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Interview with Smout

Naomi P asks: You've posted some awesome improvements in your PBs lately, congrats on those and MOTM :-) My question is, how did you get back into Bloody Brilliant Running Shape after having a sprog?

Smout says: :) :) Thanks.

BBRS post sprog...... I think mostly consistency (an a little bit of knowing it was heading that way before I fell preggars). Not miles so much as actually running at least once every week since my 1st Parkrun at 4 an a bit weeks after. I was haphazard in my 1st year or two of this running life - got to mara then did nothing much for months.

And of course I wanted it. I wanted it before but after I needed running to help keep me a little sane an give me my 'me time' and probably just a bit of me and my own identity.

I've realised as I improved post baby that the dreams I'd had weren't dead yet - I just had to find a way round life to start making the ones I really want happen. I was a hell of a lazy before!
RichHL asks: No question from me. I just wanted to say congratulations. :-)

Smout says: :-) Thank you
The Terminator asks: Do you think Naomi P is pregnant?

Smout says: 3:28 at Brighton versus my pregnant 4:18 at Edinburgh - I'm going with no......
Yorkshire Lass asks: Congratulations! whats your favourite running/racing distance?

Smout says: I'm no sure I've found a favourite yet! I really like the challenge of the marathon but I love a 5k blast - hurts like hell but you really know you've done it!
If I'm honest tho - I think I should get my butt back on a track an give 800m and 1500m another bash - that was what I ran as a kid. If I could get back to as fast as I was at 14 I'd be pretty happy. An racing less than 5 minutes appeal ;) But no sure that would give me the mileage for cake :-o

Or mibbe I should say 10 miles cos that was my most enjoyable PB and it was my 1st race win in adulthood :o) I definitely felt like I could go faster on that and enjoyed not having the 'Parkrun' tagged on the end to make a half marathon. It's a nice distance to run hard at whereas my memory of my last Half (March 2011) is rather painful for a significant length of time!
Torry Quine asks: Congratulations Smout, well deserved. Can we expect to see you at an Aberdeen Fetch Mile anytime?

Smout says: I'm definitely still hoping to get up to the Aberdeen mile! Just fitting in with the dates has been difficult so far......
TheScribbler asks: Smout, you run with your heart and I know races mean a lot to you. Does that help or hinder your performance? And would you like to take my Garmin for a victory lap of Newcastle in October?

Smout says: It's not just the races that mean a lot altho, as my Dad used to say, the fight is the easy bit (he was a boxer in his younger days) It's pushing myself beyond perceived limits and enjoying doing something with the body I've been given that makes me feel I appreciate it an want to use it well - for me running hits the spot the best (it's all I've ever really given a proper chance) and races allow you to enjoy the hard work.
So the question.... when I'm in a race it's all the running I did before to get there that helps me through an my heart wants it - I don;t think this is a hindrance tho it can be a battle afterwards to accept less than I expected without be too hard on myself. Very rarely will my heart allow me to be overwhelmed or nervous to the point of causing a bad run - I usually seem to be able to harness my emotions into running well an I am getting better (quite a lot of practice recently :-o ) with the exception maybe of the occasional over excited fast start! Victory lap...... is this to get me my 1st ultra :-o :)
Windsor Wool asks: Well deserved and a hearty well done on your recent race performances.. You balance a busy life with working, parenting, and your running. Taking all this in to account, how far do your running ambitions stretch?

Smout says: I have no limits on my ambitions, I've been know to say I may be satisfied if I get Paula's record ;) I've realised how easy it is to be lazy an let life become an excuse when really just accept where you are now, what your next target is and go for it.
Lalli asks: Congratulations Smout! What do you think helps you most when you prepare for races?

