Fenland 10

  • Rated 82%
  • 10mi
  • Road
Entrants (35) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
acondon Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:11:48 1:18:03 1:18:00 1:18:03 56.05
andyb Ely Runners 1:08:31 1:21:54 1:25:00 1:23:24 54.23
april_runner Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:07:56 1:09:01 1:09:00 1:09:01 71.00
Athlete Al Unaffiliated 1:23:18 1:23:18 1:23:18 59.71
Blondie 69 really want to have a crack and getting a PB here, we'll see... Biggleswade AC 1:07:37 1:07:37 1:08:00 1:08:56 64.00
brooksy a very windy day made parts of race difficult out on fen, none the less a good course and a pb Huntingdonshire AC 58:47 1:06:57 1:15:00 1:14:26 58.78
ButterflyLou (MrsMothy) Werrington Joggers 1:32:11 1:35:55 1:35:55 51.09
Caterpillar This is the course: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1343719

I'm being Old Biddy's pace Toy Boy for this one.  She wants 78 minutes, which I can do for her.  78 minutes is flipping fast for an old biddy.  She really wants it but I've told her to be realistic.  It's a serious challenge.  Anyway - here's the plan.  Get to 3 miles in 24 minutes feeling very fresh. Crank up the pace to 7.40 per mile (flip!) and get to 7 miles in 56.36. Then it's down to OB. We'll see what she's made of.  She can slow down a little bit and still get a PB, or get a breather and then charge for the line in the last mile.  Hope it's not too windy, wet, or cold.  Should be a larf anywhichway.

POST-RACE NOTES: Well we got to 7 miles in 57:15 with OB suffering a painful knee.  It was windy, wet, AND cold. The PB slipped away over the last four miles into a hideous headwind and we were going backwards.  BUT.... OB is a local hero! She still got a gold medal, and she is still a fab runner and a lovely person.  I had a lovely weekend.  Great to meet Ted too.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Unaffiliated 1:08:05 1:25:43 1:18:00 1:25:43 56.81
Cats Whiskers Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:18:24 1:18:24 1:18:24 63.44
Craggy Windy but an enjoyable race! Congrats to Jonesey on the win and a great time in those conditions, you'll smash 55mins on a better day. Skegness & District Running Club 56:17 58:03 59:18 74.55
don ron Werrington Joggers 1:13:46 1:13:46 1:13:46 71.51
DrBob Hoping for a calm day and a PB.  Will give it a shot if the weather's kind.
Very windy, certainly not a day for PBs. but actually achieved it by 2.12 if we agree to ignore my 1985 time!  Also set PBs at five miles (30.46) and 10k (38.18).
Hard work into the wind towards the end, but I was pleasantly  surprised to find some shelter going into the wind.
Now if I can get hamstring fixed and start some training I'll be able to do some good times next year.
Cambridge & Coleridge AC 51:07 1:02:28 1:04:00 1:02:45 76.29
EO Werrington Joggers 1:24:15 1:24:15 1:24:15 59.28
Flatlander Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:05:59 1:17:11 1:17:11 65.32
FlyingKiwi Yay! A really good race, considering the windy, rainy weather. Took nearly three minutes off last year's time :) Werrington Joggers 1:17:15 1:17:15 1:17:15 63.44
G Man Unaffiliated 1:22:50 1:32:19 1:32:19 51.42
Gaubfar depends how i feel after GER,

not a good run, legs had gone after 2 miles, everytime I tried to up it after that was too painful, disappointed... Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:10:43 1:19:27 1:20:00 1:19:27 55.07
gingerwand Werrington Joggers 1:08:20 1:08:20 1:08:20 1:08:20 67.23
Guesty Unaffiliated
Jonesey Struggled a bit in the strong winds during the last 3 miles but held off the competition :-) Was hoping for sub 55  but it will have to wait for a calmer day! City of Norwich AC 55:30 55:30 56:00 55:30 80.43
Lakes The more I think about this race the more I wonder why I entered.  That has absolutely nothing to do with the race itself.  I ran it last year.  It was well organised the weather was nice and I had a really good run.  In addition my chums, Mr and Mrs Lycra Hurricane, and I spent an enjoyable afternoon eating and visiting the National Trust property in Wisbech.
UPDATE - Well I set off at sub 90m pace and was going okay until the second half of the race when we ran into the strong wind.  Still I ran quicker than my prediction which is good.  What's not so good is stiff hips agin. Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 1:27:32 1:27:32 1:33:00 1:32:38 51.25
Lincsfella what a cracking event, course is a bit out in the sticks but really enjoyable, i wanted to carry on. Pity about the hurricane that was blowing that really really hit at about 6 1/2 - 7 miles but thats just one of those things. Was looking for a bit faster but was'nt going to be today. UKnetrunner 1:06:36 1:07:32 1:08:30 1:07:32 66.50
Lycra Hurricane This was possibly a race too much for this year.  The wind in the second half slowed me down, and I got further and further behind schedule.  Sorry all those who bet on me! Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 1:22:42 1:22:42 1:19:58 1:24:00 60.02
oldbiddy we'll see , tis a hilly one and can be windy. no predictions yet, Ackshully I really want this ,so if all is well after LN i'll go for it 
I am so sorry
I was crap, i feel crap and my left knee is very crap

Thanks to Cat for pacing me but I should have stayed in bed

A pw :( Longdale Striders 1:19:38 1:19:38 1:18:00 1:25:24 67.32
paulhalford Very disappointing time but wind was really bad. Fifth place but good to finally take a county medal this year (silver) and also secured second in Cambs Road League. Werrington Joggers 54:13 58:21 58:21 75.27
Roma Thetford AC 1:28:18 1:34:37 1:35:00 1:34:37 57.98
tealriley Muddy Mucky Munkeys 1:04:14 1:06:54 1:06:54 66.37
Ted Official time.  It would have been sub 1:19 if it hadn't been for the wind on the return 4 miles.  An absolute SOB of a wind.  I need to have a good look at my splits to see what sort of damage that did to my timings, did I mention the wind? Ramsey Cycling Club 1:10:54 1:16:23 1:20:00 1:19:37 56.41
thorneygeoff Thorney Running Club 1:11:06 1:14:37 1:17:11 64.74
Tinsel Heid Very hard in the strong winds - and after a holiday with too much food and drink. Unaffiliated 1:21:12 1:21:12 1:20:00 1:21:12 54.45
troshin trav first official ten miler hard at end but enjoyed. Unaffiliated 1:18:28 1:18:28 1:20:00 1:18:28 59.03
Trotters Werrington Joggers 1:04:54 1:13:51 1:14:54 60.84
Wicked D got results off organizers and my time and theirs almost bang on so happy with that  Unaffiliated 1:14:54 1:20:56 1:28:00 1:20:56 57.23
Xhippie Riverside Runners
yrag Unaffiliated 1:17:54 1:17:54 1:17:54 57.30


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