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Interview with Toks

RunnyRunRun asks: Would you prefer to be able to be able to run 100 miles in a day or a 2:30 marathon? :)

Toks says: I think I will more likely to run 100 miles than run a sub 2.30 marathon, rather love the longer distances anytime :-)
Craig_ asks: Well done Toks - Some amazing running, especially the 10 in 10 - What were the secrets to your success and what challenges have you got your eye for the future...?

Toks says: For the future I will love to run the thamespath 100 miler next year or at some point and I will love to seriously get into doing triathlons and for the long term goal is to get into the 100 marathon club by the time I am 50 omg :-) so lots of challenges there to keep me busy for a very long time :-)
SpicedApple asks: Congrats, Toks! As a Londoner, where in The Big Smoke do you like best for running?

Toks says: My favourite route is running from lewisham to tower bridge and back :-) but I will always love to run in the london marathon every year if I get in the ballot, London is just amazing on that day :-)
Mushroom asks: Well done on MOTM. What running achievement has or would give you the most satisfaction?

Toks says: 10 in 10 2012 has to be the one that is up there with the most satisfaction and to be able to do that with all the fetchies support and fundraise all the money for brathay trust is always will be amazing and memorable forever :-) not sure what will top that :-) but will see :-)
Northern Exile asks: Congratulations Toks. I often think that if I lived in a city and couldn't run in the hills it would absolutely kill me, do you ever get the urge to go seriously off-road? If you do, where do you go? :-)

Toks says: There is really no off road courses where I live and really miss that after 10 in 10, the only off road one that I do once a year is kent50 @ whitstable and I really love it and try and do it every year :-)
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats Toks. As a stalwart of the 1500 mile thread, who do you think would win in a race between jono and Terminator?! ;-) Only joking. Here's a proper one - I think you do quite a lot of your "main" running on a treadmill. Do you enjoy running on a treadmill or is it just a case of needs must? What's the longest you've done and what would be your top treadmill running tips?

Congrats again, :-)G

Toks says: HappyG, I have not run on the treddy for many months now as I have finally got bored of running on it :-0 I got into it because the children were quite young and I needed to keep my level of fitness up. I think I have ran 3 hours on the treddy before but I cannot imagine doing that now :-0
Torry Quine asks: Massive congratulations to a lovely lady. Are you still a fan of fish and chips during a marathon?

Toks says: Lol TQ, not normally but I suppose 10 in 10 was exceptional challenge so I had to get the calories in somehow and it just happened to be fish and chips and ice cream @ mile 21 :-) but I don't eat much on normal one marathon, happy with just a light breakfast and that will sustain me for the 26.2 miles :-)
Ness asks: Hi Toks. Congratulations. Do you plan to go for the "Ironman" somtime fairly soon? Next year maybe? What will your training strategy be for that?

Toks says: Hi Ness, I don't think soon, I need to be able to swim long distance first and I need to do serious lessons, just finding the time to fit it all in my busy life is the challenge and am looking to buy a not too expensive road bike as well too :-) so still far away from signing up for ironman yet, got to do a sprint triathlon first :-)
RichHL asks: Congratulations, Toks. I really have no idea how you manage to grind out the miles on a treadmill. How do you do it?

Toks says: Hi Rich, I seriously don't know how I do it either but started using treddy since 2002 when my eldest child was just two, it was convienient at the time and I just got use to it. But nowadays I run first thing in the morning before the whole family wake up outdoors and I have hardly ran on it for at least 5 months now :-)
geordiegirl asks: Huge congratulations and very well deserved member of the month, you are such an inspiration to many (me included) during your 10 in 10 training when I couldnt be bothered to run on a morning I would check FB and find you had already been out for a 10 mile run. So who or what is your inspiration?

Toks says: thanks GG, I will say that the inspirations comes from Sandra Robinson, a dear colleague that has a zest for life but was tragically taken from this world because of cancer :-) she was an inspiration to me and everyone that worked with her, so I really have her to thank for all that have achieved in running. Also my parents who are no longer with me, tomorrow is the 19th year of remembrance of my mum, she was a very inspirational woman, resilient and kind. Also my children inspire me to keep going and I will like to be their role model and be an inspiration to them, and to the wonderful fetchies that I have known over the year, just so much to mention, they have really been supportive and inspirational in every sense of the word, I am truly blessed and so grateful to you all xxx
MisterTea asks: Well done Toks. Enjoy following you on the 1500 mile thread and also the TiT videos from last year. I can occasionally manage a few early morning runs but how do you motivate yourself to do it day after day after day?

Toks says: Simple answer is : I just do it, just like Nike says, I don't think about it, it has to be an early run so that it is out of the way and I can be there for the children during the day, I set the alarm, my kit is ready for the morning and I just go do it before my brain says no, which I hardly listen to, TiT has taught me that you had to be very disciple to achieve greatness :-)
Comedycare asks: Well done. Have you ever sung along to "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha and secretly really been singing about yourself? "Tik TOKS on the clock, but the party don't stop...."

Toks says: Lol ;-) I must download the music then, not ever heard it :-)
RuthB2 asks: Congratulations! How did you start running and what do you enjoy most about it?