Smout says: Oh my. Sometimes I wish I did actually prepare 'properly' for races!
It's certainly not being organised - getting a decent nights sleep, knowing where I'm going, how long to get there, arriving on time - none of that :-o But I do think that certain races - when I really want something from it (GNR 2010, Balloch to Clydebank 2011, Lasswade 2012, VLM 2012, the occasional Edinburgh Parkrun) - I will focus on it. Spend time thinking about how I want to run it - target times (the potentially unrealistic, the really-want, the will-be-ok an the fallout of it going-wrong-an-blowing-up), paces, the actual course an how that could affect my pace.... If there's people I know likely to be there, what it should feel like /how much it could(should?) hurt.
SpicedApple asks: Huge congratulations, Smout! Very well deserved. Proud to know such a fab runner and person. :-) Important question: which one is better pre-race food, Jaffa Cakes or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

Smout says: :)

Well, I'd say jaffa pre-race. With my extensive nutritional knowledge an experience I'd say the peanut butter in the RPBC's should be retained for post exertion recovery purposes :p

Otherwise I'd likely be sick!
joint ear knee asks: Well done Smout, superb London time too, loved the blog :) with all the oodles of advice and training tips out there what wher ethe top 3 contributing factors to you smashing your marathon PB from 3:39:21 to 3:09:00?

Smout says: Hmmm..... This is a hard one. I've kind of always known I could if I'd learn to work training around life. So maybe finally WANTING it, TRAINING for it an on the day just GOING FOR IT (cos I believed I'd done the training and had the ability)
M62 Santa asks: How much is a packet of salted peanuts in Aldi?

Smout says: Clancy's 400g - £1.19

Haven't tried them yet tho......
Night-owl asks: Congrats smout y question How do you handle those days when you CBA to train how do you defeat the mojo monster?

Smout says: I've been trying to work out how to answer this. I think having focus on London an my Champ Start run, having a plan, having running as my way of fighting off depression an having HappyTimes run days coincide with proper long runs/sessions when I *may* have struggled kind of stopped too much CBA setting in. When I CBA I see it more as listening to my body - I've cut at least one progressive run short an missed some recovery / general runs here an there but mostly I did what I planned unless I had good reason. Erm..... This is a rubbish answer!
FraserFud asks: well done Smout. A worthy winner. Now in your humble opinion which race offers the best spread of post-run cakes?

Smout says: Hmmmm....... I think Brig Bash. Has to be a Fife one. Dumbarton you had to pay :-o Forth Bridge 10k seemed to be a bit too sandwichy..... Lasswade 10 - I'mpretty sure that had rather good cakeage but then I may have has my rosey specs on after that race!
So, for now,I'm sticking with the Brig Bash - pretty good spread for a 5 miler. Just don't do a 2 or 3 mile cool down before it :-o OR in fact DO - ALL OF YOU - GO WARM DOWN PROPERLY an leave the cake to me an mibbe I'll let HappyTimes have some too.
richmac asks: Huge congrats a worthy winner, Kit Kat or Twix?

Smout says: See I don't do either or. Can't I have both? Or at least a 2 finger Kit Kat can clearly only be counted as a canape, a 4 finger as a starter an a twix can just about be dessert. So really - we are actually missing mains in this question????
Corrah asks: Can't think of anything sensible to ask, so just thought I would say many congratulations and are you free for coffee after parkrun on 26th May? I will be in Auld Reekie that weekend :)

Smout says: I certainly am. Or was! :-) You've a strong will in there Missy - keep dreaming your dreams, working towards them an reality will do it's best to join you. Just give it the chance.
Vicksta asks: Congratulations Smout. Well deserved. What is your favourite part of being a Mum, and what is your favourite aspect of running?

