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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
27 Jul 2018

Fix It Friday!

10:03am | 1625 views | 18 Comments
Welcome to the inaugural Fix-It Friday blog. I hope to do these weekly, as I have an excellent record *looks over glasses* of starting weekly stuff and then maintaining it.

The point of this blog is to highlight any changes (big and small) that I've made to the site over the course of the week. First and foremost, it lets you know what has changed so you can go take a look. Secondly, it feels good to offer up some evidence of some of the work I do each week, to dispel any rumours that I just sit around smoking Gitanes and starting bar fights. And thirdly, I hope it indicates just how the flexible the site is, and encourages more of you to get involved with shaping its future direction. Like I always say, the site is successful because it is driven by the needs of its users.

Here's this week's list:

1) When you look at the 'Calendar' tab when viewing your training log, there's an extra total in the final column, which shows the number of miles you recorded under cross-training. For the majority of you, this is walking mileage. Doesn't work so well if you also do roller-blading or summat, but it's a start. I think it was shanksi who asked for this.

2) On the home page, the 'hot threads' for the forum now show the time of the most recent post e.g. "3 minutes ago". No-one asked for this one, but I felt like it gives an indication of how quickly our forum is moving. Because the thread list is based on the number of lurkers, it can sometimes throw up a thread that hasn't been posted on recently, but in general it seems to work well.

3) When you plot a route and choose 'Follow Roads', each click on the map requires a trip to our server, which in turn requires a trip to a third party server. Mostly this happens really quickly, but occasionally there's a bit of a delay. I've added something that changes the mouse pointer into an hourglass whilst this is happening. Frustratingly, the server was having a moment of clarity when I uploaded it, so I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the hourglass yet. Can't remember who suggested this one, sorry.

4) When you view the entries in your training log, and click the 'Mph' (or kmph) tab, they now sort correctly. Woo! Thanks to larkim for spotting that error.

5) Following many requests on the Who Squares Wins thread, uploading old runs and rides will not impact the current week's score. Have you signed up to play by the way? It's an awesome game!

6) I spotted this one in a thread or blog comment, and can't remember who asked for it, soz. But if you're a swimmer, you can now set your zone colours like you already can for running and biking. Zone speeds are given in seconds per hundred metres.

7) The "Severity over Time" graph on your injury listings was broken, and has been for some time (ever since we upgraded the server, and our ChartDirector license expired). I've converted the graph to the more-excellenter Highcharts equivalent.

8) MouseyTongue asked if I would add 'Watch List' to the forum sub-headings. I did. Pips.

9) Likewise, I think it was DocMoye who asked me where she could find the walking league. I've added 'Walking' as a sub-heading under the Rank page.

10) Conquercise players have been missing the ability to view other peoples zones (the little spectacles icon next to other players). I took it down some time ago because of a server performance issue. I've now rebuilt the page in a simplified way that will hopefully not cause too many server issues.

11) If you're editing the 'Weekly Sessions' entries for your club listing, it was failing if your text had an apostrophe in it. School-person error, sorted now. I spotted this when helping the chairman of Tadworth AC get his club listed with us.

12) Here's an obscure one. Wick noticed that his fastest time as a 70yo in 2017 wasn't showing in our standard ranking tables. In the database, I have a table that stores PBs - and it also records your fastest attempts each year. Wick had run faster earlier in the year when he was 69, but then he ran a quicker time as a 70yo in early 2018. A knotty one to fix for sure. Rather than try to unpick the code, I've created a new table that just highlights performances by over 50's runners (you can filter it for any age, and look at a specific year or all years). I'll be releasing that later today once I've done a bit more testing.

And that's the list for this week. I hope it inspires you to find fault with the site :-) Just one request though - if you report an issue, DO include information on how I can see the problem you're facing, and DON'T just say "the site's broken, aaarrgghh!". I'll collect up all your messages, and sort some more fixes for next Friday. Here's the feedback link: fetcheveryone.com/feedback.php
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  • Thanks. Nice to have a list of stuff that's fixed....lots of stuff there i didn't even know about.
    10:12am, 27th Jul 2018
  • I've sent a request :-)
    10:15am, 27th Jul 2018
  • Top work Fetch, well done.

