Amsterdam Marathon

Listed by Ruggy
  • Rated 79%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (58) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AJPAR Hoping to break the 3 hour barrier.

Result - Still 5 mins short!! but another 2.5 mins off the pb so got to be happy. Good flat course although pretty dull in places. Excellent conditions and cool to finish in a stadium. Unaffiliated 2:57:31 3:05:05 2:59:59 3:05:05 66.88
Ay up me duck Northbrook AC 3:12:14 3:18:02 3:14:59 3:18:02 70.02
baz2 Dragons RC 3:44:45 4:40:57 4:37:00 4:40:57 46.86
Big M With all the training done I expected better. Started out confident at 8min pace but the last 10k was a complete nightmare, obviously went out too fast. Time is not what I'd hoped for and even slower than Robin Hood Marathon, the gentle training run for this race, sigh... Pudsey Pacers RC 3:56:26 3:57:04 3:45:00 4:01:41 52.27
Blakey 26.2 RRC Really struggled. Had man flu all week and never really recovered. Felt tired from the start but dug deep and pleased to have finished in under 4 hours and only 11 minutes slower than PB 26.2 Road Runners Club 3:48:57 3:48:57 3:30:00 3:59:34 51.20
Bodge Stafford Harriers 4:04:46
BryanB Bellahouston Road Runners 2:52:40 2:55:34 3:00:00 2:55:34 73.14
carrot top Wirral AC 2:44:05 2:53:05 3:06:23 65.81
Chockaholic aimed for under 3.30 so got to be pleased. last 5k took 28 1/2 mins last 2k 12 thats where i really suffered for only managing 8 runs in the last 5 wks due to injury. hopefully stay injury free for london and get closer to 3hrs Long Eaton Running Club 3:03:52 3:29:30 3:29:30 60.79
Cotty67 Watch time for 26.44 miles was 4.19.21 but didn't account for the walks through the water stations, theres always next time. Unaffiliated 4:22:28 4:22:28 4:22:28 52.29
Craig84 Unaffiliated 3:01:19 3:03:48 2:59:00 3:03:48 66.14
DIY Diva Champagne if I win this challenge......

Training has gone really well apart from falling over twice which on a good note forced the issue of learning to swim for when injury occurs (not tri Kirsty ;-) ).  Done core training for the first time along with a course of plyometrics so it will be interesting to see the results.  Would love to break 3:50:59 to qualify for Boston and in my dreams 3:45 for London (just to experience that Fetch Support from the other side of the barrier).  Good luck everyone :-)

