eL Bee! - Member of the Month February 2009

Member of the Month February 2009

eL Bee!

Fetch says: eL Bee is one of the longest-standing members of FE (number 65 of 29,888), and is probably one of my favourite blokes. Here's to you eL Bee :-) (He wins £100 of goodies from our sponsor, SimplyRun.co.uk).

hellen asks: well done, about time too!!! What will you spend the money on?

eL Bee! says: I will scour every pixel of our fabulous sponsor's Website, and V'rap will pick what she wants ;)

Watford Wobble asks: Well done el Bee. Question to the buzz. I saw you racing in the Kenilworth club marathon in February ‘09 where you PB'd. When we cheered you on the third lap you said it was now getting a little difficult. In terms of mental approach what advice would you give to a novice marathon runner such as me? At mile 18 my mental state goes to pieces and I feel like jacking it in.

eL Bee! says: I think it is mostly down to having a strong belief in yourself and your ability to run the race you've planned. I also think that having the right PLAN is essential. And when you go through a 'bad patch', which most people do, then controlling the controllables. For me it becomes about making sure that I'm running relaxed. So doing a top-to-toe check that I'm not doing something that is making it harder work than it needs to be, and concentrating on flicking the 'gremlin' out of your ear that's telling you how foolish this whole thing is!

cabletow asks: Can you please start sellingother shoes as well as the innov8s - I need you to get shoes for people with fat feet

eL Bee! says: I'd love to, but getting an Account with the Major Shoe Companies when you don't have a Shop Front (a physical one) can be somewhat challenging! But it'll not stop me trying :)

Slowboy asks: OMG I have to limit myself to one question only?? Given you had a childhood that was very active....and this has led on to a lifetime of being able to do afferlete type stuff - how do you feel about the way kids today are brought up, the opportunities they get; and what do you do/how do you motivate/encourage your own kids? Or are you happy to let them get on with doing their own thing, even if that were to involve sitting in front of a PC eating chocolate and drinking e-numbers all day? (apologies for the srs nature of the question, folks, this is ackshually the kind of stuff we twitter on about. We are dull, srs) Oh, and well done and well deserved :)

eL Bee! says: Cheers Mr Slow! This is a good question! < big breath > I must admit that I worry about the 'Instant Gratification' nature of the way society has tended to move, and the speed with which it has taken over. It's almost like there is too much choice. And as a result, little value seems to be placed on 'anything' any more. I don't remember the concept of being bored as a child. If I had nothing to do - I'd 'find' something to do, or make, or I'd take myself off and climb trees, or dam streams. OK - so I *was* brought up in the Middle of Bleedin' Nowhere, and the advantages of that to a young child can't be underestimated (IMO). With my own kids I try not to simply give them everything they demand - or 'find' things for them to do, when they already have more 'things' than they actually know what to do with! It's a lesson they need to learn for themselves. It's a difficult balance to achieve, but I think that offering your kids the chance to do things, encouraging them as much as you can in the things that they *do* show an interest in, but also letting them learn the lessons of the consequences of their actions (or inactions) is also really important. There is a lot to be said for a degree of benign neglect - or NOT controlling every aspect of your children's lives. But I would like to see kids being more productively active. I think it would be hugely beneficial.

KatieB asks: :-) marvellous. Do you have an ultimate running goal/particular time you want to get for a particular distance?

eL Bee! says: Not an ultimate goal, no. I like doing what I'm doing, and I'm enjoying the fact that with decent training I am getting quicker. But I'm FAR too lazy to set goals anything beyond the next one!!

Velociraptor asks: Are you going to come over all too-important-to-make-the-tea now? :P

eL Bee! says: Yup ;)

santababy asks: Well done Buzzyone :) what's ultimate dream race and do you plan on doing it?

eL Bee! says: Ooh - difficult one. The problem is that there are so many really nice races in nice places. And realistically there's not going to be the time, or the finances to do even a fraction of them. The Tour du Mont Blanc, and the TransAlpine Run really appeal to me, as do a number of the alpine marathons. And yes - the races at the top of the list will be planned for :-)

