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Fetch's Fast Mile

Added by fetcheveryone
  • 18 Visitors
Min 23m, Max 27m
Range 4m


Leading Bikers

Bobs Your Father 3:48
EdJ 4:27
DW 4:48
bobbob 5:59
PJackson 8:37

Leading Runners

iPaul 6:29
PJackson 6:38
fetcheveryone 7:20
wshippin 7:21
Sharms 7:26
hatterfan 7:54
Lizzle 8:09
Lycra Hurricane 8:16
Schnecke 8:24
Tony W 8:44
Trish 9:25
Nana Gill 10:00
Elsie Too 10:04
Sqwelshy66 11:11

Guest Book

fetcheveryone says: My go-to place for testing out my speed :-)
Elsie Too says: A great place to test speed but today was a long run so not at all soeedy
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