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Paddock Wood Half Marathon

Listed by Running Wilbury
Paddock Wood, Paddock Wood Tonbridge TN12 UK
61 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
abdou Kent AC 1:22:44 1:27:14 1:29:00 1:27:14 67.92
aloon Unaffiliated 1:41:57 1:48:55 1:50:00 53.84
B Heathfield RRC 1:29:28 1:29:28 1:37:00 1:31:00 75.44
Becyo Unaffiliated 1:56:18 1:56:18 1:56:18 56.61
benno Unaffiliated 1:41:09 1:50:30 1:50:30 54.28
BEXLEYRUNNER Bexley AC, new eltham joggers 1:35:32 1:35:32 1:35:32 69.49
Cheese Unaffiliated 1:45:01 1:48:55 1:48:55 64.11
Chestfield Bill Thanet Road Runners AC 1:58:45 2:05:36 2:06:15 56.95
Chunky Monkey Unaffiliated 1:42:30 1:42:30 1:42:46 58.68
ck1 Canterbury Harriers 1:28:03 1:30:14 1:31:22 68.61
CT Dagenham 88 Runners, Defra AC 1:33:28 1:37:44 1:37:44 72.15
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 1:19:51 1:20:37 1:22:00 1:20:37 74.81
efc Unaffiliated 1:39:34 1:39:34 1:39:30 1:42:30 57.90
ermsey Unaffiliated 2:00:00
GelBoy Cambridge Harriers 1:35:30 1:35:30 1:35:30 76.65
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:39:50 1:50:00 1:44:44 59.40
Ginger Chicken Wimbledon Windmilers 1:31:46 1:34:36 1:37:00 1:36:07 61.65
Ginnie B Kent AC 1:38:15 1:43:43 1:44:54 62.76
hardtail Hastings Runners 1:20:33 1:25:40 1:26:14 68.82
HelenJane Unaffiliated 1:51:42 2:06:25 2:07:00 2:06:25 55.24
Jas28 Ashford and District RRC 1:34:05 2:00:00 2:00:00 50.62
Judester Unaffiliated 2:20:00 2:20:00 2:20:00 47.43
Kat Gates Wadhurst Runners 1:55:30 1:55:30 2:00:26 54.66
Kent plodder Sevenoaks AC 1:32:32 1:32:32 1:35:00 1:32:32 66.70
KerryGold Unaffiliated 1:33:35 1:33:35 1:37:02 70.23
KevBev Deal Tri 1:47:55 1:47:55 1:51:58 1:49:30 55.90
Mandymoo Unaffiliated 2:04:58 2:04:58 2:11:40 2:04:58 55.38
Martian Dashes Unaffiliated 1:22:35 1:23:51 1:24:07 78.96
martynjlane Unaffiliated 1:36:25 1:36:32 1:45:00 1:38:22 60.98
MilestheCat Unaffiliated 1:35:20 1:35:20 1:35:30 70.89
Mr Woo Striders of Croydon AC 1:29:23 1:33:24 1:33:24 63.54
Nay Heathfield RRC 2:19:20 2:19:20 2:30:00 2:19:20 48.91
Night-owl Unaffiliated 1:53:09 1:53:46 1:56:46 58.36
ninjaman Striders of Croydon AC 1:27:11 1:29:16 1:31:00 1:29:16 71.39
paulhiles Plumstead Runners 1:37:15 1:45:25 1:44:00 1:46:57 61.07
PaulXC Lingfield RC 1:35:45 1:38:20 1:38:20 69.28
PEARLY Wadhurst Runners 1:50:55 1:50:55 1:55:00 1:50:55 60.40
PhilMathe Unaffiliated 1:40:40 1:40:40 1:45:00 1:40:40 58.86
PlodderK Wadhurst Runners 1:20:22 1:40:22 1:39:48 1:41:39 72.73
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 1:56:30 1:57:47 1:57:47 59.29
Rapid Snail Unaffiliated 1:38:33 1:38:33 1:38:15 1:38:33 61.22
redordead Unaffiliated 1:30:54 1:35:17 1:35:17 62.95
Roobarb Unaffiliated 2:15:09 2:15:09 2:10:00 2:15:09 56.01
rosa Serpentine RC 1:26:24 1:26:24 1:26:32 76.08
Runningmachine Wadhurst Runners 1:33:13 1:33:13 1:33:19 1:33:28 74.87
ruthb Unaffiliated
sallykate FERC 2:19:04 2:22:35 2:25:00 2:27:24 46.57
Seemorerunning Unaffiliated 1:39:53 1:53:45 2:07:00 50.57
Shin-Twigs Unaffiliated 2:06:37 2:10:06 2:20:00 2:23:00 47.65
SK aka Clive Ashford and District RRC 1:52:40 1:52:40 1:59:00 1:57:03 59.13
SQUIDGERS Ashford and District RRC 2:03:24 2:03:24 2:03:24 56.09
SuzyWoo Orpington Road Runners 1:27:17 1:35:21 1:37:00 1:35:21 69.04
Tiger Epsom Oddballs RC, Reigate Priory AC 1:47:38 1:47:38 1:47:38 66.97
Tracey G Harwich Runners 2:12:12 2:28:32 2:15:00 2:28:32 47.47
Treacle Unaffiliated 1:57:52 2:08:08 2:08:08 52.52
ugly new eltham joggers 1:19:13 1:32:44 1:40:00 1:35:06 69.26
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! 100 Marathon Club 1:49:17 1:53:09 1:53:00
ultrabaldy Unaffiliated 1:30:29 1:32:58 1:35:00 1:32:58 65.36
vonnie Unaffiliated 2:14:50 2:14:50 2:18:00 2:14:50 53.46
warrior Orpington Road Runners 1:29:23 1:29:27 1:29:27 67.45
Yoho Ahoy Unaffiliated 1:47:39 1:49:38 1:55:00 1:57:47 50.38

