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2024 Distance League

1 kieranfd 1,568.7
2 atxsten 1,489.7
3 Ali 1,338.0
4 The wee beastie 1,305.4
5 JoeBaker 1,296.5
6 ruberyrunner 1,276.3
7 andrius 1,233.3
8 Njord 1,218.6
9 Bowman πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ 1,213.7

12 Month Benchmarks

No benchmarks recorded. Upload some training from your GPS device to start finding your best times.

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A good training strategy means more than running at the same pace every time. See a summary of your week

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See all your training overlaid on one interactive map. A great way to remember everywhere you've been

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A brand new shareable infographic showing a colourful breakdown of your training month.

Do the right training

See typical mileage, pace and long run stats for every distance and goal. See a comparison with your own training.

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