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06 Jul 2018

Big Glasgow Weekend - Part 1: Gies A Cwtch

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Before I forget the details, here's an account of our trip to Glasgow :-)

We woke up at about 6.30am on the Friday morning, in order to get to Nightjar and Silvershadow's house for our lift at 7.45. Our train wasn't until just after 10am, but the lift fitted in with Nightjar's commute to MK, so we sat in the station and read books (me: Dracula - pretty good; Katie - a Stuart McBride I think).

It's been a while since I've been on a long train journey, and none so long as this - five hours. The romantic view of travelling to Scotland by train is that it's a bit like going to Hogwarts, with cityscapes giving way to increasingly more beautiful and expansive terrain, and hopefully without the Dementors, and with lots of pumpkin pasties.

The reality (on the way up at least) is that it's a bit of a lottery. We first shared a table with a mother and daughter who were reading travel guide books, and the mother had a long phone conversation about her international travel, and how "we should really meet up - let's pencil in a date - I can fit you in between Niagra Falls and my trip to Jupiter in April 2064 - how does that sound? Lovely darling. Yes of course we must discuss moving the tangible assets to the Cayman Islands. Makes perfect sense". A few stops later, they were replaced by a Birmingham family who were a little suspicious about the fact that our tickets were for the same seat as theirs, and spent much of the rest of the trip arguing amongst themselves about packed lunches, where to find a good pub, and generally going over the same ground repeatedly. We also had a less-than-one-year-old baby, and a four-year old in the seat behind me who did pretty well, but did land the occasional kick to the back. I have giant headphones, but didn't wear them out of solidarity with Katie, who doesn't.

That said, I did get a couple of hundred pages of Dracula read (it gets very bitey), some of the scenery was very lovely, and we had chocolate-covered peanuts.

Our hotel was the Premier Inn near the Buchanan Galleries. On reaching our room, we discovered that there was a noisy child in the room next door, so for the sake of our sanity, we got our room changed for a different one.

I'd asked on Twitter for eating recommendations - and as a result of one, we ended up at Paesano Pizza (paesanopizza.co.uk), and it was really quite awesome. I discovered how much I like rocket and parmesan salad (a lot), and then followed that up with the most delicious sourdough pizza I may ever have eaten.

Saturday came, and our plan was to go to Ruchill parkrun. The other possibility was Springburn, but we really wanted to see what it was like to run a very small event (they had 45 entrants the week before). Google offered what turned out to be a fairly uninspiring and rather hilly route to the park, but knowing no better, we took it.

First Fetch contact came in the form of JulesR, who is always lovely to meet - and followed shortly after by an all-encompassing no-arguments-permitted cwtch from Maz, and then a row of hugs from more Fetchies. The usual thing - if I start listing names, I'll forget someone. It's always a bit overwhelming, and I mainly try not to sound like a douche.

Ruchill feels like a fairly compact park, with plenty of upping and downing. The course is shaped like a whale - look:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

What they don't tell you at the briefing is that the tail of the whale is out of the water, ready to slap back down, sending runners everywhere :-) We took the whole thing at what was a reasonably comfortable pace for me, but I think a hard effort attempt would be quite exhausting :-)

The finish was relaxed and low-key - no rigid funnel and associated police - just a bloke nonchalantly holding up a token between thumb and forefinger, just waiting for me to realise where to go. Bonus points for the drinks on offer at the end too. It looks like a real close-knit group, but they made us feel very welcome indeed.

Finish of the entire day came from Corrah, who came through the tape like a runaway train, only slowing down thanks to some very impressive arm cartwheeling, which was a joy to watch.

After a quick chat with a few Fetchies, we made the decision to get back to the city as I was in dire need of some deodorant for my buzzing pits :-) and we also needed to buy a few bits and bobs for the afternoon. 57.5 Degrees of Pain gave us some useful advice to follow the canal back - and it proved to be a much, much nicer route. It was really nice to see how that section of canal has been repurposed to support water sports (and a few days later, we also discovered the wake boarding part too).

We went to the Pret underneath the hotel for a bit of porridge and a coffee, and were soon accosted by DoricQuine, Lip Gloss and idle_wilder, who had spotted our Fetch tops. They were as lovely as you'd imagine, and DQ presented me with my 'Gies a Cwtch' t-shirt (for the uninformed, it's a Scottish-Welsh hybrid phrase meaning "Excuse me my dear old thing, I would like you to hug me please".):

We arranged to share a taxi, so we toddled off to buy our bits and bobs, take a shower, and then waited in the town centre, drinking ginger beer, listening to two buskers (one in each ear) and signing a petition to stop live organ harvesting in China. As you do.

