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Talk running, biking, swimming... or whatever you like.
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Wind watch. Have you got wind?
Created by Tomsmum Last post by Dvorak at 9th Dec
Dvorak 317 9th Dec
Cross country on the red button
Created by peachy Last post by swittle at 9th Dec
swittle 7 9th Dec
Created by Two Towels. Last post by Hohum at 9th Dec
Hohum 6453 9th Dec
How was your run today?
Created by soapyFez Last post by Hohum at 9th Dec
Hohum 36278 9th Dec
The Official Unnofficial Book Group Book Discussion thread
Created by Diogenes Last post by postieboy at 9th Dec
postieboy 131 9th Dec
Alphabet Challenge
Created by fetcheveryone Last post by chunkywizard at 9th Dec
chunkywizard 158 9th Dec
Hanging out the washing thread
Created by Jock Itch Last post by Derby Tup at 9th Dec
Derby Tup 2042 9th Dec
Inaugural parkruns
Created by sLickster Last post by multiterrainer at 9th Dec
multiterrainer 5541 9th Dec
A nice cup of tea
Created by Johnny Blaze Last post by Dillthedog Merrily on High at 9th Dec
Dillthedog Merrily on High 769 9th Dec
Guess the Next Poster
Created by hepburn Last post by DingdocMerrilyonHigh at 8th Dec
DingdocMerrilyonHigh 22963 8th Dec
Open Water Swimming
Created by Nick Cook Last post by Northern Exile at 8th Dec
Northern Exile 3279 8th Dec
Heart rate
Created by Elderberry Last post by Gobi at 8th Dec
Gobi 19800 8th Dec
Predict The Premier League
Created by Diogenes Last post by Seratonin at 8th Dec
Seratonin 10 8th Dec
Increasing mileage
Created by Little Critter Last post by um at 8th Dec
um 12 8th Dec
Starting again/ injury advice
Created by slob Last post by Surrey Phil at 8th Dec
Surrey Phil 3 8th Dec
Bargains - post 'em here!
Created by Mince_PIron_Mum Last post by LindsD at 8th Dec
LindsD 167 8th Dec
Ladies Who Lift...
Created by Sharkie Last post by CK2 at 8th Dec
CK2 2239 8th Dec
Garmin link to fetch issues?
Created by leejprice Last post by fetcheveryone at 8th Dec
fetcheveryone 133 8th Dec
Bike lights
Created by EvilPixie Last post by EvilPixie at 7th Dec
EvilPixie 7 7th Dec
FetchPoint: The Game
Created by Naomi P Last post by alpenrose at 7th Dec
alpenrose 22247 7th Dec