Paris Marathon

Listed by humanitaire
  • Rated 75%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (55) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
B Rubble I'm a bit gutted that I missed out on sub 3:15 but on the day it wasn't to be. Dursley Running Club 2:59:00 3:06:43 3:16:24 65.38
barnsleyhilly Holmfirth Harriers 2:56:02 3:08:31 3:08:31 74.95
Barry K Unaffiliated 3:35:40 4:19:59 3:44:59 4:25:06 45.86
BigG Finally beat the 2:45 mark. Absolutely delighted!

Excellent course and near perfect conditions helped. Ran really well, sticking to 6:15 milesall the way to mile 22 when the pace started to drop a little, but not too much. North Yorks Moors AC 2:44:31 2:44:31 2:45:00 2:44:31 73.89
Blakey 26.2 RRC I finally broke the 4hr barrier, even with a head cold, I must have been the only runner using Strepsils as energy pills! 26.2 Road Runners Club 3:48:57 3:48:57 3:59:00 3:48:57 53.57
Bugis PB by just under at minute, previous PB was set 12 years ago in London, so getting quicker as I get older!! Stubbington Green Runners 3:40:16 3:40:16 3:40:16 62.40
Cavey Handsworth Roadhogs RC 4:12:04 4:12:04 4:45:00 4:29:29 45.11
Chich Please please please don't let it be hot Stubbington Green Runners 3:28:19 4:24:17 4:22:59 4:24:17 47.44
controversial OK so here comes my second go at sub 3! I bl**dy hope this time i can crack it!!! Clapham Chasers 2:33:54 2:55:54 3:00:00 2:55:54 69.19
Cuddy Unaffiliated 4:58:39 5:37:07 5:37:07 39.82
DAN7559 Unaffiliated 4:49:09 4:50:00 5:00:00 4:56:00 41.08
daviec Great run. Almost clock like precision firing off 4.10/k for the first 35k and then started to slow. Really struggled in the last section of the race due to poor fuelling (no energy drinks on the course), but managed to get it under 3 hours at the first attempt. I'm lovin' it! Carnegie Harriers 2:47:44 2:59:31 2:59:00 2:59:31 67.72
Drew76 Stubbington Green Runners 4:05:35 4:24:17 4:24:17 46.00
Fartinbill Kinross Road Runners 3:29:14 3:29:14 3:40:16 55.19
freak of nature Unaffiliated 3:44:05 3:46:20 4:00:00 3:59:09 55.52
GelBoy Cambridge Harriers 3:30:53 3:31:27 3:31:27 70.59
halfo09 Unaffiliated 3:03:05 3:03:05 3:03:05 66.41
harrump New Forest Runners 3:47:42 3:55:00 19 3:55:00 52.19
Hectors House Stubbington Green Runners 3:27:25 4:24:18 4:24:18 51.64
Hpm2000 Unaffiliated 3:46:00 3:46:00 3:46:00 55.71
humanitaire Unaffiliated 3:29:40 3:29:40 3:30:00 3:29:40 57.98
JP1979 Unaffiliated 4:00:58 4:00:58 4:00:58 51.50
ken.c Witney Road Runners 3:06:05 3:11:00 3:14:16 71.38
maxfieldben Unaffiliated 5:38:40 5:38:40 5:38:40 35.89
MrLemon10 The Darkside Running Club
Muzzer11 Newquay Road Runners 2:48:04 3:15:08 3:15:08 63.12
nantesteve Unaffiliated 3:56:24 3:56:24 3:56:24 52.10
njosmith 04 06 56 Brisbane Road Runners 3:11:50 4:06:56 3:59:59 4:06:56 49.23
paulcoz First marathon Paris here I come! not really going for a time just lokoing to enjoy and finish.  Beating my PB will come with my next one :-) Northbrook AC 3:59:56 4:15:30 4:30:00 4:15:30 48.74
Peteb69 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 2:49:15 3:32:36 3:53:28 53.02
PhilG1968 Unaffiliated 3:46:30 3:46:30 4:00:00 4:01:48 51.50
PhilPub Bingo!  Paced myself round nicely hitting halfway in almost exactly 1:22:30 and managed to pick things up in the last few km for a negative split. If all my marathons feel this good I'll be amazed.
Champs start for London 09.  Woohoo!! Kent AC 2:30:30 2:44:05 2:44:59 2:44:05 74.50
PlodderK Wadhurst Runners 2:54:35 3:38:49 3:36:17 3:38:58 68.82
poppysox Hoping to be 3rd time lucky at getting a sub 4 hour marathon!!!

Great course, perfect weather, v scary water stations and I did it in under 4 hours! Watford Joggers 3:46:37 3:46:37 3:59:00 3:48:20 58.67
pussy cat 5th time running for this marathon - I just love the course.  Maybe this time I'll get the time I'd like but what the hell if I don't, we are all 'winners' for just making it round!! (see you all at the 'wine-stop' at the 21 mile mark - maybe thats why I never get the times I want!!) Northbrook AC 3:33:05 3:51:10 3:55:00 3:51:10 63.73
rafikikate Totley AC 3:47:53
RobinBertrand Unaffiliated 3:55:26 4:43:00 4:43:00 43.34
Rock Steady Seaford Striders RC 5:03:00 5:03:02 5:03:02 45.35
SarahL Read the blogs... April 6th and April 7th 2008 :):):)

