Training Summary & Analysis

We help you look for trends in your training over longer periods to help you find out what works.

Training Heatmap

See all your training overlaid on one interactive map. A great way to remember everywhere you've been

Your Annual Infographic

See your training for the entire year summarised in a pretty graphic that you can show off to your friends.

Monthly Summary

A brand new shareable infographic showing a colourful breakdown of your training month.

Analyse your Pool Swims

See your last 12 months broken down by length time and stroke rate

Track Your Exercise Reps

Press ups, sit ups, dips, squats - track it all here

Do the right training

See typical mileage, pace and long run stats for every distance and goal. See a comparison with your own training.

Heart Rate Analysis

See your heart rate training data from the last 12 months broken down in technicolour.

Marathon Prediction

We delve deeper to give you greater insights when working out your goal marathon time.

Make Mountains!

Our hill finder tool picks out the hundred biggest hills from your last 365 days of training. Find your biggest climbs!

Gradient Analysis

Breaking News! Going up hill is harder than flat ground! Find out how much you slow down as the hills get steeper (and vice versa)

Pre-race Training Analysis

See your accumulated mileage in the weeks leading up to any event in your portfolio, and compare it to your other performances

Your Best Week Ever

All your training, ranked by weekly distance. Everybody's got a best week.

Your 365 Day Totals

Peaks and troughs in training aren't easy to find. Unless you use this graph. Find out what your peak training volume really is

10k Analysis: Part 7

In this week's 10k analysis blog - how often do we reach race distance?

Year on Year

How does your year compare to previous years? Our snazzy lightning graph will show you your accumulation of distance day by day

Top GPS Watches

Thousands of people upload their training to Fetcheveryone. Our live list shows the most popular models of GPS watch


See the fastest portions from all your training runs. Filter by time to give you recent bests to aim at. Every distance from 400m to marathon.

Compare Your Training

Our new comparison tool allows you to replay multiple training entries, giving you insights into when things get tough. Compare pace, cadence, heart rate and power in real-time.

Training & Racing Calculators

Work out your age grading, and get guidance on training paces and race time predictions with our suite of calculators that do all the hard work for you

Analyse your Cadence

Our new graph uses the data from your training log to illustrate the relationship between your cadence, pace and stride length.

Your Best Month

All your training, ranked by monthly distance. How high can you climb this month?

Your weekly training summary

A good training strategy means more than running at the same pace every time. See a summary of your week

Race Comparison

See multiple aspects of your training, side-by-side for all your best race times.

Streak Watch

Like running on consecutive days? See how many streaks you build up each year (and how many consecutive rest days you take)

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