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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Merry Christmas and Happy NewG(rrr) M45

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Describe your ideal run, ride or swim.
I like to run in the off road. Hills, remote places, or country lanes, or the beach. And while I'll happily do runs by myself, it's more fun with friends, isn't it? Fresh air, pretty scenery, exploring new places with friends old or new. :-)
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What's the biggest challenge that awaits you?
I've been running for 10 years, so I've done the main challenges that I had: sub 3 marathon; West Highland Way, which is the premier ultra up here in Scotland. I'm hoping to do Boston Marathon 2019 for my 50th. Big challenge is the cost! :-)
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What's your favourite thing about Fetcheveryone?
Oh, where to start? Great community of inspiring people. Possibly one of the most consistently helpful and supportive groups ever. Irreverent but often smart and knowledgeable too. The tools, stats, race directory etc. are pretty brilliant too. :-)
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How do you pick yourself up when you need to?
Cake. Chocolate! *cayke* and *chocolate* Seriously, just try and remember how lucky I am, loving family and friends, general health and well being. Others with far greater obstacles, battling daily, still smiling. I never lose mojo for running. :-)
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What’s the best bit of advice that you would give to new runners, bikers and swimmers?
Slow down! Seriously, even if your goal is to get quicker, start slower. You can build up volume and speed more effectively if you don't get injured all the time. Build up gradually. Take breaks. But do build. And believe! Great times await! :-)
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About Me

Started running 07 after a nasty mountain bike accident end of 06 (a week in hospital and a spot of plastic surgery) put me off mountain biking. (See fetcheveryone.com/gallery-showphoto.php?id=19442 for gruesome detail!) Decided running on 2 feet couldn't be as dangerous! Edinburgh Marathon 08 was the goal. Joined a club, did some training, got injured, got physio'd and fixed. Did it in 3:42. Pleased with the time. Loved the experience. But most of all I love the feeling of running, the camaraderie of the club and the lovely, lovely land of fetch. You are all wonderful! heart *Update: Fetch Festive Calendar wanted an update. Errr, I'm not a parsnip. There you go.

Fetch (provisional) Fun Five:
* In training or on the bench?

- able to train again after calf injury blighted first half of 2018
* Next Big Challenge?
- No autumn marathon but Boston, Mass in April 2019 for my 50th, if I get in.
* Long Term Goal?
- To run until I'm 99 and avoid injuries
* Biggest obstacle to overcome?
- Age and frailty? Horses? The lure of a couch and pipe? Working obligations getting in the way of training and fun? Actually no, biggest risk is doing too much, too hard and breaking!
* How are you feeling? :-) Obv heart

:-) G

Race Standard

Springbok (69)

Current Status

2017/18 Enjoying marathons again - Chester 17 3:11 (yay!), London 4:02 (boo!) and Edinburgh 18 3:27 (hmm!). Other distances seem to go better when I'm marathon training! 2018 autumn marathon didn't happen due to back injury again. Next up: Bosto

2018 Targets

  • RUN

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