More to follow...
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  • Excellent start to the BFM weekend! Looking forward to the rest of the tale :-)
    1:24pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • It's a shame I can't make any of the other dates but have you thought anymore about a summer Bedford mile?
    Fenland Flier
    1:29pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Part one of a great weekend :-)
    Lip Gloss
    1:32pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • @FF - it's floating around in my head, and I'd like to - but the challenge is finding a free Saturday over the summer - we've a fair bit going on.
    1:33pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • No probs, that's understandable but I knew it was mentioned and was hopeful of another Fetchie meet up and mile challenge before the December Jingle mile.
    Fenland Flier
    2:02pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • So grateful you guys came all this way. sorry/not sorry for the unsolicited hugs!
    Maz Heeps
    2:30pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • You should get Katie a pair of MAHOOSIVE headphones for train journeys. They're all the rage.
    2:44pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Great rwading choice from katie.
    4:14pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Oh, this is going to be epic bloggage! I love a long train, but headphones are a must. MsB needs a set of top cans for her b-day (or the more discreet and rather wonderful airpods). That t-shirt was brill. :-) G
    4:53pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Great blog, and good choice of books, slightly amusingly I was passing Dracula's castle as I was reading this.
    7:18pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • And the entrance to my old flat is mentioned in the first Stuart McBride book.
    7:19pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • Never a douche fetch. X
    8:38pm, 6th Jul 2018
  • My brakes don't work too well hence the cartwheel arms :-) was so lovely to finally meet you and gotta love hugs :-)
    12:29am, 7th Jul 2018
  • Brilliant :-)
    Fierce and Focused Fleecy
    7:13am, 7th Jul 2018
  • Ace! :-)
    Angus Clydesdale
    7:07pm, 7th Jul 2018
  • :-) a Fetchie friend (not very active here now) was timing you :-)
    12:51pm, 9th Jul 2018

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03 Jul 2018

Tom Williams Interview - Final Part

1:04pm | 291 views | 4 Comments
The final part of my interview with Tom Williams is now available (sorry it wasn't yesterday, but I was on a train for most of the day). In this episode, I ask Tom about event saturation; and just for fun, I find out what his favourite cheese is, and attempt to find out what his prisoner name would be: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Just in case you missed them, here are the links to all the previous episodes:

Part 1: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
Part 2: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
Part 3: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Big thanks to Tom for taking the time to do this. Whether you agree with everything or not (and surely no-one will), the opportunity to find out more is a very welcome one, and I hope you'll leave Tom a nice comment below :-)

Plug: come along to our next Big Fetch Mile in Woking on July 28th: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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  • A more mellow feel to this episode. HQs views are still firmly put but maybe that's how it has to be with so many plates to be spun. :-) P.S. Falling over should never be categorised as character building. Raspberry!
    2:11pm, 3rd Jul 2018
  • You're spot on, I don't agree with everything he's said in these interviews but it would be a dull old world without a range of opinions and I do appreciate the time he - and you - have put into doing this.
    3:48pm, 3rd Jul 2018
  • Many thanks to you and Tom for taking the time to do this. It's been illuminating and thought-provoking and just the right amount of entertaining.
    6:47am, 4th Jul 2018
  • (delayed listening due to my Peak District trip ... longer than your Glasgow 'delay'-)
    Thanks for doing this - very interesting - even if I disagree with some things, it's good to hear Tom's (aka HQ) perspective.
    Feel free to go off & grab other running/cycling/tri athletes for similar interviews - if you want to expand your repertoire.
    5:41pm, 9th Jul 2018

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02 Jul 2018

Glasgow Big Fetch Mile Results and Pics

9:06pm | 180 views | 1 Comments
I'll see if I can do a longer blog about my weekend tomorrow, but for now, here are the results and some pictures from our awesome afternoon in Glasgow:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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  • It was brilliant. Thanks to you and Katie B for wonderful organisation and a great day altogether. Great to meet Fetchie pals old and new. Some great new Fetchie blood - NU did a wonderful job with the venue, drinks and cakes. Thanks all round. :-) G
    11:50am, 3rd Jul 2018

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