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Welcome To Fetchpoint!

Fetchpoint is all about where you run and ride. It's free, so sign up to create your home point, and watch the markers spring up around you. Plan your routes carefully to collect points, and pick up markers before your rivals.
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Fetchpoint Markers

  • Jewels
    Collect diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds!
  • Relays
    Transport these in the right direction to earn points.
  • Bugs
    Run these out of your circle to squish them.
  • Random
    As much fun as a scratch card, without the expense.
  • Rent
    Nab these, and earn points from fellow runners.
  • Flower
    Plant these as you run through uncharted territory.


1 mick173 27327
2 qnjc21 19019
3 NDWDave 16831
4 eL Bee! 16434
5 Dickie York 16288
6 Yorkshire Pie 15545
7 ferret 15280
8 Marvin 13826
9 BarefootEm 13353
10 RRR-CAZ 12661