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Talk running, biking, swimming... or whatever you like.
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Hot Cross Bun Count
Created by Angus Clydesdale Last post by GimmeMedals at 17th Feb
GimmeMedals 26 17th Feb
FetchPoint: The Game
Created by Naomi P Last post by Pothunter at 17th Feb
Pothunter 22338 17th Feb
Hanging out the washing thread
Created by Jock Itch Last post by Derby Tup at 17th Feb
Derby Tup 2093 17th Feb
Who Squares Wins!
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by kstuart at 17th Feb
kstuart 8445 17th Feb
Open Water Swimming
Created by Nick Cook Last post by 1step2far at 17th Feb
1step2far 3293 17th Feb
Joke of the day........
Created by PhatButFit Last post by JRitchie at 17th Feb
JRitchie 15199 17th Feb
Standing desks and running
Created by J2R Last post by early bird at 17th Feb
early bird 25 17th Feb
Fetchie Flab Fighters 2019 - Lets Do It
Created by Mandymoo Last post by Mandymoo at 17th Feb
Mandymoo 416 17th Feb
Created by Sir Pabsey - Knight of Fetch Last post by JRitchie at 17th Feb
JRitchie 6371 17th Feb
parkrun thread
Created by Hendo Last post by Lip Gloss at 17th Feb
Lip Gloss 30485 17th Feb
Support thread for students, mature and otherwise...
Created by LindsD Last post by early bird at 17th Feb
early bird 2045 17th Feb
What or who do you hate but everybody else seems to love??
Created by runningmumof3santas Last post by EdJ at 17th Feb
EdJ 4225 17th Feb
Reasons to be Grateful
Created by halfpint Last post by Little Nemo at 17th Feb
Little Nemo 2552 17th Feb
Created by GlennR Last post by Dvorak at 17th Feb
Dvorak 43 17th Feb
500ish miles in 2019
Created by geordiegirl Last post by The Scribbler at 17th Feb
The Scribbler 226 17th Feb
Help wanted - Law student quiz team name
Created by Cyclops Last post by Cyclops at 17th Feb
Cyclops 3 17th Feb
1500 miles in 2019
Created by jennyh Last post by jennyh at 17th Feb
jennyh 602 17th Feb
60% WAVA thread
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by Bob! at 17th Feb
Bob! 27 17th Feb
What's making you smile today?
Created by Iris Last post by Sharkie at 17th Feb
Sharkie 6686 17th Feb
Yorkshire talk about now't thread :-)
Created by Haddi :-) Last post by richmac at 17th Feb
richmac 8764 17th Feb