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Inbetweenies - not skinny, not a fat git, need to lose around a stone
Created by hellen Last post by Nick Cook at 11th Apr
Nick Cook 3576 11th Apr
My wife - latest news
Created by Stander Last post by lammo at 11th Apr
lammo 1313 11th Apr
Created by Hanneke Last post by Kieren at 10th Apr
Kieren 33575 10th Apr
London Marathon starts - green/blue/red
Created by Jovi Runner Last post by Jovi Runner at 10th Apr
Jovi Runner 8 10th Apr
What new kit have you bought/has arrived in the post today?
Created by Last post by Lip Gloss at 10th Apr
Lip Gloss 6445 10th Apr
Menopause and running
Created by Ultra Sparkly Bridget Last post by Wine Legs at 10th Apr
Wine Legs 407 10th Apr
Trying to Move House/Flat
Created by Red Squirrel Last post by Meglet at 10th Apr
Meglet 506 10th Apr
What podcasts do you listen to?
Created by larkim Last post by Trin at 10th Apr
Trin 27 10th Apr
Bread and booze watch - have you got bread and booze?
Created by DeeGee Last post by Cyclops at 10th Apr
Cyclops 47 10th Apr
Heart rate
Created by Elderberry Last post by J2R at 10th Apr
J2R 19920 10th Apr
Camelbak advice/alternative options
Created by minardi Last post by minardi at 10th Apr
minardi 7 10th Apr
700 Miles in 2013
Created by Pompey Paul Last post by Rosehip at 9th Apr
Rosehip 31765 9th Apr
Ultra Marathons
Created by ogee Last post by redpanda at 9th Apr
redpanda 23882 9th Apr
The sub 3.30 marathon thread
Created by Keefy Beefy Last post by Will_Uyuni at 9th Apr
Will_Uyuni 11243 9th Apr
Garmin recovery time, VO2 max and race predictors
Created by Brunski Last post by HappyG(rrr) at 9th Apr
HappyG(rrr) 9 9th Apr
Greater Manchester Marathon 2019
Created by Nelly Last post by plodding hippo at 9th Apr
plodding hippo 107 9th Apr
Falkirk Victoria Harriers
Created by Tizer Last post by HappyG(rrr) at 9th Apr
HappyG(rrr) 3954 9th Apr
Expo - your day/time
Created by Stander Last post by GregP at 9th Apr
GregP 59 9th Apr
700 miles in 2011
Created by 66 Johns a waddling Last post by GregP at 9th Apr
GregP 7151 9th Apr
Asics Nimbus 14 - have they reduced the cushioning?
Created by Scott S Last post by GlennR at 9th Apr
GlennR 7 9th Apr
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