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(29th Aug 2017) Now 'officially' old (since Apr 2017) but retired from full-time work in Apr 2015 - that should have made fitting in the running easier but it doesn't seem to have worked out like that! Started running again in 2007 after a 35 year layoff. Have had various injuries over the last 10 years - had been okay for a while but sprained my left ankle at the end of March. Had a walking holiday in July and after a few treadmill runs, finally ventured back outside earlier this month. I usually manage to bounce back from injury each time but it definitely gets harder each time! Have never tried a marathon - not sure if I ever will. Done several half-marathons but always seem to get cramp problems - hence my trepidation at attempting 26 miles! I'll never be the quickest but hopefully won't ever be the last. Regardless, will keep plodding on until I can't manage to any more.


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29th Aug 2017 - finally running outside again after a l-o-n-g layoff due to a sprained ankle. Only managed two runs so far but fingers crossed I can get back into a regular running routine ..

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