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Talk running, biking, swimming... or whatever you like.
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First Race
Created by Hills of Death (HOD) Last post by Lizzie W at 19th Feb
Lizzie W 49 19th Feb
500ish miles in 2019
Created by geordiegirl Last post by The Scribbler at 19th Feb
The Scribbler 229 19th Feb
Support thread for students, mature and otherwise...
Created by LindsD Last post by Scorge at 19th Feb
Scorge 2046 19th Feb
Created by Binks Last post by Scorge at 19th Feb
Scorge 12290 19th Feb
Barcelona Marathon
Created by DeeGee Last post by Trin at 19th Feb
Trin 167 19th Feb
Not entirely mundane thread
Created by NDWDave Last post by NDWDave at 19th Feb
NDWDave 1909 19th Feb
What's making you smile today?
Created by Iris Last post by Corrah at 19th Feb
Corrah 6698 19th Feb
Who Squares Wins!
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by DocMoye at 19th Feb
DocMoye 8481 19th Feb
Sub 3Hr Marathon
Created by AlanO Last post by Little Miss Happy at 19th Feb
Little Miss Happy 23428 19th Feb
Created by B.B. Last post by Seratonin at 19th Feb
Seratonin 39481 19th Feb
Brew with a view
Created by GimmeMedals Last post by Lizzie W at 19th Feb
Lizzie W 9 19th Feb
What do you know today, that you did not yesterday?
Created by Murf Last post by Groundhog at 19th Feb
Groundhog 3684 19th Feb
Hello to Jason Isaacs
Created by Nellers Last post by larkim at 19th Feb
larkim 3689 19th Feb
How was your swim today?
Created by GregP Last post by fetcheveryone at 19th Feb
fetcheveryone 10398 19th Feb
Created by GregP Last post by GregP at 19th Feb
GregP 229130 19th Feb
Fetch and the Art of Car Maintenance
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by LazyDaisy at 19th Feb
LazyDaisy 111 19th Feb
The sub 2.45 marathon thread
Created by Gobi Last post by Phill_Young at 19th Feb
Phill_Young 16662 19th Feb
Trader: New Game
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by Alice the Camel at 19th Feb
Alice the Camel 332 19th Feb
Brighton Marathon 2019
Created by Surrey Phil Last post by JJJ at 19th Feb
JJJ 10 19th Feb
Created by Sir Pabsey - Knight of Fetch Last post by jennyh at 19th Feb
jennyh 6379 19th Feb