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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
  • Big Fetch Mile Glasgow 2018

    When the TV told us it would be the hottest day of the year so far, we knew that it must be time for the Glasgow Big Fetch Mile. We've yet to host an outdoor mile that hasn't been sunny. I am told that Glasgow is like this all year round!

    The sun baked the venue so much that I struggled to get our Fetch flags into the ground - but that didn't matter, because there was a great attendance of people in Fetch gear; and a collection of fabulous Fetch cakes, including one enormous one, which we were presented with when we arrived. And that wonderfully welcoming nature was the most common characteristic of everyone who attended - we were swamped with hugs, handshakes and beaming smiles. I even got given a t-shirt bearing the inviting 'Gies a Cwtch' - a Scottish-Welsh hybrid phrase that nearly got me into trouble on George Square later that evening!

    You all ran extremely courageously, despite the heat, with 29 out of 51 runners exceeding their predicted times. The onlookers were treated to some very close sprint finishes, some chundering, and a clockwork 4:58 from our leading male, The Duckinator. And ClaireT led the ladies, taking our female record with a wonderful 5:46

    We've shared some pictures from the event here - please tag yourselves, and share them with your friends - it really helps to spread the word about Fetcheveryone.

    And finally, thank you so much to everyone who travelled from far and wide to make our trip to Scotland so very special. We are not about big-budget razzle dazzle - it's more important to me that you feel welcome and surrounded by real runners of all standards who share your love of running.

    Our site, just like our mile, is entirely free for everyone - we are funded by voluntary donations from happy users - thank you to everyone who contributed to our tin.

    If you're new to Fetcheveryone, please check out our training log, our race listings, and our wonderful forum, where you'll find a good deal of support from runners, bikers and swimmers from all over the UK and beyond.

    We will be back to Scotland next year, I'm sure - and have discussed including a gin-based social on the Saturday evening. Leave a comment with your favourite city/town, and your suggestions for gin bars!

    Our next Big Fetch Mile is in Woking on July 28th, followed by events in Manchester and Cardiff later in the year. Sign up for Woking and keep up to date here: fetcheveryone.com/bigfetchmile

    Your comments...

    • Great day :-) see you next year
    • My first Big Fetch Mile. Definitely wont be my last. Fantastic day. Thanks guys
    • I'm impressed with how many Aberdeen Fetchies turned out after being disappointed at not being a Fetch Mile destination, and would like to see Aberdeen playing host next year. We'd make the trip :)
    • Thanks for a fab day and time. Hope you all come back to Glasgow again soon.
    • Yay Veociraptor lets getting voting for Aberdeen:-)
    • Aberdeen would get my vote too! Or Inverness!
    • was a fab day and great to meet so many fetchies. Stirling could be a good meeting place a bit more central for most folks, stirling uni quite a spectacular venue!

      I missed the donation tin but found the donation button above works just as well!
    • Like Iain, I missed the tin, on account of being the queen that day and not carrying cash! Made my donation online now. Easy peasy!

      Does anyone know what happend to the 3:45 person?

      Highlight of the day was Duckinator's sub 5! and Super speedy ClaireT doing it for the girls!

      thanks Katie and Ian for organising, and for the hugs! xxx
    • Fantastic day! Aberdeen gets my vote obviously but would be happy with anywhere in Scotland TBH, as it's good to run somewhere new.
    • Fabulous Day - thank you to yourselves and an extra big thank you for Gillian

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  • Roll of Honour
    Maz Heeps09:42
    Lip Gloss08:28
    Lauren Cairley07:16
    Valyrian Plastic06:28
    Connor Emordy06:28
    Old Croc06:14
    John boy06:03
    Tony McGale05:53
    Son of a Pronator Man05:51
    Banny Faws05:35
    57.5 Degrees of Pain05:31
    The Duckinator04:58
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