    5), Does that mean a Monday morning run uploaded after midday doesn't count?
    10:18am, 27th Jul 2018
  • Stu - no, you get some flexibility there. It's based solely on the date of the run/ride/crawl.
    10:25am, 27th Jul 2018
  • Thanks BL & DM.
    10:33am, 27th Jul 2018
  • Great list. One that is not broken, but I just don't understand, is how on earth to fill in the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion. Do I just click in the first column to the left (or right) for the current run, or all of them, or vary it across the graph for that run? no idea!
    10:35am, 27th Jul 2018
  • @Sigh - you just click the boxes and you're done. The reason why it's not just "click the number" is so that you can indicate different intensities throughout your run. So for example, if you ran easy to begin with, then sprinted for a mile, then jogged home, you could click a few boxes at level 4 to indicate the time spent in your easy zone; then click one box at level 10, to indicate the all-out effort; then a couple of boxes at level 5 to cover the amount of time you spent on your recovery jog. It's not the most intuitive, and I developed it after being involved in some tests at the local uni where they used the scale. Would forgive anyone for not using it :-)
    10:39am, 27th Jul 2018
  • That's really helpful, thanks! Will grade my intervals session from yesterday now :-)
    10:41am, 27th Jul 2018
  • I like the cross-training total.
    Wriggling Snake
    10:53am, 27th Jul 2018
  • I like the scrolling mileage totals on the "Train" homepage where you can tap it from lifetime to year to month and finally league position. Not sure when that arrived?
    But why does it only show run league position?
    Angus Clydesdale
    11:04am, 27th Jul 2018
  • #3 was mine - when you first put this in for OSM, there was quite a dleay. As you found, now you've added the hourglass, response is instant an no hour glass needed. Luck, or change of call - or just no-ones using the OSM call in the heat wave.
    (maybe electrical/optica/comms/interweb thing all go faster when hotter?)

    Thanks for the list ... sounds like an end of term clear out ;-)
    12:26pm, 27th Jul 2018
  • #6 was mine, thank you! Can you make the line on the map change colour with the zones like it does for running and cycling too?
    12:50pm, 27th Jul 2018
  • You are a very busy bee indeed.
    3:42pm, 27th Jul 2018
  • Loving the post! The change log is ace and shows us just how much stuff you do - good man, keep it Up!
    4:37pm, 27th Jul 2018
  • That's an impressive list, well done! (Nicely written up too, though we expect no less).

    Very happy to see #5 fixed. I'm going to celebrate by uploading a whopping collection of GPX files :-)
    9:39pm, 27th Jul 2018
  • Is it possible to obscure your routes but keep people as buddies? I don’t want buddies seeing my street 🙈 not that they aren’t nice but...
    10:49pm, 27th Jul 2018
  • I do hope you have left yourself a little time for the Gitanes and bar-fights.
    4:10pm, 31st Jul 2018
  • Bit late reading this, but jolly good show. I loves change logs, I do
    10:11pm, 2nd Aug 2018

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22 Jul 2018

Five Get Wet In Devon

10:08pm | 610 views | Abingdon Marathon | 6 Comments
Back from a week in Devon, which began with Katie's adventure at The Bantham Swoosh (more about that here: fetcheveryone.com/blog/192 ). Spoiler alert: she did amazingly well.

After four weeks of 30mpw, my training plan wasn't letting up, but unfortunately (or not), the terrain in our temporary home in Challaborough wasn't a good place to go out and collect 30 miles without a huge increase in effort.

I ran-walked 4.5 miles on Saturday, trying to follow the course of the river to look out for the swimmers, but the paths were so uneven and steep I spent plenty of time walking, and even a fair bit of time just standing still, whilst my lungs caught up with my ambitions. I found myself too far inland to see anything other than a faraway triangle of river, so I trotted back to the beach to await Katie - what an emotional experience that was!

We deconstructed the swim experience on a picnic bench (including Silvershadow's Mini Swoosh: fetcheveryone.com/blog/3937/2018/7#blog382951 ), eating at least one item from each of the many food vans that had congregated around the swim organisers marquee. Katie allowed me to make a turban out of her Swoosh towel, although I then had to prove to two small kids that I wasn't Professor Quirrell. We took a walk along the side of the beach before my hayfever got brutal :-/

Driving the Devon lanes is an art form - thick hedge brushing left wing mirror, thick hedge brushing right wing mirror - twitching to the brake every ten seconds - but we made it to our accommodation in more or less one piece, with nerves at least partially still intact.

