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Interview with Irontubs

Carpathius asks: Congratulations Irontubs - another awesome achievement :) How did you split your training for Ironman - mostly cycling, mostly running or about equal, and how about the swimming training?

Irontubs says: Since my cycling was/is a bit mince I spent most of my time on the bike. Coming from a running background it's hard to let go of a bit of the running stuff to focus on cycling. I did our two club swim sessions and threw in a bit of OW.
Angus Clydesdale asks: The power of residency! Congrats on your amazing year to date. If you were a Domestic Goddess, what would you rustle me up for my Sunday lunch?

Irontubs says: You want me to cook as well??!! I used to be a domestic goddess but since finding triathlon you'll have to make do with beans on toast the same as Mr tubs gets, if you're lucky I'll put cheese on top
TheScribbler asks: What inspired you to take on Ironman and what do you think you need to complete one?

Irontubs says: Not entirely sure, seemed like the next logical step like the marathon as a runner, tbh it came as a bit of a surprise to me! The challenge in completing IM I'd say comes in the commitment to the training along the way ( if that's not too much of a cliche ;-))
TROSaracen asks: The rostral organ of the coelacanth is contained within the ethmoid region of the braincase. What is this organ used as part of?

Irontubs says: I have absolutely no idea, I can't understand neurological terms, does it play a tune??
simbil asks: Any plans to tackle Culford now you have got some iron under your belt?

Irontubs says: Still not sure that I'm hard enough for that challenge, but never say never.
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats IronTubs describe you experience for me :-) as a Iron (FD) virgin do you have any tips for me doing Austria next year

Irontubs says: Cheers HOD, fabulous experience, so many emotions on the day and the many months before hand. I haven't yet found the right words to describe the feeling as you turn onto the magic carpet :-). My best tip would be to run your own race and stick to the plan, eat and drink on the bike, oh and don't forget your suncream I hear it's a bit toasty in Austria!
Velociraptor asks: Many congratulations, Irontubs :) Well deserved.

Now you're an Ironman, what's your next challenge? Are you looking at improving upon your already impressive time, or are you thinking, "That's that one ticked off, let's do something new," or are you taking up knitting? And what did you decide about the tatt?

Irontubs says: I fear that knitting may be too an extreme sport for me, I'm not usually allowed to have sharp pointy objects in case I have my eye out. There are already plans for the sequel. I'm still trying the tatt on for size but hedging towards yes.
RevBarbaraG asks: Amazing achievement, Irontubs. Which bit do you enjoy more - the running, cycling, or swimming?

Irontubs says: Thanks Rev :-)

probably enjoyed the run most since it is much more social than the other bits, you can speak to people for the first time in over 8 hours and I got to chat to team tubs twice per lap. And probably most of all at the end of it you're done!
Lalli asks: Congratulations - well deserved indeed! How do you manage to fit IM training around your everyday life?

Irontubs says: Cheers Lalli
To try and not give my whole non working hours over to training there were many early mornings and a good few Sundays were lost to cycling. I cycled to work a couple of times a week which gave me an extra 50 bike miles per week, The other stuff we should do got ditched along the way.
Argie asks: Should Gregory grow up and sow his balls back on and get a IM under his belt before he gets his pension (ie in 2015)?

Irontubs says: Most definitely but perhaps wait until after pensionable age when travel to and from events will be remarkably cheaper
GregP asks: Another hotel resident rickrolls into the Hall of Fame - chapeau! How do you feel about the hotel structure? Does the separate bike 'ut work, and if so should we have a swimming gazebo rather than having residents change in the hotel proper?

Irontubs says: Why thank you, my entry to the hall of fame wouldn't have been possible at all without the support and occasional abuse of the hotel residents.

The hotel structure is almost fit for purpose, swimming gazebo would be good as the carpet in the reception is getting a little soggy and there have been complaints of nudity in the public areas
GimmeMedals asks: Queen of awesome. What is your preferred cake type to help with carb loading and/or recovery after training?

