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Interview with Corrah

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on MoTM Corrah. My question is, if time and money was no object is there any race or route that you'd love to do?

Corrah says: Thank you Pedro :) Always a hard question but one run that has taken my fancy is the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso, Norway. Maybe one day.
Carpathius asks: Hurray, well done Corrah :) Who is the kitten in your avatar and are his whiskers real?

Corrah says: Thank you very much Carp :) That is Floyd when he was a wee tiny bitty kitten. His whiskers are all his own. None of these extensions you know. He's now a totally lazy so and so :)
RunningRonnie asks: Congrats! Keep up the good work. What time is it?

Corrah says: Thanks Ronnie. I think it is probably time to either run, eat or do some form of exercise (can you tell I got a bit lardy over the holidays?)
Lemon10 asks: Congrats! I'm so pleased you won MOTM. 2016 has been a great year of running for you, can you tell us anything about your hopes and plans for 2017?

Corrah says: Thank you very much Lemon10 :) Due to the weight loss, I'm still not quite sure of what this leaner body of mine is capable of. I have entered 2 marathons and a 24 hour ultra, but ideally, I would like another clean sweep of PBs. Have been doing longer distances though and I do intend to do some work on the shorter ones. Could do with more days in the week (for running though, certainly not for working :))
Bintmcskint asks: Yay! :-) *shakes pom poms* Well done, Corrah - very well deserved. Here's my usual queston...you are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

Corrah says: Thanks so much Bint :) Well that's a hard one, but I think I would take pizza as I'd need the extra carbs to survive. As for books, I would probably take any of the Inspector Rebus Series by Ian Rankin as I love a good detective novel and used to live where they are set. The hardest one is which fetchie I would take. I'd love to take you all, but I reckon of the fetchies I've met, I'd take Fleecy as I love her epic rants and she's lovely.
GimmeMedals asks: Well done, Corrah, very deserving of this honour. What has been your favourite ever run and why?

Corrah says: Thank you GM :) Think this has been the hardest question to answer as I find it hard to put my finger on just one run, however when I do think about it I really enjoy running in company, so I guess any run with friends is a good run. Funniest run was the Beach Bum Present Run in Aberdeen, I got stuck trying to get over one of the wooden groynes (you have to go over, through or round them). In the end a passer by had to give me a leg up and I couldn't run for laughing.
DrPhleecingD asks: Hooray! Well done Corrah! Do you think race times ought to be calibrated by runner's height?

Corrah says: Thanks Fleecy :) Absolutely. I'm just over 4 feet 9 inches tall. I reckon I'd get a much higher WAVA that way.
Autumnleaves asks: *jumps up and down* - well deserved. My question is, in a year of stunning achievements, what has been the running highlight of 2016?

Corrah says: Thanks so much AL :) There have been so many amazing things happening in 2016, but I think the most enjoyable was doing the Lakeland Trail Challenge 15k with you, Mr AL, Fleecy, Star and Alpenrose. It was a fantastic and relaxing weekend away with fab company in a fab location.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Hi C. Many congrats. You've had an amazing and inspiring journey. What started you off in the first place (I think Callanish marathon 2014 was your first, iirc, but what started you running in the first place?) Congrats again. :-) G

Corrah says: Thank you so much HappyG :) Yup Callanish was my first marathon. I needed to shift some lard for my wedding and I thought running would help me do that. I didn't want to be a fat bride! It did work, but then I was hooked and just couldn't stop running.
Mandymoo asks: Congrats Corrah and well done, so well deserved. What is your favourite piece of running kit and why?

Corrah says: Thank you MM :) Clothing wise it has to be my Shock Absorber for pretty obvious reasons although I'm a big fan of buffs. They are just so useful. Tech wise I get separation anxiety if I don't have my Garmin with me!
suzyloves asks: Congrats! An amazing year of running, very well deserved! If you could give someone struggling with their running mojo one piece of advice, what would it be?

Corrah says: Thank you Suzy :) Go back to running for fun. Run in beautiful places that inspire you and feed the soul. Don't worry about times, pace or anything like that. Run with friends, run alone, just go out and be free.
.B. asks: Congratulations Corrah on your running year and MoTM, you are an inspiration! One of the things you've done this year is lose weight, can I ask how you did it, what made the difference this year?