The following day, my lower legs felt as though someone had put each of my knees in a vice, then twisted my ankles - a horrible torsion feeling which was just excessive DOMS from the run, rather than the driving! I walked to the shop for croissants, and ended up lending my phone charger to a Swedish bloke called Lars - who later returned it with a nice bottle of red - 'token thankings' :-)

Katie, NJ, SS and I took a little walk back along the cliff path toward Bantham, and hopped across the receding sea to visit Burgh Island. The fancy pants hotel there is adjoined by a less-than-impressive cafe that used to serve crab sandwiches, but now does burgers and gentle soullessness.

It probably didn't help that I was a bit grouchy with tiredness and was slowly melting in the heat. Eventually Katie helped me realise that what I really wanted was a nap, which helped reset my temperature and mood.

We tried a bit of cliff running the following day. Fetch says 314m of climb in the space of 3.4 miles: fetcheveryone.com/t-15193991 - just 27 more for the week to reach my baseline :-)

I like getting away from the TV on holiday, and read The Spy Who Came In From The Cold; and Down & Out In Paris & London. I preferred the latter - it's a fascinating autobiographical account from George Orwell's time living on almost zero funds.

Another run on Wednesday saw me head inland - but with just as many hills to climb, albeit more pleasant than the cliff path. fetcheveryone.com/t-15201053 - I ran nice and early, so that I only encountered one bread van and one taxi in the hedged lanes - and the surroundings quiet enough to hear them coming from a way off. I also ran past a lovely house that collected beach detritus, including a very telling display of 78 plastic lighters that had washed up on the beach over the course of a single week.

Between runs, we ate at a lovely fish restaurant called The Oyster Shack. Shellfish are not my thing, but the anchovies on toast I had for my starter was the most delicious starter I've ever eaten. Ever.

We also spent a bit of time most days floating down the river a few hours before low tide. With a wetsuit on (and even without) it was possible to drift for several hundred metres down the estuary before gently running aground on a sand bank. I remember hearing stories of how a lecturer at university used to tether himself offshore in a wetsuit somewhere warm, and allow his mind to wander. I can totally understand the appeal.

Home yesterday, and up to visit the boy this morning. He slept in, so I got a run done on the canal path. I think my heart rate was about a bazillion beats lower on the flat - it felt so much easier, and took me to 25 miles for the week. Not quite the mileage I wanted, but I think the Devon hills made their own contribution to my marathon-leg-readiness.

The school summer holidays always play a bit of havoc with the running - so it'll be interesting to see how the next chunk of training goes - but The Boy is old enough to cope with the odd solo hour here or there, so I should be able to juggle things reasonably well, and be in a good place come September. I'm pretty sure I'm already well up on previous marathon campaigns, with 9 more miles needed to nail my second 100+ month in a row (achieved only once before, in 2007).

Now that I'm back, I'd like to encourage you all to submit your feedback: fetcheveryone.com/feedback.php with bug reports, layout errors, usability issues and suggestions for the site. My plan is to do some sort of weekly round-up of all the bugs I fix and minor amendments I make - so having a good supply is useful :-)

Toodle pip!
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  • +1 for anything by Orwell.
    Wriggling Snake
    10:14pm, 22nd Jul 2018
  • Nothing better than books 📚

    Running hilly routes like those add an extra couple miles to any run. You’ll reap the benefits of those hilly runs for sure.

    Welcome back *gets out of Fetch’s chair*
    6:25am, 23rd Jul 2018
  • Ha! Welcome to our world! You get used to the lanes, and they’re a great excuse... I mean reason for our slow bike mph!
    7:27am, 23rd Jul 2018
  • And the SWCP has more 'hills' than anywhere else I know in UK ...
    Hope you saw the stories about the sharks - that would put a stop to 'floating' ...
    Glad you enjoyed the holiday.
    8:09am, 23rd Jul 2018
  • Welcome back to work! Nice hols. I know you've got a list of things to look at, so I won't add to it! :-) G
    10:42am, 23rd Jul 2018
  • Hurray for Bantham - great place, eh? Spent much of this month down there... must get a pic in (ROTD)
    2:36pm, 23rd Jul 2018

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06 Jul 2018

Big Glasgow Weekend - Part 1: Gies A Cwtch

1:04pm | 835 views | Big Fetch Mile - Glasgow | 18 Comments
Before I forget the details, here's an account of our trip to Glasgow :-)

We woke up at about 6.30am on the Friday morning, in order to get to Nightjar and Silvershadow's house for our lift at 7.45. Our train wasn't until just after 10am, but the lift fitted in with Nightjar's commute to MK, so we sat in the station and read books (me: Dracula - pretty good; Katie - a Stuart McBride I think).

