Four Villages Half Marathon

Listed by AllyB
  • Rated 79%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (39) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AllyB Wasn't planning on going for a PB but came close....and considering the amount of takeaway food/booze/chocolates I've been getting tucked into since before and after Christmas, I was happy. Had a bit of a crappy build up to the race being off work sick and then got a killer stitch at mile 12 which forced me to slow down to a crawl. Overall, I'm pleased. Glad to see I haven't lost too much of my fitness. Could've been doing with another water station on the route though. Manchester Tri 1:25:46 1:28:40 1:35:00 1:33:56 62.15
Barky This is an estimated time, Garmin read 1.47.09 - but the watch stopped at 13.1miles and I had another 0.1miles to run.  Will update more when I can get offical time.  Damm good run thou :-) Updated time from resulst page.  Forgot about my pit stop :-( Hermitage Harriers RC 1:34:16 1:40:17 1:55:00 1:48:03 55.95
baz2 Not having much sleep over last few days, a few pints of guinness the night before and having a mild cold, I decided to run at 1.49  to 1.50 pace, and run along with N and L to help them get PB's. I like this race. Lots of ups and downs but not too steep and the the last 2 miles are something to look forward to. In the end it was harder than I expected and after 9 miles I started to get cramp in my thigh every time I tried to speed up. L got a PB, which was great. Dragons RC 1:37:14 1:48:34 1:38:00 1:48:34 57.51
Beano Not sure of course, but hoping to beat my previous best time for the distance. Quite hilly, set out far too quick & really suffered in the last 3 miles, was on for 1.40 at ten mile but just withered away.
Unaffiliated 1:44:38 1:46:09 1:43:00 1:46:09 57.39
ChrisDig course good , me terrible. Unaffiliated 1:27:17 1:28:00 1:43:32 57.64
contraflow PB Unaffiliated 1:43:48 1:43:48 1:45:13 56.71
DaveG Birkenhead Athletic Club, Strathearn Harriers 1:38:25 1:39:25 1:40:59 57.81
Dogtanian This is an excellent race. Nice countryside but quite hilly. Fast downhill a mile from the end doesn't quite make up for the long, gradual up throughout the third quarter of the route.
Result: The cold-induced three weeks rest prior to the race took it's toll. I was on 8 minute miling up to around 7 miles then the wheels came off. Struggled around the second half. Didn't enjoy the race, but only because I wasn't fit enough to hold the pace. Delamere Spartans 1:44:17 1:54:23 1:45:00 1:54:23 51.05
fatface Just treating this is a long run. I'll be in the clubhouse having a pint and handing out choccy muffins (as usual) afterwards. Unaffiliated 1:41:30 1:48:07 2:00:00 1:50:55 55.83
Fluke Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:37:46 1:53:46 1:59:00 1:53:46 54.89
Fompungs knocked 1min03sec off PB!!!  totally unexpected!!  brilliant race, great atmosphere. really good camaraderie, was encouraged by lots of other runners at the end for a final push to the line. Unaffiliated 2:06:57 2:06:57 2:20:00 2:10:12 45.38
garyacarney St. Helens Striders 1:23:58 1:26:11 1:30:11 65.51
Gavvers Wrexham AAC 1:39:07 1:40:44 1:48:26 53.99
green stripey lady my first attempt at this race but using it in training for wilmslow Wilmslow RC 1:33:03 1:33:03 1:39:20 1:36:25 74.27
JPenno even paced training race for future PB attempts Unaffiliated 1:37:57 1:37:57 1:44:00 1:43:57 57.40
Karamurat Prestatyn RC 1:22:20
M62 Santa My 2nd half - going for a PB despite it being hilly. I hope to be fitter and knock 2 mins off my Cardiff (flat) time. 

Post race notes - started off too slow but gradually built it up. Lots of downward slopes and spare energy at the end enabled me to fly the last 2-3 miles. new PB, thanks to all who betted. 

NB - Time subject to minor change as it is my Garmin time. I'll enter the real Chip time later. Unaffiliated 1:28:28 1:28:28 1:49:00 1:47:23 54.43
Marcus Watch time 1:27:16 so I did PB - but it was a curiously tough day, and not just for me - we had 20 runners from the club out today and no-one had a particularly good time. I did enjoy just being out there though after a frankly sh!te start to 2008. I'll break 85 minutes next time out, no bother! Vale Royal AC, Fell Runners Association 1:24:12 1:24:12 1:24:00 1:27:14 68.82
miff PB!!!!!

Unaffiliated 1:33:16 1:33:16 1:41:51 58.01
My poor knees... Yay!!! I did it under 2 hours and this was my first ever half marathon race!!!

So pleased with that, but have to say that it was down to my forerunner 305, that arrived this week at a bargain price of £136!!! Helped me get thru the course.

Yip yip!!!!

:-) Unaffiliated 1:48:18 1:48:18 2:20:00 1:57:53 49.66
Ojo Mossley Hill AC 1:21:53 1:31:05 1:36:48 60.62
Pinno Not the best nights sleep before a race as everyone in the house was sick through the night bar me.  Was in two minds whether to even go when I got up as I felt rotten but thought as I had entered I will go and give it a shot.

Prior to the race felt a bit lousy but put it down a bit to pre race nerves that I always get.  Anyway race starts and I get going and try and forget about feeling rough.  Did the first couple of miles in under 7 mins miles and felt okay. at the 5 mile point was doing under 7 min miles and running well even though not feeling right but as I got to 7 mile started feeling rough got here in just under 47 mins. from here on felt sickly to the point I thought I may have to stop.  just slowed right down to ensure I was not sick this totally buggered my time up as I felt I was heading for a time in the region of 1hr 29min and running really well.

lost a lot of time over the next couple of mile picked it up a bit in mile 9 and upped it agin through 10 but the last 2 miles left me feeling dreadful and slowing down.