Corrah says: Thank you very much .B. :) I kind of didn't have much choice as I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last October. Decided no way was that going to control my life, so I reduced both my carbohydrate intake and my calories. I log everything I eat (it can be a pain sometimes), but it makes me accountable to myself. Turns out I didn't need all that food that I used to eat and I've managed to find alternatives which do not affect my blood sugar readings as much. The nice thing was the more weight that came of the easier I found it to run and the faster I became. At last check up blood sugar results normal :)
Sombrero asks: Corrah. Many congratulations to a worthy winner. My question is this: if you had a pet coconut, let's say a male one, what would you name him?

Corrah says: Thanks very much Som. Loving the off the wall question :) I think I would call a pet coconut Colin, so he would be Colin Coconut. Sad, but true :)
Columba asks: Very well deserved, Corrah! Is there a story behind the avatar? Is it a particular cat, and how old is he or she now?

Corrah says: Thank you Columba :) He was still a kitten when I joined Fetch, so I thought he would make cute avatar (I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady anyway). His name is Floyd and although he is the youngest of 3 cats in the house, he is by far the laziest. He will be 8 this August.
Captain S asks: Many congratulations on the MOTM award and as it's nearly Christmas. Do you believe in Santa?

Corrah says: Thank you CaptainS. I'm afraid I'm answering this slightly after Christmas, but yes I do. I track him every year :)
shanksi asks: Congratulations, Corrah. A great year full of PBs with many more to come, I'm sure. So, G24, how far can you go?

Corrah says: Thank you shanksi :) You'll find out in September :) I have a minimum mileage that I know I can achieve, but my G24 plan was just 'changed' by a conversation in a put at the weekend, so now even I don't know how far I can go. :)
westmoors asks: Congratulations. Which would you choose and why:
a) only run one more race but get a mahoosive PB

b) carry on running/racing for as long as you want but never achieve another PB.

Corrah says: Thank you westmoors :) That's a really hard one to answer as I'm pretty sure I have more PBs in me, but if it came down to it, I'd probably just like to run/race for as long as I wanted. PBs aren't everything and I enjoy running too much not to do it.
FML asks: Well Done Corrah, well deserved and good to see a 700 thread member win. Money no object, where in the world would you love to run. Either a race or training run?

Corrah says: Thank you FML :) I think I'd quite like to run in New Zealand. I'm lucky enough to be able to run in some beautiful places in Scotland, but I think NZ would rock on the scenery scale too.
Torry Quine asks: Nice one Corrah. What plans for 2017?

Corrah says: Thanks TQ :) More running (there's a surprise). I'm hoping to see some more improvements to my times and I will be working out at the gym several days per week to cross train. Other than that on a personal front a house move is on the cards which will be a new beginning for me :)
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 asks: Well done Corrah - What sport was you best at back in the day at school ?

Corrah says: Many thanks Caz. :) School sport and me didn't go together. I was the fat kid so PE was pure torture for me. Hated every minute of it, however thankfully one kind PE teacher always tried to encourage and challenge me, so I guess I enjoyed anything she taught (usually hockey). Used to watch quite a bit of athletics when I was a kid as my dad was a marathon runner in his younger days. Just glad that my bad experience didn't put me off :)
KimCanRun asks: Well done Corrah. You've gotten (pretty huge) PB's at every distance this year. Are you looking for more PB's at every distance or going to concentrate on one distance?

Corrah says: Thank you Kim :) I would love another clean sweep in 2017 and I'm still not sure how much more I'm capable of so I'll give it a go. I reckon in the longer term I will focus on the shorter distances and I fancy having a go at duathon/triathlon at some point, so I can be mediocre at more than one discipline!
sallykate asks: Congratulations Corrah, well-deserved. Did you have a "wow" moment when you started running -- something that made you love it rather than merely tolerate it -- and if so what?

Corrah says: Thank you SK :) I think my wow moment was when I crossed the finish line after running my first 5k race, which was actually the Race for Life back in 2009. The endorphins kicked in and how I loved them. I went round telling random strangers that I'd just run 5k. I also had a bit of a wow moment when I lost the weight and running became easier. Could not believe how much easier it was. Felt like I could just go on forever.
McGoohan asks: Well done Corrah. My question is - what question would you have liked to be asked? And what would your answer have been?