Smout says: Right now his carefree giggle an smile when we are outside playing and running - "mine running" is acurrent phrase while we pretend to be Lightening McQueen. Best bit about running is being me - it's the one place I can remember being me right back to when I was proper wee 'racing' my dad across the fields near our house, racing the boys round the block, running to the best an furthest hiding places at hide n seek. Running themile to school with my bag on my back nearly every morning cos I was late, running round delivering papers having jumped off my bike at the end of the block. Running along the street in the rain in my converse shoes when I was supposed to be home by 8pm an only had a few minutes left. Sometimes I can make it hurt more than life hurts an I can forget but that isn't really the best bit. Running reminds me of all those happy moments when I wasyounger an laughing an smiling just like I see in my 2 year old now.
Ted asks: Awesome achievement Smout and very well deserved. :) Do you think that Naomi P's question is because she is concerned whether BCRB will lose the baby weight after they start to sprout sprogs?

PS where does the name Smout come from?

Smout says: Thank you :)
After the Watford 10k blog an pictures link. Yes - she is a little worried - he's already trying out the maternity dresses :-o
I have another Smout one... I'll answer it there
slowfish asks: Congratulations, you're such a worthy winner. Why smout?

Smout says: Thanks slowfish. And for your support :)
I ran when I was wee - from 10 - 16 years old. Even when I was in my 2nd year of the age groups I was generally one of the smallest. My dad drove me everywhere - even gave up smoking partly so he could instead save the cash so i could have trainers an be driven wherever. He often referred to me as 'just a wee smout'. He was originally from Galashiels but I think it's more a north of Scotland thing to refer to kids or small people?

My dad died when I was 21. So as an adult remembering my love for running I joined RW (where I then discovered Fetch) looking for input an support for my 1st marathon. I needed a name an Smout seemed most appropriate to me :)
McNewbie asks: Massive congrats, Smouty, this is so well deserved! My question, do you regularly invite strangers off the internet to stay over at yours for races, and do you have a screening process involved? ;-) Can I also just say how much you really inspire your fellow running mums, you're fab :-) xx

Smout says: Oh yes. This May wont be the 1st random off the internet whot has stayed in my house :-o I'm no too picky tbh..... they're more likely to have a screening process for me ;-)
And thanks - you're pretty inspirational yourself dealing with what life chucks an just getting on with it and still having fun x :)
katypie asks: Boing Boing Boing, congratulations!

My questions.... hmmmm. Which cookie is best Yorkie or Smarties? When are you pacing me to a 5K PB? How do you make yourself run when it feels hard, I need tips to HTFU without causing injury or distress?

Smout says: Yorkie! So long as it's been done right - Asda clearly thought I'd had too many an started overdoing them :-o When you're back on full throttle an cash in your IOU wecan 5k. An then we can do it again just cos we want too :o) When it feels hard I enjoy it - tough in the training makes it easy in the fight. But tbh I'm no sure HTFU is what's needed. I think it's finding your desire - is it what you really want. Leading up to Lochaber you were fab - you had the head of someone really starting to want it. Get through this tough time, find the gears an get yourself back out there. Easy when it's supposed to be easy, hard when it's supposed to be hard but mostly listen to what your body is telling you. An probably do some core work ;o)
GimmeMedals asks: Many congratulation, Smout. You are an inspiration. Which of the biscuits is your prefered choice in the monkey jammie dodger range?

Smout says: You know - I haven't tried them :-o If I do before these answers are locked I'll let you know!
HappyG(rrr) asks: Congratulations. Your running has got brilliant, really back to where it should be (:-P ) and more great stuff to come. So, a question... should Buggy Running be an Olympic sport?! x :-)G

Smout says: :-) yes I think you're right - more on the way! Yes Buggy Running should be an with various categories for baby weights. So kind of like swimming 3 different strokes - if you've 3 kids there's a high chance you could come home with a better medal haul the Phelps :p
Ellem asks: The most worthy of winners - congratulations Smout - pleasure to have you as a friend. Who do you most admire in the world of sport and why? Also when are you coming to visit and eat cake?

