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New Thread Parental Health Concerns
Created by EvilPixie Last post by Velociraptor
Velociraptor 3 18th Apr
The Smile Thread
Created by Fizz :-) Last post by Watford Wobble
Watford Wobble 685 18th Apr
Dinner tonight shall be...
Created by RichHL Last post by RichHL
RichHL 19211 18th Apr
Fantasy Premier League
Created by Diogenes Last post by NDWDave
NDWDave 873 18th Apr
Predictive text thread
Created by McGoohan Last post by Night-owl
Night-owl 11668 18th Apr
Baking thread
Created by LindsD Last post by LindsD
LindsD 5448 18th Apr
Sub 30min 5k
Created by GimmeMedals Last post by Night-owl
Night-owl 285 18th Apr
Who Squares Wins!
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by CC2 Speedy Goth
CC2 Speedy Goth 23657 18th Apr
70% WAVA
Created by Goofee Last post by Ally-C
Ally-C 2156 18th Apr
FE Lake District Lovers
Created by Northern Exile Last post by FenlandRunner
FenlandRunner 3281 18th Apr
Alphabet Game
Created by XB Last post by .B.
.B. 43958 18th Apr
Inbetweenies - not skinny, not a fat git, need to lose around a stone
Created by hellen Last post by Rosehip
Rosehip 4885 18th Apr
Cricket Thread
Created by The Teaboy Last post by stuart little
stuart little 25468 18th Apr
over 50's club
Created by Sweaty Frank Last post by Sushi.
Sushi. 33660 18th Apr
The not very exciting run and ride route picture thread
Created by Gobi Last post by Gobi
Gobi 189 18th Apr
Things I found on Rightmove
Created by NDWDave Last post by NDWDave
NDWDave 499 18th Apr
Pro cycling thread
Created by SPR Last post by Dai Bank
Dai Bank 7534 18th Apr
What minor disaster has befallen you today?
Created by WA Last post by Mandymoo
Mandymoo 3238 18th Apr
I Will Not Overeat Today.
Created by GlennR Last post by GlennR
GlennR 8450 18th Apr
Reflux after exercise
Created by Tomsmum Last post by jelly (limegreenjelly)
jelly (limegreenjelly) 3 18th Apr
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