It's been a while since I've been on a long train journey, and none so long as this - five hours. The romantic view of travelling to Scotland by train is that it's a bit like going to Hogwarts, with cityscapes giving way to increasingly more beautiful and expansive terrain, and hopefully without the Dementors, and with lots of pumpkin pasties.

The reality (on the way up at least) is that it's a bit of a lottery. We first shared a table with a mother and daughter who were reading travel guide books, and the mother had a long phone conversation about her international travel, and how "we should really meet up - let's pencil in a date - I can fit you in between Niagra Falls and my trip to Jupiter in April 2064 - how does that sound? Lovely darling. Yes of course we must discuss moving the tangible assets to the Cayman Islands. Makes perfect sense". A few stops later, they were replaced by a Birmingham family who were a little suspicious about the fact that our tickets were for the same seat as theirs, and spent much of the rest of the trip arguing amongst themselves about packed lunches, where to find a good pub, and generally going over the same ground repeatedly. We also had a less-than-one-year-old baby, and a four-year old in the seat behind me who did pretty well, but did land the occasional kick to the back. I have giant headphones, but didn't wear them out of solidarity with Katie, who doesn't.

That said, I did get a couple of hundred pages of Dracula read (it gets very bitey), some of the scenery was very lovely, and we had chocolate-covered peanuts.

Our hotel was the Premier Inn near the Buchanan Galleries. On reaching our room, we discovered that there was a noisy child in the room next door, so for the sake of our sanity, we got our room changed for a different one.

I'd asked on Twitter for eating recommendations - and as a result of one, we ended up at Paesano Pizza (paesanopizza.co.uk), and it was really quite awesome. I discovered how much I like rocket and parmesan salad (a lot), and then followed that up with the most delicious sourdough pizza I may ever have eaten.

Saturday came, and our plan was to go to Ruchill parkrun. The other possibility was Springburn, but we really wanted to see what it was like to run a very small event (they had 45 entrants the week before). Google offered what turned out to be a fairly uninspiring and rather hilly route to the park, but knowing no better, we took it.

First Fetch contact came in the form of JulesR, who is always lovely to meet - and followed shortly after by an all-encompassing no-arguments-permitted cwtch from Maz, and then a row of hugs from more Fetchies. The usual thing - if I start listing names, I'll forget someone. It's always a bit overwhelming, and I mainly try not to sound like a douche.

Ruchill feels like a fairly compact park, with plenty of upping and downing. The course is shaped like a whale - look:


What they don't tell you at the briefing is that the tail of the whale is out of the water, ready to slap back down, sending runners everywhere :-) We took the whole thing at what was a reasonably comfortable pace for me, but I think a hard effort attempt would be quite exhausting :-)

The finish was relaxed and low-key - no rigid funnel and associated police - just a bloke nonchalantly holding up a token between thumb and forefinger, just waiting for me to realise where to go. Bonus points for the drinks on offer at the end too. It looks like a real close-knit group, but they made us feel very welcome indeed.

Finish of the entire day came from Corrah, who came through the tape like a runaway train, only slowing down thanks to some very impressive arm cartwheeling, which was a joy to watch.

After a quick chat with a few Fetchies, we made the decision to get back to the city as I was in dire need of some deodorant for my buzzing pits :-) and we also needed to buy a few bits and bobs for the afternoon. 57.5 Degrees of Pain gave us some useful advice to follow the canal back - and it proved to be a much, much nicer route. It was really nice to see how that section of canal has been repurposed to support water sports (and a few days later, we also discovered the wake boarding part too).

We went to the Pret underneath the hotel for a bit of porridge and a coffee, and were soon accosted by DoricQuine, Lip Gloss and idle_wilder, who had spotted our Fetch tops. They were as lovely as you'd imagine, and DQ presented me with my 'Gies a Cwtch' t-shirt (for the uninformed, it's a Scottish-Welsh hybrid phrase meaning "Excuse me my dear old thing, I would like you to hug me please".):

We arranged to share a taxi, so we toddled off to buy our bits and bobs, take a shower, and then waited in the town centre, drinking ginger beer, listening to two buskers (one in each ear) and signing a petition to stop live organ harvesting in China. As you do.