Boab asks: Well done eL Bee, :) Do you honestly give your guests Porridge made with milk instead of water? (source: Slowboy's blog)

eL Bee! says: PROPER milk, mate!!! None of this watery white semi/skimmed rubbish! Mr Slow was VERY lucky to get the Wallpaper paste version ;)

Boingy asks: Nice one Bee, really pleased you got this months MOTM. Whats next after the 10 in 10 ? (apart from a long rest and a good soak :-)) Any more big running ambitions in the pipeline ?

eL Bee! says: Cheers Boingy :) The racing year is already filled up. I have a small challenge with Slowboy over the Lakeland Classics Fell Races, and Velociraptor and I are planning to do the 7 Coastal Trail Marathon Series at the end of the year. And I'd quite like to be able to use the endurance that I'm accumulating with some focused training and have a decent pop at all my PB's!!!

Spally asks: Well done El Bee How are you mentally preparing for the 10-in-10 challenge?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Spally. The mental and physical preparations go hand in hand, I think. The head needs to know that the body is going to be robust enough for the event, and I think that we're pretty much getting there with that one. The one thing that has proved really useful, has been running the course as a training run to consolidate the details of the route into our minds, and running a few marathons as training runs, to hard-wire the distance into both our bodies and our heads. Also, meeting up with a few of the other runners doing the event has been good too, because I think the group dynamic is actually going to be really important.

santababy asks: another question, seeing as i'm injured and probably wont be runing when i visit you, can i have a fry up instead ;)

eL Bee! says: I'll check with Chef!! ;)

HappyG(rrr) asks: Congrats LB. Simple Q: how do you go so fast?! (You may answer in terms of go faster running wear or shoes, if you wish!) :-)G

eL Bee! says: Thanks HappyG(rrr). 'tis quite clearly the Blue Shoes. They are, in fact, Magic PB shoes :)

trumpton riots asks: Well done Sir. :-) Where and when are you going to sub-3? Do you think that Mr Speedy will beat you one day and, if he does, will you be happy or sad (although I think I might know the answer to that one)?

eL Bee! says: Thank you, Mr riots :) I want any sub-3 that I do to be somewhere other than Draycote. Loved the events there, really not keen on the course!! It'll have to be targeted for sometime after the 10-in-10. And there are some nice autumn marathons about! Mr Speedy will certainly be quicker than me at the shorter distances quite soon, and he has the ability to be quicker than me over all distances if he puts his mind to it. I hope that he *does* - and I will be delighted :)

Slowboy asks: Bugger the one question per person rule :) How do you deal with V-Rap claiming to be a daisy sometimes when she is clearly anything but??

eL Bee! says: V'rap is as 'ard as nails. She has the kind of stamina that I can only dream about, and when she's tired (on the Fells for example) she can move at lightening speed with her walking legs when her running legs have gone to sleep. You have experienced that when we did TrailWalker. She is truly awesome. Luckily, underneath all that toughness, she's a bit of a softy. Which is great :)

JJ Flash asks: Wow, a very worthy winner :) What on earth possessed you to want to run 10 marathons in 10 days? And how long do think it will be before you can walk again after?

eL Bee! says: Thanks JJF. When the Small Cretaceous Carnivore and I learned of the existence of the event (in 2007) we basically looked at each other and said "You know what, *we* could do that". In terms of it becoming a reality rather than just an idea, a lot of things had to come together, and be 'right' for us though. And the Brathay Challenge ticked all the boxes. It is to raise funds for the fabulous work that Brathay do with young people both on site, and in the community; it is on a course that I'll NEVER get bored of running; We had to pay a significant sum to enter, meaning that pretty much everything we raise will actually go towards the 'cause', and not into supporting *us*. We had to be able to arrange child care - which stopped us from entering last year. It also gave us a very significant and slightly unusual training goal. And that in itself has been a fascinating experience! Hopefully we'll be walking just fine. If we've got the training right, and the plan for the event itself is right, and we don't break... Besides - I have a Run-Off-To-The-Death with Slowboy two weeks later at the Duddon Valley Fell Race. The 10-in-10 should 'finetune' my endurance for that just nicely ;)

RooA asks: Ooo, I have one: If you had to pick JUST ONE pair of shoes to meet ALL your running needs, which would it be and why?

