Boab - Member of the Month May 2009

Member of the Month May 2009


Fetch says: The news today includes the shocking story that haggis isn't actually scottish! But rest assured, there's one genuine scottish product that's got more guts - it's Boab! A race winner turned smoker turned race winner, proof that we all have potential to do big things. He wins £100 of goodies from our sponsor,

McNewbie asks: when will you pay back the $40.07 you owe me, for betting against you, or rather, when will you pay Big Chief Running Bore the money I owe him, as a result of you winning? ;) well done, btw, massive well done:)

Boab says: Hehe McN. Zimbabwean dollars, no worries, here's halfpenny.

TripletDad asks: Boab, well done, really pleased for you, it's a well deserved award. You're the most modest elite athlete i know :-) I've been wanting to ask for ages, why the recent improvements in form over the last couple of years, what have you done differently?

Boab says: Hello TripletDad and thanks. :) Firstly can I say I am very flattered that you call me elite. I wish I was, however I am a long long way off elite athlete level and now way too old and slow to ever reach that now :(. Anyway, onto the question. I think it's been a combination of two things. Firstly I altered the way I trained, you could say I started to train smarter, but that sounds a little pompous. Through trial, error, pain and disappointment I worked out what didn't work and what did. Secondly, I looked at the way I ran, some call it running style, and I started the journey of altering aspects of my running style to reduce the frequency of injuries that had plagued me since I started running in 2004.

Fat Dave asks: Hi Boab - congratulations!!! Very well deserved - as an elite runner who's also a very active and supportive Fetchie. Right - questions, questions... Had you given up hope of every actually winning MOTM? Ever beaten a current world record holder before? ...Nah... How about... What would be your one top tip for a regular, slow-to-middling runner looking to make a step up to the next level?

Boab says: Hello eh...not fat Dave :) Re Elite runner, see above, but thanks ;) I knew my campaign manager would get the recipe spot on one month ;) I *did* think it would be the month that nothing was won by anyone or anything happened of any great significance or a dry month in the bakery department, hehe ;) Onto your other question!! This will probably come out a lot here, but I believe that an increase in miles ran at various paces, taking care for recovery, will show steady and prolonged improvements in your running. You have to learn to listen properly to your body and back off when the signs are there that something isn't right.

DrBob asks: Brilliant, and about bloody time too! I'm amazed it's taken so long for you to get this! First of all, bloody well done and thoroughly deserved. Secondly, what running ambitions have you got for the next few years?

Boab says: Hey Doc and thanks.:) My main ambition is to keep enjoying it. At the moment I am enjoying the challenge of marathon running, in fact I am really enjoying it :) I think that is why running is so appealing. If you start to get fed up, bored or regular doses of the CBA's there is so much more you can do to get some enjoyment back into your running: taking up hill running, train for an ultra, target track distances. Or away from competition, set yourself goals of running everyday for a year or running the LAMM as a personal challenge. The challenges we could set ourselves are endless.

Flip asks: Well does boab. How much beer is it possible to drink and not fall over? Are you up for some real drinking competition followed by the NE fetch Mile on the links in sunny south shields or as we like to call it - Fetch and Retch :-)

Boab says: LOL @ fetch and retch :) My ability to stay standing up after copious amounts of beer has been honed over 25 years and I seem to have mastered it. The next challenge is to stop talking kak!!

Fat Dave asks: One more - I'm being greedy... How much better can you get?

Boab says: Greedy David ;) I have no idea, but I am determined to push myself as far as I can go. I am no spring chicken and time is not on my side any more. I enjoy racing and I'm a competitive old git so will keep trying my best in every target race entered.

DrBob asks: oh can I ask another? What's the most pished you've been the night before the race, and did you chuck up during or after said race?

Boab says: I never chuck up, that's for amateurs ;) Believe it or not, but I actually don't drink for days before a race (sometimes weeks), but I certainly make up for that dry spell after the race ;)

Tigger asks: Yayyy! Congratulations. How do you keep your confidence up?

Boab says: Thanks Tigger :) I think consistent training builds confidence. It builds the confidence that you can do the training, the long 20+ mile Sunday runs for example because you have done them before. Racing confidence is different and personally my own confidence goes through various stages as races progress. What I try to do is to remove, from my mind, the negatives that happen during racing, the racing demons. I used to get bothered by things like weather, hills, competition etc. Now I don't think about all the things that I have no control over and just get on with the race. Negativity is the nemesis of confidence.

