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About Me

I started running in 2007, having spent about 40 years avoiding anything that involved moving at more than a walking pace.
I'd lost 3 stone but decided that I needed to be fitter and was also determined to keep the weight off. I've never been able to enjoy aerobic exercise before but I love running! I started off with the RW beginner's programme and ran my first 10K in May 2008.
My running career since then has not been auspicious but I've done 3 half marathons and a couple of 10-milers as well as numerous 10Ks. I run for fun and to stay relatively fit but like to have a target so enter the odd race, usually the ones that I know will be a social occasion too.
In 2019, I'd like to improve my 5K and 10K times so intend to do lots of parkruns and enter as many 10Ks as I can.

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