eL Bee! says: Toughie!!! Probably the inov-8 roclite 285. It's lightweight, It can be used on *most* terrains, and my preference is off-road. And it is bright red! Luckily - I don't have to choose just the one pair :P

Lizzie W asks: Congratulations :-) When are you coming down south to show us how to run up molehills?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Lizzie J < gets out diary > < pen poised >

jennywren asks: Many congrats eL Bee! You seem like a generally happy person - what's the secret?

eL Bee! says: Thanks jennywren. Like anyone else I have my 'moments', and they can be pretty low. But mostly I try and keep them to myself these days. In the greater scheme of things I think that life is too short to focus on anything but the good things, and the opportunities that you have in life, and because I think that I am incredibly fortunate in that I have 3 fabulous kids who are growing up on that slightly wonky path into really excellent young folk; I have 4 Step-kids who are marvellous.; I'm married to an incredible woman - to the extent that I really DO have to pinch myself occasionally to make sure that it's true; I'm healthy; And I'm able to do lots of things that I like to do! And I don't worry about the things that I *can't*.

tom_craggs asks: Well done! Is it hard for you to stay focused on the goal of 10 marathons in 10 days when you have lots of other potential goals (i.e. sub 3 marathons) so close, and does your specific 10 in 10 training require than you forget those other goals at the moment?

eL Bee! says: Cheers tom. Staying focused on the 10-in-10 hasn't been that difficult. In the races that I *have* run hard, I kept in the front of my mind that they weren't target races and so held a decent amount back. I wanted to be training again the next day after all of them, and getting broken before May isn't an option. So yes, other goals have had to be put on the back-burner. That said, I'm delighted with the times I AM achieving on the back of endurance training.

jude asks: YAY! Well done Bee - really well deserved :) BIG HUG. What is more important for successful training: Good form; the right shoes; 70% HR running; the right running partner or overall mileage........? (No you can't have all of them :p )

eL Bee! says: Thanks jude :) I'd say not getting injured, and the best thing for that is running form that takes away as much as possible, the things that we do that can injure us. But after that, training that is specific and appropriate to whatever you are trying to achieve as your next goal.

Big Al Widepants asks: Congrats. If you were a cake, what cake would you be?

eL Bee! says: Fruit&Nut - what do you mean it's *not* a cake...... it SHOULD be!

Maclennane asks: Dear El Bee, Cinder blocks or weatherboarding? And what colour? Thanks, Maclennane

eL Bee! says: Hang on - just need to check with Parallel Dimension Bee

EarlyRiser asks: Congrats el Bee! What's your take on running efficiently? Is it a science, an art, or do we just run round in circles? Or instead of that, what matters most: head, core, legs, feet or heart?!

eL Bee! says: Running efficiently to me is about eliminating the things you *don't* need to do, and then just running! I also think that is it a skill that we can learn. The 'science' can get a bit tedious, but it is also very informative. In a way I'd say the head is the most important bit, as all the 'control' comes from there, albeit conscious or sub-conscious.

mad4purple asks: Huge congratulations eL Bee and thanks for everything. I ask you loads when I see you, so just for the record. Just *how* much do you love running with V'rap? How do you make running look so effortless?

eL Bee! says: Running with V'rap is the BEST! I love it :) If I was given the option of either running a World Record OR running with V'rap, I'd take running with her every time!

Emma N asks: Ok my question.... When can I come round and sort out some new trainers!!??? :-)

eL Bee! says: Any time, Emma. You know where we live :)

AntBliss asks: Which was your favourite picture from the Mick'n'Phil Half ? and your favourite moment of the day ?

eL Bee! says: Favourite moment of the day was watching my daughter handing out goody bags to the finishers as the horizontal hail strafed everyone. She never stopped smiling and congratulating those who were finishing then. She and my youngest step-daughter were brilliant. And worked their little socks off. Magic!! Unfortunately there are no pictures of that moment. The picture that made me smile the most was the one where Princess is trying to get Mick's attention to give him his goody bag, and Tink is doing the same with Phil. From a personal point of view, it 'joined all the dots' regarding what it was all about!

stuart little asks: Congratulations LB! If you could only ever run in one location, where would it be and why?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Stuart! It would be the Lake District. There is so much to explore, and it is a fantastic place for all kinds of running. And I love running on the fells!

