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About Me

I started running so I didn't have to give up cake ;-)

I was "the slow one at the back" but, thanks to my lovely club, Fetch & stubbornness, I've speeded up so much that there have been up to 15 people behind me :-)

1 year of plodding with appalling form meant I barely survived GNR2007 in 3+ hours. 1 year later, with better form but a dodgy knee, I almost enjoyed BG2008 in 2:39:54 - a mighty HM PB :-)

Due to some loose talk over cake at the brilliant Brighton & Hove Parkrun, I accidentally signed up for Windermere2009 as my first marathon, because "how bad could it be"?! *edit* I have since signed up to FECS - the FetchEveryone Common Sense school of training and won't be running a marathon in 2009, but will PB at as many shorter distances as possible :-)

2010 - Expecting Little My in Jan 2011, running ground to a halt in July after Mr W got broken by falling off Stanage. I hope I'll be back next Spring!

2012 - August - currently getting enough sleep to consider getting back to running!

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