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Interview with SarahWoo

Serendippily asks: Congratulations SarahWoo Iā€™m so pleased. Of which run are you most proud?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Dipps. I think that would be my first half marathon - the Royal Parks in 2009. I'd been running for a couple of years then and had done a couple of 10Ks but never thought I'd be able to manage a half. I ran it with lovely friends (MandyMoo, HelenJane and Linsblake) who supported me brilliantly and I had a ball. I've never bettered my time (2 hr 25) since!
pedroscalls asks: Congratulations SarahWoo, my question is, if time and money was no object what race or route would you love to do.

SarahWoo says: Thanks, pedro. That's quite a difficult one but having thought about it a bit, I think it would be the Lake Maggiore half marathon. We were there on holiday in May and the scenery is breathtaking. The race runs along the lakeside road and would be wonderful to do - and pretty flat!!
Mandymoo asks: Congratulations Woo..what can I ask that I dont already know? Hmmm - ok what's your favourite race ever?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Moodle! I was going to say the Royal Parks Half that we did but I've already talked about that one. It'll therefore have to be the Down Flow Up Tow Half from Windsor to Marlow that I ran with SallyKate in 2010. Really beautiful run in excellent company :) Must do it again some time.
westmoors asks: Congratulations SW. If you could meet anybody, past or present, who would it be and why?

SarahWoo says: Thanks, westmoors. I've never thought about this before. I think I would like to have met King George VI and talked to him about how he dealt with taking on the throne after the abdication of his brother. The film 'The King's Speech' was quite moving and portrayed him as an interesting man.
Autumnleaves asks: Congratulations! My question is, what made you take up running?

SarahWoo says: Thanks, AL. I spent a while on the Weight Loss Resources website losing 3 stones. There were forums there too, including one for Runners. A lot of the people I'd got to know there (MandyMoo, HellsBells, SallyKate, to name a few) were running and I knew if I wanted to keep the weight off, I needed to do something more energetic than a bit of horse-riding. I started off with the RW version of C25K in 2007, joined Fetch a few months later, and haven't looked back!
Pothunter asks: Congratulations! Who are your sporting and non-sporting heroes?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Pothunter. I've found this quite difficult to answer - I think I've discovered that I don't really have heroes! ;)

I was amazed by the equestrian, Nick Skelton, who broke his neck after a fall from a horse in 2000, was told he would never ride again and came back to become the oldest equestrian to win an Olympic Gold Medal at the age of 58, in 2016.
My non-sporting hero is my husband (although he is a bit sporty these days!). He took on my kids as well as me 20 years ago and has loved us all to bits ever since, through thick and thin.
HellsBells asks: Yesssss! Congratulations lovely one! Easy question - when can we next have tea and cake?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, HB! I think we should select a parkrun midway between us (that has a good cafe nearby) and meet there one Saturday.
RRR-CAZ šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ asks: Super SarahWoo congratulations - If you were to be given a golden ticket for any sporting event in the world what would you choose to watch ?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Caz! This is tricky too but I reckon it would be the Olympic equestrian events, especially the cross-country. I went to Badminton Horse Trials a few years ago for the first time and loved it. It would be wonderful to see all that on an international level. I've never watched a dressage competition live either and I think that would be pretty special.
Helegant asks: Congratulations SarahWoo. Which is your favourite bridge, and why?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Helegant. I love the Millau Bridge in southern France. We once drove down there for a long weekend just to see it. It's an incredible construction and there's something almost ethereal about it. We drove over it 2 or 3 times and also went down to the village below it. We parked right underneath it and looking up at it from that angle was amazing. Definitely worth a visit if you've never been.
Columba asks: Congratulations SarahWoo. What do you like to do, the day after a really tough race?

SarahWoo says: Thanks, Columba. First of all, have a lie-in with a nice cup of tea. I usually like to keep moving so dog-walking would come into it but also lots of eating - I get very hungry the day afterwards. Pizza is my favourite junk food so I'd treat myself to one with lots of ham and mushrooms, followed by a large bag of Cadburys giant chocolate buttons pig
Sombrero asks: Congratulations. If you inherited a guinea pig, and it's established name was Malcolm, would you change the name? How about if it turned out to be a girl?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Som. I don't think I would change its name - that would be confusing for the poor thing. It might already be bewildered by a change of home and owner! ;) I wouldn't change it if it turned out to be a girl either - she wouldn't know one way or the other and it's good to be a bit different anyway! (although I can't say Malcolm without doing an impression of that bloke in the Tunes advert from many moons ago)
Mrs Sunbed asks: Congratulations. What is your favourite distance to run and why?

SarahWoo says: Thank you, Mrs Sunbed. My running history is pretty paltry but I think 10K is my favourite because there are some lovely 10K races about and the distance is within reach on the back of sporadic training! It I was a more serious, consistent runner, I think I'd go for 10 miles - not quite as tough as a half but still a significant achievement.
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