GregP asks: Is 46/16 suitable for a fixie hack, assuming one lives in Essex?

eL Bee! says: Errr..... personally I prefer leading using two half's than one single on complicated routes. You?

Sparkly Bridget asks: Congratulations Mr Raptor ;-) Banana cake or bread pudding?

eL Bee! says: I would never restrict myself. Mrs Velocibee makes such good banana cake and bread pudding that to choose would be churlish! And foolish ;)

Gogsy! asks: Well done elBee! There are probably as many people disagree with your HR training as there are that support it. Are these other people wrong or do you think it is ‘one man's meat is another man's poison'?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Gogsy. HR training is just one structure. It seemed to work relatively well for me when I first started using it, and it tends to be my frame of reference more these days than a structure on which to base my training. I think that anything that 'works' is a good thing!

Ted asks: congratulations eL Bee. I have no question for you just hearty congratulations :):) OK, I have one question. Do you think that Antbliss' question is loaded as in "Which was your favourite Antbliss picture from the Mick'n'Phil Half?" That will be a bugger to answer because there are so many stunning photo's taken on that day. :)

eL Bee! says: Nah! And if it was, I'm too simple to spot it :). There were some absolutely fabulous pictures taken that day, you're right.

RFJ asks: Well done eL Bee, a worthy winner indeed. so you have a little 10 in 10 to contend with, how has this affected your training out put and what will you plan for afterwards (other than a rest)?

eL Bee! says: Cheers RFJ! Training with the 10-in-10 in mind has made me think about what I'm doing in a very different way. I've had to balance increasing my mileage very significantly with making sure that I don't overdo things, or do anything foolish. Losing training through injury has not really been an option, and so far I've been able to train sensibly through occasional niggles, as well as getting in plenty of longer distance runs. The hope for afterwards is that I'll be able to take that endurance forward, do some focused training and blatt a few PB's. We'll see ;)

Joe Hawk asks: Well Done eL Bee. After all your recent PB's do you regret not running higher mileage earlier ?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Joe. I don't regret it. I have found it fascinating that the way my training has been structured has had such a positive effect on my pace/endurance and speed over all distances. It has of course, raised the bar for when the 10-in-10 is done!!

Ultracat asks: well done. apple or rhubarb crumble, custard or ice-cream with it.

eL Bee! says: Crumble is a vehicle for LASHINGS of good custard. I like both apple and rhubarb though, so the choice is difficult - especially when it is homemade!!

clare1976 asks: Woohoo, well done :-) Such a worthy winner! What made you turn to heart rate training - recommendation? looking for something new to try as an approach?

eL Bee! says: I first started looking in to it as a structure when I was contemplating Base Training as a method to get me training effectively. I had many interesting exchanges with a couple of the ardent Base Trainers over on RWF in those days, and learned absolutely stacks, ignored most of the advice I was given, and eventually learned that the experienced guys who'd been using the structure for a while probably did, in fact, have some idea what they were talking about! These days I use the principles to give me an idea where I'm at with my training, rather than using specifically as the structure to inform it.

Ultra Dunc asks: When coming to running shoe selection after all the important factors of size , gait and style , how bigger influence does the colour have on you ?

eL Bee! says: I like my shoes to be understated and quiet - obviously ;)

Gobi asks: 10 in 10 - why ?

eL Bee! says: Because it represents a significant challenge, and because having worked in the field that the event supports, I saw it as a great way of giving something back.

runnyeyes asks: Definitely well deserved :-) :-) Your favourite Off Road race ??

eL Bee! says: Difficult one that, because although I prefer running off-road, I've only 'raced' the Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race. Which is AWESOME! :)

Mrs BooBoo LaBoy asks: What do you feed the Vegan?? :-)

eL Bee! says: Judging by the steady supply of 'new' vegans that she brings into the house that we never see again, I do believe she is feeding herself quite adequately on other Vegans ;)

