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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Member of the Month - Foxy

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HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats to the legendary Foxy D! I'm first, and I'm not going to ask "what next" after all your huge numbers and exploits, but let's go back to... what started it all? Why start running, what kept you wanting to run and what drives you on to huge numbers and bigger challenges? Why not just sit down and have a nice cup of tea?! Congrats again! :-)G

Foxy says: That cuppa sounds good can I get a chocolate Hob Nob with it please ? In Feb 2005 I entered a competition on a bottle of Highland spring water to win a trip to watch the NYC marathon, I didn't win. In in the letter informing me I hadn't won I was offered the chance to run the race & raise funds for breast cancer care& on a whim I said yes & thought nothing of it until 2 weeks later when a training plan arrived with a fundraising pack. Three months later I took my first steps as a runner on a 5 month couch to sub 5 training plan & ran 6 days a week sticking rigidly to the plan which did exactly what it said on the tin - I ran my first race of any distance, The NYC Marathon in 4.53 in Nov 2005 & thought I could travel the world doing one a year but then in 2006 one became five & then it got to the stage where the running meant more than the travel - there's no other reason to do the Gatliff 50k in Kent in November - they didn't even sell postcards ;)
K-Web asks: Oh, so many potential questions, so little time ;-) I promise I shall be good. For a change. Firstly, massive congrats Boss, I'm a very proud employee you thoroughly deserved to be the first 2 times winner ;-) 1 question in 2 parts - what's your biggest highlight of the last 12 months - both running and non-running? Oh - and another question - can I have a pay rise? :-P Love ya loads Bossman :-)

Foxy says: Thank you K-Web. There have been so many highlights both running & non - running related.

I'm gonna break the running section down into two parts - Many of the running highlights don't involve me but have included my friends achieving fantastic milestones - Traviss going Sub 24 at the Berlin 100 miler, Els winning GUCR, The Godfather Steve Edwards racking up 500 Sub 3.30 marathons,Dave Ross getting Silver at Comrades,K-Web completing her 1st trail marathon & of course the fantastic Ultra Kaz completing the 10 in 10 for a second time (proving the first one wasn't a fluke) & also completing her 100th Marathon too.

These & so many more folks (& I know I will have forgotten a few & for that I apologise) have really made me proud & indeed inspired me.

Personally I've struggled with my own running but the 2 highlights for me were completing my 5th 10 in 10 even through ill health & finishing the Thames Path 100 mile event completing 40 miles on a pulled groin & I have many of the names above to thank for getting me back to Windsor for my buckle & being there on that freezing cold March weekend.

My Non running highlights were my eldest Son Cameron racking up 6 A* & 6 A's in his GCSE's & as a big sports fan getting to attend the Champions League final at Wembley & the final stage of the Tour De France in Paris.

I'll double your salary ;)
GregP asks: Why don't Tom and Martin refer to you as 'a friend of the show' - have you offended them?

Foxy says: Can i ask who Tom & Martin are ?
Watford Wobble asks: You just appear to run. And run. What are your thoughts on POSE, HOKAS and such like? I reckon Flanker has a wonderful light style of running. Any runner you've seen whose style you admire? Two questions but hey ho.

Foxy says: I have never really given running style much thought I just step out the door & run. I tried Hokas for 6 months before deciding they're not for me. I have friends in Luna's so might give them a go.

TZ has a very natural easy looking style (& he's bloody quick !!)
Lee Wren asks: Not a question, just a test, using your winning super powers can you tell me how many bananas I'm holding in my left hand?

Foxy says: 3 one pre run, 1 during & 1 post run ?! ;) have I won ? what's the prize ? 3 weeks in Barbados ?! ;)
thuginasuit asks: Well done again!! With 10 in 10, Enigma events running round the world and training how the hell do you find time to do the important things in life like drinking beer and giving K-Web a rise?

Foxy says: My beer drinking has really suffered since taking up running, but my waistline has recovered a little bit, I do enjoy some post race rehydration with my special Mexican rehydration drink (Named after another Fetchie ;) )

Must find time for contract negotiations with my RD :)
mushroom asks: Congratulations on MOTM (again). After watching your exploits at the 10in10 I just wanted to say a massive well done - you help inspire me and other runners to keep on going!

After running round Windermere 50 times surely you must have found the keys you dropped the first time??

Foxy says: I've never really consider myself as an inspiration but rather touched that I was able to inspire you.

Yeah found them on day 10 they were in the pocket of an old jacket with half a pack of polos ;)
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats you old perv ....serious question now Top 3 tottie of ALL time

Foxy says: Fetchies or real people ? Megan Fox, Heather Graham & Your Mum ;)
Mrs Sunbed asks: You support the greatest football team in the world #fact what would be your position in a Wolves XI and who would join you?.