Corrah says: Thank you McGoohan :) I think I would have like to have been asked the air speed velocity of an un laden swallow. The answer of course depends on whether it is an African or European swallow ...
ferret asks: HugeCongratulations for this, & all your running, amazing year. What, if anything, other than gels, orange segments, drinks & salts for cramp, do you eat on long runs & ultras? Including ideal breakfast please :-)

Corrah says: Thank you ferret :) Breakfast is easy. I love porridge, but I make mine with almond milk as it gives it a bit more of taste. For long runs and ultras I'm moving away from gels now on to real food. Will eat crisps (ready salted), butteries (aka rowies), nuts (any type), banana, dried fruit such as apricots, chia bars, flapjacks and that kind of thing. I will still have gels, but I find I actually feel like I want to eat something and it's much more satisfying, especially since I do have to watch my diet the rest of the time, so I can indulge in some guilty pleasures.
mrs shanksi asks: I'm so pleased you won this! Very well deserved. My question is what are your running ambitions? Do you make plans years ahead or do you go with the flow?

Corrah says: Thank you MrsS :) I kind of have some rough plans, then they go out the window and I end up just making things up as I go along :) For example every year I hold out for London and get rejected, so I do something else (Manchester for the 2nd year running). Also running Loch Ness Mara again as the first time was a complete nightmare and my slowest time ever. I have unfinished business to attend to.
XB asks: Well done. Sounds like you've had a storming year. Which beach would you run on if you could have a choice.

Corrah says: Many thanks XB :) I'm lucky enough to have run on several beaches. My favourite that I haven't actually run on is Yellowcraigs Beach in East Lothian. Beautiful views of Fidra Island and over to Fife.
zp asks: Congratulations! A simple one: Marmite, yay or nay? :)

Corrah says: Thank you zp :) A definite YES to Marmite. I made it up as a hot drink once I'd finished Glenmore 12 hour race. It was just lovely. Makes a nice stock base too :)
Hamster1207 asks: Well done Corrah. Fantastic achievements this year and not just in running. Apparently I now need to ask you a question so if you could live anywhere in the world and with anyone in the world, where would it be and who would you live with ? Obviously you would be living of your private income for being so awesome so you wouldn't need to worry about work.

Corrah says: Thank you Hamster :) That is a difficult one as there are lots of places I would like to live (quite a few of them here in Scotland), although there has been talk of a 700 miles thread commune down in Cornwall! Not sure who I would like to live with. Would probably say I would like to live on my own but have similarly minded people in close proximity.
Night-owl asks: Congratulations Corrah. You get to invent a new race where would it be and how far would it be and anything interesting like terrain and obstacles would it consist of

Corrah says: Thank you Owlie :) Hmm, this is a hard one. The race would most certainly have to be fun and probably done in a group, so it is a team effort :) Would be in the countryside or woods or another scenic location but not on roads. I'm thinking around 10k so it's not too long and that team participants are in some way tied together so they have to run at the pace of the slowest member. Round the course there would be challenges such as finding out something they didn't know about each member of the team or counting the different species of trees in the forest, that kind of thing.
Angus Clydesdale asks: I just wanted to say "Congratulations!" to you.

Question? Errr.........
Have you got any idea how awesome and inspirational you are?

Corrah says: Aww, thanks AC :) You have made me blush. I just try to see the positive in things. With every setback comes an opportunity. We are only here once, so we might as well enjoy it and be the best we can be.
AnnieABZ asks: Well done, 2016 has been a massive year for you sooooooooo what did you have for your breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks did you have today ?

Corrah says: Thank you crazy training partner :) Well breakfast was a croissant with a medium skinny latte, lunch is stir fried veg with Thai Green Curry Paste, snacks were a carrot and a banana. Haven't decided what I'm having for tea yet, but I'm thinking loads more veg and possibly something either soya or quorn like :)
Nywanda asks: Dearest Corrah, I remember you way back from before you were famous ;-) and your ambition was to essentially get to where you are now. What's the next milestone in life (running/writing/conveying the can-do attitude/charity work/your own choice) and what can your running friends and fellow Fetchies do, to help you achieve that (if anything)?

Corrah says: Thank you Nywanda :) I'm thinking about a change of career. I dislike sitting at a desk all day and would like to have a more active job. What that is or how I can achieve it I don't yet know, but am making tentative enquiries into potential options :)
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