ChrisHB asks: I keep on reading ""well-preserved"" where people have written ""well deserved"". Anyway the same compliment from me. You wrote in your blog the other day that you could now just run and run - 5 miles, 10, 20, more, it's all just running. That's exactly where I'd like to be (with the PB notion banished from my thinking). So how did you get there, and is it a very good place to be?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Chris. I think by making running part of our every-day routine, as opposed to 'training', it has meant that we have run far more consistently and regularly. This is *certainly* true for me. The mileage has basically crept up on us because we've not been *trying* to run so many miles, it's just a consequence of going for a run when we might have done something else in the past. It is a VERY good place to be. Feeling like your legs are strong even when they are tired, and knowing that reasonable distances are not going to be a struggle or a chore is very satisfying :)

Pestomum asks: How far do you ""encourage"" the horde of kids who live in the Cavern to exercise/ how much do they like to do it themselves?

eL Bee! says: They are pretty good at tearing about the place without encouragement, and quite often they will ask to be entered into races. The older ones have become a little more 'circumspect' about running of late, but when we offer them the chance to do something physical, they mostly jump at it. We tend not to put much pressure on them though.

Dave A asks: Congrats eL Bee! What, to date, is the one thing you have acheived that stands far above anything else?

eL Bee! says: In conjunction with my sister, giving my Mum the kind of send off at her funeral that would have made her smile :)

emjaybee asks: Congrats Elbee :) If you were designing your own running shoe what name would you give it ?

eL Bee! says: I'd have to call it the "Eeptac" - As a lasting memory of the shoes to which our old and very stupid cat took exception ;)

Trin asks: With a 3.09 marathon PB, will you be targetting that sub 3? If so when and where do you think it will be? (That was 1 question btw... in 2 parts ;) )

eL Bee! says: I certainly think that a sub 3 is possible for me with some specific training. Realistically it'll have to be after I've recovered from the 10-in-10. We don't have any marathons planned for the Autumn yet - so I'll just have to see how things go!

Tinytia asks: Why did you start running and what was your very first race? :-)

eL Bee! says: I started training as a challenge. A work colleague and my sister ganged up on me and suggested that I should train with them to run the London Marathon. My first race was the Bristol Half Marathon in 2004!

CB. asks: Well Done and well deserved :-) :-) What in your your opinion is the worst running shoe ever made ?

eL Bee! says: Cheers CB! The worst running shoe ever made is the one that doesn't suit the shape of your foot. And shoes which create a pressure point anywhere on the base of your foot are the worst offenders

barking asks: OK Whats the best piece of advice you have ever been given, by whom, and why (is it the best piece of advice)?

eL Bee! says: "I can, and I will" - My Mother was very big on having a positive mental attitude to anything that we put our minds to, and she told me and my sister to repeat that in our heads when we were struggling with something. And it can be applied be applied to anything, including "I Can see this is too difficult for me, and I Will stop before it damages me!"

Hekkel asks: Yay congratulations! :-) :-) Looking forward to meeting your back view (it's all I'll ever see...) at Windermere :-) When are you (both) going to come and do the Grizzly?

eL Bee! says: So many races - such an old and creaky body ;) Mind you, it does look like the kind of race that I'd enjoy :)

royalgreen asks: congratulation el bee... if you could ""put right"" any part of history, what would you sort out?

eL Bee! says: Cheers royalgreen. Being completely selfish (and slightly at a tangent to the actual question) I'd make sure that I die in the manner of my choosing. Being kept alive for the sake of it, and being treated with less respect than most people afford their pets, is SO not an option. As for the rest of history, I'd leave it well alone.

Belper Bear asks: Well done sir! Are shoes ever blue enough?

eL Bee! says: Some shoes are just blue enough. And mine match my JW Ultra Buff AND Ashby 20 Hoody. Can't ask for better than that :)

Tiggia asks: Well done el bee - I last saw you storming past me at Mick N Phil half as you were having a fabulous race. I know slowboy earlier said that you had been active as a kid - so have you always run, or was running something that led on from other sports?

eL Bee! says: Thanks Tiggia! Strange as it may seem, I didn't much like running as a kid. I had some fairly decent results at school, but it wasn't something that I would have chosen for myself. Although the more I think about it, the more I realise that I *did* in fact run quite a bit. But mostly I did it because I thought it might be a good idea to, to keep fit for other sports, or because it was integral to the activity that I was taking part in at the time. And because I never had any structure, and had no idea how to train, I didn't really enjoy it for itself. Apart from Cross Country, which I loved!!!