Foxy says: I'd onlt select players I actually saw play (aplogies to Billy Wright,Stan Cullis,Waggy & the Doug.)

In goal - Mike Stowell, Back four : Parkin, Lescott, De Wolf & Naylor. Midfield : Rae, Hibbert,Jarvis, Upfront : Robbie Keane just behind Bull & Richards. Bench : Matt Murray,Kenny Miller,Steven Fletcher,Paul Ince & Dennis Irwin. (I was best suited as an attacking right sided midfielder.)
Naomi P asks: Congrats FD, about time :-) Now, how bloody awful was that Picnic marathon back in the day?

Foxy says: Thank you Naomi - that was indeed a grand day out & enjoyed your company :) These days I find the Picnic clashes with days I'm washing my hair ;)
emdee asks: This is a bit of a "how many sweets are in the jar?" question, but if you put on all your medals and buckles, how fast do you think you could run a lap of Caldecotte?

Foxy says: I can't lift my display "crate" it slides under the bed - maybe I could get a sled & run with that ? bring a calendar rather than a watch ;)
WA asks: Congratulations Foxy - well deserved. Thanks for all the support in May! How difficult / easy was the decision not to run the 10 in 10 again?

Foxy says: A pleasure to spend the 10 days with you. It was a tough decision but one I made upon getting accepted in July last year. Time to seek out other challenges - I did waiver in the week after this years event & was really down the following Friday & did start thinking maybe ? It's an addiction I need to get over. Next May will be tough with the event on & not doing it.
Nightjar asks: Hey Foxy - congrats. What do you make of the other 10-in-10 events that are starting to crop up?

Foxy says: I guess it was inevitable, so many folks have come to me & said "I'd love to do it, but can't do the fundraising" I did a couple of days of the Irish version & enjoyed it - more basic & less organised but I'm told all of their events are. The Barrow event next year is a very different event given that it's off road involves maps/instructions & entrants will have up to 13 or 14 hours per day to complete 26.2 miles. Many folks want the triple Crown of 100 marathons, 100 miler & 10 in 10 & there aren't many of us with all 3 (yet !!)
Bintmcskint asks: Well done on MOTM, Foxy. I think it's about time I entered an Enigma event :-) Which one do you think I should do first?

Foxy says: would be great to have you along :) How about back to Front in June - choose if you want to run clockwise or anti-clockwise - morning or afternoon ? A choice of colours for your double spinning medal too !!
Mrs Winkle asks: Congrats Foxy. If you were to race a real life actual fox over marathon distance, who would win?

Foxy says: Good question ? would depend if it was road or trail,I like my Tarmac but Foxes like off road - I like refueling on jaffa cakes, they like chickens - I reckon I'd have him ;)
Night-owl asks: Congrats Foxy. What is the ultimate challenge in terms of running for you if there is one? If not which famous person would you love to have at one of your races

Foxy says: For me I found running 100 milers the toughest thing I have ever done & the distance is responsible for my only DNF - running beyond your waking hours is so tough. I'd love to have Haile come run with the fox :)
minardi asks: congratulations Foxy. Why?

Foxy says: why what ? why do I run ? keeps me out of trouble & gives me time to clear my head & do some thinking :)
Sunbed Athlete asks: Well done fella!! Why a fox and not a wolf? #COYW

Foxy says: All relates to an incident in the 60's where Jimi Hendrix was opening for the Monkees & while playing foxy Lady the girls were singing "Foxy Davy" waiting for the good looking Englishman Davy Jones.
buttscratcher asks: Congratulations foxy is your trademark finish inspired by the goal celebration of a certain stevie bull

Foxy says: I have to admit the answer is no, I stole it off Tim Don who did it winning the World Tri championships in 2006 or 2007 - i first bought it out of the "Hangar" in Barcelona - March 2007.
_andy asks: Is there time for a sneaky question at the very end? Yes? Ok, let's do it!

First of course, many congrats to the foxy-dude on the MOTM achievement 0 nice one. Can't believe no-one else has asked this, so here goes:
Future Races. What's on your bucket-list of races around the world, given fairy-godmother style funding and sponsorship so you could do any that you wanted? And also, what's on the calendar next, both short-term and long-term?
Well done again!

Foxy says: In the short term I have Celebration,FL & New Orleans early next year (I have just completed 7 in 7 days in 6 states) Madrid & Lisbon next year & I will be doing Tokyo in 2015 to finish off the World Marathon Majors again. I'm chasing membership of the 50 states club before I'm 50 ( I've run marathons in 14 so far). Top of the bucket list are Antartica as I want all the continents & Two Oceans in South Africa :)

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