Jerboa asks: Well done Elsie, have you done any more timed miles in the rain since the Bedfordshire Clangtastic 2011 and how has having a baby affected your running mojo?

Elsie Too says: I haven't done any more timed miles since then but the fetch wedding mile was pretty rainy at times. I didn't manage to run there but did a large amount of the organising which is how I won this :-)
Having a baby hasn't really affected my running mojo but has affected the amount of time I'm able to get out running (thank god for the invention of running buggies). My main problem at the moment is injury but as soon as I get that sorted I'm sure the mojo will have me itching to get a baby sitter and get out running again.
runningmumof3boys asks: Congratulations elsie. I chased your tail at the doug anderson 5k last summer and came in seconds after you. Are you running it this year ?? :) ;)

Elsie Too says: I remember last year's DA5k well. I remember being totally gutted that I didn't get a PB. I was trying to get my first real PB after having a baby and I did not succed. I think it was a post baby PB but I so wanted a 'real' one. This year I won't be running because I've been fighting injuries all year and haven't actually done any real running since before Christmas. How things change in a year - last year I was in tears for not having managed a PB, this year I would give anything just to be able to get round a 5k without walking - in fact even a run walk round a 5k would be good right now.
Hope you had a good one though?
abdou asks: Congrats Elsie! Which Olympic athlete did you most identify with?

Elsie Too says: Wow - what a question - how can I identfy with any of them because they are just so dedicated and amazing and wonderful and so much greater than I'll ever be.

I guess it would have to be one of those that have overcome adversisty to get to where they are. I'd say probably Rebecca Adlington, she started swimming because of advise it would help her asthma. When I was diagnosed with asthma I was recommended to play a wind instrument so took up the flute. I never got to the equivalent of Olympic standard in flute playing but I wasn't bad, good enough to be in various bands in my school days and got to do some traveling with the bands and used it to earn a little money by teaching. It's great that taking up something to help your health can become a loved past time and get you so much more out of life than just better health.
Mikey-boy asks: Wow your famous on fetch! must be your big toes!!

Elsie Too says: Hello there Mikey-Boy - fancy seeing you here. The issue with my toes really isn't my problem - I think the bigger issue is your facination with them - I'm sure it's not healthy!
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