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Interview with runningmumof3boys

Winded asks: When you started triathlons was there a discipline you had to work hard to get right and do you still have to concentrate on some things more than others?

runningmumof3boys says: Oh yes most defiinitely! Swimming- swimming is by far my weakest discipline! When i started Triathlon I couldnt swim 50m of front crawl ! (I could swim but it would be alternating between breast stroke and front crawl) - although I can now complete a 1.9km swim entirely front crawl now I am slow and this is something I need to work on over the winter- finishing middle of the pack would be better than the back (although it makes it fun making up places on the bike and the run) :-)
Jinksy asks: Congratulations runningmumof3boys!! Very well done :-) What's the first thing you did when your GBR kit arrived?

runningmumof3boys says: Thank you :-) - I think i had a little squeee of excitement then took a selfie in it what else? haha ;-)
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: About time you won ;-) so tell me why did you go to the dark side and what do you love about it

runningmumof3boys says: thanks buddy - hmm I may have been talked into the dark side a little bit by some mate of mine ;-) - I love the fact that I really dont feel pre race nerves like before a running race- an event is more like a "day out" for me- I love the feeling of making up places on the bike that i have lost by being last out of the water :-)
swittle asks: What other chance Fetchie meetings have you had, besides ours amongst the Iron Men?

runningmumof3boys says: hmmmm - chance meetings none that I can think of tbh! my earliest fetch memory though and one that made me realise in the early days of joining what a wonderful community it is was back in 2010 when I hadnt been a member long and I was running the Birmingham half marathon and must have mentioned on a thread that I was concerned about the start time and hadnt found a hotel and the lovely velocirapter offered me a bed for the night AND offered to pace me despite having ran snowdon marathon the night before- so I met V'rap and mr V rap(aka el bee)

oh and also Argie managed to spot me amongst the 10000s at the Bupa 10000 in London a few years ago (i thought he was from argentina because of his name ! that always makes me giggle)
RichHL asks: Woohoo! Congratulations, rmo3b. Now you've got your TeamGB trisuit, will you still run in those stylish outfits? The sailor was outstanding.

runningmumof3boys says: never say never Rich - I think I will ALWAYS dress up for the Great North Run- it reminds me of where it all started (Race For lifes in pink tutus etc) it keeps it a little fun and reminds me where it all started for me
Garfield asks: Wow and congratulations on MOTM and competing for GB! Do you feel tempted to do the longer triathlons?

runningmumof3boys says: Thanks Garfield- Well there is only one other distance triathlon longer than I have already done and that is the full Ironman- and well never say never- I think it is inevitable I will do one one day for sure !
TheScribbler asks: Massive congratulations on all your well deserved success this year. It's been brilliant to see you do so well, first as a runner, now as a triathlete. My question is 'what keeps you smiling?'

runningmumof3boys says: thank you very much :-) you know what at the risk of sounding like a massive cliche i smile because I love it (running and tri that is) - i cant not smile! even on my own mid run or ride i can break into a massive grin just coz of the exilleration ! Ive always been the same I even smile when i am taking somebodys photo and I am behind the camera (thats a bit of a joke amongst my family and friends!!)
Ness asks: Congratulations on MOTM. What advice would you give to a runner who has never taken part in a triathlon about where to start? Would it be a good idea to go for a duathlon first, do you think?

runningmumof3boys says: hmmmm thats a good question- ive done a few duathlons and I would say they are harder tbh - your legs are way more mashed when you start the bike leg than after a swim (unless thats just to do with my poor swimming??) - but it will certainly get you used to the whole "transtion" and the feel of running off the bike ! so if you are thinking about a tri then yes maybe find a nice sprint duathlon to do over the winter :-)
Neilio asks: Well done you on MOTM plus the GB suit. Red sauce or brown?

runningmumof3boys says: thank you- Brown sauce but only with Pork Pies and Scotch eggs - a dash of red in a hot dog and maybe a bacon butty :-)
minardi asks: Many many congratulations. You're always smiling - what do you do when things get tough?

