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You can use the training log to record all of your running, as well as swimming, biking, and various types of cross training. On the left, your control panel gives you a quick summary of how your training is going. For more detail, visit your training log.
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Training at 2pm Category Session Time Miles Pace
AdamW Run Treadmill 00:24:00 3.11 7:43
dlocker Run Trail Run 00:33:35 3.45 9:44
heffaroo Run General 00:33:00 4.00 8:15
Linuvir Cross Rowing - Indoor 00:48:26 6.84 7:05
Ozymandias Run General 00:05:00 0.62 8:04
Ozymandias Bike Exercise Bike 00:24:00 12.63 1:54
Will Run General 00:48:19 6.70 7:13

al d 46 Mick Cooper 2 guyster toulouse31 HellsBells GD Martyn Chrisull Linuvir Liliaicha redeaston ellamac Ellem Flatlander Jezzer **slowguy** swittle becca7 iaincr Auld fat Ironman ThorntonRunner Autumnleaves Dvorak eL Bee! Race Jase
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