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Velociraptor F50
Current Status
I don't like this desk. It doesn't have pedals. Or handlebars.
I don't need to know what the question is. The correct answer is always, "A bicycle." Except when it's, "Another bicycle."



Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2014 4 27 44 45 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 121
2013 62 58 45 75 79 51 53 63 100 111 47 23 768
2012 10 34 74 55 46 50 6 16 0 12 14 45 361
2011 163 82 9 7 63 6 74 69 9 14 31 0 527
2010 245 28 21 58 121 175 223 207 290 307 206 212 2093
2009 207 322 386 315 341 232 148 232 161 195 101 132 2771
2008 119 91 6 144 179 128 101 85 194 262 150 57 1516
2007 307 197 241 192 276 276 240 237 291 228 247 114 2846
2006 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28 211 244 484
Date Recent Training Notes Comments
16 Apr 7.86m, 01:14:04
Running - General
Satnav road/cheese factory/Hayton junction/t'park/crescent/other end of town/Brayton Road/Ellen Garth.
Chillyish, and a breeze, but clear.
Hillier run this time. Wee bit of calf tightness.
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15 Apr 20.43m, 01:15:04
Cycling - Road Biking
Adam's Loop, with eL Bee!. In shorts :o)
Average power: 121W
Weighted average power: 128W
Maximum power: 313W
Average cadence: 77rpm
Felt strong. Hardly any wind :o)
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14 Apr 21.62m, 01:19:36
Cycling - Road Biking
Hayton/Blitterlees, with eL Bee!. Tail wind in from the coast :o)
Average power: 122W
Weighted average power: 127W
Maximum power: 288W
Average cadence: 75rpm
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13 Apr 6.52m, 01:01:26
Running - General
Blennerhasset/crescent/Brayton Road/butcher's, with VP, who ran very well again. Got chased by chavs at the end, hence the fast finish :o) Add a comment
12 Apr 10.11m, 00:41:14
Cycling - Road Biking
Plumbland/Arkleby/Prospect/Hayton, with eL Bee!. Still windy.
Average power: 110W
Maximum power: 265W
Average cadence: 74rpm
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12 Apr 30.91m, 02:10:13
Cycling - Road Biking
Threapland/Sunderland/Isel/Cockermouth/Papcastle/Great Broughton/Broughton Moor/Dearham/Maryport/Westnewton, with eL Bee!/ Windy, but had a good tail wind coming inland :o)
Maximum speed: 33.3mph (Isel)
Average power: 108W
Weighted average power: 116W
Maximum power: 278W
Average cadence: 72rpm
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11 Apr 39.91m, 02:57:37
Cycling - Road Biking
Back on my Wilier :o)
Broughton Moor/Great Broughton/Eaglesfield/Embleton/Castle Inn/Uldale/up and over/Mealsgate.
Maximum speed: 38.6mph (into Uldale)
Average power: 106W
Weighted average power: 117W
Maximum power: 278W
Average cadence: 69rpm
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11 Apr 2.37m, 00:39:37
Cross-Training - Walking
To the LYS and the creamery shop, with VP and Fellmouse. Add a comment
11 Apr 7.32m, 01:09:08
Running - General
Hayton/Prospect/A596/Outgang Road/bowling green/Ellen Garth/Harriston junction, with VP, who just got stronger and stronger :o) Add a comment
10 Apr 0.00m, 02:15:00
Cross-Training - Climbing
Ratho Centre, with eL Bee!, VP and Fellmouse. Four 5+ routes before coffee, 6a+, 6a+, 6b, 5+, and two up-and-down climbs on easy routes on the autobelay after. Add a comment
10 Apr 21.86m, 01:26:44
Cycling - Road Biking
Early spin round the coast (Hayton/Blitterlees) before going to Livingston. On my Trek again. Raining at first, windy throughout, tail wind along the coast (average speed went from 14mph at Hayton to 16.9mph at Blitterlees then almost all the way back again). Add a comment
09 Apr 7.10m, 01:08:54
Running - General
Same streets as on my last run, though not in the same order, and with a couple of extra twiddles. Still keeping it flat. Strong throughout, could have done more :o) Add a comment
08 Apr 16.67m, 01:06:38
Cycling - Road Biking
Hayton/Mawbray, on my Trek :o) Add a comment
07 Apr 6.50m, 01:02:36
Running - General
Similar to my last run, but with Harriston first as there was a reasonable amount of daylight. Add a comment
06 Apr 0.00m, 02:00:00
Cross-Training - Climbing
Kendal, with VP and eL Bee!. An hour of top roped routes (max 6a+) then three secondings. Add a comment
06 Apr 35.13m, 02:13:09
Cycling - Road Biking
Evening ride with eL Bee! after the rain stopped. Still very windy.
Dearham/Crosscanonby/Silloth/Abbeytown/Blencogo/then home along the A596 because the cable to my cassette snapped so I only had 34x12 and 50x12.
Bodged 0.45 miles and 2.15min on at the start to reflect delay in starting my Garmin.
Maximum speed: 34.1mph (Crosscanonby)
Average cadence: 68rpm
Average power: 109W
Weighted average power: 114W
Maximum power: 254W
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05 Apr 4.93m, 01:12:27
Cross-Training - Walking
Blennerhasset/Ellen Garth, with VP. No running. Add a comment
05 Apr 65.17m, 04:35:55
Cycling - Road Biking
Gilcrux/Bullgill/coast road/Silloth/Abbeytown/Wigton/Red Dial/Cleamire/Uldale for lunch/Castle Inn/Setmurthy climb/Cockermouth/Papcastle/Great Broughton/Broughton Moor/Dearham etc.
Maximum speed: 39.4mph (before Castle Inn)
Average power: 106W
Weighted average power: 112W
Maximum power: 278W
Average cadence: 69rpm
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04 Apr 5.30m, 00:52:02
Running - General
Lovely clear night. Flat bits of town (apart from Brayton Road in the fifth mile). Could just about have guessed which was my bad leg. I'm delighted with that :o) Add a comment
03 Apr 7.71km, 00:45:00
Running - Treadmill
Achilles was painfree when I started.
Down stepwise to 10kph and stop.
Achilles was painfree when I finished.
I can worry about speed later. Painfree will do for now :o)
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02 Apr 33.45m, 02:05:28
Cycling - Road Biking
Recovery-ish ride with eL Bee!. Fletchertown, Wigton, Waverbridge, Abbeytown, Silloth, Allonby, Westnewton. Head wind to start and finish.
Average power: 112W
Weighted average power: 116W
Average cadence: 77rpm
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