Smout says: Thanks! Now....I went thru a bunch of folks in my head - Liz McColgan,Yvonne Murray, Ovette/ Coe, Chrissie Wellington. But I settled on Cassius Clay / Mohammad Ali. I'm pretty sure it's mostly because o fmy dad. He was a boxer 'in his day' (he was a Scottish Champion at boxing but I never did find out / remember the details of what year or weight). I sort of remember watching with dad replays of Rumble in the Jungle an Thrilla in Manilla. I used to think I'd be a boxer just like Ali (being a rather lightweight white girl didn't matter in my head) - dad used to laugh holding my head so I couldn't actually hit him with punches LOL. I think just being who he wanted to be an not scared to stand up both in an out of the ring may be the thing too.

A visit - Monday ok? An I'm bringing a surprise visitor ;-)
CaniRuna asks: Many congratulations. How much of your incredible improvement can you put down to HappyT's support? And how much does he attempt to claim?

Smout says: Thank you :)

TBH it was my legs, my training plan an my race head most of the way through this year. HT certainly has been a big help tho - a few key runs may have been dropped had he not been there, a few extra miles may have been run when there was no point but mostly I think I may have been more easily swayed into allowing my illness to swallow me up if we hadn't had so many hours to run an chat together. It's pretty good therapy regularly being able to chat, cry, get angry an laugh about life as well as running with someone you trust while tootling along at a fair endorphin inducing pace :-) So.... quite a bit - he certainly helped the mental side stay on track.

I'm pretty sure he claims as much credit as I do for his half PB.
_andy asks: Congrats Smout, you done real good! Future question: how fast do you think you can get? Like, do you have any specific time goals in mind for various distances, ultimate targets, etc.? And when are you going to start the journey into the lovely world of ultras? That's one question, really.

Smout says: I see no limits. I'm happy with what I've achieved but I don't think it's the end an I can't really see the end. When I run out of time to get faster I'd like to stay fast for as long as possible an still be racing. As for the ultra journey it was intended at Glen Ogle then D33 so the thoughts are there..... Just see how seriously I feel about any impending marathon an also the complete opposite track type thoughts !
Wicked D asks: Excellent and massively well deserved good on ya, IF you could only run/race in just 2 events in a year which would you? and why ? xx

Smout says: NTRIX cos it's our club bash, I'd like to try keep that odd club record an I want a chance to match Pricey on the winners step! Hmm..... Then it's a hard choice between Newcastle Town Moor which seems to be becoming a wee Fetchfest an I loved it (an my 5 minute PB) even in rubbish weather.... Or the usually nice weather Brig Bash 5 mile where a roar from HappyTimes in 2010 helped me find a sprint finish to get 10 seconds off my then PB for 40:24 (a time I'd beat at 10k just a few months later), then a minute PB to 32:44 in 2011 an its yummy Fife cake spread :p I'm looking forward to the 2012 attempt already!
mikep asks: Many congratualtions - having read many of your race report blogs it seemed that at some point you decided that you would really throw caution to the wind and just go for it and run through what every pain your body threw at you. What gave you the confidence to start attacking races in this way?

Smout says: Hmmm.... memories of childbirth?
TBH - even when I was wee I would push myself hard. Had a few folks including my coach for a while think I had asthma (maybe I did - was never diagnosed) but my recovery was pretty quick an I'd be back for the next hard rep / cool down jog.
I pushed myself hard pre-baby but I was still overweight, not really training well enough to be able to do it often but mostly not very aware of my body an how I was feeling. After baby I tried to build up slowly just waiting till I felt stronger and wasn't feeding Wee Man so much an went for it - altho most races where still pretty hard runs.

Balloch to Clydebank half 2011 would be the big breakthrough race - I wanted the VLM champ start so much but I knew it had to hurt to go beyond the 1:32 / 31 I knew I should be capable of. That gave me a lot more understanding of how hard I could push myself and the confidence to believe in even more from myself and in turn the willingness to just go for the 3:15 I wanted to achieve to do justice to the VLM Champ start.
Jock Itch asks: Massive well done on moving through the ranks :) Whats the ultimate marathon goal ?