Irontubs says: Queen of awesome? I like that :-) but
OMG how can you possibly have a favourite cake, so many to choose from it would be rude to put them in any sort of order. I can say that I don't like nuts, I'm not keen on chocolate cake but am partial to carrot cake ( so long as it has ample cream cheese frosting), toffee/caramelly types and a host of various tray bakes. On a slightly more practical note flapjacks are good and obviously an excellent health food with magic properties and also travel in a jersey pocket quite well.
The Belly Is Gaun Tae Get Ye asks: You are the wuman S. UltraIM next!

Rate the following neigbourhoods by the quality of heckilng that you may have been subjected to during your recent fantastic training stint: Spateson, Joansin, Howwgood,Kbarchan.

Irontubs says: Why thank you, nae fear of UltraIM, in fact given activity since CPH I think I might have retired! My training has been disappointingly heckle free in the Renfrewshire area part mainly to the fact that many of my outings were out and done while most of the hairy wee hecklers were still in their caves. Also in order to do a fair comparison of heckleness I took to the streets of Inverclyde for cycling outings, and confirm they offer a different class of heckles.
katypie asks: Congratulations!!! What advice would you give your pre irontubs self having been through the experience and will you be on the course at GSR for a hug?

Irontubs says: Cheers KP. My main advice would be to have faith and to stop eating all the pies :-). And yes hope to be on course at GSR, probably around Finnieston all hugs welcome.
DrPhleecingD asks: Oh wow, congratulations tubs! You are amazing, do you know that? Please tell us where your grit and determination come from. And how you say 'there's been a murder' phonetically please!

Irontubs says: Aw shucks thanks Fleecey. Not sure about the grit and determination, most of my close friends and family would tell you I'm just a stubborn mare! Would have to be along the lines of ' thurz bin a murrdurrr' and as an aside apparently Mark McManus as the original Taggart never actually had that line :-)
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congratulations NotTR (the name I always thought of you as!) - Ironman is awesome. What advice would you give for someone coming from a run only background, about how much harder it is to train for swim and bike and then race in 3 discipline event? Thanks and congrats again, :-) G

Irontubs says: Cheers :-).G The best advice is to run less, very difficult to let go when you are a runner but it all gets a bit much trying to add the other two to your current running schedule. Not sure it's any harder once you let go, actually I enjoy the variety of having three things to train for. Racing is the easy bit ;-)
Ellem asks: Congratulations IronTubs - most well deserved. What's next for you in the way of big races?

Irontubs says: Thank you, no firm plans for next year as yet. Currently looking like similar to this year with a spring marathon, early summer 1/2 IM and late summer/autumn IM.
Mother T asks: Nice in the Hotel Lobby, it has influence but singularity this was all your work. Great work on the ironman finish, but what was the hardest bit, entering or explaining away the price?

Irontubs says: Why thank you kind sir. Actually entering was easy as the price was in DKK I had absolutely no idea how much it was until it was too late. Mr Tubs is a very understanding chap and besides has learned that there is little or no reasoning with me if my mind is made up!
northernslowcoach asks: Congratulations Missus :)
What would be your perfect dinner, people and food?

Irontubs says: Jings crivens, this is almost as hard as favourite cake! Food wise, nothing posh loads of sharing food, loads of stuff piled on the table and everyone can dig in, fingers are allowed but no double dipping! Well if we have it in the hotel there is loads of room in the ballroom so we'll have all my favourite fetchies, the other residents, a sprinkling of favourite sporty types oh and the Danish ironman knob so I can poke his eye out!
Night-owl asks: Congratulations. on MOTM and Ironman. If I were to come up to Scotland for a long holiday which part would you recommend?

Irontubs says: Do you mean long holiday as in you are considering emigrating if it's a Yes on Thursday? Sorry no politics allowed ;-). Tbh I'm not sure what I'd recommend, it would depend on what you were looking for although we do have a bit of everything and on a sunny day there really is nowhere better.
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