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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

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Describe your ideal run, ride or swim.
Ideal swim - a near empty, clear, blue, lake with sun shining. (Not ideal in safety terms, I know, but so peaceful). Ideal run - early morning in de Malpie in summer, before the bugs are out, the mist still lingers over the water, and nothing hurts.
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What's the biggest challenge that awaits you?
Some fool tried convinced me to go for a full Ironman in Tenby next year, but I'm not quite that mad. I'm going for a half iron distance in Almere (much flatter y than Tenby) instead.
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What's your favourite thing about Fetcheveryone?
The people.
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How do you pick yourself up when you need to?
A good hot bath, a cold glass of white wine, and a book, is always a win.
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What’s the best bit of advice that you would give to new runners, bikers and swimmers?
Stick with it, it (almost always) gets better, and even becomes enjoyable when you realise your body can Do The Things it couldn't before.
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About Me

Prematurely middle aged, Welsh, bookish, easily distracted by shiny things. Prone to knitting, baking, looking at pretty old cars, walking dogs, and sleeping. Occasionally swims bikes and runs (usually in that order, or separately). Not a fan of unattended small children, yappy dogs, Tories,or the colour pink. Key motivators include wine and surviving the zombie apocalypse.


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