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A quick analysis of all your recent training. Click the graphs to enlarge them. You can also control which graphs appear.

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About The Training Log

You can use the training log to record all of your running, as well as swimming, biking, and various types of cross training. On the left, your control panel gives you a quick summary of how your training is going. For more detail, visit your training log.
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Recent Training This table updates every twenty minutes

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Training at 4pm Category Session Time Miles Pace
Cabbey Cross Weights 00:35:00 0.00 -
Hairydave Run Run-Walk 01:00:00 4.97 12:04
Hairydave Bike Spinning 00:50:00 13.67 3:39
pigbum Run Easy 00:33:04 3.11 10:38
posty john Bike Commuting 00:20:00 4.00 5:00