Barky asks: Well done mate - any plans after the 10/10 thing?

eL Bee! says: Cheers Barky. Indeed - I foolishly entered into a Fell Running challenge with Slowboy. He's SO going to grind me into the dirt with that one. And depending on how well we recover from the 10-in-10, the possibility of a frontal assault on some PB's. The Lakeland Trails, just because.... and hopefully the EnduranceLife Coastal Marathon series.

micknphil asks: i'm very pleased for you will you now coach me please :)

eL Bee! says: No worries Mick :) I'll coach you until I run out of things I know that you don't! Oh........ That didn't last very long :( ;)

Buzzard Sis asks: YAY :-) :-) :-) FANTASTIC!!! Somehow I have missed this until now. From what I have seen, you have such a lovely and happy family. If you had to give away one secret to a happy home, what would it be?

eL Bee! says: Don't just 'tell' your family how much you love them. The things you 'do' are what make it real!

immysgran asks: Well done El Bee if you had to give one piece of advice to a newbie (like me) what would it be?

eL Bee! says: Thanks immysgran :) I'd say be patient, and build up your running gently and progressively. Improvement WILL come with regular and consistent training, but it does take a long time for your body to adapt to the dynamic nature of our silly pastime. And keep your training simple. oops. That wasn't 1 thing :o/

Dave A asks: Are the wee 'raptors always allowed caffine or was it because me and Kev were visiting and you wanted to scare us?

eL Bee! says: I thought that they were very gentle with you, Dave. You lived, didn't you..?? ;)

oceanspirit asks: yay for mr. el bee. Congratulations!! I have been sitting here and thinking of a question. So here goes: how long did it take to ""perfect"" your running style? Why do you like this running style over other styles? What was the worst time in your running career to date? Why? Do you have a favourite distance you like to race? Why? Ok that is all. Thanks. Congrats again. :)

eL Bee! says: The way that I run is very much a 'work in progress'. The basic premise came about following a 3 month break for a very uncomfortable ITB issue that refused to clear up (When I did it, I thought I'd damaged my lateral meniscus, it was THAT painful) I'd read around plenty of things that suggested that a shorter stride and a faster cadence were a Good Thing (from a variety of perspectives) but I thought that it couldn't possibly apply to me! (As you do!). So - once I was running again (about 2 weeks before the Brass Monkey Half Marathon, for which I had a number, and WAS going to run no matter what) I completely forgot about the running form thing...... until just over 6 miles into the race, when the ITB started to tighten up on me. The only way I could run without it getting worse (pain-free, in fact) was to make that very agricultural change. Short stride, faster cadence. And I was running 30 seconds per mile faster for less effort, and without any discomfort!! And I've been 'tweaking' it ever since!. The worst time was that 3 months. It was really frustrating not being able to do much at all, let alone run! Favourite distance is Half Marathon. It's short enough to have a real blast, and recover from pretty quickly, and long enough to not be a sprint :)

Pammie asks: i'd better ask that queston What advice would you give to a learn time runner (like me) who seems not to be going anywhere

eL Bee! says: I'd sit down with someone who really knew their stuff and look back through your training, and have a look at whether there were any areas where something was missing. I'd also look at your running style, and see if there was anything that could be finetuned to make you running smoother and faster. And from that, come up with a Cunning Plan. There isn't a One Size Fits All, unfortunately, such things have to be specific to the runner, and their particular goals!

Deenzy asks: First of all I echo what has been said by loads of others, you are a very deserved winner and are the epitome of what what makes Fetch (mostly!) a great place :) My question well its 2 really! are what is your ultimate running goal that you think you will actually achieve? and also how long can you see yourself improving for?

eL Bee! says: Cheers Deenzy :) I don't really have an *ultimate* goal. What I enjoy the most is seeing where the running 'journey' is going to take me. I never thought that I'd be able to run faster than 8 minute miles when I started out. And my first race at that pace left me with DOMS for a week! In terms of improvement, that's also a difficult one to predict. I am running better now than I though I was likely to be, and suddenly I have a belief in myself that I can go quite a bit quicker than I am at the moment. And I think that often the greatest obstacle to making incremental improvements is our lack of belief in our ability to do so! What a rubbish answer :)

she runs for cake asks: Congratulations el bee :) Just wondered what's your favroutie cake? 'Tis v important.