Fenland Runner asks: Fantastic ;-) Such a deserved winner ;-) How do you prepare mentally for a big race?

Boab says: Thanks FR. I normally break races up if longer than 10K, it helps me visualise how I plan to run a race. For example I will break a half marathon down into two 5 miles races plus a 5K. That way I know I can run 5 miles in X time, two of them, then a hard 5K. I do this for every race, important to me or not.

Pestomum asks: How many Fetchies have you shouted "Phwooarh" at??

Boab says: None to my knowledge, or at least none that I remember. I can't imagine myself shouting Phwooarh, seems a little seedy ;)

Sophster asks: Well done Boab, what did you do with the 15quid you won the other day?

Boab says: Thanks Sophster, I've still got it. It's a voucher for one of my fav shops, Start Fitness:) It'll be spent soon I've no doubt.

Tiggia asks: Boab, well done, you are a very nice man, you run very fast, you're handsome and also you can drink loads and party hard which is a good thing - you are a bit too good to be true ;) Do you find it easy to balance your training, racing, family & friends and social life, or does it come naturally? Oh and please can you tell Fat Dave for the above question that I hope he's not talking about himself when he's talking about a "regular, slow-to-middling runner" coz he's really doing rather well! :P

Boab says: LOL Tiggia, I like you :):) I try not to let my running interfere with other aspects of life to be honest. I am both lucky and unlucky that I work away from home during the week and so can suit myself with training runs. Mrs Boab is also very supportive and if I have social events I swap runs around to suit. I try to not to let a good night out ruin my run the next day, i.e. I WILL run with a hangover, it's a form of self punishment ;) I don't know how people can put in similar mileage to me and have large commutes or children etc, those are the real jugglers of time.

Pestomum asks: Boab, would you like us to ask serious questions about your running now, or shall we just keep on telling you how gorgeous you are? ;-)

Boab says: No, you can keep telling me how gorgeous I am thanks ;) :)

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Well done Top man What's the secret of your success ?

Boab says: Determination HOD. I had some success as a youngster on the track (800m/1500m) but left that behind to take up a life of fags, booze and other unhealthy hobbies at 16. I decided at the start of 2004 that I would get my fat, fag ash arse in gear and I was determined to get fit again. As I've gotten fitter my determination for pushing myself increased.

Enthusiastic! asks: Congratulations on the accolade :-) What's your 'fantasy' race? Either one you've done or one you've yet to do and if it's the latter, what would make it perfect?

Boab says: Thanks Enthusiastic.:) Fantasy race? Oh, that is an easy one. This is not possible but I would love to run New York Marathon in a pack of runners that consisted of Arthur Lydiard, Haile Gebrselassie, Steve Cram, Alister Hutton, Steve Jones, Kenny Stewart and Steve Prefontane.

Tom Tom asks: Congrats Boab (and about bloody time and all!) :) Favourite race distance and what would you ultimately like to achieve over it?

Boab says: Thanks TT. My favourite race distance is 10K. Running a hard 10K separates the men from the boys, the ultimate test for your aerobic and anaerobic systems. What would I like to ultimately achieve for it.....under 30 minutes LOL, but realistically, anywhere in the 31s would be superb. I am a wee bit off it just now, but there are a few years left in me yet.

Mrs BooBoo LaBoy asks: Well done Boab. How does it feel to win a race? :-)

Boab says: Thanks BooBoo. It feels great :)

Dai Bank asks: well done Boab What's better a race won but feeling carp or a race completed and feeling great and why have you made that choice

Boab says: Thanks Dia Bank :) That's a difficult one, as I've never won a race feeling crap (I haven't won that many). I think that the feeling of winning a race far outweighs the feeling of having a good run though. We all like winning don't we?

Girlie asks: Well Done Boab:-) What 3 items of running gear could you not live without( apart from trainers of course!)