runningmumof3boys says: thank you :-) hmmm i think my boys would disagree with the always smiling - especially at dinner time ! but when things get tough I like a nice kit kat chunky and frothy coffee :-) OR the more sensible answer would be i go for a run as it without a doubt gives me happy endorphins
richmac asks: Massive, massive congrats on MOTM, but really on the GB suit, go on how does it feel to have that 'PARR GBR' on your front?

runningmumof3boys says: Massive thanks! oooh i cant lie it does feel pretty amazing (and a little fraudulent - when im exiting the water last) - but it is the best experience ever and I do hope to qualify for another event so the suit can get another outing!
Ted asks: Awesomely well done RMo3B :)

If you were competing in an open water swim as part of a Tri, and you saw both Argie and HOD struggling in the currents. What cake would you eat first after the event?

runningmumof3boys says: hahahahahahaha - Thank you- Coffee and Walnut.....ooh or Carrot....or Fudge tart...Or bakewell tart....or ...look lets face it any cake will do ;-)
Lalli asks: Huge congrats on your accomplishments. How do you manage to fit all your training around your family and work?

runningmumof3boys says: many thanks ! I am rather lucky in that my boys are all in school and I work for myself (freelance fitness instructor) I only teach 3 classes a week (so thats 3 hours!) but as they are my own classes in village hall and are busy classes its enough! my "other" job is a carer where i basically go to work and go to bed ! out when kids in bed home when kids just getting up for school which is perfect - this leave plenty of hours in the day for training :-) :-)
Sunbed Athlete asks: Congratulations! Is any of your boys going to follow in your footsteps? Do you get them to clean your bike and tell them it's a learning curve!

runningmumof3boys says: Thanks- hmm well if I can drag the eldest away from the football pitch , the middle one away from his Xbox i may have a chance- maybe I should work on the youngest he is already a better swimmer than me and I taught him to ride a bike in the summer so he is part way there!
I would let them wash my bike however nobody touches mummys bike only mummy!!!!
DrPhleecingD asks: Well done, Rmo3b! Tell me, were you born awesome, or did you just have awesomeness thrust upon you?

runningmumof3boys says: Thanks Fleecey - According to my mum and dad when I was born in a cold Lancashire Hospital Christmas 1973 the nurses used to wheel my crib into the "mop cupboard" because it was the warmest room on the ward ???!!! would they put an "awesome baby" in a mop cupboard??? ;-)
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats D on MotM. You've done really well in your running (and tri, obv!) - but what is it that you love most about your sport(s)? Winning and doing well, or general fitness and well being, or the social side? Or all of it?! Congrats again. :-) G

runningmumof3boys says: Thanks G :-) - great question! Ive never won lol winning would be great! I am very competative against myself though and a PB is always welcomed ! but mainly I enjoy the endorphins that just being outside and moving gives me - it really does keep me sane ! my circle of friends has quadrupled since i started running what with my running and tri clubs and of course Fetch which is lovely although I am really not that much of a "social butterfly"
Fat Dave asks: Congrats: very well deserved. How on earth do you manage to mix the R with the MO3B bit so successfully?

runningmumof3boys says: Thanks- Im pretty lucky that all my boys are in school now that leaves me plenty of time to run!! as they get older i do feel less guilty about leaving them to go out and train and they are just happy I dont drag them all along to watch me race at weekends anymore :-)
Once a Sprinter ... asks: Really pleased to see your achievements recognised here. Well done! When are you going to make an appearance at Peterborough parkrun? You don't have to swim in the lake!

runningmumof3boys says: Thank you - and I reeeeeeally hope to make it soon hopefully before Christmas :-)
WtnMel asks: Congratulations on representing GBR but more importantly, for MotM. Now that you are doubly famous, are the days of posing for charity calendars behind you ;)

runningmumof3boys says: hahahaha Miss June has Nooooooooooo Idea what you is on about ;-) ;-)
monsenb1 asks: Congrats! Which are your favourite running races at 5k, 10km, half and marathon distances and why?