Race no
Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 3:43:10 3:51:05 3:48:58 3:51:05 60.63
Dom Unaffiliated 3:23:23 4:17:10 4:27:40 45.47
ducksdisease 1st marathon! I'm a-shaking in ma shoos! UPDATE: Brilliant! Enjoyed it from start to finish.Good organisation, more support on the route than I expected & well chuffed with my time given major hiccups in training. Fraserburgh RC 4:16:00 4:16:00 4:45:00 4:16:00 56.88
Els Trail Running Association 2:52:41 3:18:23 3:18:23 61.28
Frase Worthing & District Harriers 3:25:02 3:25:32 3:25:32 59.22
grash Unaffiliated 3:17:17 3:28:21 3:28:21 64.30
Heals Unaffiliated 4:39:24 4:46:08 4:46:08 46.82
jolguk I seem to be in pretty speedy company here! Really looking forward to it, it should be a great weekend, and if I've trained really should be time for sub-4. Yes! I did it! You should see my finish on the video thing. Arms aloft for about 10 seconds - well, it was a 20 minute PB! I'd hoped for 3:50, this was dream stuff. It honestly felt quite easy all the way round. I wanted to go with the 3:45 pacers, but as soon as we'd started (which I did with Tiny Tia, nice to meet you and sorry your race didn't go so well) I realised they were behind me and didn't want to slow down for them to catch up. So I just went with my own pace, happily on to halfway at 1:44. I told myself you can't sustain this, and kind of couldn't but my patches of walking later on were mostly because I knew I had loads of time to do so. I walked through all the water stations, I enjoyed the windmills on the river section..... it was just brilliant. A great new half mara PB for my husband, too (1:33) and lots more PBs from the club generally. Just a brilliant weekend. The only problem now is my goals being achieved and still having a place in London - and I think even a GFA. Dragons RC 3:41:55 3:41:55 3:55:00 3:41:55 60.61
jonoshea Unaffiliated 4:14:52 4:29:35 3:59:00 4:29:35 46.51
Keefy Beefy Not quite as planned. Despite dodgy calf, got to 32K ahead of 3:10 pace when crampy sensations started. Slowed down to prevent a major cramping incident like in La Rochelle last year but eventually did cramp at 39K. Only had to stop once to stretch it out, which took about a minute and lost me the sub 3:15. Happy enough, though, as it's a PB and when I do go sub 3:15 I want it to be in flawless style! Unaffiliated 3:15:38 3:15:38 3:10:00 3:15:38 62.14
Kieren Don't bet on me - I've done sod all training - just check out my log.  ** Extremely surprised to get around.  Running at sub-5 min/km which was quicker than my pace at Berlin last year despite having trained for that one.  I did practically no training for this and didn't really get into trouble till the last 10k. Was able to run the last km at pretty much 5km pace - must have been the caffeine gel. Amsterdam was great - nice course, beautiful city. I'd do this again Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 3:39:27 3:43:08 3:43:08 54.48
Lil Roadrunner City of Salisbury A & RC 4:11:24 4:15:33 4:15:33 52.42
Lincs Blue Unaffiliated 3:30:15 3:30:15 3:30:15 60.08
LouLou 3rd marathon..looking for sub 3.10...see how the training goes.  Never been to Amsterdam before, second overseas race.
UPDATE:  Next time.. I'll NAIL IT. Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 2:59:49 3:13:38 3:09:59 3:14:53 68.74
Markonline99 Very happy to have got a sub 3:15 marathon under my belt. Used a training plan taken from a book called Westbury Harriers 3:03:25 3:14:09 3:15:00 3:14:09 67.25
mava Sevenoaks AC 4:50:26 5:16:38 5:16:38 45.49
middletoe My right knee recovered and no problems with it during or after BUT left knee had same pain. Ended up running / walking / running
half way was about 1 hour 50 so was on target until pain became too much
Bad cramp in right leg at 37 Km and wondered how I would finish ! Unaffiliated 3:53:09 4:22:00 4:22:00 49.01
Milf De Filer Unaffiliated 3:41:18 3:58:08 3:58:08 51.33
Mr Phil 13 mins off the pb!! Porthcawl Runners 3:33:43 3:33:43 3:40:00 3:33:43 57.63
Nun Warthead Unaffiliated 4:08:27 4:31:20 4:31:20 47.72
NZC Not a very happy time of it. Ran 1.46.55 to half-way then struggled home. Unaffiliated 3:36:48 3:45:41 3:49:28 72.10
OllyGoGo Falkirk Victoria Harriers 3:15:43 3:22:42 3:22:42 67.22
Paulcdad Well, not as planned. Going along fine with 4.15 pacesetter but at 11/12 miles something just died- then became a battle to finish. Dehydration in there somewhere, I'm sure.
Still, first time and learnt a lot. Unaffiliated 4:25:24 4:35:02 4:35:02 48.69
paulcook Esk Valley Fell Club 3:49:43 3:49:43 3:49:43 52.92
Pou Pou LePhoõk Unaffiliated 3:30:03 3:44:01 3:44:01 57.80
Rioja Lover Southend-on-Sea AC, Southend Athletics 3:41:19 3:41:19 3:41:19 61.38
Roo Not a bad effort considering no training for 1 mointh  - a side from a couple of long runs due to niggling calf injuries. Nice race! Unaffiliated 3:20:21 3:30:50 3:30:50 57.67
Ruggy looking forward to this race, ran an extra mile according to my garmin last year, so if i keep close to the marker line i should hit my target time...we shall see! I have started a thread about this race if you want to join in Dunstable Lions RC 3:17:50 3:22:44 3:15:00 3:22:44 63.86
sango Wow just made my goal for 2008 sub 3 marathon!!!feel amazingly happy about this!! got severe cramps at 38k felt them coming on before (35k) but slowed enough to ward them off however 38k had to stop or else could have had similar hamstring tear as during  Berlin marathon (which hampered my training from Sep 07- Feb-March 08. I feel there is a lot more to come (from the marathon) she is my Queen I know she is not easy to get on with and is definately tempermental however she can give you moments of pure pleasure/happiness and in equal measure dissapointment and despair!She has me in the pleasure/happiness zone thank you Amsterdam!!!thanks also to rb and benb for support also ugly,HOD for giving me the good news of sub 3 and the jogger for saying a pb is still apb before I knew my time!!! Hercules Wimbledon AC 2:54:08 2:59:58 2:59:58 68.79
Sharms Bedford Harriers AC 3:08:03 3:54:00 3:57:00 3:54:00 51.95
Shinny Dunstable RRC 3:33:35 3:49:41 3:49:41 58.91
shufflingB Unaffiliated 4:07:28 4:19:25 4:19:25 48.70
silent runner kev 100 Marathon Club, Fenland Running Club, Goyt Valley Striders 3:07:58 3:13:43 3:19:37 64.33
Speedie Unaffiliated 3:03:52 3:10:11 2:54:59 3:10:11 64.10
stacky Dunstable RRC, Boxfit Tri Club 3:26:32 3:45:37 3:45:37 58.35
Stanaz Pudsey Pacers RC 3:49:31 3:49:31 3:30:00 3:49:31 52.96
Stellameister 100 Marathon Club 3:40:08 3:55:00 3:55:00 55.56
SueW Hoping for sub 4.  Quite hard to predict.  I ran 4:22 here in 2005 so I'm hoping to  improve on that at least*** Update*** well I improved on 2005 at least.  I went through a bad patch between 30 and 35km but at least I managed to recover and get back into it.  In fact, I can match the slow 5km there to the too fast 5km between 5 and 10k!  The wind felt as tho it was against us more then behind us.  Nice to meet DIYDIVA at the start.  ( I realised when I got my results that I've managed to sneak another Boston qualifier here!  Result!!)