Boab says: Hey Girlie, thanks. :) My Concurve Goretex packlight waterproof jacket - I love it!!!! Then my Garmin 405 HRM. I could do without the bezel though, it freaks out when wet, but apart from that I love that too and lastly my fav shorts: a pair of 10 quid Ron Hill baggies, that I had to cut a hole in the key pocket as it had been sealed when the shorts were made. When I run in them I have to check every 5 minutes that my keys are still there as the hole I made was a little on the low side but I love them too. :):):)

RooA asks: YAY! :) Well Done Boab. Finally Santa might shut up for a bit... ;) What's next? What are your ambitions over the next year or so?

Boab says: Hello Roo and thanks :) Well I've got Berlin marathon coming up, but with training being a little hampered since Edinburgh, my run in is going to be pretty hard and the time I had in mind is going to be a tough target. So, I think there will be another marathon targeted, probably next year and more than likely to be London. If I have a good run in Berlin and happy to give marathons a miss for a while, then I'll be looking to concentrate on my fave race distance, 10K, and other shorter distances. I'd like to give my 5K to 10 mile race PB's a kicking.

Hendo asks: About bloody time. What has been your proudest moment - running or otherwise.

Boab says: Thanks Hendo :) Oh difficult one, I don't know. My proudest running moment was when I was 16 and I'd won the Scottish youths 400m (not even my event) and standing on the podium receiving my gold medal straddled by two lads in full Scotland Tracksuits and me in my Nike Windrunner top (like Steve Cram). That was a great day, that has only been nearly matched by winning Edinburgh Half marathon. It was unfortunate that I had to leave immediately after the Edinburgh Half as I'd like to have soaked up a little more of the atmosphere and got chatting more to Sir Chris Hoy. I think outside running my proudest moments are all for other people in my life. Mrs Boab has made me proud on a number of occasions.

*Anj* asks: Congrat Boab :) What toothpaste do you use??

Boab says: Thanks Anj. You should know with your gleaming gnashers that a swirl around the mouth with some bleach and bicarb is the way forward. Toothpaste....pah! ;)

spicedapple asks: Well done, Boab! Is my degenerating brain just imagining it, or did you indeed post/link a photo of you with a mahoosive chocolate bar some time? And, if the latter, was it real chocolate?

Boab says: Thanks Spicedapple. Oh that was real. A mate at work bought it from the cadbury's website. It weight 35kg, there were 35 blocks of chocolate, 7 blocks across by 5 down. We sold it off at work for charity and I witnessed a lad at work devour one whole block, a kilogram of chocolate, in about 20 seconds. FACT!!!

Velociraptor asks: Well done, Boab :) :) :) How does it feel to win a race outright?

Boab says: Hey Velo and thanks. It feels absolutely superb. Winning Edinburgh Half was amazing, the grandstand finish, everyone cheering, Mrs Boab at the end. It was just great. It's satisfying to know that the miles and miles of training, the long winter runs in the dark and the sacrifices that are made elsewhere in your life are all worth it. I loved the feeling and I want it more. :)

BS asks: Well done Boab, what is your favorite training session/training week?

Boab says: Thanks BS :) I don't think I have a favourite session. I get a lot of pleasure out of the runs where everything just clicks. That feeling of floating along effortlessly is a real addiction. Unfortunately they only happen every now and again, but they are one reason that I keep going.

John66 asks: Exactly how did you misspend your youth? Names, dates and pictures all welcome.

Boab says: No comment ;)

santababy asks: yaaay, at last, i can die happy now ;) What's plan after Berlin? no, i dont mean heading straight to pub.... Can you remember *dancing* with me at party? :)

Boab says: Hello Campaign Manager :):) Well, it'll depend on how Berlin pans out. I may hang up my marathon shoes for a year and concentrate on the shorter distances, I really want to run a fast 10K before I am too old, but if Berlin doesn't go too well then I think London will be getting a seeing to next year. Dancing at the party, come on, you know I don't/can't dance, there is no way I would have been dancing with anyone at the party, you'll not get me that way missy!!!!

Maclennane asks: When will there be a harvest for the world?

Boab says: I suspect it will be when we stop eating everything. Runners are responsible for the world's foot shortages. ;)

emdee asks: What, if anything, is the hardest thing for you to give up when training?

Boab says: To be honest emdee, I don't give up that much. I've had to stop smoking, obviously, however I don't miss that. I sometimes have to say no to nights out due to races coming up, but generally I want to run, so it hasn't been a case of giving things up as it has been replacing things with running.