As soon as I got in I was sick 3 times.  Beat my fetch time by 50 seconds but should have been far far better.
Quite disappointed now with my time.  Chester half next

Penny Lane Striders 1:32:42 1:39:10 1:40:00 1:39:10 62.97
podrunner Well happy to have knocked 3 minutes of my time for this race last year. First half marathon since my New York marathon in Nov 07 and subsequent ITB injury. Was just hoping to get round 13.1 miles as furthest i have ran since knee injury is 9 miles. Felt really good at 10 miles so went for it after 11 and finished strong. Chorley Athletics and Triathlon Club 1:31:03 1:31:03 1:36:55 67.29
pugheaven 1:27:42 (6.42 m/m)
1 Mile = 6.15@161bpm
2 Mile = 12.32 (6.17 @170bpm)
3 Mile = 18.43 (6.10 @168bpm)
4 Mile = 25.04 (6.20 @169bpm) Was now dying on my arse badly
5 Mile = 31.33 (6.29 @169bpm)
6 Mile = 38.13 (6.39 @168bpm) Felt really weak, needed sugery drink
7 Mile = 44.54 (6.40 @168bpm) Major Blister on Big Toe, Agony...
8 Mile = 51.59 (7.05 @167bpm) Legs like Jelly Now
9 Mile = 59.11 (7.12 @165bpm)
10 Mile = 1.06.31 (7.20 @158bpm)
11 Mile = 1.14.03 (7.31 @157bpm)
12 Mile = 1.20.33 (6.29 @157bpm)
13 Mile = 1.27.05 (6.32 @162bpm)
13.1 Mile = 1.27.42 (0.36 @166bpm)

Set my Garmin to 7:00 m/m to get around 1:31... Went off like a loony, loving being in a race again... silly I know but you all know what I'm like...

Got to 5 mile and was blowing and legs starting to wobble big time... however was more worried about the sheer head wobblyness... mustn't have had enough to eat, as felt dreadful from around 5 mile to 8 mile until I got a sugery drink down me from the water station...

I've got major problems with blister as off late, as all the tough hard skin has gone with lack of running, so got a couple of brusers, went around one corner and left foot, was in quite a bit of pain Not good... but carried on as you do...

From 12 mile, the drink got in my system and started to make an effort again, and think blister had popped at this point, so no problems there

You can see how the heart rate has dropped from 10-12 mile when I was losing the will to live... then picked back up when I got me head back together...

So, there we have it, one of Puglet's most badly paced, normal runs. Ellesmere Port Running Club 1:18:16 1:27:42 1:30:00 1:27:42 66.64
Rockeys mate 100 Marathon Club, Pudsey Pacers RC, Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club 1:42:40 1:44:00 1:49:28 60.93
Route666 Unaffiliated 1:31:50 1:34:06 1:34:06 65.81
running26 Unaffiliated 1:42:10 1:54:20 2:05:06 49.91
RunningBob Went off a bit too hard and seemed hard work in the middle of the race.  This course punishes people like me who fade a bit through 8-9-10.  But I ran a good finish and pleased with 75:30ish.  I think I just scraped top 20.

Some good old men here - I'm not sure that I made top 5.

splits 5:23 5:36 5:39 5:49 5:49 5:43 5:45 5:45 6:22 6:00 6:11 5:28 5:28 0:32 Wilmslow RC 1:11:29 1:12:53 1:15:30 1:15:39 81.19
Simons Dad Looking forward to this. Nice course although you need to be aware of the hill at 8 to 10 miles - last two miles make up for it though!! Should beat last years time but won't be a PB.

A really good run and felt really strong in the last two miles. Just 30 seconds outside my PB on a course that isn't a PB course!!! Looks promising for the Chester Half in May. Didn't rain during the race, but the roads were very wet with large puddles - I was filthy at the end!!! All in all an excellent day! Unaffiliated 1:26:29 1:30:00 1:35:00 1:35:03 64.09
Steve72 Don't know the course or what the hills will be like, but I'm aiming for 1hr25 seeing as I did 1hr22 on a flat course last Feb. Unaffiliated 1:19:47 1:23:53 1:25:00 1:23:53 69.95
Striderdan St. Helens Striders 1:27:29 1:27:29 1:31:45 65.89
tabbycat Mossley Hill AC 1:28:14 1:34:33 1:43:05 65.05
The Power Deestriders RC 1:49:30 1:49:30 1:58:38 50.60
ThePenkethRunner Warrington Running Club 1:44:44 2:03:21 2:08:33 45.42
Unsafe Breadbin Stockport Harriers & AC 1:18:08 1:21:34 1:27:26 67.31
Wheabs Better result than I expected. Time from my watch at the moment. Updated now with my official time. Wilmslow RC 1:35:23 1:37:53 1:37:53 61.33
wobble legs Great day out, perfect weather and it rained all day in Brum!
Allways get a PB on this course, must like hills!! West Bromwich Harriers 1:17:41 1:17:41 1:19:00 1:17:41 77.28
wrexhamrob Buckley RC 1:43:52 1:57:38 1:59:06 54.70
XB I certainly won't be going for a PB. A perfect execution of a plan. I set the garmin to give me a minute's walking break after 9 minute's running. And that's what I did. I reckon I set off a bit quick, but that's what I always do. I had fun out there - the course was well marshalled and there was enough up and down to make it interesting. It's always nice to finish downhill. Am happy to be back racing:-) Can't believe I din't see anyone. No fetch shirts, no muffins, nowt:-( FERC 1:46:39 1:53:59 2:10:00 2:05:02 49.94

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