runningmumof3boys says: Thank you -OK 5km - my nearest parkrun (Huntingdon) is a fast flat course so I know I can go there when I feel like "going for it" or equally a plod around (and have cake at the end) - 10km The Newham classic its an April event but has always been lovely sunshine it goes around the Olympic park (well it did) and at the end there is music, DJS, street dancers, kettle drums etc and Tessa Sanderson sponsors it and always turns up with a famous friend(1 year sharon davis, 1 year levi roots), half marathon it has to be Great North Run i did it 4 years on trot-I always dress up and enjoy the atmosphere and I went under 2 hours for the 1st time so it will always be special- and i "know" there are other marathons but I just loved running London marathon this year- you couldnt beat the atmosphere it left the others I have done in the shade (oh and it has Fetchpoint)
sallykate asks: Well done, and not before time! Has your love of fitness been taken up by any of your boys - in running, biking, swimming or anything else (zumba?!)

runningmumof3boys says: aaah thank you :-) ..... hmmmm not so much the boys are all footballers (except the youngest but I am sure he will turn into one soon enough!) he is currently having swim lessons and is already a better swimmer than his mummy ;-) and I did teach him to ride a bike this summer and told him he needed to so he could do a triathlon!
Argie asks: Congratulations on winning, its seems that the God's smile on Hotel Residents. Anyway, Guy Martin - Front or Back door?

runningmumof3boys says: Thanks Arginauld - i kid you not my front door is currently out of order- all visitors including Guy Martin like it or not have to use my back door
TROSaracen asks: If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience, would you [spend a year that way]?" How would you answer the question? Address either the psychological or philosophical issues raised by your response. ;-) Oh and well done

runningmumof3boys says: thank you Tro - Google is wonderful thing isnt it ;-) - wizz bang pop - thats my head exploding trying to answer Gregory Stocks question- I give up and will instead eat a KitKat Chunky
Bru-Bru asks: Congratulations! About time. 2 questions: having marshalled for the last few years at the St Neots Half, do you have any plans to run it or does all that triathloning rule it out? Also, is the day job a big help with your running/triathloning or is it a question of different muscles-different thing?

runningmumof3boys says: thank you! aah now Bru Bru I ran St neots half yesterday!! yes after 3 years of marshalling I braved it again and got myself a nice PB (1.47.21) when I first ran it in 2009 i finished in 2.20.01 so I am glad i made the effort! I think the pilates certainly helps with the running and tri for sure! I use the sessions to stretch and work on any areas I need !!! Zumba I guess keeps everything nice and supple but mainly it gives me happy endorphins as its such fun :-)
Angus Clydesdale asks: Ah, The Hotel's very own salida del sol - huge congrats on MotM and the whole GB thing too and not drowning fatally to death in a forgotten corner of a foreign beach.

A question now, about length: How long is best for you (and are you going longer next year)?

runningmumof3boys says: ah thanks- yeah I am glad I didnt become the 1st GB fatality!

Length- im not too fussed about length as long as I have fun and come away with a smile on my face..... I have no urges to go longer not in 2015 anyway (although I am very impulsive so dont hold me to that)
Nywanda asks: Hooray! Model of the month 😉 so, my vaguely sport related question is, you're 4.5km through a lactate bursting PB attempt, T2 was a mess and you need an inspirational song to cheer you in. What are your choices from your 70/80/90s faves and what one song would really grate your gears if you heard it in the finishing stretch? If that's really 4 questions, just give me a slap!

runningmumof3boys says: haha thanks C- crikey you stumped me with this one!! ok 1970s is tricky I was only a kiddy - not really motivational but a song that would make me happy and help me take mind off the pain is "let your love flow " by the bellamy brothers , 1980s "push it" by Salt n pepa would give me a kick up the arse , 1990s "higher state of consciousness" by Josh Wink ! and the song that would grate my gears "the end of the road" by boys to men is the only song i can think of that makes me want to vomit and throw the radio out the window (and yes its years old)
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