This event is listed on these dates:

A PB after all :) Lovely and enjoyable day!
looking for a 2 minute+ PB

got a 7 minute personal best!!
Yoho Ahoy
Not quite sure what happened there, way off personal best set on a much more hilly course. Apologies to those who placed bets - honestly expected to do much better. Educated guess suggests that doing barely any running at all in March probably not best preparation. Apart from mammoth disappointment at sickeningly poor performance had a good day, weather just about held out and very well marshalled, organised. Intend to be back next year, and be quicker.
Fantastic half - my favorite race due to lovely route, fantastic organisation and loads of spectators.

Normal tummy problems and a dash behind the bushes but still got a great PB - very happy.
Watch time. Gun time likely to be much worse as was still in the baggage tent when the hooter went. But still a PB, and felt great all the way, so very pleased.
Ginger Chicken
I had a bit of a cold so I didn't go as fast as I had wanted to. But I got a PB, came in under my predicted time so I can't complain. Really happy I'm currently lying in bed and not at work - hurrah for annual leave.
Tracey G
Sorry for those that bet on be. I race with a cold and was doing ok in the first half then I died.
Hopefully going for a pb.
Martian Dashes
Quite flat. Good running weather.
SK aka Clive
My PB for a half mara in this race, will I be able to better it...? Edit... a big fat NO to that! Oh dear.
Would love to get under 2.30 this time & hoping to keep to 11 minute miling.
It all went pear-shaped about 10 miles in! Pleased with my time anyway - it's still a PB - but shame I've lost points for all those who bet on me! Must do better next time....
Pos. 295/1630. A good PB on what turned out to be a good day for running, after a damp and cold start to the proceedings.
perfect weather, did rain on and off
Woohoo - great race and a pb!
Rapid Snail
First time for me in Paddock Wood. PB will depend on endurance and whether lack of over distance long runs costs me...and whether the train gets me there in time.

Splits: 7.34, 7.32, 7.25, 7.44, 7.31, 7.33, 7.38, 7.31,7.41, 7.34, 7.36 7.15,7.08, 0.56 (6.09 mm).
pb ;)
Official time! 3.5 mins faster than Brighton -how?????????????????? :-)
will use as marathon pace practise** update**supposed to be at MP but although I felt completely relaxed I slotted into 7 in mile pace and stayed there. Shan't be running the marathon at that pace
Kent plodder
Ths will be my 3rd PW Half. I have bad memories of running this one with an injury in 2005 and ending up with shin splints.

I tried again in 2007 but stilll couldn't get a decent time. Can't remember anything untoward about my preparation or the day itself. I just never seem to do well on flat courses. Hopefully I can rectify that this year.

Would love to do a PB, somewhere closer to the 1h30 mark. May change my prediction after Hastings HM, hopefully downward.

Post race - depste being at bthe venue an hour ealy I managed to end up lat at the start (stuck in baggage queue) My fault for leaving it to the last minute! I had just handed my bag in when i heard the start hooter go off. I decided to instead of getting stuck in slow traffic at the back to take my time and let the field get a head start. I was reasonably relaxed seeing as the event was chip timed.I went to the now vacant toilets and only went over the start line 3-4 minutes after the official start. I was the very last starter but caught up the back markers quite quickly. For the next few miles it was spent weaving in and out of the field, but to my surprise was maintaining a sub 7min/ml pace. I felt reasonably strong but had to dig deep from miles 7 - 11. From 11 mls I put on a final push and finished strongly. I recorded a time of 1:29:27 on my stop watch (1:33:00 exactly on the clock) My chip time is 1:32:32 which is definately wrong and I have raised this with Sports Sytems. Very frustrating to do a sub 1:30 HM and have no official record of it!
If my calf injury is up to it i will enter this.
Have entered,not planning on doing it all out not run for 3+weeks still pretty fit though!
Looking forward to run again.
Bottom line is i'm injured,calf went at 4-5miles,managed to get home in reasonable time though very sore calf.
On a positive note,first few miles at 7min miling which were easy and passed Stephen like he was standing still.soi'm doing something right as this was my first run for almost 4 weeks!!!
Oh Yeah - official chip time - chuffed to bits - ouch it hurts
i don't like this course!!

sorry for those who bet, another crap race
As the chip times were screwed this is a pretty good approximation. I ran with a club colleague for the first 8 1/2 miles at pretty much 6.50 pace. Thought the 1 1/2 hr was on tso dug in and managed to break it comfortably in something like 1:29:16. Very, veyr pleased if very, very tied - and I knacked my toenails.
blimey,the times are up on the website already!!!!
doing that again next year...very well organised and fun event,well done paddock wood!!!
First half on track, second half slipped back a lot. Felt average.
plodding hippo
bloody hard work

Still cant quite believe it
The time is my garmin time, but even by their clock it is a sub two
No chip time for this event - a bit rubbish really!
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!!
Too slow and fat to pb. Will be happy to be faster than Brentwood altho' if it's windy that might not happen.
had a good race, wasn't sure what shape i was in as only recently recovered froam a groin injury, first race of the year.
Nice flat course. New PB!
Mr Woo
another 1/2 another pb, that was for you gran! :-(
Cool dry day, no wind.

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  • On 31st Mar 2008 at 10:53pm, Bizzle wrote: Nice local event through the Kent countryside. Flat course, got my PB!
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