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Interview with Lip Gloss

Angus Clydesdale asks: Oh, excellent! Congratulations!! With which of the Still Game characters do you most identify, and why? And which one would you go to The Clansman with?

Lip Gloss says: Thank you Angus.
I would be Meena - Naveed’s wife. I don’t like to be in the spotlight but would still have something to say . Would like to go the Clansman with Isa. She would keep me updated with all the gossip.
pedroscalls asks: Woohoo a local winner. Congratulations LG, my question is, if time and money were no object what route or race would you love to do?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Pedro,
I would love to do a Sydney parkrun and then a run around The Opera House. When we were in Oz I wasn’t even running but loved to watch them run around Darling harbour although I wouldn’t like the heat of the summer months.
chunkywizard asks: Congrats LG, well deserved :-) My question is, what 3 things do most Fetchie not know about you?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Chunky,

If I told you I would then have to kill you ;-) . You could try asking my sister Torry Quine but She has also been sworn to secrecy.

One wee teaser is and it’s possibly why I dislike bagpipes…..I’m English ( by birth )
Mushroom asks: Congrats! What question wouldn't you like some one to ask you, and what would your answer be?

Lip Gloss says: Thank you Mushroom.
This was far my easiest question….see the above question and answers.

I really struggled to find anything about myself that I haven’t already said on one thread or another or which is suitable to use in public ;-)
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 asks: Congratulations Lip Gloss well deserved. Q - If you were to be offered golden tickets to any sporting event what would you choose to watch?

Lip Gloss says: Thank you RRRCaz,

I would love to see a Champions League final at the Camp Nou. Preferably it would be to watch ManUtd but the team from 1999 when they were unstoppable. Been In the stadium for a tour and it’s impressive.
FlyingScotsman asks: Congratulations! If you were an elite athlete in any sport what song would you want playing as you walked out onto the pitch?

Lip Gloss says: Thank you Flying Scotsman.

It would be Don’t stop me now by Queen. I would be hoping I was having a good time.
Sombrero asks: About time and congratulations!! The 700 miles thread is a source of great advice. What's the best thing you've learned from your time on there?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Som,

Don’t cry, don’t die.

The 700 guys have been amazing and I’ve learned that you need to be patient with injuries and it’s okay to rest if you need it.
westmoors asks: Congratulations. If you could meet anybody, past or present, who would it be and why?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Westmoors,

I would love to meet up with my mum again . She passed away at the age I am now and so my son was about the age my grandson is now and I would love her to meet all her great grandchildren and so she could see how everyone was doing in their lives. heart

I would also love to meet George Michael. I did get to see him live back in the 80’s in his wham days. Just such a talented man and another gone too soon.
Serendippily asks: Well deserved :-) Who is the best runner in your family and who started running first?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Dipps.

I’ve got say we are not a family of runners - well my family isn’t.

I will answer your second question first. My sister Torry Quine, her son and his father were all running long before I was. In fact it was my sister who introduced me to parkrun and the world of fetch. I had run/walked race for life a few times but never thought about running till my sister told me about a new event in Aberdeen - parkrun. I turned up at their 2nd event and gave it a go. The rest is history as they say.

I would say my son is the best runner in my family. Never ran before and then he and his boss entered 2015 London Marathon and they got in. He put the training in whilst being a new dad, ran one half marathon a couple of weeks before the event just to see how it felt in a crowd then knocked out a 4 hour Marathon and promptly gave up again.
XB asks: Well done, Lippy. If you had to cook a meal for a VIF (Very Important Fetchie), me for example, what would you cook to show off your culinary skills? Starter, mains, and pudding.

Lip Gloss says: Thank you XB.

My starter would be a nice plate of broth. I do like my soup ;-)

My main course would be Lasagne so I would like to think you liked mince as I’ve never tried to make a vegetarian version.

My pudding would be a cheesecake - strawberry preferably. I‘ve not made many puddings/desserts as I’m usually too full to eat a third course.

I do hope you would approve.
Pothunter asks: Congratulations! Flipping XB’s question around slightly what would your death row meal be? Starter, main and dessert with some it to wash it down. Unlike XB’s version you don’t have to do the cooking :-)

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Pothunter.

This was a good question as I’ve often told my OH what I would like for my last meal.

Starter would be melon or if my soup was available I would have that.

Main course would be a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. I love a roast chicken.

Pudding would have to be a hour or so later - delaying the death part just a bit longer and it would be sticky toffee pudding with pouring cream over the top.

All washed down with a glass or two of Rosé.
Dooogs asks: Congratulations, LG! - worth it for your daily poems as well as so much more. :) If you got paid to spend a year chronicling your running adventures but it all had to be in the same form of poem (haiku, epic couplets, sonnet, etc), Which one would you choose?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Doogs. I am blaming I_W for saying I should try it way back on my first blog of the year.

If daily I had to make a rhyme,
As I’m pushed getting to work on time,
I’d put on my lipgloss and compose a Limerick,
But next Jan 1st, I’ll stick with Auld Lang Syne.
Mandymoo asks: Whoop whoop well done - my normal question- what is your go to snack after a long run or race?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Mandy,

After a short run and we go for coffee afterwards it will be a fruit scone with butter and jam. Unfortunately after a long run or race I can’t eat anything straight away, and two of our local races put on such a great feed afterwards but I can’t face it but would happily like to go back a hour or so later and tuck in :-) .
The Pin Lady asks: Congratulations LG. You find you have an empty day in your diary, how would you spend it?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Pin Lady,

An empty day would see me doing a run probably first thing and then if I knew it was happening I would have arranged a lunch or coffee catch up with one of my chums so that we could have a leisurely time.

I would sometimes like to take myself into town for a browse round the shops but since the first lockdown I don’t go now :-(
Ness asks: Congratulations on MOTM. What is the best piece of advice you have been given for either running or life in general?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Ness,

Probably one I still can’t quite achieve - and that is to not be too hard on myself.

In running it’s been rest when your body tells you too - especially when injured. I’m not good at being patient ;-)
minardi asks: Congratulations LG. You win a million pounds - what do you do with it?

Lip Gloss says: Thanks Minardi,

If I won a million I would give most of it away. As long as I had enough to retire I would then make sure my son and OH’s boys were comfortable. A few gifts to people who have been there for me through my bad times and then the rest to charity.
LindsD asks: Congratulations! so well deserved. Can you please ask Mavis what it's like working for Fetch and Katie? ;)

Lip Gloss says: Thanks LindsD,

Mavis said it’s the best job in the world. Lord and Lady Fetch are the friendliest folk you would like to meet ( and I have ) and the kettle is never off.

Fetch towers is a bit Crowded at the moment as nobody wanted to leave after the Castle Challenge but it’s all good fun.
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