Big Al Widepants asks: Brilliant mate. You know how well deserved I think it is. What's the session each week that you look forward to least and how do you get over those feelings?

Boab says: Hey Big Al, thanks mate :) I don't look forward to my 90 minute LT sessions. They are tough. Aiming for 90 minutes at 5:55-6:10 per mile is hard going and feels a real chore, but I think about how good I feel at the end of the run to get me started. It is also the perfect session to track progress. When I started this type of training I was running these at 7 m/m, and I've watched them drop to around 6 m/m. It is very satisfying.

Keefy Beefy asks: What's your opinion of the importance of tempo running (meaning sessions around the HMPmakr) in relation to marathon training.

Boab says: I haven't done any tempo paced work in over a year KB, so I am not sure I can answer this question with any confidence. However, I will say that marathon training is more about the entire training schedule. Having said that, in my opinion the sessions at marathon pace and the long run are the most important sessions when marathon training. If I was targeting half marathons, I would do a lot more work at half marathon pace. Likewise if I was targeting 10K's, I would run a lot more at 10K pace.

A bet MADE me asks: CONGRATS ON MOTM my question: as a child di you ever envisage on being such a success?

Boab says: Thanks A bet MADE me :) Oh, I don't think I am a 'success' in the modern meaning of the word. I think we can leave that to people like, my mate, Sir Chris Hoy ;) or Lance Armstrong and others. I've always been competitive, since I was a child. I've had many successes of my own, in my own world, but they are far away from the successes of some. I'm flattered that you think I am though :)

christian aka royalgreen aka Argie? asks: Congratulations on winning but if you could only date one member of Girls Aloud which one would it be and why?

Boab says: Thank you. :) Mrs Boab reckons Cheryl Cole as in her words "have you seen her". However, I am more a Sarah Harding fan myself, reason, well I think she is filthy.

cabletow asks: Ooh RG - an incisive and , yet somehow, intriguing question. Boab - Prius or Landrover?

Boab says: Hey CT, Landrover obviously. An old Defender of at least 15 years old with over 200K miles on the clock has to be more environmentally friendly than buying 2 or 3 cars over the same time, right? :) Was it you who told me that a Prius will never save as much energy in it's lifetime as it does to make one?

Torry Quine asks: What gets you over, or indeed have you ever had to get over, a case of cba?

Boab says: Hi TQ. I think I have been running so long that it is just part of my life now. I often feel I can't be arsed but I just get my shoes on and get out the door. The CBA's soon disappear. Just get out the door with your gutties on. ;)

HappyG(rrr) asks: Boab, coverboy, Harmeny Flyer! Many congrats on Fetch Member of the Month! :-)G Way more important than first place in the Edinburgh half marathon or 2nd (real) native in the Edinburgh marathon or any of those race things! What time do you think you will peak at, when will this be and what will you turn to afterwards (will you move to ultras, hills, track or continue posting fab road WAVAs possibly in other age categories as time moves on)? There was no full stop in there. It was one question. Sort of. Congrats again. Woo hoo! :-)G

Boab says: Hey HappyG, thanks. Who knows when I would get to a peak, although, as a late comer to the sport, I would like to think that I still have a few years on the improvement curve still to come. Like I answered in an earlier question, the beauty of running is that there are so many other dimensions to it. You mention, hills, ultra, track, personal challenges, I say, how about all of it. :) The sky's the limit. I'd love to give the LAMM a go, you fancy being my partner?

LorraineS asks: What's your favourite beauty therapy treatment ?

Boab says: Full body massage of course.

Illegal Saucepan asks: What is your favourite kind of sausage?

Boab says: Cumberland, large and spicy, yum :)

Yazoo asks: Congratulations - thoroughly deserved. Not sure if this has already been asked - but if you decided to put some effort in & do some decent mileage in your training... how fast do you think you could run a marathon?

Boab says: Cheers Yazoo and LOL. I really need to get some decent mileage in, I know, I'm such a slacker!!! I'd like to get close to 2:30 if not under, that would be a dream come true for this old codger. :)

Rapscallion asks: Many congratulations....... :) If you could be any tv cartoon character from your childhood, who would it be? and why?