Smout says: Hmmm..... *the* ultimate marathon goal or mine? Mine would likely be to be able to run my recent VLM time (or faster) on the end of an Ironman and still manage a smile for the finish! Given my haphazard swimming an cycling I'll settle for a legitimate place on the 2:45 thread :-) Or a medal from all 5 Majors (a goal i had right after my 1st marathon - discarding the original promise that if i did Sub 4 I wouldn't have to do any more) but the cash involved may delay that for quite some time. . I'm not sure I'll know my real ultimate till I'm preparing to go for it :)

As for *the* - to be good enough to be chosen, fit enough to be in the mix an race your way to an Olympic Gold. No time trial, no pace makers just you an the rest of the field deciding what to do on the day thrown at you :)
Bazoaxe asks: What got you 'back' into running ?

When did you realise you were good ?

Many congratulations, probably the most improved runner ever and there is still more improvement to come.

Smout says: I got back into running after watching my friend Pete get out pretty much every day at work and realised I missed it. Blog of 21st May 2008, a few days before my 1st marathon, kind of sums it up I think :o)
Sunbed Athlete asks: Many congrats!!!!!!!!

Smout says: Why thank you Mr! You are an inspirational MOTM an another confirmation with that Sub 2:30 :o)
IanS asks: Well done wee Smout - well deserved! You always look so smooth when you run - do you think all the track stuff you did when you were young(er) taught you good habits which help you now?

Smout says: Thank you! Smooth.... I think the running about as a kid helped. Maybe not just track which I started when I was 10 to 16 but the general running around outside playing when I was wee :-)
RuthB2 asks: What ahve you learned about yourself through running? I'm so glad you won!

Smout says: I'm a lot stronger, focussed and more determined than I often give myself credit for. I can hold onto that in the rest of life if I just give myself a proper chance.

Thank you :)
Duchess asks: Boing boing boing boing boing!!!! If you could talk to the non-running Smout of a few years ago, what would you say? And what do you think the future SuperDuper Smout of 2020 would say to you here and now in 2012? And how many Jaffa cakes need to be provided to you after the next Fetch mile?

Smout says: To my younger self - You will get there. Follow your heart, keep your dreams an find yourself. You deserve happiness.
To me now - Life may start at 40 but the journey there can be pretty fab too. Follow your heart, keep your dreams and never forget your true self. She deserves to be happy. I'll probably mutter something about core work too!
154 Rob asks: Hits Smouty, not so much a question as pure congrats! You get even less sleep than me but are still attacking those 'old' pb's! So, how do YOU function, sleepless?!

Smout says: Hello there! Many thanks again for allowing that blub an hug post VLM!

Functioning sleepless..... Stupidity? Ignorance! I have worked on call for many years including a week where I'd no sleep for almost 48 hours then about a couple hours a day middle of the day for a most of the week till I was eventually made to go home in a taxi an back a few hours later rather than drive lol.

A lot of it I think are deep rooted head issues where I haven't slept much for years even when I had the chance an I'm simply used to it. Every so often I'd keel over an sleep 15 hours straight - that hasn't happened since childbirth lol
Labwalker asks: Hi Smout, again not a question but just a hoooge congratulations on your fab running and, being mom

Smout says: :) :) Being mom. Eeks. Sometimes I struggle but he does seem a happy wee soul so I don't think he notices too much :)
Labwalker asks: Hi Smout, again not a question but just a hoooge congratulations on your fab running and, being mom

Smout says: Erm.... Still the same reply :p an thank you :)
Hamsterbolt asks: Hi smout, a well deserved congratulations, you've been smashing many PB's recently, why do you think this is? what is your training secret?

Smout says: Hello there and thank you :). I think the main things are just belief and consistency. You'll have to keep up your hard work for the Edinburgh visit - I'm chasing Sub 18 and beyond ;)
Enthusiastic! asks: Congratulations oh speedy one, very well deserved :) Has the intention been to PB as much as you have in the past couple of years, or does it come as a result of consistent / better training?

