Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Garmin won't upload!
    There are quite a few common problems that crop up. Please have a read of this article first - and if that doesn't help, please provide as much detail as you can when reporting a problem.
  • How do I add a race to the directory?
    Check the Race Finder first to make sure another user hasn't already added it. To the right of the Race Finder, you'll see a red box saying "Race Not Listed?" in big letters. Click that to add your race.
  • Why is my PB not showing / grey?
    Some races are marked as Non-PB, meaning that the race may have been measured short. More often than not this is a mistake. Let me know the name and date of the race (a link would be handy), and I'll update it.
  • It says 'User not recognised'. Aargh!
    It's likely that your email address or password is wrong - try a Password Reset. If that doesn't work, let me know your nickname, and any info to help me find you, like your location and/or date of birth.
  • What's WAVA?
    It's a rating between 0 and 100, which takes your age into account. If you score 100, you've equalled the world record in your age group! If you score 0, you've not told us your date of birth and sex.
  • I'm being chased by the FBI
    You'll need to change your identity. Start with a huge false moustache, and practice answering common questions about yourself in a strong foreign accent.

About Feedback

I love to hear what you've got to say about the site. I try to reply to everything, but sometimes I feel like I'm in an MC Escher nightmare. Check the FAQ on the left for help with common problems, and the To Do List on the right to see recent suggestions and bug reports - you can vote for the ones you want sorting.

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Recently Fixed

Anonymous users can't see graphs and map when viewing training, despite sharing.
Notify a runner when a comment is left on their training.
Exporting races to an ICS file shows the wrong times during British Summer Time.
Reporting of flowers in Fetchpoint isn't working properly.
Add the ability to set specific date ranges in the Race Finder.
Add a 'Zoom to Postcode' option to maps that don't currently have it.

Other Ways To Connect

I mainly talk jibberish, with the occasional bit of site news. For latest updates and random stuff, follow me on Twitter.
I've been a developer for 15 years, and founded Fetch in 2004. For business and professional stuff, connect with me on LinkedIn.

To Do List

Here are some bugs found by users and suggestions for improvements. Vote for your favourites and against the rest.
Update race listings so they can cope with timed races, not just ones of a fixed distance.
(Score 90)
Provide the ability to search public routes by distance (and maybe other features).
(Score 87)
The ability to add non-training notes to the training log and plan e.g. 'had a sports massage'
(Score 67)
Conquercise: show how close you are to taking control / losing a zone.
(Score 54)
Better options for posting runs to Facebook/Twitter etc.
(Score 42)
Copy a training run from a buddy.
(Score 36)
Maps on the site don't always respect the miles/km setting. Improve this.
(Score 29)
Export of training to Excel to contain bespoke fields and ascent data.
(Score 28)
Allow hundredths of seconds to be recorded esp. for track races.
(Score 27)
Preserve column widths when typing columns of data in the forum.
(Score 21)
Make the pre-race analysis apge work for biking too: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
(Score 7)
International No-Smiley Day
(Score -62)

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