eL Bee! says: Difficult one! Baked cheese cake with a lemon or orange zesty tang, and a Ginger Nut Base - served warm with double cream.... or V'rap's Banana Cake, served warm with double cream are both right at the top of the list

Hamsterboy asks: Well done buzzy person!!! :) Who was the best marshall in the Mick and Phil half? And I got confused between you and slowboy at one point btw :p

eL Bee! says: LOL :) I can't carry off Mr Slow's fashion choices!! Apparently there was a Dancing Marshall, which would have been cool to see ;)

Girlie asks: Congratulation on MOTM. If you could pick your dream team to compete in any event who and what event would you choose?

eL Bee! says: It would be to get as far as Advance Base Camp on K2 - with the wife. We would, of course, need to employ an extra Sherpa for the Cake and Chocolate, though ;)

MissChappo asks: Hello, well done! Newbie question. Do you run a running gear shop or do you trade on-line, or have I got it all completely wrong? Did you give up a different career to do that? When and why? And where is your shop, if there is one?

eL Bee! says: I do have a teeny fledgling little business that I have started, and I gave up a career in Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing to do it. I adored my previous career, at least the actual hands-on part of it, but found that the direction that the Powers-that-Be were, and are, taking the profession was making it more and more difficult for Nurses to Nurse!! When I asked myself the question, "Do I want to be fighting to do the job that I love for another 25 years?" and couldn't answer with an immediate and confident "Yes", I knew it was time to move on.

Gobi asks: When will those buggers at Inov8 a. make a shoe I like b. make it in red as red is always faster

eL Bee! says: You'll have to actually try them on though, mate...... or you'll never know ;) And they already have a red shoe :)

Fenland Runner asks: Congrat's eL Bee :-) What's your favourite hill?

eL Bee! says: Cadair Idris - it's tiny really - but it has everything. Long easy ridge walks, decent arte scrambles, steep rocky paths, easy stuff your Gran could run up. And I saw my first Brocken Spectre there. Which was a truly memorable experience

Zoom asks: Well deserved eL Bee:) What race do you fancy doing in Wales next?:)

eL Bee! says: Another tough question! Because all the races I've done (both of them ;) ) have been fabulous! I'd quite like a pop at the Cadair Fell Race though - that would be awesome :)

Helegant asks: Congratulations. What will you do the day after the10in10 finshes?

eL Bee! says: I'll be on "Walk Tink's Trombone To School" duty ;)

GoJimGo asks: Congratulations eL Bee. When did you start running (y'know - running seriously I mean), when do you think you might peak?

eL Bee! says: I started running 'properly' in 2004 having been challenged by my sister (who'd been a runner since University) to train for the London Marathon in 2005. That didn't come about for a variety of reasons, but once I realised that by training by NOT running as hard as I could until I fell exhausted into a ditch that it was actually quite enjoyable, I carried on! In terms of peaking, I have no idea. I'm still improving, but I suspect that my natural laziness will be the limiting factor! Oh...... and the fact that I'm rapidly fossilising!! ;)

Hourglass asks: Congratulations eL Bee :-) I need new trainers soon, and am willing to travel... do you do discounts for Fetchies ;-)

eL Bee! says: Thanks Hourglass. s'funny you should ask that because....... Shhhh! :)

Snapstinget asks: Does that dino take raw meat to bed with it?

eL Bee! says: Generally not. She's way too busy ;)

HappyG(rrr) asks: Hey, cool LB! Is there still time for a question? Off road or on? Oh, here's a better one: What advantage can a shoe give you (by which I mean, I think we've all understood that efficient and effective running and training is important, but b*gger that, wax lyrical about the Joy of Kit - a great shoe can make you faster, can't it, truly?!) Congrats MOTM! :-)G

eL Bee! says: Preferentially - Off-road! And yes - a great shoe CAN make you faster. If you can forget that you're even wearing it, you can get on with the business of running! Same goes for any kit you buy. I will keep on searching for the perfect kit. Wonder if I'll ever find it..??!!

Fetch says: And that's your lot. Good that, wasn't it? Well done eL Bee - enjoy letting V'Rap spend the money :-)

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