Carnegie Harriers 3:56:27 4:00:40 3:59:00 4:00:40 59.85
swift8 don't ask... Great Western Runners, SWIFT Running Club 3:39:19 3:57:00 3:30:00 3:57:00 51.44
taulpaul Terrific race, fantastic start and finish in the old Olympic Stadium.  The middle section along The Amstel did drag on for what seemed like forever though and feels very islolated at times...Still once you get into the Vondelpark and are heading towards the stadium finish you soon forget that.  Came in position 2423 out of 5983 finishers Birmingham Swifts 3:30:24 3:46:59 3:46:59 54.54
Tia Had an awful race, pace was wrong, dehydrated from the start, struggled throughout, legs heavy/stiff, very glad to have finished. Lonely Goat RC 3:55:29 4:04:36 4:04:36 54.81
TrisP Dragons Running Club (Sale) 3:22:35 3:28:43 3:28:43 58.77
Uithoorn_runner Unaffiliated 4:19:15 4:43:21 4:43:21 47.28
union Haddington East Lothian Pacemakers 3:03:57 3:13:00 3:16:00 63.97
WOBBLYLEGS1965 Dudley Kingswinford RC, Wolverhampton & Bilston AC 3:31:05 4:06:17 4:06:17 52.14
yramrag Wimborne AC 2:47:08 3:15:08 3:15:08 62.86
Zoolu Unaffiliated 3:51:18 3:51:18 4:00:00 4:08:00 49.02

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