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Garburn Trail Race

Listed by kstuart
Staveley, Staveley Kendal LA8 UK
47 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Bret Clayton le Moors Harriers 2:13:47 2:13:47 2:00:00 2:13:47 50.48
Cat the Dog Lover Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC 3:03:16 3:03:16 2:30:00 3:03:16 41.57
CD Scunthorpe & District AC
chap Long Eaton Running Club 2:28:07 2:28:07 2:28:07 50.60
craigt Unaffiliated
CumbriAndy Trail Running Association 2:43:35 2:43:35 2:43:35 43.97
Dave A Unaffiliated 1:53:18 1:53:18 1:45:00 1:53:18 59.51
DJ Bangey Kendal AC 2:07:20 2:07:20 1:56:00 2:07:20 53.16
ebox Claremont Road Runners 2:13:59 2:13:59 2:13:59 58.39
Fawkes Mossley Hill AC 1:55:15 1:55:15 1:55:15 58.50
flanker Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, LDWA 2:38:50 2:38:50 2:38:50 43.53
Hanneke FELL PONIES 2:40:44 2:40:44 2:15:00 2:40:44 49.92
Jezzer Chorlton Runners 2:13:05 2:13:05 2:13:05 58.78
julbags Unaffiliated 2:41:42 2:41:42 2:41:42 46.73
Karlos23 Unaffiliated 2:46:30 2:46:30 2:46:30 41.53
Kev Scone Howgill Harriers 2:52:00 2:52:00 2:45:00 2:52:00 39.49
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 2:37:26 2:37:26 2:37:26 47.60
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 3:46:26 3:46:26 3:00:00 3:46:26 29.77
Kwaka Stockport Harriers & AC 2:31:51 2:31:51 2:00:00 2:31:51 48.52
Lane-O Unaffiliated 2:30:00
Lisrun 100 Marathon Club, Elvet Striders, North East Marathon Club 2:32:14 2:32:14 2:45:00 2:32:14 53.25
Marcus Vale Royal AC, Fell Runners Association 2:01:51 2:01:51 2:01:51 58.10
McGettingThere Penistone Footpath Runners AC, Fell Runners Association 2:05:44 2:05:44 2:05:44 54.28
Mud Rocs Holcombe Harriers 2:18:58 2:18:58 2:14:59 2:18:58 51.35
Muddie Unaffiliated 4:15:28 4:15:28 4:15:28 36.48
Nige Clay Unaffiliated 2:08:00 2:08:00 2:08:00 52.76
northernslowcoach Unaffiliated 3:18:22 3:18:22 3:18:22 38.83
Ojo Mossley Hill AC 2:20:52 2:20:52 2:20:52 48.22
Paulie Trail Running Association 2:23:47 2:23:47 2:20:00 2:23:47 50.85
petenutbutter Lincoln & District Runners 2:17:37 2:17:37 2:17:37 54.01
phal Northbrook AC, FARC
Phil_N FELL PONIES 2:40:13 2:40:13 2:40:13 42.15
Running Beard Elvet Striders 2:43:15 2:43:15 2:43:15 45.15
Runtrue Bramhall Runners 2:57:20 2:57:20 2:57:20 45.24
sammyd Southport Waterloo AC 2:01:15 2:01:15 2:00:00 2:01:15 61.87
Siouxsie Dumfries RC 2:44:44 2:44:44 2:44:44 46.04
slowmo Unaffiliated 3:40:00 3:40:00 3:20:00 3:40:00 31.43
Sproggy Bournville Harriers 2:34:03 2:34:03 2:34:03 44.29
Stepford Wife Fell Runners Association 3:38:26 3:38:26 3:29:59 3:38:26 34.88
Suzyspice Unaffiliated 2:34:53 2:34:53 2:34:53 49.47
The Bat Fell Runners Association 2:19:22 2:19:22 2:20:00 2:19:22 48.45
The Juicer Todmorden Harriers & AC 3:06:53 3:06:53 2:40:00 3:06:53 41.49
thesteadygroove Northbrook AC, Fell Runners Association 2:16:37 2:16:37 2:16:37 49.55
tramps Saffron Striders RC 2:10:46 2:10:46 2:10:00 2:10:46 53.29
Trenchfoot Unaffiliated 2:46:12 2:46:12 2:46:12 44.72
Vickyy Long Eaton Running Club 2:38:53 2:38:53 2:38:53 47.73
Wishbone Unaffiliated 2:12:00 2:12:00 2:12:00 57.26

This event is listed on these dates:

Cat the Dog Lover
An optimistic time for me, especially as it is only 2 weeks after the marathon. Guess I'll do no training in between.
Mr Cat struggled a bit so I did a lot more walking than anticipated, then he didnt catch me up on the way down Reston Scar. rather hot.
Oh phew, that was much tougher than expected, mainly due to the hot weather and high pollen count causing breathing problems! Which was possibly what kept my niggly knee and hip from getting worse, as it made me run slower...
1st one for the trail race, it was certainly long enough, and very hot day, I am useless in the heat, could have done with more water stations, but not sure how they would have got any more water stations as the terrain is tough! great organised race, great atmosphere, had a lovely day, with husband and child in tow! oh and it was longer not shorter!!!!
Stepford Wife
Fabulous! Love the new course too - hard and challenging but scenic and well worth the effort. Pleased with time given current level of training and lack of pain subseqently. Cracking day out (and evening) with Fetchie friends. Still makes me smiley to think of it :-)
Damn, 46 seconds outside the predicted time. Excellent race on an improved route. Ran it all, including all of the Garburn Pass. The final few uphills were unexpected and amazingly tough for tired legs.
ow that hurt, hardest race ever for me
The clincher to drop to the Challenge was the forecast, I'm rubbish in the heat and wanted to get round as much as possible before it got too hot. Took my own water but still had some from each station as well it was so hot, went very strongly to the bottom of the climb to the pass then the heat got to me, I should've backed off sooner but I didn't and my head was spinning, my walking was quite slow and at one point I was weaving all over the place, apologies to anyone who's way I got into. It clouded over when I was near the top and that helped me to fly down the descent but the heat got to me again in some of the walled lanes, I had to walk which frustrated the hell out of me as I was capable of running. Flew down the last descent and even managed a strong finish, didn't feel wasted at the end, just too hot. My garmin had it at 14.82 so not sure where it was shortened.
A bit too hot for my liking. Took it nice and steady but once I reached the top of the Garburn Pass I kept getting cramp in my calves. From that point on it was just about trying to get to the end in one piece, so a bit of hobbling, stretching, stopping, and walking was called for. Oh well there's always next year.
I must be mad! This is going to be hard work - but hopefully a lot of fun too.
I really enjoyed this. Lovely day, lots of Fetchies there, running in fantastic countryside, what could be better ? Will put more in my blog
Running Beard
Great atmosphere but this is a long race for me and the heat made it very hard work
Dave A
Two weeks after the District Double. I'd best not be injured again
The Bat
Really tough race, but inspiring. Paced it well, even taking time at each drinks station and enjoying views from the top of the pass...must have been enjoying it too much!
Ran with no garmin, so had no idea of pacing or how long I'd even been running for!
Mud Rocs
Pleased to run up the hill - but should have had a clear target after that - glorious race - the hot weather made the dip in the stream very welcome.
A perfectly organised trail race, through stunningly beautiful countryside.
Kev Scone
switched to challenge, not sure what new course will be like and really have been lazy training lately
oh boy oh boy - that was hard -be it the course or hot day - no wind - or just me but wobbly legs well b4 the finish line - prob combination of them all -luvely wainwright beer at the end
Very Hot ! longest race to date - strong to 11 miles on schedule for 2hr -30m but faded badly over final two hills - stopped by severe cramp in calf muscles 1/2m from finish and lost 6 mins stretching & massage - managed a final sprint to grab back 4 placings ! Must take electrolyte drink next time.
Fantastic race, got such a buzz on the long downhill. Happy with my time. Was great being cheered in by all the Fetchies too. The heat took its toll after the race, felt really rough for a good couple of hours.
found the heat difficult
just signed up for this - something to keep me going over the summer, can't wait, boing! wow - what a race! was very hot and lots of walking up some big hills but was great fun
DJ Bangey
Great race, but bloody hard work. Found the last few miles really hard going. Enjoyed flying down from the Garburn Pass though.
gone for a prediction of 2hrs just in case it's v warm again. *update* shouldn't have really done this race, travelled back from cornwall previous day 8 1/2 hrs driving, which played havoc with arthritis in hips and lower back, was in agony friday night but took strongest anti inflammatories I could find on sat morning, all was going pretty well, got to the top of garburn pass in just over an hour then all the pain came back in hips and lower back and got progressively worse and unfortunately this meant I had to take it very easy downhill. still enjoyed it in a sick kind of way, and quite unbeliveably I still managed to come 106th even though it seemed as though a 100 people passed me on the downhills.
This was tough especially in the heat.
Liked the circular route although Reston Scar at the end nearly finished me off.
The Juicer
Pants!! Too hot, legs tired. But nice scenery. Didn't enjoy it as much as last year, but that would be because I struggled this year.
Hot day. Nice views though. Chocky kendal mint cake quite a treat. Meal at the end was welcome too.
Really enjoyed Garburn this year - and had a surprisingly good run (although it didn't feel like it towards the end, with "Windermere Legs"! Think I need to lie down in a dark place now before the Welsh Castles in 2 weeks time!
Went pretty well upto the Garburn Pass and then felt completely drained. Didn't take enough water on at the first 2 feeding stations and paid the price. Thank god for the last water station else I think I'd have been joining the other casualties. A great day out and the memories of the fatigue and pain are starting to recede already. 14.88 miles on the Garmin so I think the 'shortening' of the route to save the buzzards was about 100 yds :)
It was really hot, course had changed so was tough - hill at around 21k was tough going. Enjoyable and pleased that I made the distance despite slowing over last 5k - furthest I have ran since March - so happy that I am getting back to form. There were a number of casualties due to the weather but the emergency services/mountain rescue were quick to react.
Post race note: Crumbs that was hard!!! But extreme fun.


Siouxsie 3rd Jun 08, 03:06
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