Smout says: I don't think I intended to PB lots but I am never satisfied - there's always a bit more so most races for me are entered with the intention that I will likely PB as I am still getting faster and the marathon goals I have aimed for would bring that naturally if I was on track.. I'd like to be fast enough to be racing tho - 'fighting' for the positions rather than time trialling.
Amanda68 asks: Well done. Which is you're favouritist PB and which was your least expected?

Smout says: Favouritist PB is 03:09:00 :) Cos its the one I decided I was having (well - under 3:12 which I put as predicted time), set up the plan, said yes to the help an support offered from HappyTimes and generally just set my mind to it months before and got it.
Least expected was Balloch Half 1:28:57 - I think I said somewhere else - I knew 1:32 / 1:31 was on the cards but wanted Champ start so under 1:30. It was the hardest race I've run including the most painful 5k I've run an I could barely believe I not only did it but I had a minute to spare :-) I was on the Champ start 2012 :)
slimboy asks: Are you going to answer any of these questions ??!!

Smout says: I've answered quite a few so far but my tendency to write novels means its taking some time! An some require a little extra thinking time :-)
baz p asks: congratulations. you have certainly become well speedy, whats your secret, or what have you changed in your training/racing ? and are you going for Sub 3 hrs for marathon?

Smout says: Thank you :) Secret? I'm no sure there's so much a secret as just always believing I could get faster if I wanted it. I only sort of wanted it before an just ran to see what I could do as well as just because I'd missed it over the years. I have a competitive spirit inside me that surfaced even in that first 10k at 57 minutes so no matter what level I'm at I want to be the best life (or more my decisions in life) allows. I want it a bit more now so have been a bit more focussed and determined. Each time I reach a milestone I realise I'm no finished yet an work out if I think I can and want to go for the next one. I'm learning to not use my life as an excuse for not training - I made the decisions that have me where I am now I can make the decisions that take me to where I want to be.
Sub 3 and beyond - yes.
spikeyboy asks: Did you teach Tigger the Boing, or did he teach you? Love and hugs, confused Spikey.

Smout says: Tigger is a wee bit older than me so I'm suspecting he got in there first. Sure he improved it after reviewing my technique tho :p
BS asks: Congrats Smout. Any superstitions?

Smout says: Hmmm.... no I don't think I've any superstitions. Closest may be my need to run round something on an out and back run! A puddle, a big noticeable stone or crack in the road an clump of grass - just so long as I can go round it. I think it's a thing from running in my past with no Garmin where I had to have something that marked how far I'd ran maybe. It's no so bad recently - it used to have to be a fixed thing that the weather or people couldn't easily shift!
mad4it asks: Pleased that you got MOTM well done. Which time of the year do you like running best?

Smout says: Oooo that's a difficult one! In the right clothes an company any time of year will do - I'm healthy, running an happy :). When the birds start singing or just the general wildlife noise or sunrise/ sunsets happen I could run forever even on my own. But in the depths of winter (or the general wet, cold, windy, yack that often seems is mostly here) a run can be the closest thing to sunshine for me and is the type of run unskipped will get me to my next goal.
SarahL asks: Congrats! Where do you get all your energy from!?

Smout says: It seems the more I use the more I have. Digestives for a while! Right now I'm eating yesterday's leftover slow cooked chicken. Then there will be chocolate. (this answer was brought to you post 19:33 Parkrun 4 weeks after London) :-)
Sharkie asks: Congratulations young Smout, a class athlete then, now and in the future. Always a fan of your smooth and speedy style ... and ace race reports. Ahem: are you ever tempted to revisit your MD days and do some serious track racing?