Boab says: Thanks Raps. That is an easy one. Mr Ben. He got to dress up as a different character every day and went on the best adventures. It had me engrossed every episode.

windassisted asks: Congratulations Boab... :-) Why do you run?

Boab says: Thanks Windassisted. I've always loved running. My biggest regret was stopping for about 16 years. I came back to it for weight loss, to help stop smoking and to gain fitness. Now I run for the pure enjoyment.

No.8 asks: Congratulations ..... not so much of a question but take me through the transition from the aftermath of the New York mara, the changes you made to your training and how you got to a 71 half / 2:33 mara level

Boab says: Thanks No8 :) After NY I ploughed on with the hard miles and even harder interval sessions all the way through 2008 until August last year when I ran a flat and windless 10K in 35:05. I was very disappointed, dejected and had had enough. I'd ran almost a minute quicker 10 month before and I knew I was faster than that. Seriously thought about stopping running, but determined I would give one last go at training and decided to switch to HR training, cutting out all forms of speedwork. Since then I have watched my times drop over all distances although I have never trained quicker than marathon pace. I haven't ran an interval session in 12 months.

JulesR asks: Congratulations Boab - is there any other race that you're running scared of besides the Scottish Fetch Mile?;)

Boab says: Cheers Jules and LOL. No, I am terrified of the mile.

LouLou asks: Congratulations Boab! Now i'll need to nominate someone else.... Whats worse - running with a hangover or running whilst still drunk? And whats the highlight of your running career to date?

Boab says: Thanks Lou :) Running whilst drunk is worse and not recommended kids. ;) Highlight of my old age running career was winning a bronze in this years Scottish Marathon Championships, and I also won gold for the over 35 category. I'd put in a lot of miles to get those, I really enjoyed it.

John Bach asks: Nice one Boab - thoroughly deserved What's your view(s) re marathon training pace, in particularly on your longer runs?

Boab says: Hi John and thanks. Eech, another training question. I am glad you asked my opinion rather than a how should I type question. ;) I think this depends on your other training during the week. I personally have a marathon paced session every week, so my long runs tend to be run slower, more time on feet and soon to be over distance type runs. I think if your are stuck for time including marathon paced sections in your long run will help. I also think that a progressive type long run will help. There are so many ways to skin a cat and what I have done is find what works for me.

Dave A asks: Congrats Boab: Errr.............Whats your ultimate running goal and why?

Boab says: Thanks Dave. :) My ultimate running goal is to continue enjoying it. Once the fun is gone it will be time to hang up the racing flats.

Dave A asks: Oooooh, also, Is this the way to amarillo?

Boab says: No David, it is not.

Hamsterboy asks: Well done Boab. Did you read Oor Wullie, if not, why the name?

Boab says: Ta Hamsterboy. Every annual of either Oor Wullie or The Broons for about 15 years. But the character wee fat boab was me about 5 years ago. DC comics are the dugs baws. :)

Sunbed Athlete asks: BIG WELL DONE PAL..:) Massively deserving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See if you can exchange your winnings for Sky+ so your guests dinny have to suffer council tele...;) Off to Castle Sandras for tuna & sweetcorn to Do you shave or wax your legs????

Boab says: Cheers Big man :) You told me waxing the legs was better, but I've tried neither. I've a question for you though, Grecian 2000 or Just for Men ;)

Ted asks: Well done big fella. Without going through your collection of DC Thompson Annuals can you name Wullie's other pal's apart from Boab?

Boab says: Thanks Ted. Absolutely loved the comics, used to always look forward to going to my Grans on a Sunday for lunch and reading the strips in the Sunday Post. Soapy Souter, Wee Eck, chased by PC Murdoch :)

the south downs jogger asks: Nice one Boab Probably already been asked but what got you into running?

Boab says: Cheers 'the south downs jogger'. I used to run as a kid, but gave it up at 16 for a very unhealthy lifestyle. Like many people on fetch I returned to running in my 30's when the realisation that I am not immortal dawned on me!!

katypie asks: Congratulations - if I touch you (phar) can I catch being fast from you? It has to be worth trying, no?

Boab says: Thanks katypie. :) You may catch something else by touching me Katy, do you know where I've been ;) hehe

Bazoaxe asks: Most important victory, MOTM or Edinburgh Half ?

