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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Leeds Abbey Dash

Listed by Cavey
, Leeds LS1 UK
56 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
\J\ Elvet Striders 39:06 39:22 40:00 39:22 69.31
AddledAdder Unaffiliated 40:37 40:40 39:59 40:40 68.83
Billywhizz2b Unaffiliated 41:33 44:16 44:16 60.66
buzzgb Unaffiliated 46:08 49:14 50:00 49:14 57.28
CD Scunthorpe & District AC 48:13 53:59 53:59 56.86
ChrisDig Unaffiliated 39:12 39:12 40:00 39:12 71.41
Cjmac Loftus & Whitby AC 53:09 59:14 59:56 48.86
derooster Horsforth Harriers 39:42 43:23 45:00 43:23 62.19
detritus21 Wigan & District Harriers & AC 34:55 35:30 34:50 35:35 75.46
DIGGER BYROM Pudsey Pacers RC 43:01 44:29 44:29 63.87
DjDon Scarborough AC 46:41 48:17 50:31 58.41
Fawkes Mossley Hill AC 34:45 40:11 40:11 66.82
frangale Beverley AC 55:26 56:30 59:00 56:30 55.17
Hellybob Unaffiliated 48:47 48:47 55:00 48:47 62.74
Hoppo Rodillian Runners 51:06 56:50 50:00 56:50 47.79
Jenni-far-far FERC, Chasewater Runners 50:46 56:53 56:53 54.80
Jim Royle Unaffiliated 43:13 44:06 46:40 62.27
Joflo Scarborough AC 41:58 44:21 44:49 67.68
Karlos23 Unaffiliated 43:56 46:31 47:09 58.94
Kitty Serpentine RC 49:55 50:42 53:04 56.38
Laudy York Knavesmire Harriers 44:11 46:02 44:59 46:02 59.59
leaguefreak Unaffiliated 59:56 1:00:36 1:00:36 49.59
lisajane71 North Leeds Fell Runners 43:46 43:56 43:56 69.71
Little biscuit Unaffiliated 1:00:28 1:10:42 1:15:00 1:10:42 46.52
martymcfly Unaffiliated 39:51 41:42 43:00 41:42 64.39
MattyD Unaffiliated 47:48 49:04 49:04 55.61
mikep Pocklington Runners 40:26 43:17 45:00 43:24 69.61
Moore Wetherby Runners 46:01 46:01 46:01 65.92
Northern Exile Harrogate Harriers & AC 43:44 44:26 43:45 44:26 66.41
northernslowcoach Unaffiliated 53:37 58:35 59:00 58:35 51.78
panic medic Unaffiliated 50:10 50:10 50:00 50:10 56.21
philbo Unaffiliated 51:38 55:24 1:00:00 58:49 50.96
Pou Pou LePhoõk Unaffiliated 45:41 50:18 50:18 57.34
Princess Purple Bubbles Scarborough AC 59:36 1:25:22 1:25:22 35.04
Punkbilly Otley AC 46:12 49:30 49:00 49:30 57.83
Rich963 Stilton Striders RC 39:49 40:29 40:00 40:29 66.38
Rick H FERC 42:26 42:30 45:21 59.35
rob_sturman Unaffiliated 41:31 46:08 48:00 46:08 58.66
samsoness Unaffiliated 1:09:35 1:09:35 1:15:00 1:09:35 44.79
shorty25 York Knavesmire Harriers 45:14 45:14 46:26 46:29 64.36
simon.b Pudsey Pacers RC 44:28 44:28 44:28 60.67
SimonF Horsforth Fellandale Club 40:25 40:25 39:59 40:25 70.82
Slider45 Valley Striders AC 34:17 38:15 39:00 38:15 70.53
Spans Ranelagh Harriers 36:28 36:28 37:28 80.41
Steady Fast Penistone Footpath Runners AC, Fell Runners Association 38:28 53:48 55:00 53:48 49.91
sue c Rothwell & District Harriers 43:32 44:10 45:00 44:10 68.21
suzeedee FERC 54:42 1:03:00 1:03:00 47.97
Suzyspice Unaffiliated 48:20 53:29 53:29 57.50
Tiggers mate Roo Sparkhill Harriers 47:28 47:57 47:57 73.06
Tiggia Stadium Runners 1:03:08 1:06:45 1:06:45 44.93
Tinywhitevan Ackworth Road Runners & a.c., Go Veggie 48:36 54:47 55:17 54.36
TooLilac Unaffiliated 59:30 1:05:00 1:25:00 1:05:00 46.86
Tutu Much Kirkstall Harriers 46:46 49:21 50:00 49:21 60.62
XB FERC 45:56 53:48 53:48 54.43
Yorkshire Pie Unaffiliated 46:54 47:44 52:04 57.46
Yorky Unaffiliated 47:13 47:47 47:57 59.70

This event is listed on these dates:

Enjoyable race with supportive marshals and a good warm up session. Would have benefitted from a water station at Kirkstall Abbey and a more stringent observing of expected finish times.
Thought I'd PB, but set off too fast. Did a 5k PB, but paid for it on the way back. Disappointed, but more annoyed, as I know it was my own stupid fault. Last week in the Barnsley, I ran two really steady miles, and felt great for the rest of the run and did a PB. So, why did I think running flat out at the start of this race was a good idea???
First race after a 2wk break & no races for 3wks, to be honest I'll be happy with anything around 48m.
Well i'm very pleased with my time, felt very good. Not back to my best by any means but a hell of a lot better than the last few months. Yippee.
Specific 10K Training has gone well, and hope to beat my PB at least, but will be gunning for 40 minutes. ***********. Race went OK but my splits were a bit up and down and had a bad patch between 3 and 4 k. Finished strongly but still quite a way from that sub 40.
previous 10Ks ran in v hot weather, which doesn't suit me, training going well, No 2004 and will be wearing Fetch shirt - say hello
Watch time 56:38, chip time 56:30 am really pleased a pb by over 3mins! thanks to Hoppo who I ran the final 3K with and everyone who was shouting out
Devasted - Not been able to train for last 2 weeks due to bad back and boy did i notice today,managed 56.50, was really breathless and a had to walk a few times, really wanted to smash my pb. Big thanks to fellow fetchie Frangale who picked me up walking with about 3 k today and helped me home, really pleased she managed to smash her pb! Sorry to thoose that bet on me. Great to see other fetchies and a few shouting me home at the end, even the PA guy said come on Fetch as we went over the line!
aiming for a pb - eeek!
PB time by watch! will update will official time tomorrow - hopefully will still be a pb!
training has gone to pot with the dark nights. Am not sure I can do it!
Lots of confusion at the start, and was disappointed at lack of km markers and NO water station. Enjoyed the race and felt FAB in the final sprint. My weekly hill reps definitely paid off going up that steep slip road just before the finish. Good race, poor organisation
Don't know what went wrong with my warm up. Within 5 strides of the start my calf muscles locked up. I nearly stopped but after 5 minutes they eased off. Either I missed the K markers or they were not there (other than 1 & 5 K).Felt pretty grim after 15 minutes after the turn - felt worse because I didn't know how far I had to go.

Came as a relief to realise I how close I was to the finish. Well there is a first, race clock time faster than my offical time. Nice to see 6 or so Fetch Shirts hope everyone did OK.
Very good day - weather was spot on, start not too crowded (at least where I was) and managed to run pretty evenly to a new PB! Kms were 4.00 3.53 4.02 4.16 4.05 4.00 3.55 4.15 3.59 4.04.
My first anniversary race.
This is the 10K to crack 40 minutes! Well it was before I got knocked out by a viral chest thingy and stopped running for two weeks... Let's see how the training recovers the pace...
UPDATE: Missed PB by 3 seconds. GRRRR! Saw PPB and gave her a big shout. Calf tight again. Back to the drawing board.
very happy
Very please with myself but I struggled nearly all the way through. Not a great fan of racing.
Princess Purple Bubbles
I loved my running today...there was the odd walk break in there but the main thing is I did it. I smiled, made a new fetchie, beat my time from Nissan back in August and got a 5km pb in the race (went through 5km in 40mins then fell apart!

Running in my fetch top was really amazing....being yelled at and supported across the road was really good and helped spur me on!
A race of 2 halves. Perfectly timed first 5k in 24:48 and much slower second 5k (29 mins). Felt OK especially when focussed on the Chi technique. Lots of fetch shirts on show.
36 b~*tard seconds!
Unofficial time on my watch of 46:11. Very nice flat course, with the roads closed off. Reached half-way in exactly 23 minutes, so pretty even first and second halves. Crowded at the start so had to weave in and out for the first 2k or so until hit a steady pace. V pleased with the time!

Edit: Official time of 46:08. Finished in 998th place, with a net overtaking of 420 people!
sue c
very pleased, solid performance, too quick at the start though and shoelace came undone. ran through marathon training so legs less fresh than they could have been. Wish everyone would stand where they are supposed to!
Not bad as I've been ill and injured over the last couple of weeks. Found the start very cramped but otherwise a great race. Equal pace out and back 17:48 at half way
Watch time, but can't see the chip time being much different. Need to get some speedwork done, as I had plenty of stamina but no ability to up the pace for the second half of the race.
I feel I had a really good race - hit and went under my kilometre times during the race and had a good kick at the end. I was a little worried beforehand as I was trying to shake a cold but no problems and the conditions were excellent. Thanks for all the bets everyone placed - it's quite a motivator. NB the time given is the offical chip time - the gun time was 39:04.
Little biscuit
First 10k so pleased with the time
Another good race on the come back trail after 3.5months out injured, and it was very nice to be back running for Wales again.
panic medic
I'd planned on going fast here, well, fast for me! I got my PB but missed out on my target by 10 seconds.
Very exciting as my first 10k, not sure what to expect. Wanted to walk at 5k but my companions wouldn't wait for me. Glad afterwards to do the time I did, big achievement, and I hope the first race of many more!
Northern Exile
My second Dash and was hoping to get under 44 minutes .... not to be sadly and in fact was a bit slower than last year. Not good.
Steady Fast
Better than last year but still rubbish
Great running conditions.. 3 mins faster than last year and a new 10k PB by 30 seconds, well pleased ..
Chip Time - 39:22
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