Smout says: :-) thank you. Tempted - yes very! I've have an eye on a sub 5 mile an the other half on cheap MD spikes.... So far resisting!
Nywanda asks: Well done, another accolade for The Mighty Smout!(trademark, copyright etc). What's your favourite pick-me-up mood-enhancing song and why? Also, a bonus element "if you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise , if you go down to the woods today, you better be in disguise, cos....." please finish the rhyme however you see fit :D

Smout says: The Wheels on the Bus! Wee Man got the actions pretty well pretty quickly an it proper reminds me of a mummy buggy run with KatyPie where he started to kick off with a few miles to go so our chat turned to singing kids songs :) Think that was the most strenuous part of the run trying to push buggy an sing at the same time lol
.... You better be in disguise, cos if you're not, there may be a big snot an you don't want it in your eyes!
DuncanG asks: If you could line up for GB in one Olympic event, what would it be and why? (Big congrats on everything.)

Smout says: Ha ha I like this one!
Dream event would be the Heptathlon. 2 days in the Olympic stadium with your competitors getting to 'play' in the sand pit an on the big bouncy high jump mat an jumping over hurdles ;) seriously - I think it would be the most wonderful event to enjoy over those days, trying to stay focussed an energised but with all that atmosphere an the most wonderful camaraderie between the girls. And I'd have the fastest 800m on the end :p

In a vaguely more 'realistic' sense I'd actually love it to be the marathon. Nothing technical, but sheer slow burning pain an determination. I used to think when I was little I'd just run as fast as I can (or at least fast but slow enough they'd all try to keep up) for as long as I can an I'd eventually get far enough everyone else would give up! It would have to finish in the stadium on the track with goosebumps at the ready as you go thru the relative quiet of the tunnel an into view of the crowd :)

And thank you :)
HappyTimes asks: How long do you think before I wont be able to keep up with you in training? Top 5 most favourite hmmm lets see films,meals, songs errr lets go films no songs no.. oh you decide films OR songs. Well done and thank you for all your support and friendship. Look forward to sub 3 fun at NTM :-)

Smout says: I don't think that day will come. I'll just spruce up your bike ;)
Not cakes then :-o
Hmmm..... Thinking.......
JonnyJeans asks: How do you run so fast downhill without going A over T?

Smout says: Ignorance and stupidly? I always did when I was younger but unfortunately my uphills aren't as good as back then! Altho back then 2 or 3 mile cross country didn't need much of an uphill strength.
B Rubble asks: Well done Smout on the excellent progress you have made in your running. What/who inspires you to keep you pushing on so well.

Smout says: :-). I'm not really sure. My real progress came when I decided what I wanted to do and did it for myself. My first marathon was in memory of my Dad an much of my running had him at the front of my mind. He is still there but like the strop I had when I was 16 something clicked in the last year or so an altho he is at the front of my mind and London was very much an kind of 'send off' for him almost ten years after he died I have now been doing it for me. Because I want to. Because I enjoy it :-)
Bonio asks: Huge congratulations. Looks like my father in law was right about you! (Stirling mile!). Has that previous training helped.

Smout says: Thanks you :) I still remember that comment an smile! Yes I think in many ways it did - mind as well as muscle memory.
Purps asks: Huge congratulations Smout. Do you have a favourite pair of socks?

Smout says: I don't have a single actual favourite pair of socks but I do like to run in Hilly Mono Skins size medium cos the small washes just a tad too small (which sort of coincided with my hobbit feet deciding they were a size bigger in the new model Fastwiches LOL)? My current non running favourite socks are a black, white an cerise striped pair of knee highs. They replaced the purple an black spotty ones somewhere in my pictures :)
JulesR asks: Congrats Smout, do you think anyone reads the questions and answers near the bottom of the MOTM interview (besides the final one of course)?

Smout says: I do....I think....most of the time. I have found it difficult rereading this tho to the find bloomin 'hard' questions I'd planned to come back to later!
Lintie asks: Much deserved :). You know what i'm going to ask. When will you step over to the dark side and do an ultra?

Smout says: Thanks Mum ;o) Well.... given I thought seriously about one (GlenOgle), then actually entered D33..... I think I may get round to running one in the no toooooo distant future. Haven't entered a Spring Marathon yet so who knows!
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