More to follow...
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  • Excellent start to the BFM weekend! Looking forward to the rest of the tale :-)
    1:24pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • It's a shame I can't make any of the other dates but have you thought anymore about a summer Bedford mile?
    Fenland Flier
    1:29pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Part one of a great weekend :-)
    Lip Gloss
    1:32pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • @FF - it's floating around in my head, and I'd like to - but the challenge is finding a free Saturday over the summer - we've a fair bit going on.
    1:33pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • No probs, that's understandable but I knew it was mentioned and was hopeful of another Fetchie meet up and mile challenge before the December Jingle mile.
    Fenland Flier
    2:02pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • So grateful you guys came all this way. sorry/not sorry for the unsolicited hugs!
    2:30pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • You should get Katie a pair of MAHOOSIVE headphones for train journeys. They're all the rage.
    2:44pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Great rwading choice from katie.
    4:14pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Oh, this is going to be epic bloggage! I love a long train, but headphones are a must. MsB needs a set of top cans for her b-day (or the more discreet and rather wonderful airpods). That t-shirt was brill. :-) G
    4:53pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Great blog, and good choice of books, slightly amusingly I was passing Dracula's castle as I was reading this.
    7:18pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • And the entrance to my old flat is mentioned in the first Stuart McBride book.
    7:19pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Never a douche fetch. X
    8:38pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • My brakes don't work too well hence the cartwheel arms :) was so lovely to finally meet you and gotta love hugs :)
    12:29am, 7th Jul 2018
  • Brilliant :)
    The Mighty Fleecy
    7:13am, 7th Jul 2018
  • Ace! :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    7:07pm, 7th Jul 2018
  • :-) a Fetchie friend (not very active here now) was timing you :-)
    12:51pm, 9th Jul 2018
  • i have a question..... why is this called part 1, and is there going to be part 2?
    1:09pm, 23rd Jul 2018
  • i have a question..... why is this called part 1, and is there going to be part 2?
    1:09pm, 23rd Jul 2018

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03 Jul 2018

Tom Williams Interview - Final Part

1:04pm | 291 views | 5 Comments
The final part of my interview with Tom Williams is now available (sorry it wasn't yesterday, but I was on a train for most of the day). In this episode, I ask Tom about event saturation; and just for fun, I find out what his favourite cheese is, and attempt to find out what his prisoner name would be: soundcloud.com

Just in case you missed them, here are the links to all the previous episodes:

Part 1: soundcloud.com
Part 2: soundcloud.com
Part 3: soundcloud.com

Big thanks to Tom for taking the time to do this. Whether you agree with everything or not (and surely no-one will), the opportunity to find out more is a very welcome one, and I hope you'll leave Tom a nice comment below :-)

Plug: come along to our next Big Fetch Mile in Woking on July 28th: fetcheveryone.com/bigfetchmile
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  • A more mellow feel to this episode. HQs views are still firmly put but maybe that's how it has to be with so many plates to be spun. :) P.S. Falling over should never be categorised as character building. :p
    2:11pm, 3rd Jul 2018
  • You're spot on, I don't agree with everything he's said in these interviews but it would be a dull old world without a range of opinions and I do appreciate the time he - and you - have put into doing this.
    3:48pm, 3rd Jul 2018
  • Many thanks to you and Tom for taking the time to do this. It's been illuminating and thought-provoking and just the right amount of entertaining.
    6:47am, 4th Jul 2018
  • (delayed listening due to my Peak District trip ... longer than your Glasgow 'delay')
    Thanks for doing this - very interesting - even if I disagree with some things, it's good to hear Tom's (aka HQ) perspective.
    Feel free to go off & grab other running/cycling/tri athletes for similar interviews - if you want to expand your repertoire.
    5:41pm, 9th Jul 2018
  • Excellent set of interviews and a real insight into the thinking behind some of the decisions. Thanks to Tom and Ian
    8:15pm, 22nd Jul 2018

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02 Jul 2018

Glasgow Big Fetch Mile Results and Pics

9:06pm | 180 views | 1 Comments
I'll see if I can do a longer blog about my weekend tomorrow, but for now, here are the results and some pictures from our awesome afternoon in Glasgow:

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  • It was brilliant. Thanks to you and Katie B for wonderful organisation and a great day altogether. Great to meet Fetchie pals old and new. Some great new Fetchie blood - NU did a wonderful job with the venue, drinks and cakes. Thanks all round. :-) G
    11:50am, 3rd Jul 2018

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