Toks says: I started running to lose weight after my eldest born but got the running bug after a 5k run in memory of friend. What I love most about is, the amazing people I have meet during the years of running, the inspiration from all the runners and the respect we give one another is truly remarkable and a privilege to be a part of :-) I also love spending time alone during training and meditating, it is my meeeeeeeeeeeee time and I cherish it dearly, running has help me through some challenging times, coping with the children, degree, work, it has been a life saver in my life, so hardly want to miss a run this planned even though I can be tired, it really does keep me sane ;-) :-)
_andy asks: Many congratulations Toks! Thoroughly deserved for such an inspirational runner. That's the area of my question here: what has most inspired you (both in life and in running)?

Toks says: Thanks Andy :-) I am inspired by truly remarkable people in my life, people that are with me and the ones that have been gone too soon from me as well. In the running community I have been very inspired by runners that give it their all each and everyday, fetchies, twitter followers, Facebook friends, I am inspired by professional athletes and think how can they do that? They have so much passion and drive in their respective sport. And it doesn't have to be only sport, I just admire people that have drive and passion in whatever they do and I think I love to do that and I try to go and do it. For example, learning to cycle, inline skating, dancing, tennis etc I just want to do everything and soak up all the skills that I admire in everyone I meet in my journey of life, I may not be perfect at all of them but I will give it a go and have fun :-)
Bru-Bru asks: Which gave you greater pleasure-the degree or completing the TiT?

Toks says: The answer is both :-) I had so much challenges undertaking the degree with 3 children and the youngest was not born and when he was born, writing a project of 10000 words has to be a challenge and a half when he just a newly born, how I did that is still surreal till today even 3 years on. Same with the 10 in 10 training and actually doing it took so much out of me with looking after my family and having to training regularly for 9 months before the event was very tough but well worth it for brathay trust and their commitment to young people and their development in life, still surreal again even after one year :-) I am so thankful to God for given me the strength to do both challenging events in my life and I will do it again in a heartbeat with no question asked :-)
Girlie asks: Well done on MOTM:-) What 3 essential items apart from trainers and clothing can't you run without?

Toks says: I cannot run without my iPhone, containing all the classic songs of years gone by plus today interesting ones too :-) I don't run with much anyway, like to keep thing lighter :-)
flip asks: All the questions have been asked so i'll just congratulate you. A most well deserved MOTM.

Toks says: Thank you very much Flip :-)
Night-owl asks: Congrat Toks. If there was a new marathon anywhere in the world that you would run where would that be?

Toks says: Hawaii, not sure they have one but it is my favourite destination in the world and it will be glorious running there :-)
joint ear knee asks: Well done Toks, really admire your determination, you're an inspiration! What's your favourite marathon and which one is top of your to do list?

Toks says: London and Windermere marathons are up there as my favourites but I will love to do New York marathon one day :-)
Puffing Bertie asks: Just wanted to say very well done and totally deserved. You are such an inspiration to everyone :-)

Toks says: Thanks sweetie :-) for your kind words but all the inspiration I got from all of you lovely fetchies, thanks to each and everyone of you for the inspiration and getting me here but long may the running continue for all of us and enjoy it too :-)
Corrah asks: Many congratulations and very well deserved. I too feel all the sensible questions have been asked, so I'll add in another silly one. If you could be an animal for the day, which would it be and why? xx

Toks says: Lol ;-) Antelope to be able to run faster and then I will be able to do that 3 hours sub marathon ;-)
runnerbean asks: biggest congrats Toks..something different from me..who is your favourite gospel singer and what is your favourite gospel song?

Toks says: Lots of inspirational gospel singers come to mind here, Ron kenoly, Darlene Zschech, Matt Redman and the sound of blackness gospel choirs too much to mention :-) I am going all the way, I believe, optimistic, everything is gonna be alright all by the sound of blackness choir :-) are songs that power me thru the runs each time and definitely on my playlist :-)
Tigerlily asks: Huge congratulations and much respect for your amazingness! Any plans for races up here in Bonnie Scotland?

Toks says: Thanks :-) I really miss Scotland :-( I will love to do the Glasgow to Edinburgh one day soon but I might be coming during the summer holiday to hang out with the lovely fetchies :-)
Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) asks: Well done Toks - you are such an inspiration and that lovely smile is always there (great to see you at VLM13 btw). What kept you going during those painful miles at Brathay?

Toks says: Thanks WW :-) lovely to see you too :-) 10in10 was an extra-ordinary challenge and something definitely bigger than myself kept me going that is for sure, first of all God almighty providing the inner strength to pull it out of the bag each day when I was so weak and wonder if I will ever complete a marathon in such pain I have never felt before in my entire life. Memories of sandra, mum and dad, my sisters from the states and Nigeria, mr toks and my lovely children, talking to them daily when I need a lift which was all the time really, the wonderful friends and strangers, sponsors that left comments on my blogs daily to reassure and support me that I can get to day 10 when I did not think that was possible, my church praying for me everyday to remain strong, brathay bubble, my fellow 10 in 10 ers, fetchies, twitter followers, Facebook followers, just about everybody willing me on to the end, that and more kept me focus and determined to get to the end and I could not let any of these amazing people down, you are all me the strength to carry on and I am forever grateful :-) even with all that painful times, I still will consider doing it again, not sure when :-)
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