BLIDDY BRILLIANT! :):):) FERC 3:35:41 3:35:41 3:39:59 3:35:41 62.11
Scooba Steve it was hard but worth it! FERC 4:26:19 4:59:33 4:15:00 4:59:33 40.58
Shoddy Jersey Spartan AC 3:19:08 3:56:04 3:56:04 53.11
smckie Just going to take it easy and enjoy the day UPDATE - woooo!  what an awesome run.  had a secret target of 4.20 so v chuffed. Westerlands Cross Country Club 4:07:50 4:07:50 4:30:00 4:09:39 53.75
smoke free i know i'm supposed to be proud and supposed to say it was an amazing experience and the crowds kept me going and i was overwhelmed with emotion at the finish. actually i don't think since i became 'ill' i can cope with these masses of people???? i fell twice in the first ten miles, once unavoiable and once straight into the kerb of a bus lane.i never felt i was able to run at my own pace as i always came up behind slower runners or tried to keep up with faster runners and was beating myself up (it's just the way i am) for not running the pace i believed i'd trained for(either faster or slower). saying all that, i was pretty much on target upto mile 16 when i realised that i had to resort to 'survival' speed to get to the end. i was in despair by mile 22 and briefly considered lying down and crying uncontrollably! but in mile 23 i realised that i was actually going to be a MARATHON RUNNER and have raised an effing fortune for Cancer Research UK and i am utterly determined to train harder and with more quality and come back a fitter, faster, lighter, more determined runner.
as for the 'big city' experience???? could have been anywhere in the world as you i spent most of the time watching out for other runners. utter utter disappointment was my over-riding emotion of the day. Unaffiliated 3:14:10 3:49:58 3:30:00 3:49:58 54.93
SpuredonJay Unbelievable, first ever marathon.  Feeling was over whelming on completition.  1st half was excellent bang on 2hrs and then 2nd half took half hour longer.  Got to 36 km near Roland Garis (tennis) and legs died.  However so pleased with the result.  Recommend anyone to do the paris run.  Wear something with George cross on or union jack and you get lots of cheers. Unaffiliated 4:20:09 4:29:58 4:30:00 4:29:58 45.16
STOXTON STRIDER Unaffiliated 3:45:00
The Genge Unaffiliated 4:20:51 4:20:51 4:20:51 47.74
The_Saint Great course in a great city highly recommended. Organisation is not like London, but then nowhere is, and that's a big admission from a Welshman Unaffiliated 3:38:42 3:40:36 3:40:36 58.21
TickTock :) Unaffiliated 2:55:17 3:11:44 3:15:00 3:11:44 65.39
troshin trav Unaffiliated 3:33:02 3:34:37 4:04:20 52.55
tuck Had a great race........up to 30KM!! Was on target for a 3.30 up to that point where I just fell apart.  Had to run/walk the last 12KM and was very happy to cross that finish line.
Splits. 5KM 25.04, 10KM 50.54, 15KM 1.15.24, 21.1KM 1.45.13, 30KM 2.30.05, 35KM 2.57.58 Finish 3.39.24
Enjoyed the course apart from the underpasses, this is what took it out of my legs! Unaffiliated 3:39:24 3:39:24 3:43:00 3:39:24 55.41
Tutu Much PB by 15 seconds... not as much as I was hoping, but still a PB! Kirkstall Harriers 3:57:07 3:57:07 3:57:07 56.50
TW Well what can I say, my first and last marathon...I had said if I break 3.30 I would not need to do another! 
Race went pretty mcuh according to plan..hit 32kms (20 miles) in 2.35 then do the last 10kms in under 55 minutes. I hit the 32km mark bang on the exact second!! km was ok but then 34th was a struggle and took over 5.30min ...that was going to make it very close to 3.30. From there on in, it was a mental struggle, as my body was saying give up and stop running...the 2 thoughts that drove me were: You have trained for this for 6 months and should be able to keep this up and 2: I HAVE to break 3.30, as I do not want to ever do this again :-)....the remaining kms were a real struggle just trying to keep going, constantly trying to work out if I was going to make it or was only when I got to the 42km mark and knew I had 1 minute to run the last 195m, that I knew that I was going to break 3.30.
Finsh line came in 3.29.33.
Once over the line my head was all over the place, and my legs were pretty much locked! I shuffled up the finish chute, picked up some water and loads of fruit..before picking my bag up. In the meantime I got cramp in my foot...where I have been struggling with plantar faciitis...and also cramp in my calf..agony!

Now a day later my legs are still as stiff as granite, but my smile is still painted on :-)....I have no need or desire to do another Marathon.

0 - 5 km                                4.52/km…………………4.50 is pretty much 7.45 per minute.
5 – 10                                    4.48
10 – 15                                  4.40
15 - 25                                   4.49
25-30                                     4.50……………pretty consistent up to this point ..I think this carried on until about 33kms.
30 - 35                                   5.06
35 – 42                                  5.36………I thought this bit felt quite tough 

Unaffiliated 3:28:26 3:29:33 3:45:00 3:29:33 59.43
Twisted Blister Have had a very poor winters training, not marathon fit at all, no chance of bettering my 2005 and 2006 paris times but if I avoid distractions during the race and nasty falls which resulted in 2 broken ribs last year in Paris then I will not have to walk/run the last 28k and should beat last years time.
It cant be as hot this year!
Anyway a weekend in paris is worth the pain

Much as predicted, took it very easy and enjoyed the run, a little sticky at about 21 miles but otherwise OK, legs seem fine so may try and go quicker this sunday in the FLM Plumstead Runners 3:36:34 4:21:01 4:15:00 4:23:13 51.76
Wes Unaffiliated 3:45:00
WinnieBob Dressed as superman Unaffiliated 3:02:24 4:15:25 4:15:25 49.29

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