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1500 miles in 2020
Created by Garfield Last post by Garfield
Garfield 1824 18th Sep
The fat-tyre thread
Created by cathrobinson Last post by cathrobinson
cathrobinson 7136 18th Sep
What's making you smile today?
Created by Iris Last post by DoricQuine
DoricQuine 10487 18th Sep
Kayaking & Canoeing thread
Created by Jubear Last post by Mandymoo
Mandymoo 256 18th Sep
The Smile Thread
Created by Fizz :-) Last post by Fizz :-)
Fizz :-) 107 18th Sep
What minor disaster has befallen you today?
Created by WA Last post by Fizz :-)
Fizz :-) 2412 18th Sep
Not entirely mundane thread
Created by NDWDave Last post by ChrisHB
ChrisHB 3075 18th Sep
Dinner tonight shall be...
Created by RichHL Last post by alpenrose
alpenrose 18123 18th Sep
Pro cycling thread
Created by SPR Last post by Chrisity
Chrisity 6431 18th Sep
How was your run today?
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by ElDuderino
ElDuderino 36956 18th Sep
70% WAVA
Created by Goofee Last post by Velociraptor
Velociraptor 1979 18th Sep
How many fetchies can you recognise from the avatars along the bottom of the page?
Created by Wriggling Snake Last post by chunkywizard
chunkywizard 1361 18th Sep
Electric car anyone?
Created by larkim Last post by larkim
larkim 387 18th Sep
Indoor Rowing
Created by Nellers Last post by Craggy
Craggy 3426 18th Sep
Baking thread
Created by LindsD Last post by Wriggling Snake
Wriggling Snake 4559 18th Sep
knitting, crocheting and general craftery
Created by runner duck Last post by HellsBells
HellsBells 19944 18th Sep
South West Coastal Path - SWCP
Created by ♪♫ Synge ♪♫ Last post by Garfield
Garfield 2100 18th Sep
Any Board Games Fans
Created by Vancouver Jogger Last post by Stander
Stander 354 18th Sep
1000 miles in 2020
Created by Lesley C Last post by Fenland Flier
Fenland Flier 1678 18th Sep
The Environment Thread :-)
Created by HappyG(rrr) Last post by jacdaw
jacdaw 185 18th Sep
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