Boab says: MOTM obviously

Trin asks: Big congratulations Boab!! If you had £10,000 to spend on your perfect holiday, where would it be and what sort of holiday would it be?

Boab says: Thank you Trin :) Oh, is 10,000 enough, I have expensive tastes ;). I spent 2 weeks in Peru about 7 years ago and would love to travel all over South America maybe taking a couple of months to do it. It would be a trekking and possibly running holiday if I could find someone to do it with me as I don't think Mrs Boab would mind the trekking but the running in the Andes would pose a problem for her :)

Jacobi asks: Well done! How much of your success do you attribute to streaking?

Boab says: Thanks Jacobi. A lot. I think training everyday is important to my type of training. However, rest is also important and I've had many rest days this year, even though I ran every day for 6 months at the beginning of the year. Listening to your body and noticing the signs of fatigue are very important. You risk injury by continuing to run when fatigued, so we should learn when to back off and when to keep streaking. Variation in training paces helps with recovery as well, we don't need to be running our bollocks off all the time, taking active recovery days help, so the streaking can continue.

mackfly asks: As a fella who has won the odd race, what is your winning line celebration? Do you adopt the Micky Channon "windmil"l or are you more prefer the Alan Shearer one arm salute

Boab says: LOL macfly, I prefer a wee single finger up, but not the middle one and not too high.

Flos asks: Well done on MOTM, well deserved! Do you ever wish you still had your orange shirt and brown tie?:-)

Boab says: Thanks Flos. I've still got them, I am saving them to mentally torture someone else's kids!!!! hehe

DeeGee asks: Well done Boab. Prize money aside, would you rather win a little local race in front of your friends and family, or a big race on the other side of the world that nobody you knew saw?

Boab says: Thanks DeeGee. Can I twin this with Trin's question and take my family and friends with me? No, oh well. I'd like to win the big race on the other side of the worlds as it would mean I would have to travel there to take part. :):)

Baronessbl asks: Nice one Boab - what is your favourite beer

Boab says: Thanks Baronessbi. I'm a lager man, my most recent fav is Cisk (pronounced chisk). Maltese beer, fairly sweet and light, very refreshing when cold. This changes quite often

JulesR asks: Boab - today I bought a copy of "My Race" magazine because it had a picture of you on the front cover winning the Edinburgh Half Marathon. When I read the 2 page race report, you must have ticked the "No Publicity" box because you're not mentioned in it at all! Please can I have my money back from your winnings?

Boab says: No Jules, the money is spent. Tell me about it though, I get a small mention on the second page only to let people know who the hell is on the front cover of their magazine, but the race report is just a whinge by the reporter about the organisation of the race. I felt cheated I can tell you , even that bloody Sunbed Athlete gets more coverage in that mag than me. ;) hehe

may asks: ...well done boab and about time as well as I was getting fed up voting for you every month!!....talking of prize money how much did you pick up for Edinburgh half anyway??? ;-)

Boab says: Thanks May :) A lot, I went on holiday that afternoon ;)

magoo asks: ...well done mate and much deserved. No doubt you will be up again after Berlin when you slice under that sub 2.30 eh?....:-) Q. How did it feel to actually win a big city half marathon?...I can only imagine!! :-(

Boab says: Hey magoo, thanks. Dunno about the 2:30 in Berlin been eating way too many pies and drinking far too much beer recently. :) See up there ^ somewhere, I think I already answered this one. Apologies my fingers are getting sore typing and fetch is standing over me with a ruler poised to crack my knuckles if I stop ;)

Magbag asks: Congratulations Boab :) What is your best ever running related memory ?

Boab says: Thanks Magbag, hope the POSE work is coming on. Think I answered that one up there ^ somewhere too. If not fmail me, fetch is now looking at me impatiently.....and the ruler is getting bent.

Ben B asks: Well done Boab, I subscribe to your blogs and can only dream of the times you run. Inspirational to say the least. Question-What do you predict your PB's to be for 10k, half marathon and marathon when you have finished competitive running?

Boab says: Thanks Ben B. Finished competitive running? I am not sure that will ever happen, I have such a competitive attitude that I can see me competing until I'm carted off in a box!! :) I am no good at predictions, can I give a 'what I would like instead'? I'd like to dip under 32 minutes for 10K, 70 minutes for the half and 2:30 for the marathon. Hopefully I can find some downhill courses to do them on as I don't have long left.....

JulesR asks: OK, serious question Boab. You got to a good level fairly quickly after a couple of years of starting this running lark. Did you have a 'Faldo moment' of realising that to get to the next level you'd have to change training methods drastically and take a step backwards, or you'd just drift along being 'pretty good'?

Boab says: Serious? You Jules? Did someone else write this for you? ;) hehe. Kind of answered this when answering No8's question. Not really a Faldo moment as such, I was getting so frustrated with my training and racing that I had to change it. I was making no progress for almost 2 years or very little progress. I knew there was something missing, but couldn't work out what it was. I could knock out 5:10 mile reps all day, but couldn't run faster than 5:35 in 10K races. I was training way too fast, my steady runs were 6:30's and recovery runs were 7:00's as I thought that you need to run fast in training to run fast in racing. I was in a state of constant tiredness and pain. Injuries were common and so was the anxious feeling of being over trained. I had read a little about HR training and thought right, I am going to give this a go. I now run double the miles I used to, but I run them all smarter, giving myself plenty of time to recover from the harder days and when the next harder day comes around I am raring to go. I will go back to interval based work when I need to but I will stick to the old saying, 'Never run faster in training that you can run in a race'.

swittle asks: Great effort, Boab :) - how important is it for you to top the FETCH mileage league, or is it merely a function of your training regime?

Boab says: Thanks swittle. It's not important to me in the slightest. It's a consequence of my training. Am I still top? * starts to wonder if fetch will edit this to show how often I view the training league. LOL *

mic asks: Epic! , congrats m8, properly deserved too :-)... my question is... what is your fav session, where would you do the session, and who with if it could be anyone, running greats or just a hero of yours... PS - do you have the life size cut-out of you from the running magazine at home .. ...really you do dont you :-)

Boab says: Hey Mic, thanks m8 :) No cardboard cut outs, but a running shop in Edinburgh has offered my a full on poster they had in the window. I declined. :) My favourite session would be a 3 hour hill run with Arthur Lydiard in the Pentlands. It can't happen unfortunately, but can you imagine it? :)

Ultracat asks: well done Boab. What is your favourite race distance?

Boab says: Thanks UC, 10K is my fav :)

she runs for cake asks: Congratulations Boab. :) Does someone as speedy as you eat cake and if so what's your favourite?

Boab says: Thank you SRFC. I eat cake all the time, I love da cake. My favourite is Batenburg, marzipan, apricot jam, sponge, yum!!!! Then chocolate brownies, everything else comes a very close third. The only cake I don't like is a Jaffa Cake, cos it's a biscuit!!!!! ;)

Jock Itch asks: Well done :) Whats your secret to racing injury free ? Only, I tend to breakdown at 75M a week and cant seem to get any further. Any tips in anyway shape or form. Cheers, Jock

Boab says: Thanks Jock. I used to be injured continually and not unlike yourself around that mileage per week, actually a little less. It got very frustrated, I could set the clock that about 10 hours after a race I would be hurting somewhere. Enough was enough about November '07 and I started looking into the way I ran. I think a lot of people poo poo it without actually looking into it, thinking that injuries are par for the course. They are not. I still get niggles, but at 100 miles a week almost all year they are to be expected, but injures I seem to be avoiding and I can now feel them come on. When that happens I contact CT, haha, only kidding, I start to look at why they're about to happen, why bits hurt some days and not others. Get yourself onto the POSE thread, whichever one is the most recent one these days ;)

Bazoaxe asks: Another question from me, hope you dont mind. With the volume and quality of running you do, what do you think is the secret of remaining injury free ?

Boab says: No problem Bazoaxe. See above. I do think that your muscles and tendons get stronger the more you run, but I think the most important thing for me to running injury free was looking at the way I ran. I am not going to come over all evangelical about it, but if you are serious about eradicating injuries look at your running style, there is plenty of FREE help and superb coaches on this fantastic web site.

Fetch says: Thanks to everyone that submitted a question, and to Boab for some excellent and useful answers - a genuine scottish product :-)

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